Level by Tifa Nazah (December 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


It starts with Lara talking to the dragon that she is flying. Then there is a flyby of a cave and you are on a ledge with the dragon. Enter the cave to the North-West and then a larger cave seen in the flyby. Go East and see another dragon in the North-East. However, climb down the wall and swim into the North-West corner of the water for secret #1, a blue dragon. Climb back up and go to the end of the cave into a room with hanging icicles. Go South and shoot the blue icicles. You overlook a pit and see a blue lever on the far side. Climb down the wall and go to the South wall for secret #2, a blue dragon. After you return up the ice wall, go to the South-East corner and face South. Duck and shoot the lower part of the South wall. Enter the crawl space to get secret #3, a blue dragon.  In some levels, breakable walls and movable blocks show up dark using the binoculars or a flare. In this level they show up as the same colour as everything else. Makes it very difficult to find anything and to describe where it is. You basically try and shoot or move every piece of wall. Return to the room with the hanging icicles.

Go North in a crawl space. Stand up and shoot the blue icicles that bar the way. At the North wall, you see a crack near the floor. Use CTRL to kick the snow in and enter the crawl space. You end up in a room with movable blocks. Go to the West side and pull back the left block. Get behind it and to the left is a blue statue. Shoot it and pick up the Eye of Aquarius. Go West into a corridor of blue statues. Shoot the second statue for the Eye of Sepherus. The rest do not break.  Get to the end and use them on two blue receptacles. The door with a yellow symbol opens behind you. Go inside and get a flyby of the area showing you a switch. Go left and enter the next section. There are two exits. Take the North one and just work your way through the maze to the North side and pick up the Ice Sword in a corner. Now go back to the yellow door and pull a block out from between the blue receptacles. Go inside to a split in the tunnel. The block to the right and also be pushed out. Go to the left tunnel and use the Ice Sword on the crowbar switch. Exit and go left to use it on a second crowbar switch.

Go back to the yellow door maze and take the South of the two exits. Follow the easy maze to get a Hypnospray. Go the other direction pass a blue thing on the floor. Pass a purple door and go through a gate to the switch. Use the switch and notice that an ice bridge has formed over the pit in front of you. Go back through the maze, the statues and the crawl space to the room with icicles. Continue South and use the ice bridge to get to a room where Lara talks about an imprisoned fairy. Pick up the Cage Key from the blue crystal pedestal at the left of the room. Go to the right side of the room and use the key. You get a cut scene of the cage opening and the fairy flying out into a cave where it opens a door into the icicles room. Follow the ice bridge back and go into that room. Go to the on both sides and it should trigger the purple door, that you saw in the maze, to open. Go to that door and enter.

Shoot the barrel so you can pass. You are in an open area. Notice the blue lock on the North wall and the key frozen in the ice beside it. To the West are snowballs behind a fence. Shoot the barrels in the South and pick up a Materia. Go West and enter a cave. Pick up two Rising Sun normal ammo from besides the skeleton. That sword does not seem to be a switch. Notice a secret dragon on the ground but it is behind an ice wall. Go to the North-West corner and get the Rising (crossbow) from a bird statue. To the right pick up the Sun (laser sight) from the ground. Go back to the blue lock and face East. Combine the crossbow and laser site to get the Rising Sun. Shoot the blue drain spout on the wall just above the frozen key. It breaks and water pours out to thaw the key. Pick up the Icey Key and use it on the lock. The gate opens and the snowballs roll harmlessly behind you. Go up the ramp and down the other side. Shoot a barrel in the corner to get flares. Now go back to the skeleton. A part of the ice wall has opened so go behind it and pick up secret #4, a blue dragon.

Go back over the ramp and go East to slide down a slope. You face an area with four blue squares on the ice and three more blue squares behind bars. Walk on the four blue squares and two bars descend. Step on those blue squares and the last bars descend. Step on the last blue square and the gate to the North descends. Go in and follow the cave to an open area. Shoot the barrel in the South-East for a Hypnospray. Tightrope walk across the chasm and jump to the other side at the end. Follow the area to the right with two gray statues, a horse statue, and a closed gate. Pick up a Piece [Load] from the front of the horse status. Look West for the Piece's receptacle. Use it and some columns rise. Climb the columns to the top of the cliff and enter the tunnel.

As you go around the area you notice that the bars always rise in front of you. You should also have noticed yellow arrows on the floor. Go to the North wall and shoot the wall by the yellow arrow. Step on the floor plate inside.  Now go to the South wall and shoot the wall by the yellow arrow. Step on the floor plate inside. Turn around and see the bars dropping. Go inside and around the area to find another set of bars has dropped, Pick up the Devils Egg from the pedestal and all the bars have dropped. Return to the outside and push the gray statues onto the white squares near the back gate. The gate opens so go forward and use the Devil's Egg on the receptacle and the next gate opens. Before you enter the gate, go back to climb the columns and back into the tunnel. Go to West wall by the yellow arrow and see that it has opened. Go inside and start climbing down. Enter a crawl space and see two yellow arrows pointing upwards. Climb up and get secret #5, a blue dragon. Now work you way back up to that second gate. Pick up the green sphere from the pedestal and get a circular flyby of Lara as the level ends and the next level loads.

Ice Cave Part 2

Lara is under the ice below the pedestal and has changed form into a mermaid. You basically swim back to the level's beginning. There are two underwater levers on the East wall, two on the North wall, and one on the East wall. Pull all five and the gate to the South opens. On the other side swim South and just behind a plant is an underwater opening in the floor. Swim down and follow a tunnel to a shipwreck. Swim left to the dinosaur and pick up secret #6, a blue dragon. Then swim back for some air. Go back to the East side of the shipwreck. Swim into a hole and pick up a Dragon's Egg from the floor. Swim out and to the South through the open gate. As you approach the next gate it descends for you and rises after you pass it. Swim over the five blue cones on the floor and a hole opens up in the South ice wall. Just follow the water channel until you come to s T-junction with gray walls.

Swim right and a blue gate opens up for you. Swim to the end and pull two underwater levers. As you swim back look to the right near the floor at the gate. One piece of the wall is coloured a little differently. It is an underwater door hat you open with CTRL. Swim in, swim down, swim East and then up to another area. Swim to the South-East corner for secret #7, a blue dragon. Swim back down the hole and back to the gray channel. Go right and follow the water. When you are under the room with the blue statues, look to the South wall for a diamond shaped cave. Swim in for secret #8, a blue dragon. Get out and continue swimming the water channels.

Eventually you make a left turn and swim East towards a white wall. You get a cut scene of Lara by a Christmas tree and the dragon giving a kiss to a new baby dragon from the egg as the level ends.