Legacy of the Stars, Part 1

Level by Roberto Pierri

Walkthrough by Yoav

One fine sunny morning.....

Start at Lara's bedroom with Lara standing barefoot!?!. Get out of the room and follow downstairs to the main hall. Turn left side and open the door, enter a dark room and light flare. Get the Crowbar from the chest of drawers, then pick up the flares and get out of the room. Stay at this side and go push the double doors. Enter the big room, there's a chest of drawers in front of you, get from there the Lounge Key, then go further beyond the walls and see the swimming pool.

Back to the main hall, cross to the other side and use the key to open the door nearby the clock, enter this room for another chest of drawers and get Music Room Key. Get out of the room and push the double doors, enter the dining room, nothing much to do here so go back the second floor. Go the end of the right hallway, use the key to enter the room with piano and harp. Push the doors and pass the next room. Pull the book at right bookcase, it opens door nearby, you can take from there the Trophy Room Key.

Back to the main hall, go the door from the left side and use the key. Follow downstairs and enter the treasure room. Go left side and use the crowbar to open the door. Throw the switch to open another door at the red lighting corner behind the display. Go to the next room, see the gold from the window, then push the block forward into the next room. Push the lever and back to the first room, go through the open door to next room. Pull the block back into the room, then go through opening to room ahead. Kill the bats and follow down the stairs until you reach the end, there throw the switch and pass the open door.

You are standing on a high ledge above a big gold basement. Take a simple jump left and slide down, hit the ground. Head west and follow the angle camera and pull the gold object. Go around the object and jump/grab the lever and pull it down. Go toward the other side of the basement, enter the open door and throw the switch. Back to the basement and climb up the climbable pillar ahead, do a backflip and land on the ledge behind. Go toward the next pillar, jump/grab the crack and shimmy around. Follow the ledge and enter the opening room. Get the Wardrobe Key, then throw the switch nearby. Go to the other side of the room and climb up find yourself at the swimming pool.

Make your way back to the second floor. Go to the end of left hallway and use the key. Enter the room and go through the red curtain to a small room, there Lara finds her shoes and the level ends.


Addendum by manarch2:

There are three secrets (silver skulls) to be found:

Secret #1: In the pool room, behind a broken pillar in the SE corner, is a hidden switch. Use it to deactivate a fire in the dining room.
Secret #2: In the lounge is a pushable block in the NE corner you can pull out.
Secret #3: After climbing up the ladder in the treasure room, drop on the top of the treasure in the SE corner.