Clinic of Death

Level by Lukasz Croft (October, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Drop and slide down a small slope. Go forward to get a flyby of the area. Jump to the central platform and then to the north-west column. The compress is confusing here since you cannot really see the east or west parts. I assume that the red points to north. Climb down the ladder to the bottom. You can shoot the boxes but they are empty. Jump into the red water and pick up a yellow fuse (Try again...). Face north and go left towards a purple box. Fall into a hole and go left again. A flare helps here. Climb the middle of the wall. At the top, pull up, back flip, roll, and grab a block. Pull up for the Crowbar (or Knife or Hammer). Climb back out and go around the fence to pick up Grappling Gun poison ammo (or crossbow poison ammo or Mp3 Poison ammo). Go to the wooden door and use the crowbar to open it. Go inside and run out as a huge spider comes after you. When it is dead enter the room. Be careful of the steam and go to the right. Shoot another huge spider on the ledges in front of you to the north. Notice two places for fuses. Go east to the wall with the human anatomy charts. Go into the alcove and pick up flares from beside a dead body.

There is a guard behind the door on the ledges who can shoot at you. However, you cannot shoot him until the door is open. So it is best to jump up in front of that door and run pass it quickly. This seems to reduce his field of fire. Crawl over the ledges and down the other side. Go west towards a closed door and see an opening on you left. Jump to a slope and keep jumping with a curve to get to the other side. This avoids the steam. On the other side go towards the boxes and kill a Tinnos fly. Shoot all the boxes to pick up a second yellow fuse. At the exit, a monkey swing has appeared. Use it but you have to suffer the steam and some locusts. Get on the ledges and go back to the other side. Use the two fuses and the gate besides you opens. You see dead bodies so you should be suspicious. Go to the first column and run back for safety. Do not shoot the men there or you have to fight them and the spiders. When the men are dead, you are left to kill the three spiders. But you can stand at the doorway and jump back if they too close.

Enter the area and see a gate on the high left wall. But go right and you see a gate on the high right wall. At the end is ladder. Go left and use the pushbutton on the far wall. This is OK but if you had approached this switch from the other direction, the floor would have caught fire. Go back and up the ladder to shoot a box. Use the crowbar on the floor switch. Exit and go around the room clockwise to the high open gate. Climb in and pull the switch at the back wall. You get a cut scene of the other gate opening. Go there are kill two rats. Shoot the boxes for MP5 ammo (or shotgun shells) and Grappling Gun normal ammo. Hop on the block and turn the red wheel on the door. Go back outside and notice that the door near the charts is now open. Go there and go inside. Pick up secret #1 and a large medipack. Do not shoot the man and he does not shoot back. Cross over the ledges and get into the open gate in the corner.

Go to the far wall for Grappling Gun explosive ammo. Go to the left corner and follow the corridor. Kill a rat and at the end of the corridor pull up into a long room with cages. There is a friendly man to the left side. To the right side are cages with a spider and a creature. Go left to shoot an empty box and see a closed door in an alcove. There is closed gate at the end of the room as well. On the floor beside the gate in the alcove is a torch. Pick it up and light it on the fire barrel. Then light the woodpile in the center of the room. The closed gate opens and a creature enters and attacks you. If you run around and wait, the man kills it for you. Go to the box in front of the spider cage for a small medipack. Then go north and enter the doorway. Pick up secret #2, Grappling Gun normal ammo and MP5 ammo. To the west of the fire, you can shoot a box in an alcove and pick up MP5 ammo. Now go to enter the open doors at the end of the room.

Run to the right behind the building to climb up into a hole for a small medipack. Get down and continue and see an opening that you cannot reach. Go to the front and move the green box to the obvious location with a blue square with a circle. The lighting changes to a purple color. Now go behind the building to the unreachable opening. A ladder is there now, so climb up for secret #3 and the MP5 (or shotgun). Go back to the front and face the building. Go to the left side and find a ladder to climb up to the roof. Kill a Tinnos fly near the center. The box at the edge has nothing. Turn the wheel on the block. Shimmy over to the far side of the building. Shoot the box there for a MP5. Turn the wheel on the block. Shimmy back and go down the ladder to the ground. Climb the wall in the front of the building for MP5 ammo and Grappling Gun explosive ammo. Get down and go north back to the previous room.

Kill a spider and go left into the open door. Kill the bald man shooting at you. Enter the next room to kill another bald man. Dive into the water and pull the two underwater levers. Swim inside the opening for a laser sight and the Grappling Gun. Go to the pink floor area on the other side of the water for a large medipack and MP5 ammo. Go to the south end and shoot the creature running around the room. Pick up a large medipack in a corner and go to the switch on the south wall. This is a very tight timed run to a room in the opposite side. Press the pushbutton, roll, and run and jump to the ledge. Sprint to the end and jump again. With luck (after three dozen tries) you may make it into the timed door before it closes. I think going to the right of the water is a bit faster. If you stumble, then reload and try again. Blow up the two zombies or ignore them. Jump the back wall into the pit. Run to the bottom and the level ends.