Level by Daoine Sidhe (Jens Franke, formerly known as bne lara)

Authorized Walkthrough by Dutchy

I will not mention all enemies, to keep an element of surprise, only the ones I think are especially relevant.

Level 1 - Donovan’s Hideout

The Courtyard.

Lara will come riding the Bike and gets off at the entrance of Donovan’s Hideout, the gate behind you is shut and a dark and grim Courtyard lies in front. Go L (S) and follow the path to the end, go into a Lava room and from the L side of the bank you can runjump across to that triangular ledge, turn L and spot a small ledge inside SW, runjump from the corner to that ledge (screenshot) and face W, runjump/grab to the crack in the wall and shimmy L around the corner, climb down on the ladder there till your feet are at the Lava and hang on the R hand side. Backflip to a ledge on S wall (closed door) and do a standjump to the W over the sloped part, you’ll see the door open up.

Lava rooms, open the Big Doors.

Now you have two options, face the Burner Alley or take the Spike-trap Alley, they will get you to the same point in the Lava room.

Spike-trap Alley
, standjump back E and go in, there are nasty Spike-traps in this passage, time them and run across and follow all the way to a small room with a CS up in the NE corner, crawl through and drop out on a sloped block in the Lava room, slide and jump to the ledge.

Burner Alley
, grab the MS on the ceiling after the door opened and go to the 1st burner, not too close mind you. What I did was Save there and reload and immediately as you have control, go forward and do the same at the second Burner, in the end a drop/grab to the ladder and go R till you are over the sloped block, now comes a tricky part, Save there and drop. The camera will change and it’s hard to see when you have to jump, so try till you jumped safely to the ledge with the switch. The switch will kill the Burners on the next two ledges, but they are Timed, so pull the switch, hop back turning L and runjump/grab to the first ledge, pull up and turn L, hop back to runjump/grab to the second ledge, then pull up and a runjump over the top of a sloped block NW under the CS you would have exited from the Spike-trap Alley. Slide and jump to the ledge.

Here both routes come together:
Go to the ladder at the other end and jump/grab to it, climb R and drop onto a block in the corner, then do a runjump to the block SW and climb through the hole in the ceiling to a room above, follow out S and down to a room with a ramp. Go up and L, follow to a small room overlooking the Courtyard, To the R at the small table is a switch and pulling it will open some big doors at a Bridge. Go to the windows and climb up E, face SE and do a sharp runjump around the R hand corner to grab the brown sloped top of the wall, shimmy L to the end and drop onto the tip of a triangular ledge, don’t walk, just turn L till you can standjump to that roof like ledge in the corner of the Courtyard. Get Secret #1, Flares and Ammo.

Just drop down onto that grey path going N between the brown fences and follow to the N end, and here the fence is broken, go down to the N path and follow in W, here you can do the same kind of jumps you did on the other side to get onto a ledge inside the Lava room.

Burner Jumps, lower the Bridge.

There are transparent ledges between Burner balls (screenshot). Stand facing W with your back to the wall and a bit R (N) on the ledge, runjump to the first transparent ledge and a L curved running jump will get you to the second ledge. Now stand back and runjump/grab to a climbwall on the block SW hanging from the ceiling and climb all the way around the L till you’re over a sloped block below, drop and slide/jump to a ledge, look SE and spot a ½ MP on a ledge, the burner will make getting it a bit hazardous. I did like this, stand about one standjump away from the MP and save, then as you expect the Burner to go off, a jump to it, quickly grab and hold backflip while Lara picks it up (if you have to sidestep you’re too late, so lining up perfectly before the jump is needed and save every time on a new position).
(Remark Daoine: Take the MP after the switch is used, this stops the burner at the medi too, it's an easier way to get this MP.)

Now head to the E transparent ledge with a standjump and then NE to the next, hop into the passage NE and follow to the E end where a switch will stop a Burner on a ledge we have to go to now, turn back over the ledge and hop onto that last transparent ledge, from here a runjump to the transparent ledge past the pillar S (screenshot). Here’s another hole in the ceiling, but first we go for a little but important detour. Jump to the transparent ledge SE and then to a ledge behind the wall SE, notice the hole in the ceiling (too high) Runjump to the ledge E and from there a long runjump/grab to the S, turn R and time the Burners for the runjump /grab W, then to the next S and here shimmy L around the corner, then pull up and roll, this way you will be lined up perfectly straight for the next looong runjump/grab in the last moment to a block in the corner, get the Ammo.

A pillar lowers in the middle of the room, runjump over there and grab up to the hole in the ceiling from facing N, run aside quickly as a Spike-ball is on it’s way down. Now head up the ramp the ball came from and turn around to spot an upper floor in the dark. Jump/grab up and go get Secret #2, the Revolver, there’s a vase you can shoot but there’s nothing in it, do it anyway, better safe than sorry. Get back and just run off the upper floor and go over the ramp to the lower part, drop down the hole there and you’ll be back on a ledge you saw before, now jump over the transparent ledges to the one NW in the Lava where that Burner stopped and grab up into the hole in the ceiling. Head up the ramp to the door that will open for you, go out to a similar room as on the other side and find the switch to lower the Bridge at the doors you’ve opened before (nice thing happened here as I went through the door a Warrior appeared and hopping back through the door, the door closed in front of him, when I went in again he was gone Wink .

Now you can choose again how to proceed, there are some jumps along the blocks W in the Courtyard (couldn’t find anything there, but it’s a nice practice route), get there with a standjump R out of the S window, slide and jump sharp L, now follow the blocks to where you can slide down to the open Big Doors. Or jump L out of the E window and grab that roof to safety drop down in the N path, go through the broken NE corner of the fences and head S to the Bridge, over the bridge and into the Doors.

The Hall.
Going through the corridor, a Flyby will kick in and shows a lot of Doors, gates and keyholes, go on and on the Hall, take out the first Warrior and go to the N, a second Warrior will drop Ammo.

Passage S: High Lava Room, Orange Key 2.

The Gates will open up for you, go up the ledge and come to the High Lava room. Look L for a ladder in the NE corner and standjump/grab to it, go up to a CS in the dark and get in, follow to Secret #3, 2xAmmo, a MP and Flares. Go back through the CS onto the ladder and get down to the Lava level, runjump down to a ledge at the pillar S and runjump to the next ledge S, L of the pillar and find a switch on the pillar that will re-tract the Spikes up on a ledge in this high room.

(Remark Daoine: There is another way: Run jump/grab from the entrance in this room to the pillar S opposite the ladder. From there jump to a higher pillar S and then to a lower pillar NW. You can now jump to the W wall. See the small crack on the wall? You can shimmy to the left in to a crawlspace go in and N, first R and down a ladder. Follow until a slope is blocking the way. Stand and jump over it and run-jump SE over the ledges to reach the switch on the pillar E to re-tract the spikes.)

Now continue going S along this wall by taking runjump/grabs and in the end you can runjump into a bluish opening in the S wall, proceed with care as there are some Spike-ball traps here, do some carefully planned runjumps through, the second one a bit diagonal or you’ll end up too far and then go get the Flares on the higher ledge, go to the N opening and slide down, jump from the end and keep jumping the sloped blocks till you are in the corner with the ladder. Pick up some Ammo and climb the ladder on the L side and almost to the top, backflip/roll and grab the ladder on the hanging pillar, go down and L around the corners to the other side, drop onto a sloped block, grab the end and do a backflip /roll/grab to the next ladder.

Climb this one to the top and don’t pull up over the top but do a backflip/roll/grab to a ledge behind you, go up to that floor to get the Orange Key 2 (a door opens NW) and standjump/grab with a L curve to the ladder on the NE pillar to climb on top of it.

(Remark Daoine: There’s another way to the Orange Key 2. You don't need to make the way through the Spike-Ball trap. This solution for the hanging ladders: From entrance first re-tract the spikes - see my solution before - take the way back to the entrance of this room. Now jump over all the pillars to the Pillar where the spike-trap was and follow the way further until you can reach a hanging ladder - it's up to you and an easier way - and run jump to the ladder. Climb-jump-backflip-grab all three ladders and let you down on a pillar. Now run jump to the place where the key is.)

I just did a runjump NW down onto that sloped ladder pillar we came from and then slide/jump/grab N to the next pillar, jump over the pillars to the ledge N and from there a R curved runjump and grab in the end to get to the open door. Go into a tunnel with a Burning floor, watch that floor closely and see the burning Tiles will extinguish with the rolling of the Spike-balls, so go when they are off and the last part is best done by running on and a runjump to the end, get the Supplies to the L and go through a CS in the R hand corner. You’ll drop near big closed doors in the W side passage of the Hall, there are 2 keyholes, one is for the Key you have, so use it or do it later. Go back to the Hall and to the N side.

Passage N: Spike-balls and Change blocks, Orange Key 1.

To the L is a passage with a closed door in the back and to the R (E) are 2 alcoves with ladders, climb the first and get into the CS, follow to where you drop into a room with a lever, throw the lever and a gate opens up. Look N from the lever and spot a CS up N over the Lava-pit, runjump/grab and hoist yourself in there, get the Flares and climb up N, go into the passage W to where the gate just opened, a slope leads into a Lava room, slide/grab backwards and land in the room with Spike-balls on Burn ledges and sloped blocks in the Lava, the goal is to get across the lava into the back passage N. On the pillar L (W) of where you entered is a switch that will set the Balls in motion, they will change the position of the blocks and ledges in the Lava.

Change-block Jumps, Two Coloured Key.

When the Balls are rolling, go to the R (E side of the room) and standjump to the first closest ledge (screenshot), you have to wait till you expect it to disappear before you standjump again onto the sloped block, slide/jump/grab the ladder block and go L around the corner, wait till the sloped block appears below and drop/slide/jump, R curved/grab the second ladder block, go R around the corner, almost to the end and wait for the sloped block below, just before you think it will disappear, drop and immediately jump with a L curve to land on the ledge, turn L quick and standjump to safety. Go into the green room with the Chains and go get the Two Coloured Key. Head out and to the W side of the room. The layout is the same, only in reversed direction, so refer to the first jumps to find your way back over the blocks and to the gate which opened in the S wall.

Follow through to a room with a yellow pillar, to the R is the Orange Key 1 on a pedestal, using the Two Coloured Key in the lock E will open the two doors in the room, the E one leads back to the Hall and the S door is where we go now, climb the block in the end of the passage, get the ½ MP and drop back into the W side passage of the Hall, now you can open the big doors with the 2 Orange Keys.

Passage W: Lasersight, Crossbow, Blue keys.

Inside on the pedestals are the Lasersight and Ammo (Daoine: If you don't get the ammo, then two warriors will not be on the way) , then go up the steps either side, shoot some Warriors for the Ammo they will drop and go up the steps E, down to a room with more Warriors (Ammo) and step out on the 1st floor landing of the Hall. Gates open up both N and S, go to the N side, enter and find a Timed switch on a pillar, it will open the gate E and you have to sprint to get in before it closes, get the Blue Key 1 from the pedestal and throw the lever to open the exit of the previous room, go out to the landing and over to the S gate. In the S room are a ½ MP and the Crossbow, the switch on the W wall will open the door in the other side of the room, shoot the Warrior to get his Blue Key 2 and throw the lever to open the exit of the previous room.

The Left Broken Piece.

On the landing E are the Keyholes for the two Keys to open the Doors, go in to get the Left Broken Piece and a cutscene will show a lever appearing at the closed entrance of Donovan’s Hideout. Go back to the landing and safety drop down to the ground floor of the Hall, go out E and back to the Courtyard. In the NE corner is the spot where you can go through the fences and head to the entrance in the E wall, open the gate with the lever and a cutscene will take over, Lara rides the Bike to a place in Italy.

Level 2 - The Last Knight

Somewhere in Italy”

The Flyby will show the large castle, go to the L and head S along that E side, go into the first arched passage and keep following the L hand wall to a NE staircase up to the 1st floor.

The Display Hall.

As you arrive upstairs you’ll find one of those Displays you saw in the Flyby, at the N wall is a different coloured Tile. Push the Display on it and get a cutscene of a closed door. Head S over the 1st floor and come to the second Display, this one has to be moved straight S and when it will not go further, push it to the R (W) onto the Tile (2nd cutscene of the closed door). Go S from here and find a gate which has to be opened with 2 Gems. Head back N and go L close to where you found the 2nd Display and there you’ll find a third Display, this one goes straight S to the Tile and a door opens up, notice the cage with one of the Gems on this landing and then go down the NE staircase, to the ground floor.

The Green Gemstone.

Cross the big Hall to the SW corner and find a dark grey structure with a sloped passage up to that door you just opened, go out onto the 1st floor S side, just R around the corner of the opened door is a sloped passage up to a lever, throw the lever to see some doors open up. Head back down and go E, to the R is the next Display, this one goes to the Tile E of the bookcase next to it (3rd cutscene of the closed door). Go E then R (S) into the place you saw when you pulled the lever, to the r and L are two rooms, both have a lever that will open one of the Gem cages. Then go out again and head N to find the next Display pull it S once and then push it all the way E to the Tile (4th cutscene of the closed door). Turn around, go W and R onto the balcony N and get the Green Gemstone.

The Red Gemstone.

Go back to the SW corner and down the sloped passage to the ground floor. In the S end are 2 more Displays to be found (SW and SE), they have to go onto two mirrored textures in openings of the wall S of those big Palm trees. You’ll get a screenshot of a Gate and later the gate will open, go into the W side of the Hall and to the NW corner, where that gate opened, go up to the NW 1st floor. On that first floor is the Red Gemstone on a pedestal E and the display has to go S and then E onto that second E side and finally that now so familiar door will open up. Head back down the N side stairs and cross the hall to the E side, into the stairs SE to go to the E side 1st floor, head S to the end where you saw the receptacles for the two Gemstones, place the Stones and the S gate will open up.

2nd Floor, Switches and Cages.

Go up the steps and follow the E wall N to where it goes around a few corners, on the corner L is a switch #1 that will raise a cage on a W side walkway. Go back to the steps S and head W, jump to a walkway W where the cage just raised and go to the second R, grab the wooden MS ceiling and go over to the ledge with switch #2 (will raise the Gem cage on the E side 1st floor), go back over the same MS and go L (E) again over the walkway, onto the next L and do the same to get to switch #3 (raises another cage on a ledge). Go back over the MS and to the E, jump to the steps and go back to that first switch in the passage to the N and just passed that switch is another MS to the N, follow to the ledge where the last cage raised and throw the #4 switch (will raise the Gem cage on the N side 1st floor) Sidestep R from the switch and walk up to the corner of the sloped switch-block, grab up and pull up over the top of it, slide/jump R and you’ll land on a chequered ledge, jump to the N and follow to just passed the pillar L, face W and standjump/grab forward to grab onto the wooden MS, follow all the way to that door you opened a while back.

The Dark and Brown Gemstones.

Jump over the gaps in the floor to the S and find the last Display, pull it straight to the Tile N and see a dark blue door open up. Go back to the N and drop into the gap to land on the 1st floor W, crawl backwards into the N opening and drop to the ground floor, go out to the Palm trees ion the Hall, cross over to the SE corner of the Hall and find the open blue door, inside is a lever which will open a door in the NW of the Hall. Go to the N side and L at the Hall’s entrance. The passage behind that door will lead up to the 1st floor N where you’ll find the Dark Gemstone, turn around and spot the 2 receptacles for Stars on the N wall, head back down to the ground floor and into the E side, up the NE steps and go get the Brown Gemstone on the W side of this 1st floor. If you turn around and look up to the E wall, you can spot the receptacle for this stone, go to the gate S you’ve opened with the first 2 Gems and go back up to the 2nd floor, along the E passage to that MS and use the sloped block at the #4 switch to get to the chequered path going N. In the end is a CS to the R, you can Runjump/grab to it and get in, follow through another CS to the receptacles for the Gems. The gate will open and you can enter the Sewers.

The Sewers.

Inside is a ramp down to the Sewers, just slide down and as soon as you are on the third slope, slide/jump forward onto a ledge to get Secret #4, Ammo. Then drop back from the ledge and continue sliding to end up on a white crate, standing on the crate a L curved standjump/grab to the top of the S crate and climb over to drop on the other side.

E Spike-ramp.

Follow the ramp down E to a Spike-trap, getting passed it requires a R curved runjump around the Spike-trap (screenshot) in the middle and along the E side of it (the W side has an additional trap in the wall). Time the popping Spikes and run when they are just up.
(Daoine: There is an easier way: Run Jump on the right side of the spikes and grab the ledge on the other side. The spikes from the wall will hurt Lara a little bit but it doesn’t matter.)
Continue over the stone bridge to come to a slide, slide and jump/grab to the MS ceiling. Go to the next opening and you’ll drop onto another slide, slide almost to the end and jump/grab the overhead ladder, climb to the top and L. Follow the CS to a drop down in the Hammerhead pool.

Hammerhead Pool.

Got this name because there are three Hammerheads swimming around, stay on the crates for now, maybe jump S and try to spot and shoot them all three, one could be in the other pool, but you can dive in and pull up on the sloped side of the pool to backflip onto one of the crates there (if you can’t shoot it with Lasersight from here) Now go over to the crate in the NE corner, pull up between slope and crate and backflip to it, jump/grab into the opening N and throw the lever (a grey beam lowers in the far S side of the Hammerhead pool). Dive back in and go to the NW crate, jump into the opening N and throw the lever to see a gate open up (close by), notice the switch behind the gate. Back in the water and swim L, through the gap under the NE opening, go up and climb in the opening with another switch, throw it to open a gate somewhere. Dive into the back alley again and swim W. up L is the NW opening with the switch you saw before, this is the flood switch and is used to drain or flood the Hammerhead pool, do that now and safety drop (or climb) down into the back alley, go to the ladder on N wall and climb up in the gate you opened before. (There’s another dark blue door W in back alley)

Back to the Sewers.

Follow the passage and wade through the shallow pool, to come to a waterhole, dive in and follow the tunnel E, then R and swim through till you come to some air, the room above is closed off, so just get air if you need and remember the place, swim through the small tunnel
W and go up in the next part of the sewers, go R (N) and into a tunnel L (W), follow to the caved in dead end and find a ½ MP, return to the main tunnel and go L, just follow this side around the corner to the next L and at the end of this narrow tunnel is the gate you opened back in the Hammerhead pool. Go L and follow the walkway around the L corner to a lever near a crate, throw the lever to open a gate (near a Sarcophagus at the end of the level), the one across the water can’t be reached from here, so dive in and swim S to the wall, climb up the L lower side and follow the walkway to the main tunnel, go into the opening straight ahead and use the switch to open the gate, hop through and you’re back at the start (there’s an alternate route here: from coming into the main tunnel, go R and follow around the L corner to the Spike-ramp), go over the S crates and down the ramp again, jump past the Spikes as before, when you come to the slide, you will notice the lower part is flooded now.

Back to the Hammerhead Pool.

So just go slide down and swim straight into the opening W after landing in the water, go up through the hole in the ceiling of the next room. Turn around after climbing out and shoot an additional Hammerhead. You’re now back in the drained Hammerhead pool, go S and climb one of the crates closest to the S floor, Runjump/grab to that floor and find the lever near the pillar N (that door opens in the back alley). Go back to the water and swim back E to that room you fell into before, swim into an opening E and follow to a room with a lever, the lever will open a gate near the blue girders where we go later. First head into the E side passage of this room and come to a gate to be opened with the switch next to it, it’s the route back up to the Spike-ramp. Go through the gate and drop down into the lower part of the room with the Spike-ramp. Go to the NE pillar and climb the ladder on the back side. Follow the ramp up W to the crates you came over before and head L (S), follow the passage to the sewers and just swim N through the water, go into the first opening R (small tunnel) and follow this tunnel all the way to the end. climb out and follow through that shallow pool to the open gate at the back alley of the Hammerhead pool, go down the ladder, head W and hop up into the open dark blue door. Go second R and then L and climb up to the Spike-shaft.

The Spike-shaft.

Looks like the SE ladder is the only safe one down here, climb up in the middle (at least not too close to those Spikes) and almost to the top (at the band on L wall), now backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind and go up and L over the Spikes. Climb down to the end and backflip/roll/grab again to another ladder, go up and R to hoist up in the CS, follow through to another part of the Sewer system.

Just drop in and swim NE, then N and climb out at the N walkway, turn L (W) and follow to a jump over the water, in that ledge is a hole in the floor, dive in and swim S, go up R in the next room and hop to a floating crate with Secret #5 , a ½ MP. Go back through the tunnel to the N and climb out, head W along the R hand side and just around the corner are some pipes and crates, climb over the first crate and look SE, hop to the walkway and follow over some pipes and around the corner to that lever you saw before. This lever will open a small gate in a red passage. Hop into the water and swim to the S wall to climb out at that low ledge again, go follow to the main tunnel and straight to the gate again, open it with the switch and hop through, go over the S crates again (or take that alternate route if you like). Go E down the Spike-ramp and jump past the Spikes, (here’s another alternate route: from this end of the bridge you can run down holding grab and you’ll land in to open gate below, get to the water and swim W) follow the bridge to the W and slide back into the water, swim W and go up through the opening to the Hammerhead Pool.

The First 2 Stars.

Head S again, from one of the S crates up to the S floor and find that lowered grey beam between the blue pillars, climb up the crate SE and grab up to that beam, head W into the red passage and find the 1st Star where that small gate opened, go back to the grey beam and go near the crate you climbed up from. Turn around and spot the ladder you can runjump/grab to from standing here (screenshot), you will just catch the lowest part, climb all the way up and then L onto the blue girder, jump to the purplish floor S and head into the opened gate W, in the room with the fixed camera is a Timed switch to the R, save and use it, roll and run turning L out of the room, sprint over the purplish floor to the E and into the Timed gate, here’s one of the windows you might have spotted in the Hall when exploring there. Take the 2nd Star from the pedestal and see another glass wall disappear, head out to the W and into the W side of the room with the Timed switch, go R and follow into the Hall.

Back in the Display Hall, 2 more Stars.

Go all the way N and L at the grey walled entrance into that NW door giving access to the N side 1st floor where the receptacles for the Stars are. Placing the Stars will open the door NE in the entrance so head down the sloped passage to the ground floor and go straight E to get the 3rd Starfrom the open passage, the cage to the R will lower and gives access to the 4th Star and now 2 cages go down, giving access to the Sewers below.

The Right Broken Piece down in the Sewers.

Go down the SE hole and follow N, around the corner into the L (N) passage again to come to the next Sewer and dive in to the NE, swim N and pass under the fenced off floor to the L, then climb out on the lower L ledge and runjump SE across to the higher ledge from there (screenshot). Follow this ledge till you come to the receptacles for the 2 Stars. The cages will lower and you can go in through that gate you opened way back in the Sewers, go to the sarcophagus and get the Right Broken Piece, a gate opens up W, go through and a great Flyby will take over while the level changes.

Level 3 - The Holy Caverns

After the Flyby you’re standing in a small valley. Go on to that shallow pool and walk up the L (S) ledge where the water touches the rocks. Now you can do a L curved runjump over a sloped rock to land in the opening behind it, go down in the lower passage and go L, follow to a waterhole, and swim through to the other end, climb up. go L through the tunnel and just before you walk into the water, is Secret #6, a Crossbow on the floor in the dark. Return the way you came and hop back over the rock into the small valley, go L and enter the Pillar Hall.

From the Pillar Hall are 2 passages (L and R) you have to visit before you can proceed in the W side passage, you can choose which to do first, I went S first.

S side:

Follow the path to a pit with a brown bridge, a closed trapdoor up E, go over the bridge to the W and come to a nice set of rooms. Standing at the edge of the Squish Pillar Pits (screenshot), you can see a room to the L with a lever, that’s the room where you have to go. Notice the sloped sides around the Pillar ledge, stand on the R hand side of the place and slide down backwards first, grab the edge, shimmy L around the NE corner till you are over a closed gate and go down the climbwall, then jump down to the dark pit floor and runjump up to the MP ledge in the SE corner and get Secret #7, that same MP, go down to the floor and head all the way through the dark. Avoid all those Skellies waking up and don’t get too close to those burning pedestals, in the far E end are 2 more ledge, both with explosive Ammo Wink . Load some in the Crossbow and have some fun (try to get them all lined up together), then head back where you came from and find a switch on the pillar close to that gate in the climbwall, the gate opens and you can follow the passage climbing blocks to drop down at the same place.

Squish Pillar Pits.

Stand facing W, aim R of the solid pillar on the Pillar ledge and wait till the moving one comes towards you then run onto the slope, jump and do a run over the ledge, jump from the very end of the ledge to get over the slope or you’ll end up short. If everything goes according to plan, you should just hit the tip of the slopes, so you can do an immediate jump to the next ledge, here I ran to the back and did a jump/roll to the W sloped side, then jump back with a sharp R curve (the pillar should just have passed) and try to Save quickly while in mid air. Runjump over the S slopes and jump to ledge #3, here I did an evasive jump/roll/jump to the R hand slope (but it’s all depending on how close the Pillar gets). Now you have an idea how to avoid the Pillars and jump the slopes, you can follow the route to the room with the lever.

More Pillars and Spikes.

That lever will open gates at another lever (first of two), go up the steps E and come to more Squishy Pillars, you can walk up real close and then do a standjump into an alcove halfway into the Pillar-trap. One more jump will get you through to the other side, next I suggest you take the opening in the middle (with the Squishy Pillars, because the side passages have nasty Spike-traps), time your jumps through the Pillar-traps, starting with the first one on the L side of it and when you come to the last 2 with a dark blue passage L and a nasty fixed camera, go NE into that dark end, to throw a switch just on the L side (opens a gate a bit further) Now head S and time the standjump into the alcove L, then jump SW and come to the open gate L. Follow in and come to a sinister passage with a higher floor to the L in the N end is a lever that will change the position of the bridge in the pit at the start of this ordeal. Turn around and walk to the trapdoor in the corner. drop through and land on the ledge E of the pit, use the bridge to get back to the Pillar Hall N and have a look in the W side passage there is a big door and to the L (S) is a small passage leading you to the lever where the cage raised, this lever will open the first big doors and in the N is the second caged lever we will have to work for now, go back to the pillar Hall and into the N passage.

N side:

Follow the path to where it bends L, now you’re facing a sloped ramp with a pit in the middle.


Run down with a Roller following you, at the last moment a jump over the pit, as straight as possible or you’ll fall short and roll there runjump back over the pit and the second Roller will fall in the pit (second nice jump to avoid the Rollers I discovered, is run along the most R hand side, so over the lightly sloped side and in the end do a jump curved to the R, now just keep jumping and you should first go L and then back over the pit while all Rollers drop into the pit). Look down in that pit, it has ladders, but Spikes too, so be careful.

Face W standing at the pit the Rollers went in and standjump over the pit onto the sloped floor, slide and grab the edge, shimmy R to the ladder, go down a bit and R around the corner, drop onto a safe ledge, turn W and jump to the sloped block, jump again to get onto the back ledge, use the switch there to open a trapdoor on a ledge in the Breakledge room we’ll visit later. Now jump to the sloped block S and jump onto the ledge in the S side of the room, grab the ladder, go up as high as possible and climb R around the corner, up and backflip to the Roller-ramp.

Breakledge Lava-pits.

Runjump W over the Pit again and go to a slope down to a Lava pit, turn around and slide backwards down the next slide, grab the ladder over a closed door and backflip/roll/grab the breakledge over the Lava-pit. Pull up to do a R or L curved (so you won’t overshoot the ledge) runjump to the next safe ledge, in the middle of the next room is a brick structure and in it is a switch. Seems you only can go R and along the N wall (screenshot), step a bit back from the start ledge and run onto it, jump to the one NW and then a running jump/grab to the one on N wall, shimmy R and just around the corner, pull up and runjump/grab W, hang on the ledge and save. Then go on to the next, runjump/grab to the one up L and finally runjump with a L curve to the pedestal on the brick ledge, a couple of Wasps should have woken up by now, take them out and get the Ammo on the pedestal.

In this ledge is the opening NW with that open trapdoor and below that trapdoor is a water filled hole, drop in and swim W, then L and follow to another hole L, climb up W on the R hand side of the tunnel, follow the passage in to Secret #8 , a MP, Flares and Ammo.

(In answer on my question about going back now and using the pushblock exit *** see the end of the walk *** Daoine: It's a little bit tricky and confusing: If you just go back now, without killing all the Demigods, then you come back to the start at the Roller ramp. You must then go back through the water to the secret and fight all four demigods. It's the only way back to the brick ledge. You can go back through the water, but brings you nothing.) So just follow my directions, seems to be the easiest way.

Go on N, follow the passage up and reach a ladder shaft, go up to one step under the ridge and backflip/roll/grab, go up the next ladder and follow the passage to a slide, Save here and slide down, jump to a mushroom pillar with a cage, there are 4 Demigods here, they will become active one by one (quite convenient) Take them out and behind the last one SE with the MP is a switch on the corner ledge. The switch will raise the cage and the lever once hidden under the cage will open the exit door, runjump/grab in and follow up to where you can safety drop back down onto the ledge in the Breakledge room.

Jumping more ledges.

There’s a ledge below SE (screenshot), you can either do a standjump to the SE tip of the ledge S of the brick ledge (same level) and then a standjump with a L curve to the lower one or just runjump without even using that S ledge onto the lower ledge, immediately standjump/grab E to the next higher ledge, shimmy L around the corner and save, now a short runjump/grab to grab onto the ledge N and shimmy L around 2 corners. Spot the higher ledge L (NW) and runjump diagonal over to jump onto the corner of it, a running jump/grab to a ledge N and shimmy L around the corner, now you should be facing the brick structure, there are 2 more jumps, try to curve the first so you’ll end up on the closest L side of the next ledge, run curved R and do a runjump with a L curve to get to the ledge in the structure.

Timed run.

The switch opens a Timed door in the SE corner of the room, go have a look and spot the two ledges leading to it. Save before you pull the switch and then turn R while Lara is using the switch, run to the end of the ledge, jump to the 1st breakledge, landing on the R hand side a bit, curve sharp L while doing a running jump/grab to the next ledge, try to grab a bit L of the middle and pull up quick, runjump (don’t turn or you won’t make it) straight up into the opening, keep holding the *forward* key and you should be in just in time. Go through the passage to the next nice room.

Ladder/Pillar Room.

Standing in the entrance of the room, you can see a ledge way up in the back, on the ledge is a Demigod running about. It’s possible to take him out from here (Crossbow Lasersight) if you have enough Explosive arrows left (9 or 10) or use the Revolver Lasersight to finish him off. Jump to the first pillar in the large room, look S and runjump/grab the tip of the sloped pillar, hang L and pull up over the top, slide and jump hard L on the lest moment to grab the ladder on the pillar. Go up and L around the corners, drop onto the sloped ledge and grab the edge, backflip/roll/grab the corner pillar. Spot the ledge with MP and lever W and do a runjump down NW to a sloped block in the lava, slide/jump/grab the ladder S and go up and L around the corners, drop/grab the edge of the slope and backflip to the next flat pillar.

Turn W and runjump/grabintheend down into the gap in the W pillar, slide and jump/grab the next ladder, go up and backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind, go up the ladder behind, go up and around 2 corners, go as low as possible there and drop/grab the ladder under the gap. Down a bit and backflip/roll/grab the ladder on the high pillar behind, go R around 2 corners and drop onto a sloped ledge while holding the L key, so Lara will slide backwards, grab the edge and backflip/roll/grab another ledge, over your head is a ledge and all around are sloped ones. Face N and from standing back against the slope, take two steps forward (screenshot), now backflip and jump/grab the ledge above, shimmy L to pull up. If you didn’t get a chance to take out the Demigod, now’s a good time. After he’s done in, runjump to the S ledge and go S, turn L in the end, runjump with a bit of a L turn onto the sloped ledge and slide/jump/grab the ladder.

The Quicksand.

Go R around the corner, drop with a L turn and jump/grab the ladder, go L around and drop to the ledge, standjump with a roll to the slope NE and jump/grab the ladder, go L around, drop with R turn and jump/grab the ladder, go R around and backflip to the ledge with the MP, throw the lever to open the door down in the central structure and stand NW, standjump to the sloped block down below and jump with a bit of a L turn to jump facing the door, grab to get inside. Climb the ladder as the trapdoor opens and backflip to the ledge behind, get the Flares and a ½ MP. Then find the switch in the SW corner and the next trapdoor on top of the ladder will open up. It’s a Timed trapdoor, so sidejump R, turn L and jump/grab the ladder to get up to the top floor in time (you could backflip from the top of that ladder to be faster up the top floor). The Demigod left behind the Quicksand (Timeless Sands) and some Ammo is to be found there too. A cutscene showed a ledge appearing in the W and following the ledge you’ll come to an opening in the W wall, jump in and follow down a slope back into the Breakledge Lava-pits room. Hoist up on the pillar and have a look at all those ledges (screenshot) to find the route.

You have to get back to that central structure again: Fist ledge a standjump/grab hang L and pull up, run with a R curve diagonally to the other corner and jump onto the corner of the higher next ledge, a running jump with a L curve to land on the lower one on N wall, R curved running jump/grab to the L side of the next ledge. Better Save here and go hang in the middle of that side, pull up, turn R and standjump onto the next ledge, a running jump to the next one, run off that one to the L to land on the closest side of the lower ledge near the structure, turn R while doing a runjump/grab to the one up at the corner of the structure. Shimmy R around the corner to the next corner and pull up to do a L curved runjump to the top of the structure, find the switch on the pillar and it will open the gate behind you. Go up to the room with the #2 lever to raise the cage in the W passage at the Pillar Hall. Go to the E side of this small room and a trapdoor will be open, drop through and you’re back at the Roller-ramp. Jump up E, runjump over that Spike-pit and follow back to the Pillar Hall.

W Side-Double Doors: Sand Pit.

The N side lever is now also accessible, so throw both (if you didn’t use the S one yet) levers to open the double set of doors W and go through a dark Canyon/Cave and come to the Sand pit. On the ledge over the pit is a ladder, go down the ladder into the pit, head into the NE corner and push in the N side pushblock, Secret #9 is yours, Ammo and a ½ MP. Go back out, up the same ladder and head N, there are block on the N wall, runjump up to the block and turn S, a statue in the alcove between the pillars, runjump there and place the Quicksand in the hands of the statue, the pit behind you will fill with sand. Drop down into the pit, and go jump up in the NW corner, go into the opening and use the switch in the back L, an explosion will blow all the trapdoors over the pit and the whole S side will be filled with sand, go down into the pit, climb that ladder again and jump to the red SE corner, from there you can do a L curved runjump to get onto a path on the dune in the SE corner of the pit. Follow up to the trapdoor, turn around and climb up. Go around to the NE corner and drop into the open trapdoor there, now you can access the room where the Stone Plate (left and right piece combined) you’ve been carrying around can be placed on the stand S, the doors open in the passage W.

Cutting Edge Alley.

Go in along the L side and crawl under the Hack-saw Blade, just continue crawling into the passage L and then stand up in the safe L corner, now you can time the Blade and quickly run around the corner to where you stand safe between the Blades (screenshot). Run around the L corner while the Blade is in the wall and face E aiming for the R hand side of the last passage, a runjump when the Blade goes into the wall and you’re through. Just to the R in that dark passage is a pedestal with the Word of God, examine it and it reads ”Only in HIS footsteps you may walk over” and that seems to be the only clue to the next challenge, as I didn’t see a clear path on that Word of God (HE works in mysterious ways). Follow the passage to the Work of God Puzzle.

The Word of God Puzzle.

There are transparent circle Tiles and each has a syllable, you have to spell the word “IEHOVA” (Daoine: correct spelling in Latin) (screenshot) by jumping from Tile to Tile, don’t get too close to other Tiles or the floor will collapse. Every correct tile you hit will light up, only if you have them in the correct order and the last one the A near the door will open up the door.

Follow the passage to where the camera stays behind and Lara walks up to a deep Gorge, just run off straight to land on a rock bridge and go across. Climb into the corridor and going S a lone Crusader will show up, he’s a slow character, so just be quick about it or lure him away first. Behind the pillar and close to the Holy water are 3 pedestals with grails, don’t get greedy. Take the smallest and a Flyby will set in and takes you through the level again to end up with a friendly “BYE”.

Fabulous levels.


*** Additional:***
If you went back after getting the 7th Secret , you have dive in at the waterhole to swim back through the tunnels, go past the other waterhole and up in a wide shaft, follow the passage into the Orange rooms, go on till you see a ladder on the wall over a hole in the floor and runjump/grab to that ladder.

Pushblock Exit.

Go up to a small room with a pushblock in the SE corner, pull it once and then go around to pull it N once, look L and see the alcove NE. you have to get the block in there and then go get the second block from that SE passage, pull it 3 times and go around, you’ve just opened the exit, follow the passage to a drop back down to the Roller-ramp.

Now a door will open in the ladder in the pit close by (maybe visible in the cutscene while you drop out to the Roller ramp).

Slide down backwards again and climb down the ladder as low as possible, drop/grab the ladder under the door and hoist yourself in, follow the passage to the water, dive in and swim W, both sides lead to the same place, climb out and go W, in the end grab up N into the Orange rooms, notice the ladder on the E wall (for returning later) and then face W again to jump up the slope, follow W and climb into the higher passage, follow to another water filled tunnel. Dive in, swim down and L and follow the tunnel, keep R when you reach that waterhole you saw under the ledge in the Breakledge room and come to another of those waterholes, swim in and climb up R of the UW tunnel. Follow up to the room where you got the 7th Secret and go up the passage to the N which will lead to the 4 Demigods room and from there back to the Breakledge room. Talk about confusing…

This is all unnecessary IMHO if you just go on to kill the Demigods right away after getting Secret 7.

That’s all folks….