Advent Calendar 2005

Snow Queen – The Village

By Lumina Artis Coloris

Walkthrough written by Moonpooka for TRLE-COMMUNITY

Note from Mod: I'm so excited to get a new walkthrough from Val that I'm posting it now, two weeks or no two weeks.

There are three secret roses to find

Watch the flyby of the beautiful village, then Lara will start her adventure in a small bedroom, and the only thing she has to do here is open the East door (by using action) and go through to the next room. In the centre of the room is a Chocolate Bar (SMP) to collect and then you can go to the south door and use the lever to open the door to the outside.

Step out into the alley, but don’t go wandering off to the right, instead, jump the fence to the left where the big white tree is, and enter an alley. There is a small tree area to the East, and you will find a place a little way along the fence where Lara can walk through into the trees. Find the big white central tree, and then look nearby under a green tree for 1st Secret Rose. Now go into the NW corner and face South, you should see a Gold Key laying on the ground ahead. Now go to the NE corner, and find a Present (LMP), then it’s time to head into the village square.

Out in the village square there are five gazebos, search the one furthest West for a Chocolate Bar, then make your way to the church building to the south. Use the lever on the wall to get inside the church, and take the Flares from the corner. Now if you wish you can ring the church bells by using a lever inside the door in the West passage. The bell lever is not a timed lever to any door, and the door near to where the flares were, is not meant to be opened, so ignore it and go back outside.

Go West as soon as you leave the church and you will see a door straight ahead, but there is also a door to the North and this is the door you need to use next, so open the door and head through to the new room. First take the Two Gifts from the central bench, and then take a Present from the gifts laying at the East wall. You need to go upstairs now, so make your way around the central bench to the stairs, and on the way take note of the two Christmas puddings at the West wall because you will come back to these later.

Up the stairs you will find a Chocolate Bar in the South window alcove, and the keyhole for the gold key at the West wall. Use the key and go inside the new room. There are 3 x Presents to collect from the gifts on the floor, and then you can move the table away from the wall to reveal a lever, this will open the balcony door nearby. Go through the door and save your game because there is a crash bug here if you use the look key. As you step out onto the balcony you will see the Orange Key to your left, so take it then head back down to the village square.

Now you can enter the West door, and you will see the orange keyhole ahead. When the door is open, go through to the new room and take the 2 x Chocolate Bars from the coffee table, and then go to the NW corner table and stand Lara with her back to the NW corner, now standing at the table, use action and Lara will place one of her gifts on the table, this will open a new door. Leave this room and go immediately right to see the new door ahead. Enter the bedroom and go to the South wall window alcove for a Silver Key and a Present. You can now leave this room, but on the way out take note of the floor lever behind the grating at the East wall because you will, of course, be back here to use it later.

Back in the hallway, you can see a slope running up to the South, head up the slope and at the top you will find the keyhole for the silver key. Enter the new room and shoot out the South wall window, and also the window of the building across the alley. Now jump over into the new room and move the table for the 2nd Secret Rose. Now shoot out the window in this room to reveal a jump lever on the wall ahead, but don’t use the lever from here because there is the final secret to collect first. Head back out through the window you entered here by, and jump back to the previous room, turn and face the room you just jumped back from, and then look up above the window and to the left to see a balcony. Save game here because it take a few tries for Lara to grab the balcony, but one she has done so you can pull up for the 3rd Secret Rose. Now for that jump lever! From the balcony, line up with the lever, then stand Lara with her back against the wall, run ahead and as Lara drops towards the lever, grab it to open a door in the alley below.

Lara will land in the alley so you don’t need to look far for the newly opened door in the South wall.

Enter the new room, and on the table ahead you will find the Special Item (Sprig of Holly) and a Chocolate Bar under the tree. Now remember those two Christmas puddings? That’s where we need to head to now, so leave this room and go East down the alley, then at the end go North and you will see the North building, where the two puddings are, ahead. Go inside and stand Lara in front of the left pudding, then use action and she will place the holly on top of the pudding. The grating to the floor lever in the bedroom is now open, so leave this room and as you step outside go right and re enter the West building. Run straight ahead and into the bedroom, then go left, find the floor lever and use it. You can leave this room now and head back up the slope in the hallway, then at the top you will see the newly opened door in the North wall. Go inside and search behind the desk for the Green Key, and then return to the village square outside.

You will find the green keyhole on the South building wall, and as you enter the new door, you will see two doors, one to the left and one to the right, open the left door and enter a small study, then in the SW corner you will find a floor lever to use. The other door is now open so head out and straight over the hall to enter the new room. To your right is a table, and in the SW corner is a coloured tile, drag the table around the central bench and sit it on the tile. You will now see shot of a secret panel opening back in the small study, so go back through to the small study and find the open panel in the East wall. Light a flare and go inside to find the Coin, and then you are ready to leave the level.

Head back out to the street and take an immediate left, continue on just past the snowman on your right, and then take a left turn into a long alley. At the end of the alley, place the coin to open the gate, and then go through to end the level.

The End