The Journey

Level by Frank Tilmans

Unauthorized Walkthrough by Gerty

Lara starts underground and the only thing in this room that you can do, is pick up some flares on the right. Walk to the door and it opens up. In the next room is a ninja. Climb on the block on the west and turn around and do a standing jump with grab to the middle structure and pick up some shotgun ammo.

Return to the block and proceed west through the crawlspace.

In the next room is another crawlspace on the same wall a bit further, follow the corridor and with the first burning torch, jump up and climb in for SECRET # 1,
a small medipack.
Jump down and follow the corridor till you reach a lever. Return to the room and through the now open doors.

Room with pool

Go all the way to the end (W) and behind the ramp is an opening. In this room, mummies roam, run to the SW corner and jump up. A running jump to the lever over the spikes and back again. Out of this room and in the pool as a gate has opened there (N). Swim through and up and kill two scorpions. Get in the crawlspace and up the block there, use the lever and get out again. Climb the block at the other end and find a small medipack and shotgun ammo. Back in the pool again and to the opening behind the ramp. Get the revolver ammo and in the west the Shotgun.

In the next room is, apart from mummies, also a ninja. Watch out as there are holes filled with poisonous water and your goal is finding three levers.

There is one on the south wall middle, one in the NW corner and one in the NE corner. The gate in the east wall is open now.

Room with pool and Cartouche.

Watch the flyby and shoot a ninja and a scorpion, there is another ninja somewhere and more scorpions, so take care of them.
Dive in the pool and in the NE corner is an opening and keep swimming and all the way at the end is SECRET # 2, some arrows. Better swim back immediately and you can make it with a bit of a health loss. Get out of the pool and climb the pole. Travel to the SW corner and sorry to say so you have to take the long way around.

Go north, a running jump over two slanted blocks. Keep at the wall, around the corner, facing west climb that tall block and a running jump/grab to the next. Again around the corner (facing south) climb block and another running jump/grab to the next. Watch out a hole in the floor and also a ninja. Get the one half of the Cartouche.

Now dive into the water and go south as that door opened up. Some mummies and a ninja are in there and a lever in the NE corner. In the south a door is open and shoot some scorpions. Use the monkey climb to get to the other side. Around the corner there is some jumping to do, rather straightforward. Stay on the left hand side and slide, jump, slide jump again and a running jump, slide jump and slide jump again. Get the Hand of Orion. You can jump in the water and swim and also in the next body of water. Back in the room with the mummies the door on the north side has opened, some scorpions and a ninja are in there. Get in the corridor north and follow through, lots of scorpions there. At the end jump over the blocks, watch out for a deadly slide. After that, climb down as there is in the deep, a lever. Up again better have a look through the binoculars as there is a monkey climb but be sure that at the end, Lara doesn’t let go at the slide there, but on a block. Jump the blocks there and on the left is a crawlspace, so better crawl in.

Three ninjas attack and after taking care of them, go east and jump up that structure. Shoot the vase and a door, also east, opens. The other vase has nothing in it. Get the other half of the Cartouche.

Go back, take the monkey climb again, at the end turn around and climb the walls over the pit. Through the corridor, the door, next door (W) and you are back at the pool area.

On the north near the doors is an opening, place the Cartouche there. The double door is open now and of course a scorpion and a ninja is waiting there.

Dive in the water and swim north and around some corners and at the end up. When you approach the opening west several scorpions and a ninja appear. Pick up shotgun ammo and save.

This is a dark room with a big pit in the middle. Face west wall and there is a crack to shimmy left. A ninja shows his nose and watch the flyby.

Room with yet another pool

Another pool in the middle and you have to find two levers in this room. Go west and climb the block next to the wall. Use the monkey climb there, go around the corner and use the ladder to go the first of the levers. Go back and go north this time, use the ladder and around the corner (W) is the other lever.

Dive into the water and in the SW corner you can swim in, turn left and then right, right and a bit further left is where you need to go. Once in this underwater room go left and follow through and at the end swim up. There on a pedestal is the Hand of Sirius. Swim back to the pool and the door NW is open, so make your way towards it. Slide down and drop in another pool. Climb out west and left of the door is an opening, crawl in and use lever.

On the east is some shotgun ammo, but after that dive into the water. Opening is on the south; swim in and at the end up. Behind that structure is a lever and on the left of it is a small medipack. Get back to the pool and get some air. In the NE corner of the pool is another opening and after climbing out you find SECRET # 3, Revolver plus ammo, shotgun ammo and a medipack. Go back to the pool and climb out and the door west is open.

There is a mummy in there and in the NW corner is an opening, so jump up there. Climb down, shoot some scorpions and get the arrows. Climb over the other block, shoot another scorpion and climb the pole. Back flip into a small room and climb the wall in the NW corner. A boulder comes down, so wait, till it disappears. Jump over the hole and climb up at the end and watch the flyby. And as we can expect there are ninja’s watching it as well. Some scorpions are also having a peek and place the two Hands. Enter the corridor and the level ends there.