Lost Temple Of Madubu Gorge Demo

Level by Koldo Iglesias Pardo (Koldo) (December, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Dive into the water and there is a current. Pick up a large medipack in a hole in the floor. There are flares in the corner but I could never reach them. Climb up to the south and go west to a floor lever. Step on the floor plate, catch fire, pull the lever and jump back into the water. Go to the north-east corner to pull up to the bridge and go back to the start. Stand in front of the fire. Hop back, catch fire and pickup the Horseman's Gem (Abrir). Run forward into the water and roll to put the fire out. If I jumped to a sloped block at the back, the fire went out. But when I got close, the fire started again. Go to the north-west corner for crossbow normal ammo. Get down and go the north ledge to use the Horseman's Gem to open the door at the bridge. Enter the door and slide down. Run to the east wall and wait while spike walls descend in the other parts of the room. Go to the south-east and use a floor lever and hear a door open. Return to the north-east to enter an alcove and pickup the crossbow. You hear the secret sound but no secret is registered. Go to the south-west corner and use the floor lever and hear a door open. Hop into the alcove beside you. Go north into a crawl space. Pick up the compass and continue. At the end of the crawl space, you drop into some water.

Swim north and down a hole. At the bottom swim west to pick up crossbow poison ammo. Roll and swim east but stay near the ceiling to avoid a floor blade. Pull up into a small room. Use the floor lever and immediately move back into the water to avoid a falling spike ball. Swim through the door and upwards to surface in a forest area. An earthquake starts but stops as you go forward. Go north into a tunnel. From the first block you can kill the native below on the floor. Monkey swing across to the far ledge and pick crossbow explosive ammo. Get down to the floor and pick up the Horseman's Gem that the native dropped. Go to the north and use it to open the door beside you. Enter an area with a waterfalls and a pool of water. You can swim to the north-west and open and underwater door. Get in for a large medipack but the ceiling spikes make it not worth getting. Go to the south ledge and get into the triangular crawl space to the left of the light brown slope. Drop down into a cave area, kill two natives and go to the north wall to use a floor lever. Go to the west wall and hop onto the blocks the natives were initially on. Jump south to grab a ladder. Climb and back flip near the top into a tunnel. Pick up crossbow explosive ammo, flares, and a large medipack. Get down and go back outside to the water.

The two doors at the base of the waterfalls are now open. The left door is a deadly spike trap. Swim into the right door and pick up a small medipack. Then pull into a room with a fire. Go to the south-east corner and slide. You will make it over the fire pit at the bottom with no problem. Run forward and the level and the demo ends.