Night of Shadows - Die Nacht der Schatten

Level by uranos1 (December, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie; cutscene translations added by Fluen (Jan 2017)


[Note] I think these are great levels because they have humor and interesting puzzles. Things are not always what is expected and it can be a real puzzle. There are very few levels that are funny enough to make you laugh out loud in front of the keyboard and screen. [End note]


(0) Introduction


Start with a very funny scene of a dog chasing a rat and you hear something crash. Lara peers around the corner and picks up a golden urn. Death (the dark figure) appears in front of Lara. He says something to Lara that I unfortunately did not understand. Then there are electrical arcs and Lara disappears. Lara is teleported in a room with boxes. She says something and a new level loads.


Initial cutscene:
Shadow: The child has done her job well, and for the first time in seven hundred years in this prison I taste the sweetness of freedom! And it feels good. Should I exercise mercy as a God might?
Lara (trapped in the basement): Let’s go adventuring!

(1) Vor dem Toren (In front of the Gates)


These levels have no flares, no binoculars, and no weapons. And some parts are very dark. Move the box in the south-east corner for a small medipack. Then move the box in the doorway out of your way. In the next room pick up a torch from the top of a box. Go back to the first room to light it on the wall torch. Go back to the second room; stand facing the door and use CTRL. Lara bends down and lights the liquid on the floor. It burns to the pipe and it explodes leaving a crawl space in the wall. Get into the crawl space and drop into a tunnel. Run in the direction of the snowball. When you hear music, turn, run back, and pull back up into the crawl space. Wait a while as the snowball will roll back and forth a few times beneath you. Get down and run up the tunnel again. When you see a second snowball, run forward to a depression in the floor and crouch down. The second snowball will go over your head. Continue up the slope until it becomes level. Turn around and jump forward and grab a crawl space. Crawl forward until you reach a faint green light. Look for and pick up secret #1 and a Golden Skull (Geheimnis). Get back down and continue south to an opening in the right wall. Fall into some water and swim south. Take the next three right turns to find a small medipack in a hole in the floor. Now go back for air. Straight ahead is a dead end.  Swim south, right, left, right, left, right and pull up into a cave.


You see a high ledge with an opening on the east side. There are two ways of getting up there.

Route 1: Go to the south wall and crawl into the crawl space. Stand up at the end to face a deep pit and sloped columns. Slide, jump, jump and slide backwards to grab. Pull up, back flip, roll, and grab a ledge to pull up. Face north and side flip to a slope. Jump up and grab a ledge. Shimmy to the left and pull up. Monkey swing north and at the end, release, drop and grab a ledge. Pull up and get into the crawl space. A group of bats attack but just continue to reach a ledge higher in the cave. Jump the ledges on the walls starting on your left. Circle the cave ledges to arrive at the east opening. This route was shown in the opening title flyby and it is probably the author's intended route.

Route 2: Go to the east end below the ledge, jump, grab, and pull up to a ledge.


When you get on the ledge, you are attacked by a group of bats. Ahead is an open area, but first jump to two ledges to the north-west. Turn around and grab a block to the east. Crawl in and then stand up. Go east down two blocks into a hole. Pick up secret #2 and a Golden Skull. Get to the first block to the west. Turn around and jump and grab a higher ledge to the east. Pull up, climb south, and slide back onto the ledge where you started.


Go east and hop up into the open. Immediately jump to the north-east to avoid two rolling snowballs. Continue north-east and near a wall you can pick up a snowball #1 (Schneeball). Go north and you will a find a trap door to open. This is just a way back into the tunnel where you started. You cannot cross the frozen lake. However, if you go back to the south-west and grab the ledge above the cave entrance, you can pull up and work your over the snow to the other side. But there is nothing there. Go south and turn east and follow the building walls. Stay near the walls to trigger and avoid the snowballs. When done go south into the woods to avoid the next group of rolling snowballs. Slide down near a fire with a man beside it. This man is your friend. Go east pass a locked door. You hear horses so it is probably a stable. Go east again and pick up a snowball #2. Go east to another locked door and a bird attacks. Run back and stay near the man and he will kill the bird. Go east and north to pick up snowball #3 in front of a locked gate. You can pull the north lamppost to the south and pick up secret #3 and a Golden Skull. Go south and get a cut scene of a dog running out of a gate. Go north to the middle of the back fence. Notice that every six bars there is a gap. Go to the place where there should be a gap and use CTRL and you rip out a piece of fence to use as a crowbar (Brechstange). Turn around and get a cut scene of a hook in a wall.


Go south-west among the trees and pick up a small medipack from the snow. Head back towards the stables and use the crowbar to open a door that is east of the stables. You have collected the lock (Vorhangeschloss). You will go up the staircase later. Now go to the stables and use the crowbar to open the door. You collect another lock. Search the two shelves for a small medipack and an orange bottle #1 (Orangensaft). Use CTRL in front of each stall and Lara pushes the stall doors open. Facing east, go behind the first horse to pick up a small medipack. Go behind the second horse and pull up into a loft. Go west and pick up a red stick (Defekter Griff) from the floor. Get down and run through the rolling snowball trap. What worked for me was to run and jump on the wall side of the track when the nearest ball had just started to roll towards the wall.


Go to the trap door and climb down the ladder. Shimmy right into the tunnel. Go back through the crawl space back to the starting room. The hook is in the south west corner. If you do not see it, you may have pushed a box in front of it (I did). Use the crowbar to pry the hook (Wandhaken) from the wall. Go back through the crawl space, the tunnel and the trap door back to the outside area. Go east and you see the man running towards you. Stay around him while he kills another bird. Go back through the snowballs or go over the hill around them.


Now go back to the first door you opened east of the stables. Enter and go up the spiral staircase. When the stairs stop, turn around, drop and grab the last stair. Shimmy to the right using a crevice until you can pull up onto the stairs again. Continue to the top. Pull the chain and get a cut scene of a bell ringing. Look up to the south-east and see a hole in the rafters. Stand in front of the chain and face south. Back flip to the slope behind you and jump forward and you arrive on top of the rafters. Combine the hook with the stick to get a hook with handle (Haken und Stab). Go to the north-east corner and look south and you should see some keys. Stand in front of the crossbeam and use the hook with handle. You get a fantastic cut scene of Lara reaching for the keys. When finished, pick up the keys (Schlussellbund) from the floor behind you. Go to the south-west corner and a lot of bats attack. You can only stand there and take it or jump down to the stairs. Exit the bell tower and go east towards the big gates where you got a secret. Use the keys and the gate opens. Enter the gate and this level ends and the next level loads.


(2) Der Garten (The Garden)


As you go forward, two fat snowmen attack you. Run to the south-west gateway and hop over another fat snowman. Lara will look at something to the south-east. If you try to pick up the small medipack on the ground, it rolls away and disappears into a wall. Go west and find four small snowmen. Lead them back north to the small gate. Press a button and the gate opens. Go inside and they follow you. Go back to the gate and press a button that closes the gate. You can hop over the hedge but they are stuck. Now to the south-east corner of the enclosure and you wake up two fire wraiths. There is a small medipack in the far south-east corner. Now hop the hedge and run west to where the small snowmen were. Turn north and run down beside the large ice columns. Two ice wraiths will appear. Keep running north and find another small gate. Push the button and the gate opens. What happen next was that I ran around the building and the ice wraiths and the fire wraiths started to chase each other and left me alone for a while.


Go to the back of the house and continue north to a small gazebo that you passed before to get to the other small gate. Go to the east side of the table and crouch to pick up a small medipack. Go to the east side entrance and face inwards. Back flip to the wall behind and jump forward to grab the gazebo’s roof.  Pull up for secret #4 and a Golden Skull. Now back inside the gazebo, notice that a table has a piece missing. Get into that gap and face west. Use CTRL and Lara will push the table around its' axis. When the gap is above the trap door, stop pushing and open the trap door. Get in and go to the north-east corner. A lot of bats attack so just take it. Pick up a key (Stahlschlussel) form the floor and get back up. Go to the north-east and follow the path back to the front of the house.


If you approach the dog, you get a cut scene where it growls at you and goes back to sleep. Go through the south gate and then south-west to the greenhouse. Use the key and the door opens. Enter and the door closes. Ahead of you are six doors. The nearest is door #1 and the last is door #6. The two pushbuttons on the south wall will be pushbutton #1 (left) and pushbutton #2 (right). To the north are four pushbuttons. The lower pushbuttons will be #3 (left) and #4 (right). The upper pushbuttons will #5 (left) and #6 (right). The combinations are as follows:


Pushbutton #1 changes the state of doors #2

Pushbutton #2 changes the state of doors #1, #4, and #5

Pushbutton #3 changes the state of doors #1, #4, and #6

Pushbutton #4 changes the state of doors #2, #4, and #5

Pushbutton #5 changes the state of doors #2, #3, #4, and #6

Pushbutton #6 changes the state of doors #2, #5


Press the pushbuttons #5, #4, #2, and #6 in that order and all six doors should be open. From #3 section get a small medipack. From #6 section get a torch. The pushbutton in #1 section opens the exit door but may have to push it twice to get it to open.


Take the torch back to the gazebo but do not go into the trap door. Just use SPACE to throw the torch nearby. Go back south to the ice columns and pull up onto the short column in the north-east. Jump columns as west, south, and then east. Then south, slide, jump, slide, and jump to a safe column. Remember this column. Jump south and a snowball falls off the roof.  Jump to a column to the west for a small medipack.  Go back east and north to the safe column. Jump to a column to the north-west. Now jump and pull up to a north column. Face south and do run, jump, and grab to the next high column. Do the same to the far north column. Now jump to the platform on the pole south of you. Tight rope walk across to the balcony. The use CTRL to push the chair off the balcony. You get a cut scene of a broken chair and a fire starts on the gazebo table. An ice wraith and a fire wraith are also released and hopefully they will chase each other and not you. Safety drop down and go get the torch and light it off the table.


Run back and set fire to the broken chair on the bround and step back. It burns a hole in the ice. Dive into the hole and swim west to find a key (Messingschlussel). Before you use the key, take the torch and light the campfire in the section you locked the small snowmen. Now take the torch into the greenhouse. Enter and use the torch in the section #1 to start the sprinkler. The torch goes out so take outside and light it at the campfire. Do this for sections #2, #3, #4, and #5. After the last one, a wall opens in section #6. Go there and get secret #5 and a Golden Skull. While there is a sprinkler in section #6, I could not get it to work. Exit and light the torch again. Go north and leave it outside the door so you know where it is if needed.


Use the key and the door opens. Go east and press a pushbutton. The freezer door opens and a fire wraith appears. Run back outside and dive into the water hole where you found the key. The fire wraith extinguishes itself in the water. Go back to the freezer and pick up a ham (Fleisch) from the counter. Exit and search the south wall shelves and get orange bottle #2. Search the north wall shelves for a small medipack. Exit and go to the front of the house. Go north to the fish statue in the frozen pond. Go to the tail section and use CTRL. Lara places the ham on the fish statue and the dog in the hedges walks towards it. However, get back quickly or ithe dog attacks you. When it walks in circles near the ham is safe to enter the maze.


The maze is confusing as mazes are supposed to be. It is made more difficult because of some one-way walls. That is, you can see and walk in a path, but if you turn around, there is a solid wall behind you. This is obvious near the start.  If you go left to a corner, then turn around, and you see that you cannot go back. This idea seems to be everywhere. Now at the start, go right and at every junction go to the right. Only go left if that is the only way to go. Do this and you find a hole. Get in and follow the tunnel to the other side while a lot of bats attack you. On the other side of the hole, go north, then generally east to a left branch. If you go straight then you meet the wall to follow to the way out. So go left, right, and left to a wall. Follow the wall, pass the first branch and go to the end. Search there for a small medipack. Then return to the branch you passed before and enter. Go right and pass the first branch. Go to the end and go left. Follow the path until it branches. Go straight to the end and go left. Go straight to the end and go left. You find the key (Goldener Schlussel) on a statue of a large hand. Getting back is fairly simple if you make the left turn to go straight to the wall and follow it to the way out.


Go back to the front door and go to the south hedge. In the middle is a switch. It is obvious if you still have the torch. Pull it and you hear a humming noise. A snow column has risen to the right of the door. Climb it and jump to the small roof section there. Pick up secret #6 and a Golden Skull. Get down and use the key to open the door. You side step into the doorway and this level ends and the next level loads


(3) Im Haus (Inside the House)


You start with a cut scene of Death appearing and saying something. He then starts firing blue bolts at you.


Im Haus:
Shadow: Who is the first to visit me? Ah, the child! I shall snuff out her life as a candle.

Quickly run up the stairs out of his way. He can fly and but seems to be stuck and cannot go up stairs. If you cycle through your inventory, you will notice that the snowballs from level 1 are half melted and the name has changed (geschmolzener Schneeball). That is funny. Enter the open doorway there and you see some closed doors at the top of the stairs. You will be back here later. Run down the stairs and run west into the left side. Enter a room with two long tables. Two fire wraiths appear so turn north and sprint through the far doorway. You may also hear a knight moving around and dragging his sword. Continue and dive into the pool to get rid of the wraiths. Pull up and go to the north-west corner alcove. Face the room and pull up into a crawl space. Follow the very long and dark space to pick up secret #7 and a Golden Skull. Crawl back and get down. The pool looks very different from the usual pool because the author has done all the extra work of adding reflections from the walls, the ceiling, and the diving board.


Go back to the room with the two tables and go to the south end and wait for the knight. Then go to the knight statue in the north-west corner and save the game so you can see this next move a few times. Push the knight statue with the spear to the north wall. Then push it towards the horse statue.  When the spear hits the horse's rear end, you get a cut scene of the horse rearing up running through the picture in the wall. Death also appears in this room so quickly run into the hole that the horse made and run down the stairs. Enter a room with boxes and a knight. Pull up to the highest box for a small medipack. Go forward to the wooden structure and wait for the knight. I think that it helps to crouch when the knight swings and destroys the structure for you. The tri-bike is not operational yet.


Jump over the knight and enter the room. There are bars to the south and a locked door to the west. Go east and see the stairs straight ahead for the exit. There is a closed door to the north. Go south and east and rats come from under a box. In the next room go to the right and see electrical room #1.  Jump to a safe spot near the west wall. The water is deadly. Jump south to the other room and hang down a hole while the rats drop into it. Go west and notice a hole and a closed door. Go to the end of the room, turn and run back into the doorway while a large barrel rolls behind you. Go into the open door, and exit quickly as another barrel roils towards you. Go to the back of the room and rats attack. So back to the pit to get rid of them. Go back to the room and push the middle box in the west wall in as far as possible. Go behind it and push another box to the north wall. Open the trap door and drop down. Follow the crawl space and stand up. Face west with you back to the east wall. Jump up and pull down a trap door. Climb onto the pile of gold for secret #8 and a Golden Skull. Return to the barrel room and go west. Turn north into another doorway. Pick up a green bottle (Leere Weinflasche) from the shelves. You see electrical room #2 to the west. To the north are two rooms with some switches on the walls and a fuse box. You can do nothing yet, so return to the first electrical room #1 and go back over the water.


You may have to go back and forth a few times to get rid of more rats. Go east and then south. Lara looks at the blackboard with the number 35 on it. The shelves are empty. Exit and go north and pass more empty shelves. Use a few health packs to get over the crawl space with a steam pipe. If you go to the north room, you will see a box that needs to be moved but is stuck. Return and move the boxes so you can get behind the box #1 in the north-west corner. First push that box #1 west to give you more room to manoeuvre. Pull back the east box #2. Get back to the entrance and push a box #3 into the north room. Then move a box #4 into a hole at the east wall. Move back box #2 and push it south near the entrance. Now pull back box #1 and get behind it into another room.


Hop to a box and push a box #1 north into another room. Remember that it is possible to side jump over movable blocks where they meet at a corner. Go to the right of box #1 and push box #2 north. To the right of box #2 is box #3. Push box #3 into an east hole. Pull back Box #1 to the east. Side jump over the corner and push box #1 into the east hole. Pull back the last box #4 to the east. Pull up to the block in the west doorway and get into the other room.


Go to the south-west corner and climb onto the box #1 in the corner. Push box #2 east. Get down and pull box #1 back to the north. This is a rare climbable movable box. Climb on it and push box #3 east. This will block the exit for a while. Then pull box #4 to the south. Get into the next room. Search the shelves for a mechanical beetle (Mechanischer Skarabaus) and a compass. Pull the movable block from the corner for a small medipack. Approach the door and it opens. Go east and up the stairs. At the top, to the south is a door into the main house. It opens with a crowbar. Go north and see a lock near a door. Go pass some sharks on a tank and go to the north-east corner to pick up a book. You can examine it but I do not know what it meant.


First book:
The shadow mostly appears in the shape of a man in black robes. Instead of a face he only has a black oval and red points for eyes. Once he haunts a house he drives all inhabitants away and takes the place for himself. To get rid of him one needs the “Pentagram of time”.

Go west and see a key in the bottom of the shark tank. Go to a cabinet and open it for a cork (Korken). Go back downstairs and jump the water into the electrical room #1. Go to the electrical room #2 and jump to the leaky pipe. Use the cork to stop the leak and floor become dry and is safe.


Pull up the trap door and drop into the water. This maze has many sections blocked by bars or by currents. Dive to the very bottom and swim north to the very end. Swim east and see an opening above you. Swim up and then south to the end. You will pass a down sloping section for later. Swim down to the bottom; swim south to the end, and then up for air. Swim back to the down slope you passed earlier. Swim down, and turn right and try to keep to the wall to avoid the current and the deadly fan. Swim across the tunnel into the opening in the south-east wall. Then swim up to the north and turn east. Swim down and north. At the first junction you see, swim up and east. At the end swim down and go south. At the end swim up and south again. Turn west and at the junction swim up into a room. When you pull up, rats appear so back into the water to get rid of them. Search the shelves for a small medipack and two yellow fuses (Sicherung). Approach the door and it opens for you. Again Lara looks at the number 35 on the blackboard.


Go through electrical room #1 and then west and north into the fuse room. Go to the north-west corner and use one fuse. There are five pushbuttons labelled as 22, 19, 11, 9 and 5 volts. Press 19, 11, and 5 to get 35 volts. You get a cut scene of barrel end opening up. Go there and reach in to pick up clock #1 (Uhr).


Go back up the stairs to the shark tank. Just before the door and lock, pull up to the east bookshelf. Jump up and pull down a trap door. Enter a see a place for the second fuse and a rope. Get down and search the plants at the north wall near the key in the shark tank. Take the torch you find and exit this room and go up stairs. Go to the south balcony and use the crowbar to open the first door. Take the torch and light it on the fireplace. Do not go into the north-west shower room yet. Search the two cabinets for a small medipack and the winding key (Aufziehschlussel). Pull back the tiger rug and pick up a map (Skizze) that was under it. Take the lit torch back down stairs to the shark tank room. Go to the south-east corner and back flip to the south slope. Jump forward and land on a bookcase. Jump the bookcases on the south wall until you reach the trap door. You can stand jump up into the fuse room. Use the torch to set the rope on fire and electrical wires fall into the shark tank. You get a cut scene of electrical arcs in the shark tank. You hear something like a rolling ball and the lights in the room go out. Dive into the water and swim to the corner to pick up the key (Stahlschlussel). Get down and use the key to open the door. Enter and search the shelf for clock #2.


Go upstairs to the south balcony and the room with the fireplace. Go to the north-west into the shower room. Death appears again in a cut scene. When control an ice wraith appears and starts to attack. Run down the stairs and into the pool to extinguish it and then return to the shower room. Use the water taps and the sunken tub fills with water. Use the green bottle as a water flask and fill it with water (Weinflasche mit Wasser gefullt). You can also turn on the shower if you want. Go to the fireplace and use the bottle of water to put out the fire. Step onto the ashes and pick up a key (Silberschlussel). Use the key to open the door beside the bed. Enter the room and pick up clock #3. Before you leave, fill the water bottle again just in case.


Exit and go to the north balcony and see a semi-circular mouse hole near the floor between two closed doors. Combine and mechanical beetle and key (Mechanischer Skarabaus mit Schlussel) to make a mouse. Use the mouse in front of the hole. It will go inside and the left door will open. Enter the room and pick up the mouse again. You see a group of pipes and chains. First go east to a cabinet and get a second book from it. I could only make a guess about a pentagram and needing a golden urn.


Second book:
The “Pentagram of time” is a pentagram shaped of clocks. The shadow will be caught in the middle of it. If one then places a golden urn on the spot the shadow will be imprisoned in it.

Step back a bit and side step in front of the cabinet and watch the horse’s head that is above it follow your movement. Go to the piano area and to the south-east corner behind the plant. Use the book switch there and a bookcase opens to your right. Enter the area and hop up to the window edge to get secret #9 and a Golden Skull.


Exit and face the pipes and there is another mouse hole just beneath the door. The idea is to arrange the pipes so that the mouse can travel through the pipes to the bottom of the far door. Pull the chain in front of the door. The pipe elbow rotates to join a different pipe. You can also see the mouse hole now. Go to the back row of four chains, face the closed door and pull the two left chains. The pipes rotate and the way is clear. Go to the mouse hole near the piano and use the mouse. You get a cut scene of the pipes and at the end the west closed door will open. Enter the room and Death appears again in a cut scene. When he is gone, an ice wraith appears. Run back downstairs to the pool to get rid of it. Back up to the stairs and enter the new room. Go to the north-west corner and search the cabinet for orange bottle #3. Stand in front of the north glass pane where the key in the terrarium is located. Jump into the glass and the glass should break. Pick up the key (Messingschlussel) and run down the short stairs to use it. The two lizards can get in the way and nibble at your feet but seem to cause no damage. The door besides you opens. Enter and search the cabinet for clock #4. Exit to the pipe room. I noticed that if you save and reload the mouse would appear back in front of the pipes. Pick it up again just in case. You cannot put out the fire in the fireplace. That is why I needed to reload.


Exit the room and go to the west balcony. Enter the doorway and go up the stairs. A door  at the top of the stairs should be open if you have obtained all the secrets. Enter the room and go west to find a small medipack in the sunken tub and a large medipack in a cabinet. Go east to find a large medipack in a cabinet and a small medipack on the bed. Exit and room and go down the stairs and to the front door.


There are four small tables there. Put a clock on each table and you hear a humming noise. You may notice that the clock near the archways is running backwards. Move the tables according to the map you got from under the tiger.  Move the table to the south-west by the stairs west three tiles. When stopped a white globe should appear above it. Move the south-east table north three tiles and west three tiles. A white globe should appear. Move the table to the north-west by the stairs west three tiles. A white globe should appear. Move the north-east table south three tiles and west three tiles. A white globe should appear. During all this moving you may have to evade a knight. The second time I did all this moving, the knight did not appear. When the last table is in place, electrical arcs flow between the tables and the clock at the back. You also hear a door open. Death rises from the floor and says something that sounds as if he is trapped.


Now go back up stairs into the west doorway and up the other stairs. The doorway to the right is now open. Enter the room to see three pull chains and be attacked by bats. Go to the west wall and search the shelves for a small medipack. Pull all three chains and get cut scenes of the chandeliers in the room below lowering from the ceiling. Go to that room and climb the lowest chandelier. Jump south to the other two and on the third chandelier pick up a key (Totenkopfschlussel). Go the stairs to the basement area again. Go west and see the knight near the door you have to open. The floor has water now but the water is safe. Lure the knight to the north a little and go open the door. Watch out for swinging chains when you enter the room. Go south pass the chains and the knight should follow you. If not, wait for him, as you need him. As you enter the last section, the door opens and a huge spider jumps out at you. Go around the spider and into the room and face a big spider web. On the floor near the west wall pick up tri-bike keys (Zundschlussel). Get back to the tri-bike while the knight and spider fight it out. Drive into the room and drive into the spider web to  break it. Pick up the Golden Urn (goldene Urne) from the floor.


Go outside and avoid the chains and the knight. Go back upstairs and go in front of Death. Use the Golden Urn and get a cut scene of Death fading away. Then the levels end with a final "Ende" cut scene.


Trapped shadow: How is this?! I move to strike and yet – cannot!
Lara: Back to where you belong!