Level by: Masha Frenkel

Walkthrough: Jose Boo

Part 1


Slide down the ramp and continue S and left near the opening to the big cave to pick up a small medipack in front of the ice window. Go to the opening now and safety drop down to ground floor. Go to the NE corner and look for a jumpswitch between the two pillars, pull it to lower two blocks in the upper part of the castle ruins (for later). Advance S near the black rocks till you find a ledge with the same texture of the pillars you came from to your left; near this ledge there is a moveable block, move it and push the button behind it: a chain appears at your back but don't go there yet. Continue S and enter in a cave to your left, find another moveable block in the SE corner and pull it twice to enter into the small room behind. Pick up the "Magic Wand Piece 1".


Go back to the chain and use it to climb to the upper part of the castle ruins, where you lowered the blocks before with the jumpswitch. Move the two transparent angels over their respective tiles so they are seeing the center of the room (E angel over the marked tile in S wall and W angel over the marked tile in N wall); the nearby door opens. Go there and pick up the "Magic Wand Piece 2".


Use the chain to descend to ground floor, turn around and go to the ice pedestal between the ice bars under the place you came from. Combine the pieces to form the "Magic Wand" and use it: the flyby shows you how the castle is built up from its ruins. Go S again and all the way till the end, then turn right and in the SW corner pick up the Key behind a pillar.


Go back N and to the left over the snowy bridge, use the key in the keyhole near the door and enter. Continue up the stairs and shoot the two icy columns on each side of the door to take down the bars. Under the right one appears the first "Lion Stone", pick it up. Near the entrance use the high jumpswitch in the right hand side to raise a block in the center of the room. Climb this block from the right side of its S face (Ctrl + up arrow) and go up into the next room. Use the Lion Stone in the mouth of the right lion (when facing the door) and the door opens. Slide down the ramp to end this first part.

Part 2


After the flyby go to the E room and walk over the four circular tiles to lower a block in the NW corner. Push the button which was behind to lower the blocks with the pieces. Notice the texture in the cube of each piece, it's circular; look through the transparent floor and move the pieces over the five circular tiles under the icy floor and the bars descend. Enter the room and go to the S side behind the pillar; look down and through the mirror to see the lasersight at your feet. Pick it up, look again through the mirror to spot the five circular tiles in the floor. Move the five pieces over the appropriate tiles through the icy white surface. The surface is slippery in some tiles, but don't worry, while you're moving the pieces (with Ctrl pressed all the time) Lara will not slip. Once you place the five pieces a block will lower in the NE corner of the room, revealing a switch. Pull this switch and you'll get a camera shot of a block rising in the W room (for later).


Go to the S room and move the transparent angels so all four angels are equidistant from each other (the E angel over the SE corner and the W angel over the SW corner). This lowers two blocks in E and W walls, making accessible two moveable pieces. Look at the textures in the cube parts of these pieces: one of them is circular and another is square. In the S wall of this room are two marked tiles over the blocks in the corners, one circular and another square. Move the pieces over a marked tiles in the floor beside the blocks with their respective texture tiles (E piece in the SW corner and W piece in the SE corner) and two more blocks will lower in the niches where the pieces were before, revealing wallswitches. Use the wallswitches in both niches to raise up the pieces; now go up the raised blocks and push the pieces over the corners: the doors in E and W walls of this room open. Pull the switches into these doors to see that two trapdoors go up in the W room.


Go to the W room now and use the raised block in S wall to get over the upper ledges. Move the pieces over the trapdoors and go back to the angels room. Use again the switches behind the doors to lower the trapdoors: the pieces in the trapdoors room are now in ground floor. Move one of the pieces over the white tile in the center of the room and use now the switch over the raised block in the S wall to raise the block with the piece. Now go up the upper ledges and move the piece over its respective texture tile (like you did in the angels room, circular or square). Do the same with the other piece. A door opens in E wall, go there and pick up the torch. At this moment, a third trapdoor has been raised at S wall; go between the two pieces and jump there, leave your torch and pull the switch over this raised trapdoor to lower bars in the angels room so you can access to a fire. Pick up your torch again, go there and light your torch.


Go to the central room and light the four wall sconces in the pillars; a trapdoor rises in the NE pillar. Go to the small drift near the NW pillar and from the top jump back and do a running jump to the raised trapdoor, there light the wall sconce and notice another nearby trapdoor rising. Continue jumping over the trapdoors and lighting wall sconces all around the room till you get to the top. From there throw the torch to ground floor and spot very well where it stays, you'll need it later. Press the button in the NE pillar and a chain appears near; use it to get to the upper ledges and pick up the Key and a small medipack over two of them. Safety descend to ground floor using the trapdoors.


Go to the W passage and use the key in left side to open the door up the ramp. When you walk up the ramp notice the crawlspace behind the icy column in right side, it's a secret for later. Stop at the entrance and use the binocs to spot a blue angel and a pedestal with something over it in the middle of the E wall; it's the place where you have to go now. Climb the right ledge and jump over the cornice at E wall. Go N near the pillar and collision with it, take a jump and one step back, angle Lara NNW and do a running "banana" jump around the pillar to land in the cornice with the angel. It's a very tricky jump, but not impossible; it can take many tries. Once there pick up the revolver in the pedestal.


From here, combine the revolver + lasersight and shoot the gem in the lion's mouth which is in one of the pillars N. This raises a white block in the NW corner; go there and do an angled standing jump to grab the N edge, pull the switch there and see the camera shot. Go down and to the SW corner to climb the cornice there, advance N, pass through the lowered block and to the end. Turn around and see the ledge with the button. Do a running jump to that ledge and use the button to lower the next white block. Go there and continue up along the cornice till the end. You can see a switch to your right, but it's too high to pull it. See the different texture in the pillar right of the switch, it's climbable. Climb to the top and over the next ledge; use the switch in S wall. Climb again over the next ledge and use two more switches in N wall. Finally use the jumpswitch at the very top to raise a block under the switch down, near the climbable wall. Go there and use it: a snow ball will drop and go over the ramps; when the ball stops, trigger a pair of timed trapdoors in E wall.


Go to the ledge at the left of the NE door in ground floor and face the timed trapdoor with your back in the wall. Judge the time to do a running jump (no grab) and land over the edge of the trapdoor; quickly roll and do another running jump to grab the edge of the white breakable tile at the E wall (you can save here if you want); shimmy to the very left and stand up, turn right and quickly do a standing jump over the next breakable tile, finally a running jump over the safe tile near the pillar. Save here and jump over the next safe trapdoor. From here make your way to do a single jump to land over the very S edge of the next breakable tile, another standing jump to grab the edge of the next breakable tile and from here judge the timed trapdoor to stand up, jump over it and quickly a lateral jump over a safe tile behind the pillar. Push the button to raise another trapdoor at your back and do a running jump to finally get over the very SE corner of the room. Drop, grab the edge, shimmy right and stand up to get the "Lion Stone" in the pedestal.


Now it's time to get the first secret if you want. Only do a banana jump around the pillar behind the pedestal to land on the SW corner ledge and pick up secret #1: a golden rose.


Safety drop down, go back to the central room and look for your torch (remember where you threw it?). Go back to the room where you came from and place the Lion Stone in the lion's mouth near the door at the NE corner; the door opens. Enter with your torch in hand and light the four braziers in the corners of the frozen pool to open the E doors. Enter but don't pick up the gem yet. In the right side of the room there are two angels; one of them is moveable. Pull it once and press the button behind it to lower the bars in the ramp with the last keyhole (do you remember?). Go there and crawl to get secret 2: another golden rose. Go back to the room with the last Lion Gem and pick it up to finish these interesting levels.