Levels made by Oxy

Authorized walkthrough written by Selene, and a color-coded version can be found on her site. Use this link:

Mystery Land walkthrough at Selene's site

This level is split into two parts: Cloudland and Earth. There are 4 Secrets to find; pieces that can be combined into making 2 items which can be used for later in the level. Items required to finish the level are marked with italics/bold.

Part I - Crash-landing in Cloudland

Pickups: large medipack, Key to Earth

Enemies: poisonous spiders, Witches

At the beginning we will see Lara's plane crash and herself flung out and onto a soft cloud in the middle of nowhere. But she's not alone up here. She is surrounded by friends, in the shapes of birds, beautiful seņoritas and winged horses. Of course everything isn't glory and splendour in
Mystery Land and there are fierce enemies more than willing to take a mouthful out of our heroine. Lara has mysteries to solve before she can leave this place and must thus be brief in her visit so that she can find the light that will bring her home. And our first quest is finding the Key to the Earth so let's go raiding in the sky!!!!

As soon as the introduction cut scene ends and Lara slides down to a lower cloud, turn to face S, whip out the pistols and shoot the blue-greyish/pink box ahead. Now that we've cleared the way let's go somewhere. Do a standing jump to the tree pole ahead and turn around so that Lara's back is facing the cloud where the breakable box was. Backflip onto this cloud and turn to face S/W. Walk to the end of the cloud and over to the bird and winged horse. Walk to the edge (N) and do a running jump onto the next cloud. Head up to the seņorita and her horse and here's another tree pole for you. Climb it facing the E and up we go until Lara reaches the cloud with her crashed plane that she can backflip onto.

Beastly encounters in the clouds - switches and spikes:

There is a tiny problem though. Well, rather two problems.....on the other hand they aren't that tiny either. And those problems come on eight legs each: you are now facing two gargantuan spiders. They might look all nice in pink and yellow, but their attitudes don't measure up to the pleasantries of their hide; these guys are big, mean, nasty and poisonous. Not to mention hungry. If you decide to take them out in close counters be extremely cautious when bouncing around up there, clouds do have limits and you don't exactly have a surface the size of
Disneyland to move around on. I found a quite easy (and safe) way to deal with these savages. Climb up the tree pole almost to the top, then backflip and roll in mid-air. Immediately run ahead and pull up onto the block across from the red X tile on the ground. From up here you can take out the beasts from comfortable safety. Once they're swatted it is safe to leave the block and go N/W where there's a large medipack for you to pick up.

If you turn to face the S/E you should spot a cloud across from the tree pole with an egg-shaped cloud on the left end. That's where you're going now. Stand on the right side of the red X tile and do a running jump over to the cloud ahead (E). From there go around to the left and on your right side you should find a sky-blue block with a circle on it. This is in fact a switch, so go ahead and pull it. As soon as you do so a witch appears and flies towards you and she is all but the friendly sort. In addition she gives off some powerful(and health-consuming) blasts so better get those guns ready. Standing on the left side of the switch (when facing it) and shooting is one way of killing her with a moderate health loss. The best way of getting rid of this kind is probably to stay as close to her as possible (thanks to oxy for pointing that out for me).

Going back towards the cloud with the plane you'll see that pulling the switch has caused some spikes to shoot up over there. Best to find a different way then, so head over to the left (S) until you're facing a cloud/rock with an egg-shaped cloud on the left side of it. The sides of this cloud are sloped, apart from the flat area on the right side so do a running jump over to it and turn left. Your next goal is the sloped cloud with a green light illuminating from it. But it's a bit too far away for Lara to reach for now so first of all you'll need to do a running jump to the cloud with the plane, landing to the left of the spikes. Now you can turn left to face the cloud with the green light and, carefully not to hop back into the spikes, do a running jump over to it. As you can see here, the switch you pulled earlier did more than just to raise some deadly spikes. It has also lowered a block, giving you free access to the switch previously hidden behind it.

Key to Earth - going down:

Pull the switch and turn around. Great, now another witch has appeared over by the plane. Guess we'll need to deal with her before performing further exploration of the area so draw those trusty guns and get fit for a fight. Unfortunately this one is a bit more shy than her cousin from earlier and she will most likely take cover behind the airplane and make it harder for you to get a clear shot. My recommendation would be to do a running jump over to the cloud with the plane, run through the spikes as far to the left as you can and deal with the nasty lady up close. Staying close to the blocks on this cloud can also help conserving health. Once the old bag is gone pick up the Key to Earth on the red X tile. You can now jump over to the tree pole and slide down to the cloud below with the woman and her horse. From there perform a running jump while pressing Action to grab the next tree pole and continue sliding down all the way to the bottom. Here there's a keyhole and a closed gate and the keyhole is even blue just like the key you recently acquired. Use your key here to gain access to Earth and the next level.

Part II - Welcome to Earth

Pickups: 2x Spider webs, 2x Apples, Magic Potion(small medipack), Silver Skeleton's Dagger, Rose from a grave, yellow Chamber Key, large medipack, 2x Clouds, 4x bunches of Grapes, Skeleton's Guitar, 2x White Roses, purple Puzzle Key, green Chapel Key, Scroll + 4 Secrets

Enemies: poisonous spiders

Mushroom Courtyard- a secret and a spider web:

As soon as you go through the gate, turn left (S). See that tree straight ahead by the hedge???? To the right of it there's a bush. Go through this bush and, using the Look button, you should spot a triangular opening. Go through here until you reach a box in the middle of a hidden room. This box is indeed breakable, so shoot it and pick up Secret 1: the 1st Clover Piece. Leave this place the way you came in. You can now head left (W) and go towards the mushroom house ahead (this area we'll call Mushroom Courtyard). As you reach the two trees before it, go right and face S/W (before you head down the hill to the house). There's a small triangular ledge here (see screenshot):

Triangular Ledge

Drop down next to it, turn right and do a standing jump over the slope to land on the triangular ledge. Turn W and face the mushroom house again. Do a standing jump ahead and grab the edge of the roof, then shimmy right until she rounds the corner. From here shimmy right an additional 10 times or so, pull up and backflip onto a higher ledge behind. Here you can pick up the 1st Spider web. Drop down and turn around, then head around the mushroom house to the right (W). Continue around the left corner (S) and here on your left side you'll find the main entrance to the house. And what do you know, to the right of the door there's a button granting you access to the mushroom house. Push it and enter.

Skeleton's girlfriend is here and she looks sadly at a picture of her lost love on the opposite wall. Behind her is a switch for you to pull(the blue cloud block right behind her). Do so and turn around, then run over to the picture of Skeleton decorating the N wall and look down. Behold, here a 2nd Spider web you can pick up has appeared. Once you've gotten it you can leave the house, there's nothing more for you to do here yet.

Apple Garden- reaping some fruit:

Now head S/E and go up the ramp with the railing. As you reach the plateau you will see two ramps; one leading up and the other one leading down to the
Apple Garden. Take the one leading up first and climb the roof at the end. Walk across it and drop down onto a lower platform on the middle of the roof. Here you can pick up the 1st Apple. Climb back up on the roof where you came from and go down both ramps to the Apple Garden.

Go N and you should spot a small basin on the left side. Dive in there and first go to the bottom (N/W) where you can pick up a Magic Potion (small medipack). Now go to the far side of the pool and turn N/W by the green grass at the bottom. There's a narrow crack here, squeeze through it and pick up the 2nd Apple. If you're having trouble doing both things on the first go you can surface for air after picking up the Magic Potion and then go back down for the Apple. Either way, once you're done climb out of the pool. We're done with the essential tasks in
Apple Garden now, so leave by the ramps you came down and go back to Mushroom Courtyard. In the S/E corner there's an almost invisible opening (the mushroom house is now behind you and the ramps you came down to the right) and that's where you're going next.

Run ahead and turn right. There on the W wall you'll see a closed door with a yellow keyhole to the right and an opening to the left. We don't have the key needed so we'll get back to that door later. For now go through the opening to the left. As you turn the corner you'll see an alcove to the left with another closed door and this time around a green keyhole. So as for now we have just added at least two keys to our wish list. Head down the ramp and into the
Chapel Garden. First of all dive into the lake to the right of the ramp and pick up the 1st bunch of grapes here. Climb out of the water and run straight ahead. As you reach the massive building to the left of the guitars put on display (W), turn left and go past the building (facing S).

Go to the end, making a mental note of the two alcoves with the columns on the right hand side (we'll get there in a moment), and turn right at the end (W). Continue through this narrow passage until you reach a massive gate flanked by two golden statues. Behind the gates you'll find the Cemetery and the gate leading to it is as closed as it could possibly be. Look closely at the statues. They appear to be holding something in one hand. It's a picture.....of a spider and it's web. Now where have we seen that before??? Doesn't Lara have something similar in her inventory??? Indeed, spider webs. And the same amount of them as the number of statues before her too. What a coincidence! Not really......stand in front of each statues and press Action to use the spider webs. Lara will stick them onto the staffs in the statues' hands and twist them, causing the Cemetery gates to open.

The Cemetery- a silver blade and a rose from a grave:

Go to the far left side of the cemetery and enter the opening here. Straight ahead there's a wooden cross next to the right wall. Go around it to the left (i.e., face W) and push it once. Pick up the flares and pull the cross back once into its original position. Then go around to the right and push it once more to open the gate straight ahead. Enter the passage behind the gate and pick up Secret 2: the 2nd clover piece. Leave the passage and go over to the right side (N). The cross furthest to the left has a lighter colour than the two others. Let that be a hint enough and go around it to the right (face W), then push it once. Lara will drop down into an opening below. Turn left (S) and go past the first bush, then continue into the passage ahead and go left. Here you can pick up Silver Skeleton's Dagger. Immediately roll and run back out as fast as possible; you're being attacked by a vicious poisonous spider. If you can manage to do so, go out where you came from and pull up onto safe grounds, then kill it from above. If not you can take it out down on its own grounds, but prepare to use a medipack as antidote if you get poisoned. Once that is done return towards the main gate of the cemetery, but do not leave yet. Instead go to the far left (S) and turn left again to face the stone rose hanging above the rightmost grave. Use the dagger you just required to pry the Rose from a grave off and bring it with you. You can now leave the cemetery the way you came in.

Remember the two alcoves before the path to the Cemetery that I told you to take a note of?? These are on Lara's left hand side as she reaches the courtyard with the house. Squeeze past the column in the first alcove and you'll see two empty plates placed on pedestals. Place the two apples on the plates to open the door behind Lara. Enter and go to the left and as you reach the opening a fly-by will show you a room filled with water and a ledge with a winged horse in the middle. Dive in the water and swim left around the ledge with the horse until you reach some sea grass at the bottom(N when facing the ledge). Among the grass you'll spot something's a key!!!! Pick up the Chamber Key and leave this room the way you came in. Continue out to the garden.

Go on ahead and to the right until you can run up the ramp leading out of the
Chapel Garden and out to the next garden (Chamber Garden). Here you can use the Chamber Key in the yellow lock to the right of the entrance to Chapel Garden. Enter and fall through the hole in the floor right after the door. Turn left, go through the hole in the wall (N) and to the end where you can pick up a large medipack. Climb back out of the hole and onto the floor above. Here there's a cloud on a pedestal. Go around the pedestal to the left (until you face S/W) and pick up the 1st Cloud (you won't be able to pick it up unless you stand in this position). There's nothing more to do in the Chamber, so leave and go through Chamber Garden to the Mushroom Courtyard (straight ahead E and then left-N).

Lucy in the sky with roses:

Enter the mushroom house again. If you stand in front of Skeleton's girlfriend and look down on the flat block she stands on you'll see the picture of a rose. It might be stone, but anything will do here so offer her the Rose from a grave you got earlier. Astounded you'll now see a fly-by of a rosebush (and a climbable tree pole) growing up from the open grave in the Cemetery and you'll be taken up to the sky where Skeleton sits alone on a cloud singing love songs for his girl. Seems you'll need to find some way of reuniting these two lovebirds. But before that time we have quite a lot to do so let's get started right away.

Leave the house, but don't go back to the Cemetery just yet. Instead go around to the right and up the ramp back to the gate to Earth. Enter and climb the tree pole up past the first tiny clouds until you reach a room with slopes all around, four triangular ledges around the room and an opening to the S. Face square on the triangular ledge either to the N/E (having the ledge left of the opening behind your back) or the one to the N/W (you'll now have the triangular ledge right of the opening behind you). Backflip onto either of the ledges and do a standing jump to the opening. Go through and jump over the first slope, then slide down the next. Here something seems to be missing, there's a white spot on the wall straight ahead. Position Lara in front of it, press Action and she'll insert the Cloud there. Watch the birds dance and then turn around, jump the slope again and now you can pick up the 2nd bunch of grapes on top of it. Go back outside, do a standing jump to grab the tree pole, then slide back down to Earth.

To the sky and back- finding the Guitar:

Now it's time to head back to the Cemetery.
Enter Mushroom Courtyard, go left (S) and through the opening to
Chamber Garden. Continue through the far left opening (S/W) and down the ramp to Chapel Garden. Head left (S) past the chapel and the hallway with the two apples until you can turn onto the path at the end leading to the Cemetery. Go through it to the left and into the section with the open grave (where you got the dagger earlier). You can now climb the tree pool sticking out of the open grave. Climb up until you reach an opening in the wall ahead, position Lara with her back to it and backflip. Go through the hallway until you reach an ever-growing white rosebush and another tree pole. Position Lara so that she's facing S/W, then climb the tree pole as far as you can. Make sure there's some space between the top above Lara and her head, then backflip to a triangular ledge behind. You now find yourself up in the clouds again, but this time in Skeleton's company.

Stand at the tip of the longest part of the ledge and do a standing jump forwards, pressing Action in the last second to grab the cloud where Skeleton sits. Pull up and say hello, then go right and add Skeleton's Guitar to your possession (obviously he doesn't mind one bit). We'll come back here later, but for now there's nothing more to do in this area so do a running jump back to the pole and slide down to the bottom. Walk along the passage and stop at the edge before the next tree pole. Run off into the hole and press Action to grab the tree pole. Slide down until you reach the open grave and backflip onto safe grounds. Leave the cemetery (take a mental note of going back on a later occasion) and head back to the
Chapel Garden.

Meeting the musical trio- about roses, clouds and grapes:

Go straight past the apple plates (N) and then turn left (W). There's a guitar frame ahead and the imprint of the guitar looks suspiciously like that of the one we just borrowed from Skeleton. Stand in front of the pedestal facing E and place Skeleton's Guitar in the frame. Lean back to see some of Lara's hidden musical talents and enjoy the cut scene that kicks off. Speaking of roses(the seņorita mentions the word "
rosa" in her song), go over to the musical trio and pick up the White Rose in front of the woman. Turn around and go over to the mushroom pedestal by the W wall. Place the White Rose on it, causing more rose bushes to spout up from the ground and the closed door to the left of the mushroom pedestal to open. But before going in there, let's head for a useful pickup. Left of the door you just opened there's an alcove in the chapel building with a column making it look inaccessible. Not quite so though. Walk past the column, turn around and pull up onto the window sill above. Turn right and do a standing jump over to the floor where you can pick up the 2nd Cloud. Drop down to the ground and leave the chapel alcove.

We're STILL not going through that newly opened door, as tempting as it might look. To simplify things a bit and trying to lower the amount of times we'll have to run back and forth we're doing one final thing before entering the newly found area. Go straight ahead (E), then right (S) until the end. Continue until you reach the Cemetery and go back to the climbable tree pole stretching out of the open grave. That's right; you're going back up to Skeleton. Once you reach the cloud where he sits, stand facing a small ledge ahead to the S and do a standing jump over to it. Dish out your pistols and turn left before making short business out of the shatterable box ahead. Position Lara to face the S/W, then do a hop backwards. The next part is a bit tricky, but what you need to do is to do an angled running jump towards the ledge where the shootable box was. Do NOT press Action as it will shorten her jump and just continue pressing the Jump key together with the Up arrow key to make her jump just a little bit further. With some precision she should land on a ledge next to where the box was.

On the wall to the right of where you shot the box there's a ladder. Climb it down into the hole below and drop down at the end. Face S, stand with Lara's back to the ledge she just dropped down from and look up. There's a monkey swing lined along the ceiling (it has the same textures as the ladder she climbed down), so jump straight up and grab it. Traverse ahead and to the left and position her right above the jump switch high up on the wall. Let go of Action and press it again immediately to grab the switch and pull it down. Doing so lowers a block ahead of Lara. By the window to the right you'll see that there's another white spot with a cloud missing, so insert the 2nd Cloud here. Watch the show, then go around the blocks to the left where you have lowered another block, revealing a 3rd bunch of Grapes for you to pick up. Climb the two ladders back to the top and this time do a running jump to the larger cloud right in front of you (when emerging from the room below). From there turn left, do a standing jump over to Skeleton and then another running jump to the tree pole. Slide down to the cemetery and leave it, this time for good.

Chapel Garden- time for a treasure hunt:

Go back to
Chapel Garden and the musical trio and now you can finally get to explore the area behind that tempting, open door. First let's make a trip for a secret. As soon as you enter go left. Behind the tree here there's an opening high up on the S wall. Luckily Lara can climb the wall there so do so and pull up in the hidden room where you can pick up Secret 3: the 1st Snail Piece. Drop back down to the ground and this time head up the stairs to the right of the door. First of all climb the taller block across from the stairs. Turn right (E) to face the slanted roof of the building and do a running jump up there. Go up to the top, turn right and climb the low block, then drop into the dark opening in the corner. Here you can pick up Secret 4: the 2nd Snail Piece. Once you've got it drop down to the ground.

Run over to the far W wall and turn right. Climb the low block here and let's pause for a brief description of the next area, which consists of three levels (you're currently on level 3). Diagonally right there's a plateau with a closed door next to a purple keyhole (in other words we need a purple key) and four golden statues flanking a golden gate (which of course also is closed). If you look closer at the four statues you'll notice that they're looking just like the two outside the Cemetery. And these have a staff placed in front of them and a picture in the other. Only this time the pictures depict a bunch of grapes. Aha!! You have three bunches of grapes in your inventory, thus you're still missing one of them. Let's go looking for it and the purple key too while we're first at it.

Go over to the ruins you jumped from to reach the plateau and look down to spot an arch below. Drop down there and jump across to level 2. The room to the right is empty so just ignore it. *NOTE: in earlier versions it contained two spiders and a bunch of grapes, but this caused the level to crash at some computers so they were removed in the final version. The grapes you picked up in the pond in the Chapel Garden are the ones previously found in this passage.*

The open gate next to it only leads back to the Apple Garden so there's no need to go that way either. But the reason we're going over here is because there's a ladder leading down to level 1 on the right side of the tiled floor section on level 2 (see screenshot for further location):

Locating the ladder

Climb down the ladder, turn around and head through the red lit opening ahead (with the spider web on the left side).

Fairy Puzzle Room- retrieving the Puzzle Key:

You're now overlooking the antechamber of the Fairy Puzzle Room. Do not drop into the room, as there's nothing to do down here, but instead look up to spot a monkey swing running along the ceiling. Jump up to grab it and traverse to the other side. Drop down and WALK to the edge of the next gap(if you fall into the hole you're as good as dead). Do a running jump across the hole, pressing Action to grab the opposite ledge and pull up into the Fairy Puzzle Room.


On the left side there are 4 moveable puzzle pieces (two mushrooms, a bird, a nest with eggs in it and a bowl of white roses). Each of them are placed on differently coloured tile. Here you have to take a note of the order of the puzzle pieces (i.e bird-nest-roses-mushrooms for instance), it will come in handy later. There are also some red X tiles in front of each piece and a row of four coloured tiles by the opposite wall. What you have to do is to push and pull each of the pieces onto the coloured tile corresponding to the colour of the tile they originally stood on. To make this difficult the floor between the pieces and the coloured tiles opposite is split into four "lanes". Two of the lanes are on the same level as the puzzle pieces and opposite tiles, the two other lanes are lowered. You ONLY have the possibility of moving the puzzle pieces in straight lines, i.e. you can only move them along the two raised lanes. Furthermore, Lara can't move a puzzle piece if she herself is standing in one of the lower lanes. That's the basic idea of the puzzle.


I won't put up a detailed solution of how to push/pull every single piece. What I will do is to provide you with two screenshots: one of the pieces in their original positions and one taken when they are moved to where they're meant to be. Once you've solved the puzzle you will have access to a new key. Also note that due to limitations in the level editor it is only necessary to move the pieces ONCE across the tile where they're meant to be positioned(this meaning that you pushing a piece onto its right location and then removing it counts as if it's still standing in the right position, like you haven't removed it at all). You will hear music every time you place a piece on the correct tile.

Here are the puzzle pieces in their original positions (again take note of what order the puzzle pieces stand in):

Original position of puzzle pieces

And here they are in the final and correct positions:

Final position of puzzle pieces

Once you've gotten them lined up the right way you can go back to where you entered the room and proudly pick up the purple Puzzle Key. Do a running jump and grab back across the gap and monkey swing back to the other side. From here climb the ladder onto level 2 and turn left, then do a running jump back to the arch and pull up onto the plateau with the statues. Use the purple Puzzle Key in the keyhole to unlock the door. Go through the next room and drop through a hole on the left side.

Basement Puzzle Room- 4th bunch of Grapes:

Here there's another puzzle room with the exact same pieces. However, this time it's not about coloured tiles, but red X tiles. On the floor to the N there's a bunch of grapes, but because the floor below it is lowered there is no way you can get the grapes for now. You must raise the block below the grapes and to do so you'll need to solve the X tile puzzle. Remember how I told you to mark the original order of the puzzle pieces back in the Fairy Puzzle Room?? Now is the time to use that information. You need to position the pieces on the X tiles along the opposite wall, in the exact order that they stood in their original position in the Fairy Puzzle Room. Got it??? Good!! Once again I will show you screenshots of the puzzle before and after (luckily this puzzle is a bit easier than the other one).


Original position


Final position

Once done you will set off a small explosion, a block will raise and you can now pick up the 4th and final bunch of grapes. Climb out of the basement and leave the room. You can now happily place each of the four bunches of grapes in their proper places on the statues' staffs to open the golden gate.

A penny for your thoughts and a white rose for your love:

Enter the new area, which at first seems a bit maze-like. There isn't really much to do in here though. First of all go left and then make it a first right. You're now facing N. Diagonally across from you there's an opening to the N/W, go through there and turn to face the right wall (E). Here you can pull up into a crawlspace and pick up the 2nd White Rose. Climb down and go back to the gate where you entered. This time go right (E) and continue around until you reach an open area with a mushroom pedestal and two small waterholes. Uh oh, the place is inhabited.......and that by altogether 16 legs; two giant poisonous spiders dart out from the maze to snack on poor Lara. You can take them out from close hold or jump in either of the two waterholes for cover. They tend to stick to either side of the waterhole you're in, so you can pull out on the opposite side, draw weapons, roll and shoot and run back into the waterhole before they get too close for comfort.

Once they're finally dead you can go over to the mushroom pedestal and place the white rose here. Enjoy the long show and when it's done you can almost wonder why you were shown a shot of the green keyhole. Probably to remind you that you still to find it??? I hardly think so. Go over to skeleton and his girlfriend and under the white rose bush that has grown there you'll find the final green Chapel Key!!!! Leave the two lovers and the maze behind, pass the statue plateau and jump across the ruins. Continue down the stairs and through the door to the
Chapel Garden, then past the musical trio, up the ramp to the E and here on your right is the green keyhole for the Chapel Key. Use your key here and enter the Chapel.

And so they all lived happily ever after:

To your left there are two columns and double doors on the far wall. There is also a small pedestal by each of the columns. One of them has a picture of a four leafed clover and the other one a picture of a snail. Looks very familiar doesn't it??? But first go around to the left of the column with the snail pedestal and climb the ladder on the right side. Vault into the narrow space on top. (If Lara puts her legs up on the ladder you need to let go of and re-press Action to make her hang from it, then press the Up arrow key together with Action and the Duck key.) Pick up the Scroll to open the double doors below and climb back down to the floor. Read the Scroll telling you to go back if you haven't found all the secrets. If you haven't already done so combine the two clover pieces to create the Four leafed clover and Snail with a crown. You can now place them on their respective pedestals and see what happens. Awwwww!!!!! But you still need to leave this place.

Approach the open double doors carefully. On the floor ahead there are two different set of tiles; red X tiles like the ones we've seen before and some black ones with a white cross on them. The black/white ones will set Lara on fire if she steps on them (or even jumps over one) so best stick to the red X tiles. Follow them around to a new room. You still can't jump over/step on the black and white floor so use the wooden ledge on your left to get to the next set of X tiles. Follow them around, using the next wooden ledge for help, until you reach a ladder on the left wall. Climb it to the top and over the slope ahead and slide into the light. You have now solved the puzzles of
Mystery Land and are carried home, thus ending this beautiful level.


Hints and tips for playing (spoiler walktrough) are on my home page: