Levelbase Advent Calendar 2005 - Raus In Den Schnee (Out Into The Snow)

Level by Hochgiftig

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in the bedroom and for the record there's a key hole nearby the fireplace and crown display. Open the door and enter the bathroom, pull back the object and pick up the Yin. Back to the bedroom and open the next door, get out to the hallway, notice the door from the right. Further you can kick in a door, oops, another closed door that leads you to the attic. Follow down the stairs to a room with the white piano, circular table and receptacles nearby the fireplace.

Proceed and open the door, pass the short hallway, open the next door, see the entrance door. Open the next to enter the present room. Leave the next door closed and just go behind the tree, pick up the Present, then back to the piano room. Put the present on the circular table and get the screenie. Back to the bathroom, part of the wall is lower. As soon as you pick up the Apple you'll see screenie opens the greenhouse door.

Back to the present room and open the door, in a hallway there's anther closed door to the kitchen, open it and enter inside, see a closed door with key hole. Proceed further and enter the greenhouse, there are two fountains. Go around and get from the second fountain the Yang. Back to the piano room, combine the two pieces and get the Yin-Yang Stone, then place it at the receptacles.

The door for the attic is open now, follow the stairs and enter the attic. Go to the right side and climb onto the crate, find the secret place, pick up the Banana. Now go to the left side and climb there onto the crates, crawl and drop down, light flare and get Ruby Cube. Back again to the present room and place it behind the tree. Go back to the greenhouse and take from the fountain the Diamond.

Now make your way back to the bedroom and give back the missing diamond to the display crown. After the short flyby take Cellar Key from window and go to the kitchen, use the cellar key to open the door. Go downstairs, get the flares, then kick in a door. Enter the cellar and shoot the electricity box. Pull the switch to expose alcove at the wall behind you, turn over it and climb into the alcove for the Fireplace Key.

Back again to the bedroom and use the key to light the fireplace. Go to the hallway, the doors from the right side are open now. Pull the switch to open the entrance door, go over there but you cannot get outside. Flyby around and inside the house with focus on 22th wall in a present room will end the level.