Purgatory (Demo) - Abandoned Apartment

Level by Tombcool

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start the level on the roof. Go around the block and take the shotgun from the dead soldier left, then pull up the trapdoor and drop down into the first apartment. You are in a large bedroom with three closed doors. Open the door in front of you and enter the kitchen, nothing to do. Go right and open the next door, enter the bathroom, empty as was the kitchen. Go left and open the door, get out to a short passage, see the keyhole near the door. Now open the door and see there is a closed gate right behind it, you open this gate later when you find the key.

Open the next door and enter the next apartment. Take a short tour in the kitchen and in the dressing room, then get the flares near the piano. Open the last door and enter the bathroom and get the small medipack from the shower stall. Proceed a little forward toward the red symbol; there's a hidden crawlspace. Crawl into the dark and when you reach the end, turn and climb down into the dark maze.

Light a flare and follow me, take care from the smoke otherwise you lose health. Go straight, turn right at the second turning, then left, turn right and later left, you come to a large space. Turn left and you see red lighting, proceed further and near the corpse you see the Occult Key. Before you'll be able to pick it up you have to deal with two giant poisonous monsters.

Kill both, then get the key, then make your way back to the apartment. Back along the passage and use the key to open the gate, as soon as you get past the gate and slide down, you finish the level.