Level by Koldo (November, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Opinion] I liked this level and think that it is a good start. It was a little disappointing to have it end so quickly. I really wanted to play more. [End opinion]

From you start, run forward and to the left. You get a cut scene of the area that keeps repeating until you get to the end of the ledge and dive into the water. Go north and swim into an underwater opening in the wall. Pull up into a tunnel. Pick up the Jungle Gem and some pistol ammo. Swim back out and swim south and look up to see a ledge. Pull up and use the gem to open door. Go inside and see a rope over a block. I do not know what it is for. Go west, down some step and swim through some water. Pull up to a ledge with three ropes. You only need one rope to swing over to the other side. Climb down to pick up the Uzi's and then climb back up. Continue and see many floor blades and swinging spike bags. Since the floor blades are circular, there is a part of their swing outside their arc where you can safety stand to jump over them. Once over the first blades, turn the corner and kill a thug who shoots at you from the far ledge. When he is dead, approach the floor blades and you can jump over them into the pit. Pull up and go left. At the end jump over some more blades and get a flyby of the area.  When you get off the ledge, go to the right. Kill the three thugs to the north. You can shoot all the boxes in this area but they yield nothing.

Go over the bridge and get into the south-east corner. Pull up to the south and then jump to the west to pick up the grenade gun. Use the rope in the south-east to jump to the east wall ledges. Follow the ledges to the south-west. Pick up a shotgun and shotgun shells and get ready for more floor blades and spike bags. Stay on the left side and do a run/jump over the two floor blades. Go east over more floor blades. Try jumping near the center area and it is easy. Turn right and go up the stairs and kill a thug. Light a flare and go west to run, jump and grab over a deep pit. Go west a little more and line up with the open doorway. Again run, jump and grab over a deep pit. When you pull up you get into a flyby loop which is only broken when you get out of the doorway.

Jump to grab the column to the north. Shimmy around to the other side and back flip to a ledge. Go climb the north column in the corner. If you fall into the water, the yellow ladder on the north wall will bring you back to this ledge. Jump to the west ledge and then to the south ledge. Jump to the yellow ladder on the west wall and climb up. Jump the ledges to the north and enter the opening in the east. This seems to be it as there is no end trigger and nowhere else to go.