The Crypt Of Elahna

Level by Geoff Blakey

Walkthrough by Yoav

Step toward the gap and drop down, there are two closed gates. Pick up the shotgun ammo and medipack, then climb out and head toward the door, it will open automatically. Enter the room and see the cartouche receptacle at the east wall. Shoot the vase in the middle for the first Cartouche Piece, then head north-west for pushing the lever and get screenie of the opening gate at the gap.

Back to the gap and drop down again, go through the gate you just opened, follow the short passage and shoot the red scorpion. Pick up flares and turn around, kill the ninja behind you, then climb up the ladder into the room above. Jump into the pool, swim and dive into the hole for shotgun ammo, then swim east and get the medipack. Climb out of the pool and shoot the two vases from both sides, kill the red scorpion and get second Cartouche Piece. Return to the room with receptacle, combine the pieces and place the Cartouche to open the second gate at the gap.

Once again back to the gap and through the opening, slide down the slope into a room and notice the mummy walking at the of the stairs. Shoot on the four vases in both side room, shotgun ammo and flares, then climb onto the stage and right of the bull statue light a flare and see the Shotgun. Head north-west toward the statue and pull it back one step. Climb up the ladder behind it to the room above, watch the dart emitter on your right side and follow the passage to the end.

There're two ways to proceed. Turn east to climb up the ladder and immediately when you pull out into the passage above get the fast flyby of an alcove in the gap and focus on vase. Step forward and get the flares, then runjump across the gap, grab the edge and climb up in the other side. Shoot the vase for The Hand of Orion, turn around and runjump back across the gap. Stay with Lara's back the gap, drop/grab the edge and climb down, drop again and immediately grab the edge below. Climb into the alcove for Uzis and 3xclips, then drop down back to the room you've been to before.

Go back to the ladder behind the statue and climb up again into the passage above, follow the end but this time head west. Climb up the ladder and in the room head to the south wall, place The Hand of Orion at the receptacle. Go north and through the opening gate, enter the shallow water place covered with green leafs. Shoot on the vase in front of the closed door for flares, then turn around facing the room you came from, some ninja is shooting on you so kill the idiot.

Dive into the green hole and swim toward the next pool, notice the underwater gate at west wall. Surface, see the ledge with a receptacle on the east wall but keep the west ledge and climb onto it. Kill a red scorpion and step little forward to the edge, turn face toward the wall, jump up grab the crack and shimmy all over the wall, drop onto the next ledge. Runjump forward toward the next block with the fire, grab the edge and don't climb up. Just shimmy around and climb beyond the fire, then climb up the ladder, move left and drop on the ledge.

Turn west and runjump to the next ledge, step toward the wall and jump up, grab the crack. Shimmy about half way, then pull up into the crack for a medipack, keep shimmying left and drop onto the next ledge. Jump up, grab the ceiling, get an angle camera while you do monkeyswing toward the east ledge. Drop onto it and step toward the lever, push it forward and get screenie of the open door you left behind.

Simply jump into the pool below, swim back to the shallow water place. Enter through the door you opened into an alcove, jump over the trap fire hole and get The Hand of Sirius from the pedestal. Back to the pool and climb onto the east ledge to place The hand of Sirius at the receptacle. Jump back into the pool and swim through the underwater gate into a burial chamber.

Climb up stairs, see the pole near the grave at north wall and head further toward the statue between two alcoves. In each alcove you can get Eye Piece but what for, if the level ends one minute later!?! Time to get away as two mummies slipped away from their graves. Go to the pole, grab it and pull up, turn around and backflip into a short passage. Go to the ladder, climb up and step out toward grounded Jeep and the level ends.