Level by Miro

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Note from Mod: This is the first walkthrough we've received from this writer, who may be familiar to some of you for the many walkthroughs he's written for the unofficial levels (TR3 and others). Welcome, Harry, and we hope to hear from you often!

Part 1

Slide down a slope and pull guns to kill an eagle (1). Run through the archway to the left to kill a guard (2). Go to the far side to climb a snow block. Jump to a pillar and then run/jump/grab to a crawl space in the corner. Crawl through and at the end drop and fall into some water. Get out and go to the back wall to climb a white pillar. Turn around and pull up to a blue ledge. Kill two bats (3,4) that are flying around. Turn around and use the sloped blue ledge to reach another blue platform. Run/jump/grab a white pillar in the corner. Shimmy to the right as far as possible and pull up. Run/jump to grab the blue ledge against the wall. Kill two bats (5,6) before jumping into the alcove in the wall. Run over the breakable tiles and at the end jump to a ledge. Push the movable ice block to your right into the tunnel. Climb up to a ledge to pick up a green gem (1) [Esencia Zeme]. Climb up to a blue ledge on the right. Run over breakable tiles into an opening in the right wall. In the opening go left and around to a movable ice block. Pull it back and enter the opening. At the end is a snakehead receptacle. Use the green gem and get a cut scene of an ice door opening. Now go to the other side and start moving ice blocks out of the way. You may have to go around a few times but eventually who get into a tunnel where the ice door was opened. Slide down and sprint across the floor as icicles fall on you. Jump into a room on the other side. Kill two bats (7,8) and pick up a blue gem (2) [Esencia Ladu] from a block at the far end. The ice door besides you opens. Jump up and cross the bridge. At the end jump into the corner to use the blue gem in another snakehead receptacle. The ice door besides you opens.

Now run/jump over the fence into the enclosure below. Open the door and enter the building that is a garage. The pushbutton on the far wall opens the door beside you giving access to the rest of the base. Drop into the mechanic pit in the floor and follow a crawl space to a trap door. Jump up and pull it down to enter another room. Behind you are a closed door, a key lock, and a closed blue door. To the left is a door that opens to a box. On the far wall is a cage protecting something you probably need. Climb the ladder on the far wall. Kill a guard (9) and take the key (3) [Bezpecnostny2] that he drops. Look across the garage to see a switch. Follow the catwalks to the switch and pull it. Kill the guard (10) that appears and drop to the garage floor. The door at the back is open so go there. Enter the room and put Lara's nose to the white cabinet. Take one step back and press action. Lara will open the cabinet to get a sniper scope (4). Climb the boxes in the corner. On the highest yellow box you find the crowbar (5). Now return to the other room through the mechanic pit. Use the key to open the door. You are in front of another closed door requiring a key. So exit the room back to the garage and enter the base area.

Go to the right into an open area with boxes and a deadly red river. Kill a guard (11) in that area. Climb a box and pick up some bullets (6) for a gun. Climb the next box and look at a box pile on your right. It is an easy task to get there to pick up a small medipack (7), three shotgun shell boxes (8,9,10) and the shotgun (11). You may also notice a blue ledge over the red water. Now you are better-armed return to the garage area. Go to the building on the left near the fence and open the door. Kill a dog (12) and a guard (13) who drops a key (12) [Kluc od Mosta]. That key fits the key lock on the next building but do not open the door yet. Climb the multi-coloured window ledge. In the corner jump up to grab a ladder and climb into the attic. Use the crowbar on the door and enter the room to get a key (13) [Bezpecnostny1]. Also pick up Uzi shells (14) and the Uzi's (15) [Walther]. Back to the garage and into the mechanic pit and crawl space to get the second door lock.

Use the key and the gate slowly opens. Press the pushbutton on the wall to stop the electrical arcing. Enter and see three switches. Go to the back of the room and face the switches. Use the left switch and get a cut scene and flyby of the inside of the building you did not open. The guns inside are now caged for your protection. The right switch will drop the cage in the room outside. The middle switch activates the electricity again so leave it alone. Go to the downed cage and pick up a large medipack (16). Although it is not obvious, the fake looking switch to the left of the cage is a real switch. Use it and the blue door in the far corner opens. Go inside for bullets (17) and another gun (18) [the crossbow?] and secret #1. Get outside and to the building needing the second key. The guns are harmless now so run to the back of the room and pull the switch. Go outside and go towards the red river and Kill two guards (14,15) Notice that the river is now crossed by a bridge where the blue ledge was before. Run towards the brown box and the level changes.

Part 2

Start in a short tunnel that opens up into a room. First go down the stairs and kill a bat (16). Keep going down until you reach a dark room with a pillar. Use a flare and go left to jump a gap and finally pick up a pass (19) [Pas]. Return and go to the other side to enter a room with a coal pile in the middle. Over the coal you see a wire mesh. Go around it to see a closed door and kill a guard (17) and pick up the key (20) [Kluc od Ubykaci] that he drops. Exit the room and go back to the top of the steps. Pull out the box from the wall, jump around it to the steps and enter the area behind the box. Climb the boxes and notice that the area is filled with boxes and there is a roadway on the far side that leads down to somewhere. Explore the area and find a fake closed door to your left. A guard (18) will attack you there. Now go down the roadway and enter into a huge platform area overlooking a coal pit. Ahead is a closed door. Go left to the other section and kill a guard (19). Notice a gate needing two keys and some machinery behind a high fence.

Now look over the deep pit to see some huts. At the bottom of the pit you can see the wire mesh from the top. Go over to the huts and open the door of the first hut on the left. The first room is empty so go to the second room to get two Uzi clips (21,22) and the Uzi's (23) from a low box. Search the cabinet and get some flares (24). The other huts have closed doors but the hut in the rear has a window you can shoot. Enter it to get shotgun shells (25), small medipack (26), bullets (27), a gun (28) and secret #2. Get outside and use the box to get onto the roof. Jump to the first hut and in the far back corner you will find a crowbar (29) in a hole. Go back to the first hut and look to the other side. You should see a row of boxes very far away. Go there and get to the left corner. Climb the ladder into the machinery room. There is a closed door at the end needing a key. You have that key from the dead guard at the coal pile. Use the key and enter a room of bunk beds. Shoot the red star at the back wall. Enter the opening for a large medipack (30), bullets (31), two Uzi clips (32,33) and secret #3. Exit and shoot the picture to the right. Enter the opening for a small medipack (34), a shotgun (35), shotgun shells (36) and a key (37) [Kluc k Vytahu]. Exit and kill a guard (20).

Climb back down to the box wall. The middle box is movable so pull it out and push it to the side. Enter to pick up shotgun shells (38) and notice the water down a ramp.  Swim in and enter a huge underwater cave. You should find two things before you drown. In the far corner on the floor is a blocked tunnel. Back a little from that tunnel on the left wall is a crawl space on the floor level. The idea is to get into the crawlspace, pull a timed underwater lever that unblocks the tunnel. Swim through the tunnel and into another cave to finally surface for some air.

Enter an area with some brick and wooden walls with piles of coal. Go to the end and kill a guard (21) and get his Uzi clips (39). Just before the steps at the end climb the wooden wall to the right and drop onto the coal. Enter the crawl space in the corner to get a large medipack (40). Exit the coal bin and continue up the stairs. Continue past some purple pillars and kill a dog (22). Go down a hallway with some doors to the left. The first two rooms are empty. In the last room, search the far cabinet for a sniper scope (41), flares (42) and a large medipack (43). Two other cabinets have flares (44,45) and sniper scopes (46,47). The fourth cabinet is empty. There are Uzi clips (48) on the block near the door. Exit and notice a blue door needing a key, a raised cage over a pushbutton, an elevator shaft with a movable box and behind the cage a ladder. Climb the ladder into an airshaft. Go left to the fan and into a hole to get a key card (49) [Kody]. Go back down the ladder and kill a guard (23) standing on top of the cage. Use the key to enter the room and kill a guard (24). The room is empty except for a switch on the wall. Use the switch and the cage outside descends. Exit and kill a bat (25). Press the pushbutton and the elevator starts to ascend. Hop on it for a ride.

At the top, push the movable block from the floor and into the next room onto a white square. Kill a guard (26) that arrives. In the next room climb the poll and back flip into an alcove. Climb a block for a large medipack (50) and revolver shells (51). Get back down and use the jump switch on the wall. Kill a guard (27) that appears and notice that a doorway has opened in the back wall. Enter and at the back wall pull a switch. You get a cut scene and flyby to show that the door near the coal pile at the bottom of the stairs as opened. As you exit and go up the steps press the pushbutton on the wall. You are back in the huts area but now the doors are open. The first hut to the left has nothing. The hut to the right with the open door contains a key (52) [Bezpecnostny1]. Now go back to the other side of the pit, notice where the two keys are to be used, run up the ramp, through the box room and down the stairs to the room with the coal pile. Kill a guard (28) and enter the open door. Look to the ceiling for spike balls. Run to an opening at the bottom right of the incline you are standing on. Go through the door and run left to avoid the ball behind you. In a hole at the left wall are two sets of flares (53,54). Light flares and just follow the coalmine to the end and find a crawl space. On the other side, kill a bat (29) and enter a doorway to the right. Follow to a large room with lights on the walls. Kill two bats (30,31) and go to the end of the room to pick up a key (55) [Bezpecnostny2] in the corner. Now you have two keys, exit the mine, run up the stairs and go the door that needs them.

Use the two keys and the door opens slowly. Pass the machine to the left and the two gates and go to the back up the room and open a door. Pick up two large medipacks (56,57) and four shotgun shells boxes (58-61) from the floor. Search the cabinet for two Uzi clips (62,63). Exit the room and notice a computer on the block near the door. Use the gun with the sniper scope to destroy it. Kill the guard (32) that arrives and notice that one gate is open. Go to the machine on the left and use the key card and a trap door will open behind you. Go down the ladder and use pistols to shoot the cover of the switch box at the back wall. Now pull the switch inside and climb back up the ladder. The second gate is now open. Kill a guard (33) and enter the gates and the level ends.

Part 3

If you cycle through the items you see that large medipacks are now yellow roses. Leaving the opening to see a block needing four items in front of you. To the right is a colourful floor behind a gate and further on a door. At the back wall are another gate and a switch. To the left are a covered pit and an opening to the outside area. To the left of the opening are a gate and a green key lock. You hear some thumping as well. Go to the open corner of the covered pit and kill three raptors (34,25,26) from there. If you jump in and die, the reload screen shows a graveyard with yellow roses on fresh graves. Jump in and pull the dead body backwards. Pick up a green gem (64) [Energi Stone] from the floor and climb back up the ladder. Pull the switch on the wall and the gate beside it opens. Kill the two guards (37,38) and go inside. In the cabinet are Uzi clips (65). The boxes are breakable but hold nothing. Take note of the map on the wall, as it is useful.

Exit this room and open the door to the left. Go down the stairs and enter an open area. Get three large medipacks (66,67,68) from the graves and return to the starting room. Go to the opposite side and through the open gate onto a balcony. Look over the edge to see a large collection of perhaps twelve dogs (39-50) [I lost count]. You can go down the ramp and run around to wake them up. Then go up the ramp to shoot them from safety. When done there is a large medipack (69) in the left corner. In the right corner are blocks for climbing later. Continue right and climb the wooden wall. Run to the back area to get the green key (70) from the ground. Then run back and climb the wall before the killer ants get you. Go back up the ramp and use the green key to open the gate. Kill three green dinosaurs (51,52,53) that attack. Enter the room and go to the right. Shoot a box on the floor for a sniper scope (71). Shoot a high box near the wall for a small medipack (72). Go left and shoot a high box to get three sets of bullets 73(74,75,). Go pass an opening to the wall and shoot a high box for two sets of flares (76,77). Continue along the wall and shoot a box for Uzi's (78) and three Uzi clips (79,80,81). Move the shelves out of the way and pick up a crowbar (82) from the floor. Continue to shoot a box for the shotgun (83) and seven shotgun shells boxes (84-90). Go to the end to pick up three sets of bullets (91,92,93). Use the crowbar on the crate to you left and enter to pick up a gun (94). As you exit the room there is another crate to open with a crowbar on your right side but it contains nothing.

Return to the dog pit and go to the blocks at the far right corner. You can hear the raptors from there. Climb up and slide into five raptors (54-58). However, if you just stand there you can kill them since they cannot reach you there. When dead go to the left side to climb a ladder. At the top kill a guard (59) who drops a green gem (95). Return to the ground and go to the corner where you hear a T-Rex (60) stomping. Climb the block and charge the T-Rex with a shotgun. One blast to the stomach should kill it. Go to the left into the cave. At the back right corner hidden behind some blocks pick up another green gem (96). Exit and go straight and climb some blocks. Jump a gap to an area with tents. In a corner pick up a small medipack (97) and a red key (98). Return and go right into a pool. At the bottom use CTRL to open the underwater door. Swim to the other side and look into the right corner for a hole in the floor. Swim down there for a small medipack (99). Return to surface and pull up into a camp. Kill two guards (61,62) and three dogs (63,64,65). Notice an opening high in a wall. The tree in front of it can be climbed. Climb to where the leaves start and back flip into the opening. Kill two guards (66,67) and use the red key on the door in the corner. Pick up the green gem (100) and go back to the starting room. Use the four gems and the gate beside it opens. Run to the coloured floor and the level ends (game crashes actually).

End of level

Secrets: 3 out of 3

Items: 100

Kills: 67