Winston in Trouble

Level by Sascha Wandelt (Sweet) (December, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

This is a house level so be prepared to do a lot of back tracking and running around. Get a flyby showing Winston and a few closed doors before Lara appears. You hear the song "Let it snow". Go south into dining room #1 and notice a lit fireplace to the east. Go west through the open gates and turn left to push open the pink doors. Enter a kitchen and pick up flares near the east windows. Go south to open the pink doors and then east for more pink doors. Enter dining room #2 and notice the fireplace here has no fire. Go east and open pink doors on the left. You enter a library with a lit fireplace. Exit and go east to open pink doors at the end of the corridor. Open and you enter the room with the swimming pool. Go behind the diving structure and press a pushbutton. Get a cut scene of the fire going out in dining room #1. On the way back there press the pushbutton beside the stereo in the north-west corner and hear the song "I dreaming of a white Christmas".

A diagram is useful here. I drew one on paper but I do not know how to draw in Wordpad. Sorry, but I will try to name the movable blocks. Go to dining #1 and get into the fireplace. Push the wall block A as far as possible. It seemed to stick after the first push but after that it goes a log way to reveal a tunnel to the right. Light a flare and go down the tunnel until you notice another moveable block B to the left for later.  Keep going to the end and pull back the movable block C one tile. On the other side is the fire in the library. Go back to block B and push it as far as possible. Ignore the moveable block D you see for now. At the end go left and see a split. Pull the west block back one tile. Go left and push block D one tile. Go back around and push block D west into the tunnel you entered from. Turn around and pull back block B back two tiles. Go left through the tunnel to get behind where block B was. Shoot the cover off the switch box and pull the switch. You get a cut scene of a shimmering transparent wall someplace. Go around and push block B into the hole where the switch was since you do not need to go back there. Pull back block D two tiles. Then go around and exit back to dining room #1.

Exit dining room #1 and go west up the stairs. Go south and pass two closed yellow doors. Go open the pink doors at the end and pick up some flares near a window. Go back to the stairs and go east down a corridor. You pass stairs on the left that lead to a key lock. Go straight and turn left to open pink doors. Go up stairs and enter a bedroom. Open the next pink doors and follow to a room with two doors. Open the north doors and go to the north-east corner. You will be back later for the south doors. Move the display case from the corner to the square in the middle of the room. Get a cut scene of a yellow door opening. Go back to the stairs and go south to the yellow doors. Enter the east doors into the piano room. You see a switch behind a shimmering transparent wall. Walk through it and press the pushbutton. You get a cut scene of the fire going out in the library. Had you been here before using the switch, the wall would have been solid and you could not enter it.

Go to the library and enter the back of the fireplace to pick up a torch. Drop the torch on the floor in the library. Go back to the piano room and press the pushbutton. Get a cut scene of the fire starting in the library. Return to the library and light the torch in the fire. Drop the torch on the library floor. Now go back upstairs to the piano room to use the pushbutton to shut off the fire. Then go downstairs again to dining room #1. Go to block C and push it in one tile. On the way out I pulled back block A two tiles. Back to the library to push block C into the place where the torch was found. Go north back to block A and press the pushbutton in the alcove that is there. The moveable block beside it is block E. You get a cut scene of the yellow door opening at the bottom of the stairs. On the way out of the library, pick up the torch and light the fireplace in dining room #2. It was not lit before and now you get a cut scene of Winston at a closed door. Drop the torch but remember where it is. Since I was finish with these blocks, I re-lit the fires in dining room #1 and in the library. I do not know if it matters.

Go into the open door near the stairs and down the stairs into a basement. Pull the block out from the middle of the west wall. Enter and go north to push in a block W. Go south to push in a block X. Go south and shoot the cover off a switch. Pull the switch and get a cut scene of a yellow door opening opposite the piano room. Now go back to the entrance and go south. Find a block Y and push it west just one tile. Go back and push in block W. Go west and pull back block Z one tile. Go to block X and pull it south one tile. Now go behind it for the Roof Key. Go back to block Y and pull it north one tile. Now go back to the switch. This is a timed switch and now you know where the door is located. Pull it, exit the tunnel and turn left for the stairs. Exit the basement, go up the stairs and sprint down the hall to enter the room. The door closes behind you. Go to the window to get secret #1 and pick up the flares. Go south to press the pushbutton on the wall two times to open the door. Go north and turn right to go up the stairs with the key lock. Use the Roof Key and the door opens.

Enter and go to the right and then north to pick up flares. Go south onto some boxes and jump to a tall box in front of the door. Pick up the Smaragd Key from the top of the box. Get down and exit the room. Go left and back to the pink door that you did not open before. Go down a corridor and enter a room with a Christmas tree. Go left and see an unlit fireplace. Go back to where ever you left the torch and bring it back here. Light the fireplace and get a cut scene of Winston at a closed door. Then go south down some stairs to a room with a shimmering wall that is not passable right now. Do not forget the torch. You see another fireplace in the south wall. Light the fireplace and get a cut scene of Winston at a closed door. Go to the east and use the Smaragd Key to open the door.  You see another fireplace in the east wall. Light the fireplace and get a cut scene of Winston at a closed door.  Move the two display cases to the obvious squares on the floor and the gate in the south wall opens.

Go into the room and notice the closed door. Go to the dress dummy in the north-west corner. Pick up the Queen Jewel from it and go back to the room with the shimmering wall. Go to the crown on the pedestal in the north-west corner. Approach it from the north side and use the Queen Jewel. The shimmering wall disappears. Pick up the torch and go to the unlit fireplace. Do not light it yet. Go to the back and climb the climbable wall. At the top, back flip to a tunnel. Go to the end of the tunnel to get secret #2 and pick up flares. Get back down and lit the fire place and get a cut scene of the door opening and Wilson coming out. Go back to the room with the closed door and the door is open and Wilson is walking around. Enter the room and hear another Christmas song "The Lord's Prayer". Go to the east wall and press the pushbutton and get a flyby to the room with the Christmas tree and the level ends.