Snow Queen 2 - North Pole

Level by Lumina Artis Coloris (December, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note 1] The script.dat file would not run for me. I rename palast.tr4 to tut1.tr4 and used the regular script.dat file and started the Playable Tutorial Level as a new game. However, the english.dat file was OK. [End note 1]

[Note 2] My thanks to Jose Boo for his advice on opening the gates. [End note 2]

Start with a long flyby of the iceberg field that ends at Lara. Shoot the blue snow lump in front of you and pick up flares. There are items on an iceberg to the north-east but the current keeps pushing you back from it. Go north and west to a place where you can pull up to the top area. Go south to the building and watch out for falling icicles at the front door. Open the door and enter the building. Go to the south window and pickup the crowbar. Go to the west window for Colt ammo. Exit and go east behind the building to pick up a Present (large medipack). You can climb to the roof and look around. Especially look to the south-east where you see a needed item on an iceberg. Get down from the roof and go the south-west corner. Jump into the water and climb on the iceberg. An easy stand jump and you can pick up the Station Key. Get down to the north-east corner and side jump to the east over the slope to another flat tile. Shoot the two blue snow lumps to the south-east. Get on a block to the south to pick up a Chocolate (small medipack).  Drop and grab the edge and shimmy to the left as far as possible. Pull up, back flip, roll, and land on a solid ice platform. From there, run and jump to the iceberg to the east. When you land you get secret #1 and pick up a Yellow Rose. Dive into the water and fight the current back to the ledge where you found the Station Key.

Run, jump and grab the ice wall to the north. Climb to the ledge and then drop and grab to shimmy to the left. Go left around the corner to a place where you can pull up and climb back to the top surface. If you get stuck at the corner, pull up, and then jump to the left slope to continue the shimmy. Look west and see some blue snow lumps for later. Go south and jump to get a Chocolate. Carefully jump east to pick up flares. Jump and grab the ledge to the west and pull up. Pick up Colt ammo and continue south. Jump into an opening on the right side to avoid a rolling snowball. Continue south to pick up the Colt and get a cut scene of the laser sight in an underwater cave. Return the way you came and go west towards the blue snow lumps. Shoot them all and find secret #2, a Crystal Rose and a Present. Go west and find a deep trench for later. Go north and find a big snow hill. Jump up the north side of it to pick up blue shotgun shells and Colt ammo. Continue north until you see a boat near a gate. Go west to climb a snow hill for Colt ammo. Turn south and jump and grab to pull up to another snow hill. Pick up the Course Key. Get down and go west to a trench. Look south and see a closed gate near the bottom of the trench. Then go to the south-west and find the snowmobile building.

Use the Station Key to enter the building and find eight snowmobiles. Go south and use the Course Key to open the door to the racecourse. Climb into the west alcove and turn around. Jump, grab and pull up into an attic area. Go south for a Chocolate and then north for Colt ammo. Light a flare and go to the north-west corner. Get into the crawl space and open the chest for secret #3 and a Nitrous Oxide canister. Get back down to the main building. Pick any snowmobile and drive it outside to the start line.

The first trip will be a descriptive and pick up route. Go up the ramp and down a trench. At the end, turn right and go through a tunnel. Exit the tunnel and turn right and go down a hill as the camera view changes. At the bottom of the hill turn right. Follow the tracks and at the end turn left into another tunnel. Get off and go to the north to pick up a Present and Colt ammo. Drive through the ice wall and turn left. There is a long narrow trench. At the end break the ice wall and make a tight left loop around to another long trench. There are red shotgun shells on a ledge. Follow the trench and make a wide right loop to get around some raised blue tiles. Enter a passageway to the east. Exit and make another wide loop to the left and follow the tracks. Loop to the right and break an ice wall. Follow the trench to the east. Take the first left, break a wall, and then go right to get around the raised blue tiles. Drive through another ice wall and drive to the far left corner. At the end, make a tight right turn and drive down a tunnel. There is a Present in the first alcove. You may notice that when you step on a blue tile, you get a cut scene of a maze you are driving in. Drive up the hill and make a tight loop turn to the left. Then go right and straight into the finish gate.  It opens so you can get out and try again. You will get a cut scene of the maze from the air for the next trip.

Now try it again for the speed runs. I managed to get 90 seconds so I could pick up the Brass Key in the 150-second slot. When you pick it up, you get a cut scene of a pool in the trench. If you make 60 seconds you can get another secret #4 and a Crystal Rose. I guess you can improve your speed in the straight trenches and tunnels by using the Nitrous Oxide. I did not bother trying.

Take the snowmobile and drive it through the building and outside to the north top area and not the racecourse. Follow the tracks in the snow to jump the trench. Drive back to the first building. Install the Nitrous Oxide and drive off the cliff to the north-east to land on the iceberg you saw at the start. It takes practice to land and stop before going off the other side. Get secret #5 and pick up a White Rose and crossbow poison ammo. Dive into the water and be carried back to where you started. Forget about the snowmobile as you have seven left. Climb the ice cliffs again and go west towards the trench. The trench is actually in two pieces; a north section and a south section. Go south to where you can see an object on the ground on the west side of the trench. Jump over the trench and climb down there to get a Chocolate. You also get a cut scene of the area you are in. Climb back up to the top. Go north to where the trench bends to the left. It is just in front of the north-east corner of the fence around the racecourse. Get full health and use the steep slope in that corner to get into the trench. You have to refill your health again. Watch out for falling icicles. Get into a crawl space to the west and swim down the hole to the bottom for a Chocolate. Then get back to the surface. The side branch is a strong current and will sweep you back into the sea.

Go north and turn east to get Colt ammo. Go north and climb down an ice wall into some water. Dive north into a cave. Watch out for icicles and swim to the north-east corner to pick up the laser sight. Notice the closed underwater gate in the north-west corner. Swim back to the cave and climb the wall back up to the trench with the closed gate. Stand where you picked up the Colt ammo from the ground. Use the Colt and laser sight and aim upwards to the south-west. There are light blue snow lumps high on the west wall. These are snowballs. Shoot the darker blue snow lumps just above them. When you shoot the two darker lumps several snowballs fall but they will roll pass you on your right. One snowball will roll in front of the closed gate and the gate will open. However, before you enter the gate you need another item.

Go south back to where you dropped into the trench. Drop east into the water. Slowly go south as a rolling snowball comes toward you. Stand still and it will roll back and miss you. There are two slopes slides and a vertical wall. On the north side of the vertical wall, stand by the east slope. Jump up and go forward. Back flip to the west slope and jump forward with a right curve to grab the ledge. Pull up for secret #6 and the shotgun. Get down and go south. Dive behind the waterfalls and pick up Cartouche Piece 2. Now you need to go back to the open gate. There are two routes.

Route1: Wade through the water to the north end. Climb up and hop the snow blocks to the west and get back to the open gate.

Route 2: Go back for air and then dive in again. Swim down and north and let the current carry you out to sea. Climb the iceberg and jump to the grab the north wall. Use the crevice to shimmy left and pull back up to the top area. Go to the place by the fence where you slide down earlier and slide down again. Go north to the open gate. It may be possible to just drop into the water below but I always died trying it.

Enter the open gate and hop onto a block to the west side. Jump up and grab a crevice. Shimmy to the right as far as possible around a few corners. Shoot the ice wall and pick up Cartouche Piece 1. Safety drop to the ground. Run to the south-east and loop to the west. Look in the south-west corner for a burnable floor. Firts go into an alcove to the south-east. Make the Ice Cartouche and use it in the receptacle and the door besides you opens.

Enter the room and go to the south-east corner for flares. Go to the north-east corner to see a whale behind an ice wall. Go to the north-west corner and use the Brass Key in a lock behind a pillar. The gate opens besides you. Enter the corridor and turn into the first room to the left. Search the chests for two flares. Exit and in the next left branch, pull out a movable snow block. Enter the room to search the chest for crossbow normal ammo. Use the floor lever, exit the room and continue west. At the corridor's end, turn to the right and enter another room. Go to the south wall and shoot out all the ice walls. Pick up two Presents, binoculars, red shotgun shells, two flares, and a compass. Near the entrance is Uzi ammo on a block. Go to the north-east and pick up a torch from the many torches that are on the ledge. Exit this room and go back to the entrance. Light the torch with a floor lamp and exit this room by jump the blocks to the north-east near the whale window. Go back to the burnable floor and throw the lit torch on it.

Get into the hole and face the moving ice balls. Work your way by a crawl space and a monkey swing to the far north wall. Turn and shoot a blue snow lump to reveal a block. Jump to the slope on the east. Slide and jump to grab that block. Jump east over the moving snow. Jump up to shoot the ice walls to the north. Pull up, slide, and jump into the alcove. Pull the rope to get a cut scene of an underwater door opening. Climb the wall and use the floor lever. The door opens beside you. Exit and you are back in the north trench.

Go through the open gates back to the south trench. Get into the water in the north-east corner and swim north into the cave where you found the laser sight. Enter the now open gate and swim north. When you see a Chocolate on the floor, swim east and up to the light towards the surface. Get back into the water and swim to the far west underneath a black ceiling to pick up a Present. Get back to the surface and go right towards the closed gate. On your immediate left is a moveable snow block. Push it into a tunnel as far as possible. Pick up a Chocolate from the ground. Pull up into an opening on the right wall and climb an ice wall to the top. Go east and north and drop into a hole. Use the floor switch and hear a gate opening. Get out of the hole and jump back to the west ledge. Take one step back from the ledge. Stand jump and grab and you should land in an alcove near the open gate. Get secret #7 and a Blue Rose. Enter the open gate and go to the north-west. You could also have climbed back down and jumped from the gate to get the secret. Ignore the water you left earlier and go down the steps to a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the end and get a flyby of a huge temple buried in the ice. Run to the east and you sink into the snow. Crouch and go south into a crawl space. At the end go to the south-west corner and face north. You see letters on the ground that say "to be continued". Step in the letters and the levels ends.