Level by Francisco Zecchinelli

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Lara slides down a ramp into a hallway partially blocked by a large crate. Go around the crate, splash through the shallow water into the next room and shoot the bat. Stop to pick up the flares to your left, then continue forward into the next room filled with crates. Turn left and locate the tall sloped crate to your left. Standing near the north wall, with Lara's nose against the taller crate with the sign slapped on its side overhead, take a back flip onto the sloped crate and immediately jump off to grab a crack above the sign in the taller crate. Shimmy to the right until Lara can pull up onto the row of crates.

You're now looking down into another room with crates, and into the entrance into still another room with crates, but you're not yet able to do anything productive in either one. So turn to your right and run along the top of the crates until you run off the other side. Push the floor lever to raise a crate in the center of the interior room you saw below just now. Turn around, vault back up onto the row of crates, angle to the right and hop down onto the lower row of crates, then hop down to the floor and enter the interior room with crates. Vault up onto the lighter-colored central block you raised, then take a running jump and grab to the ledge ahead. Pull up, turn right and make your way around the ledge by climbing over the crates, picking up a small medi-pack and a large medi-pack along the way.

Sidestep to the right and face the opening below. Take a standing jump with grab to land inside and draw your pistols to shoot the bat. Then throw the floor lever to open a corner door elsewhere. Safety drop to the floor and leave the interior crate room. Turn left in the next room and vault up onto the crate. Run forward and drop down to your left into a short tunnel. Open the door at the end, step around two crates, draw your pistols and shoot the dog that charges out from around the corner ahead. Turn left, run up the stairs and continue along the dark passageway until you reach the doorway you just opened. Go inside the next room and shoot the bat.

There's a closed door on the other side of the hallway, so splash through the water and climb up onto the crate in the dark area to your left for some flares. Then continue to the wall and vault up into an upper level and, facing west, jump up to pull down the trapdoor in the corner. Pull up into a sunlit courtyard and watch the flyby of a presently inaccessible floor lever. Kick open the door across the courtyard and enter the house. Kill the faithful watchdog. In the west wall you'll see two closed doors. Go on upstairs and take a look around, confirming that there's nowhere else to go right now, then return to the hallway below. You'll find that the door on your left is now open, so go inside where you'll encounter a corridor guarded by two flame tiles. Staying half a square back from the edge, take a standing jump over each flame tile and throw the floor lever at the other end of the corridor to open a door at the landing upstairs.

Go back upstairs, shoot the SAS who steps out to challenge you; then, after you've stepped onto the landing, turn around and go back downstairs. The second door below is now open, so go inside and find another floor lever guarded by two flame tiles, with a slightly different configuration than the first room. Stop to collect the revolver ammo, then jump over the flame tiles and throw the floor lever to raise a grate upstairs.

Run back up the stairs and turn left at the landing. Go through the doorway you opened earlier and follow the hallway until you reach the open floor grate at the end. Drop down to a lower hallway, then vault up into the nearest windowsill and safety drop to the courtyard below. Kick open the door at the south end, go inside and throw the floor lever to your right. A cut scene shows a closed door elsewhere. Run across the courtyard and kick open the north door. Go inside, vault over the platform ahead and kill the SAS on the other side to your left. Go down the south corridor to the end and activate the jump switch to your left. Run back down the corridor and turn left into the stairwell. Follow the stairs until you reach an opening to your left. Vault up into an area you visited briefly earlier. Draw your pistols to take care of the dog.

Locate the doorway in the north wall and go inside. Enter the enclosure where you see the escaping steam, and use the wall to climb up into a higher passageway. Follow the passageway past a closed door on your left and climb up the sloped crate to your right. Slide down the other side and run forward into the next room. There's another room off to the right, where you can approach the door on the far end that opens automatically into the hallway with the floor grate you opened earlier. Since you've already been there and done that, reverse roll and return to the previous room. Jump up and grab the left portion of the rustic wooden wall, and pull up into the crawlspace. Crawl forward, turn around and drop down the other side.

Vault up into the window sill and take an angled running jump to the balcony to your right. Then step forward and take another running jump to the adjacent balcony with the floor lever. Throw it for a flyby that gives you a view of the open trapdoor in the NW corner of the courtyard below, and continuing to show a door opening to reveal another floor lever. Safety drop to the courtyard, then locate the hole in the corner and drop down into an area you explored earlier. Enter the open doorway in the west wall and throw the floor lever. You'll see a not-very-helpful cut scene of a crated area.

Return to the trapdoor and climb back up into the courtyard. Go through the SE doorway again, past the flame tile rooms and up the stairs. Turn left at the landing and through the open doorway. Follow the passageway until you reach the open floor grate, then hop down through the hole once again, onto the wooden platform. Vault up into one of the nearby east windowsills and safety drop to the courtyard below. Enter the open doorway to the south, and you'll find that a new area has been opened up. Continue forward into a nondescript room with a closed door at the end. You need to use one of the sloped surfaces here to make your way upward.

Facing the open doorway with your back to the closed brown door, side step to the right until Lara is ever so slightly in front of the sloped white block. From there, take a back flip to the adjacent black sloped block, immediately jump off and grab the ledge above. Pull up, run to your left to the other end and pick up the revolver ammo. Turn left and take a standing jump to the narrow stone ledge on the other side. Turn to your left again and line Lara up with the jump switch. Take a running jump and grab to activate it and open the brown door below.

Go inside and run up the stairs into a new outdoor area. Enter the short alley to your left and pick up the laser sight. Then venture deeper into the area to alert an SAS. After dispatching him, run to the far (south) end, turn around and try to take out another SAS patrolling an upper balcony. Before leaving this area, locate the longer alley to the west and find the revolver. Reverse roll and run down the SE alley from where the first SAS emerged. Follow into a smaller courtyard and continue forward into a dark alley where you lose camera control. You'll soon trigger a magnificent flyby, but be prepared as soon as it's over to reverse roll, put that revolver to use and eliminate the SAS who was sneaking up on you from behind.

Go back up the steps and pick up the flares. There's a nearby doorway to the west, but let's save that for later. Continue into the small courtyard and turn left. Another SAS comes out from your right, so be ready for him. Off to the left, in an alcove next to a yellow building, you'll find two small medi-packs. Moving on, you'll encounter another SAS to your left as you approach a closed gate. Take a small medi-pack from him and note the nearby closed brown door and a floor grate with a floor lever underneath.

Go back the way you came, and you can't miss the jump switch off to your right. Activate it, and a cut scene shows something happening underwater. Continue west until you reach the closed double doors, then turn right and run up the stairs. Turn left when camera control is lost, and go into the open doorway you bypassed earlier. Vault up onto the strange central structure and drop down the other side into the water hole. Light a flare, then swim south through the tunnel until you reach an air hole. Pause for a breath and some nearby revolver ammo, then swim down and locate another passage in the SE corner.

Swim east, turn right at the bend and squeeze into the narrow space, then continue swimming until you reach a relatively open area. Turn left and follow until you reach a bend to the right where you encounter some lighter textured walls. Turn right again, follow to the bend and make a hairpin turn to the left and follow to the next bend. Make a hairpin turn to the right and go through the small square opening ahead. Dogleg to the left and go through another square opening in a white wall. Dogleg back to the right and swim through a slit opening ahead. Turn to your left and swim up and through a final square opening, then turn your nose upward for some much-needed air. Pull up into a small room and try to ignore the dead SAS while you step over his body to throw the floor lever and open up another underwater passage.

Jump back into the water and go back the way you came. When you go through the last square opening (the first one you encountered on your way over), look up and locate the air hole. Pull out into a darkened tunnel and run to the other end, where you'll find an opening to your left. Safety drop into the lower tunnel, where you'll spook a bat. After dispatching it, run east to the other end of the tunnel and pick up the flares. (It's so dark down here you'll need to light a flare just to find them.) Then turn to your right, vault up onto the crate and collect the large medi-pack.

Your next task is to navigate an obstacle course over a sizzling floor that means instant death if you happen to make contact with it. Hop down off the crate and run up the ramp into the next area. Turn to your left and locate an opening in the north wall (and not the opening that's directly in front of you as you come up the ramp). Take a standing jump to the ledge ahead, where you can see the deadly floor tiles below on either side. Turn to the left, and from the back (not the front) of the ledge, take a standing jump and grab the sloped surface to the west. Pull up, slide down the other side a short distance, and jump off to land safely on a ledge in the SW corner.

Turn to your right and take a running jump and grab to the higher column ahead. Pull up to spook a bat, but you can't seem to get a bead on it from where you're standing. You're about to operate in complete darkness, so it would be a good idea to light a flare here. Walk carefully to the far left corner of the column you're standing on, and angle Lara slightly to the right. Step off onto the sloped surface below and jump forward to grab the top of another column. Pull up and draw your favorite available weapon, because here is where the bat is likely to attack. After dealing with it, make sure you're facing east and light another flare.

Take a standing jump forward into the darkness and grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right as far as you can go, and pull up into the crawl space. Another bat will be alerted, so draw weapons while you're still in a crouched position so you can kill it here. Then crawl forward, turn around and allow Lara to hang from the other edge. Shimmy to the right, around the corner, and pull up to another ledge. Walk forward to the hole with more deadly floor covering below, and take a standing jump around the corner to your right to land on a sloped surface. Slide briefly and jump off to land on another sloped, but stable, surface in the NE corner. Turn to your left and jump up to grab the edge of the exit tunnel.

Pull up and step forward. Use the crawlspace until you can stand up, then continue through the dark corridor until you encounter a dog (which will probably cause you bladder failure if you weren't reading ahead). After killing it, continue forward until you reach an intersection. To your right is a closed door, so go to your left and ignore the first intersection to your left (which is a dead end). When you take the second left, you come to the grate below San Giorgio that you saw earlier. Throw the floor lever to open the door you saw just now, as well as another door you see in a cut scene.

Reverse roll and go back to the doorway that's now open. Run south and continue past some metallic wall textures. The last bend to the left is a dead end, so pull up into the NW opening and hop down into the trench on the other side. Follow to a block, pull up onto it, turn to the right, step forward and slide down into the area where you embarked upon your earlier obstacle course.

Reverse roll and make a hairpin turn to the right and around the crate until you reach the end of the hallway. Turn to the left and pull up into the corridor. Turn right and run to the water hole and jump in. Turn right and swim through the passageway until you return to the odd-looking central structure, using the air hole along the way if necessary.

Pull out and run up the stairs. Turn right when you lose camera control and return to the area in San Giorgio, where the large iron gate blocking access to the stately building beyond is still closed. Turn left, run over the grate and enter the open doorway. Run up the stairs and kill the dog when you enter the room above. Pick up the revolver ammo in the SE corner and note the jump switch overhead that you can't reach. There's also a closed door in the south wall. However, where there's a will, there's a way. Climb up onto the wooden block in the center of the room and, facing north, jump up to grab the ceiling. Now monkey swing forward, following the lined ceiling tiles, until you're positioned over the jump switch. Release, immediately grab again to activate the jump switch, and locate the new stairs through the door you've opened in the south wall.

Shoot the SAS you encounter at the top of the stairs and take his large medi-pack. Run to the opening in the balcony in the NW corner and take a standing jump down to the ledge jutting out from the adjacent building. Turn to your left and take a running jump to the next jutting ledge. Turn to your left and take another jump to a ledge with a floor lever. Throw it and retrace your steps toward the balcony where you killed the previous SAS. However, another SAS has arrived to take his place, so get yourself in a position where you can target and kill him.

Take a running jump and grab to the previous balcony. When you pull up, you'll see that you've opened the other door in the north wall. Run down the corridor and turn left before you reach the sizzling fire. Step into the balcony and use the opening at the other end to take a running jump and grab to the roof on the other side of the alley. Shimmy to the left and pull up into the alcove. Activate the jump switch to open those large iron gates to the stately building.

Hop back and safety drop to the alley floor. Turn left and run down the steps to the south and return to the town area. Turn left when camera control is restored, and return to the gates that are now open for you. Go inside and shoot the SAS who attacks from your left. He was guarding an open doorway, so go there and open the door inside. Shoot the SAS inside and run to the east wall. (You can also climb up onto the nearby block, jump to the ceiling and monkey swing your way there as you did earlier, but there's no apparent need to do that. Still, the presence of the unnecessary velcro ceiling here is a troubling mystery.) Turn to your right and activate the jump switch. You wait for the closed door ahead to open, but it doesn't, so turn right and run to the other end of this hallway to discover another closed door you can open.

Enter a spartan gallery and turn left to enter the next room, where you lose camera control. Draw weapons to kill the dog, then go inside and pick up the grenade gun ammo to your left. Reverse roll and run to the other end of this empty hall. A cut scene shows the area where you emerge. Step forward and drop down to the ledge below, where once again camera control is lost. Turn to your right and take a running jump and grab to the next ledge. Pull up, shoot the bat and pick up the small medi-pack. Take a standing jump to the next ledge and a running jump and grab to the one after that. Pull up, turn to your right, vault up into the windowsill and hop into the next room.

Now that you have camera control again, run forward and activate the jump switch on your right, then go back outside and make your way back along the ledges to the previous room. Continue through to the hallway where you found the earlier jump switch, and the door beneath it is now open. Go inside and continue along the hallway until you trigger a flyby of the laser room ahead.

Step forward and kick open the door, go inside and open the next door to your left. Climb up onto the large wooden block and pick up the large medi-pack. Nothing more to do here, so go outside to find that the door across the hall in the north wall is now open. Go inside, enter the adjacent room to the right and throw the floor lever. Stop to pick up the small medi-pack behind the door, then go back into the hall.

Enter the laser room. The lasers are protecting the crawl space to your right, but not the one to your left. So use that one to enter the next room, go up the stairs and locate the floor lever past the large rug depicting St. George. Throw the floor lever and note the closed door ahead. If you approach it you'll alert an SAS in the next room. Go back downstairs and through the crawlspace. The lasers have been moved back far enough to allow access to the opposite crawlspace, so use it to access a room with crates. Shoot the bat when it decides to present itself, then crawl over the crate to the left of the door and pick up the grenade gun ammo near the north wall.

Now approach the taller crate with the sign plastered against its side. Jump up to grab the invisible edge, and pull up into Secret #1. Light a flare and look to your right for another revolver, then climb up onto the crate in the corner for the grenade gun. From there you can climb up through a hole in the ceiling to an upper level, but all you'll find there right now is a closed door.

Back outside, climb up onto the crate against the south wall. Pull up onto the adjacent sloped block, allow Lara to slide down the other side, jump off and grab the top of the row of crates to the west. Pull up and hop down to the other side. Pick up two stashes of grenade gun ammo, one in the corner and the other on the lower row of crates, and throw the floor lever. Climb back over the crates to the other side and shoot another bat.

Use the crawlspace to return to the laser room, where you'll find that the lasers have been completely extinguished. Go across the room and use the crawlspace in the far right corner until Lara can stand up. Turn to your right and enter a maze that's made more interesting by the dart guns positioned where you have to climb onto blocks in order to progress. The first one is right where you begin, so practice by crawling across the block and lowering yourself down the other side as if you were still in a crawlspace. Proceed along the corridor until you reach the next dart gun up to your right. Climb over that block and turn to your right at the intersection. Kill the dog and avoid the next dart gun, if you wish, by taking a short cut around it.

Climb up onto the next block to your left and keep on going. The best way to progress from here is by keeping Lara's right shoulder against the wall. (There's also a small medi-pack in one of the alcoves if you're interested.) You'll soon hit a trigger tile and a cut scene showing the door opening where you threw the floor lever earlier. Retrace your steps, using the left shoulder technique this time, and eventually you'll return to the crawlspace where you entered. Go back to the laser room, turn right and use the left crawlspace in this wall to return to the room with the floor lever and the open door.

Kill another SAS and open the door at the end of the hall. In the next room is a St. George mural. Find the jump switch in the NW corner and activate it to open the door in the upper level of the secret room. Go back there, take a side flip over the open door and pick up the breast plate and some grenade gun ammo. (Breast plate? That must mean more armor pieces, and a number of other secrets missed along the way.)

Go back to the room with the mural of St. George and step on the tile in the alcove to the right of it. This opens the door in the opposite alcove. Go inside and run along the corridor, where you'll shortly hit the exit trigger.