The Door for the Paradise 3 - The Hell

Level by Rezaffiro (October, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You emerge from the water onto a safe tile in a deadly red pool. Jump to a safe south-east tile and then south to the wall. Turn around, jump up and grab to monkey swing over to the north wall. Face north and jump and grab an invisible crevice on the wall tile to the right of the immediate north tile. Shimmy to the right, get into the normal climbing position, and drop onto a safe tile. Jump south to the next safe tile. Use binoculars to look at the far south wall. You should see a sign that says no entry. Shoot and also shoot the bronze ball behind it. When done, the door at the east end will open. Jump to a south-east tile and then an east tile and pull up into a cave. Kill four hounds that attack and pick up the laser sight in the north-east corner. Go right and run south. When you get to the medipack, an earthquake happens. Run to the east wall as three balls roll over the medipack. When done, pick up the large medipack and continue south. Jump over the pit and drop to a wall switch. Pull and climb up and enter the open door.

Go south and traverse the spike and file tiles with great difficulty. Stand by the east wall near the spikes. Look to the south-west and see two safe tiles that are not steaming. Run and jump to the slope wall to the west and then jump with a right curve and after a few tries you will land on one of those safe tiles. Stand jump south-east to another safe tile and then another stand jump over the spikes. Enter the tunnel towards the two flames and kill the two hounds that attack. Enter the cave and go to the south-west to pick revolver ammo from a block. Go left and loop behind the door as far as possible and see a triangular crawl space to the south. Crawl in and pull up west into another crawl space. Go the end and stand up. At the end of a tunnel is a skeleton floor switch. Use it and hear a door opening. Get back outside and enter the door. The next parts are tricky jumps. Stand in front of the slope. Stand jump to the slope, back flip to a slope and jump forward to grab a slope. Pull up, back flip to a slope and jump forward to grab a ledge. Pull up and go forward to enter a cave.

Go to the east wall and enter a triangular crawl space at the bottom. At the other side pick up a Golden Skull for secret #1. Exit and go down to the water with Death on the boat. Jump into the water and immediately get back to shore. Kill the sea hag although it is difficult and takes time because she hides from you. On the south wall is an opening to an underwater cave. Swim into it and get the revolver. Another sea hag appears so get to shore and kill it. Swim to the south shore and pull up and see a sign that states, "Welcomes to Hell". Go south and pick up a large medipack and hear some hell-type music. Go east to pick up a small medipack and kill a hound. Go north and at the back corner pick up a shotgun. Go back south and hop to a mound for two shotgun shells. Go south to a mound for revolver ammo. To the west pick up a large medipack and see a demon Thor emerge form the deadly water. Kill a hound that attacks from the back. Go to the west portion of the area and go to the back wall at the north. Keep west of the rocks there and it is easy to jump up a grab a monkey swing. Follow the monkey swing to a column at the west wall. A demon demigod pops out of the water and appears on the wall of the central structure. Jump to the central structure and kill it.

Run off the wall and you should just drop into the black hole in the center. Swim down to the west. Go pass the branch tunnel to the right and go to the end. Pull up and immediately climb a ladder on the south wall to avoid another demon Thor. Look at the carvings on the walls. One on the west wall is upside down. Go there and pull up through the wall. In the room there, use the skeleton floor switch in the corner. You hear a door opening and of course it is in the room with the demon Thor. Climb down the ladder and run into the room. Run to the side of the room and avoid the swing blades. At the north wall pull the jump switch. Get back out and up the ladder and see that a block has risen. Go to the block and pull up into a room. Go west to pick up a Golden Skull and secret #2. Go to the south-east block for a small medipack. Go to north-east block for the all-important crowbar. Get back down and in the demon Thor room. Jump back into the water and swim east and into the branch you passed before.

Swim to the end and pull up. Pick up a small medipack in the north-east corner. Use the crowbar to open the door. Do not go inside yet. Use the revolver and laser sight and shoot the cow statues at the back up the room. Run to the left one and pull a switch while the demon Seth shoots fire at you. Run and jump into an open door in the west wall. It is rather easy to get over the floor blades and into the corridor to the west. Run over the pink breakable tiles and at the end slide. At the end of the slope jump forward over a pit and a rolling ball falls into it behind you. Run over more pink breakable tiles and stop before a pit. Look up and shoot the bronze ball. Then just wait for the spike wall to go pass below you. Safety drop into the room and go west. Enter the tunnel and pick up shotgun shells. At the end pick up a Golden Skull and secret #3. Exit back to the pit and go into a tunnel in the north wall. Get pass the scissors traps and three cigar cutter traps and face a tightrope over a lava pool. At the other side, jump into the doorway and then hop back out again. Many rolling balls go pass you. Enter the room and an earthquake occurs but it stops very quickly. Go to the south-east and enter the tunnel between the vibrating balls. Jump into the water and swim away as another rolling ball follow you.

Swim into a tunnel in the east wall and follow it to a room with a small tunnel in the north wall near the top. Follow through a small tunnel in the north wall at the bottom. Swim to a ledge and pull up. Kill the sea hag that has been annoying you during your swim. Go north and east to follow the tunnel to kill a hound. Enter the next section and kill a demon demigod. Go north to find a slope. As you jump to the slope the level ends.