BtB 2006 - Level 3 - The Valley of Guizhou

Level by Dennis16 (Dennis Götz)

Walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater
SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab
Enemies - Pick-ups - Secrets - Traps - Timed-Sequences

-- General Notes --

* Items in Bold are necessary to complete the level or get the secrets, either by using them, picking them up or both.
* You'll find a summary and a Spoilers Section at the end of this walkthrough.


Lara is traveling to Guizhou. It's a Chinese province full of rainy weather. There is a forest with difficulty accessible in the valley of a tributary from the Yangtze River. Here there is a very old monastery where strange things take place. Lara gets to know from a researcher that the monastery is afflicted from ghosts. They try to throw out the monks, but most of the monks are already damned. So Lara goes to this mysterious place to convince herself.

== Welcome to the Valley! ==

Level Objectives: Find a way to eliminate the Ghost then leave the Valley.

-- The Quest for Balance

Objectives: Enter the First Temple then find the Yin and the Yang to create the Tai-Chi Stone.

So here you are, investigating a haunted temple presumably full of cursed monks as well... Bet it will be quite an interesting journey, so let's start right away.

Opening a Door

You begin your visit in a rocky area, under a threatening cloudy sky. Run ahead (W) through the wide opening then turn L (S) at the junction. Follow the passage to enter a small cave where you'll find a small medipack on the raised floor to your L (S) and some revolver ammo in the far R corner (NW). Once you've picked them up, return to the junction.

Run ahead (N) along the rocky passage. You'll soon find yourself standing at the entrance of a small outdoor area and will see a fly-by of the First Temple. See that brown double door closing the temple entrance? That's what you need to open now.

Run ahead past the huge tree on its R to the other side of the area then go R (E). Pull up in the passage and follow it to a small greenery-covered area in the center of which you'll find a small medipack. Pick it up and immediately draw your pistols: you've just disturbed a snake. Shoot the big worm down.

Locate the pink-lit passage to the E and run through it, entering a very small place with a white slope L of the entrance. Turn around and look up: there's a jump-switch up there. Turn around again.

Go to the far L corner and position Lara in the center of the tile with the white slope behind her. Back-flip, jump and hit Action to grab an upper platform. Go pick up the flares at the end, climb on the block to your R and turn R (W) to face the jump-switch. Walk to the edge, making sure Lara's standing in the middle of it, hop back and do a RJ+G to the jump-switch to flip it.

You don't know it yet, but the brown door is indeed open. Run ahead into the small cave and draw your pistols to rid the Valley of another snake then return to the Temple Area.

Before going through the newly opened door, run to the opposite corner of the area (SW, L of the temple) and SJ between the rocky wall and the tree root there into a recess where you'll find some shotgun normal ammo. Pick it up and go pass that open door.

Meeting the Monks

Hit Action to open the little brown door at the end of the short corridor and enter the Temple Antechamber. You can see a receptacle on the opposite wall (W - that's where the Tai-Chi belongs), a hole in the floor before it closed by a trapdoor, two closed doors on each side (N and S) and a block in the center, surmounted by a ceiling hole.

Since there's nothing else to do for the moment, go on the block, turn R (S), walk to the edge and pull up through the hole into the room above. Go L (W) and search the cache in the wall to find a Revolver and a large medipack (hit Action twice). Turn around (E) and run to the end of the room then R at the corner and go push the lever.

The most immediate consequence of your last action is that you've attracted 2 cursed monks. So quickly turn around and draw your pistols to shoot them before they can hit you. When they're permanently out of the way, go pick up the small medipack one of them has dropped then return to the hole you came from to drop back down into the Antechamber.

Both doors there are now open, each giving onto the rooms where you'll respectively find the Yin and the Yang. You can proceed in any order. If you want the Yin first, follow the next paragraphs. If you prefer going for the Yang, skip the next section to go directly at "The Yang to the North" one below then come back here when you're done.

The Yin to the South

Turn around to face S and run through the newly open door, following the sweet and steady sound of a lateral blade (look up and R to see it). If you look down, you’ll see many spikes rising from the floor so obviously going there isn’t an option. There’s a MS above the blade and two slopes: one ahead and one to your L.

Standing at the edge of the wooden platform you’re on, side-step L to the corner and turn slightly R so you’ll land backward on the closest slope. Do a SJ to the latter, back-flip on the other one and jump while holding Action to grab the ladder ahead (see screenshot - would you slide on the second slope, you still can grab a lower ladder. Climb, pull up and back-flip then jump and grab the upper ladder).

Climb, pull up, turn around then slightly R (SEE) to aim at a balcony below and do a SJ to it. Turn R (S) and pull up onto the upper passage. There’s a switch in the recess to your L (E) but before doing anything to it, a very short detour for an interesting goodie.

Go R then immediately turn R again (N) to face the wall of the higher ledge. Pull up on it. You should now see the aforementioned goodie lying on the opposite ledge so do a RJ to the latter and pick up the former: a shotgun. Return to the lower ledge with another RJ then dropping down. You can now take care of that switch: run to it and save. Timed-sequence ahead.

There is a twist to this one. First, flip the switch. You’ll get a camera shot of the now stopped blade. If it’s too extended (i.e. across the MS) reload and try again until it stops in a satisfying position (as close to the wall as possible). When you get that, save again and prepare for the actual timed-sequence.

Roll and start sprinting ahead. Release sprint a moment before reaching the opening, run with a R curve, jump and hit Action to grab the MS. Start swinging, diagonally R if needed so you’re as far from the wall as possible when passing the blade (better safe than sorry). Keep swinging to the end and let go.

Go L (W) into the passage then L again to the pedestal, running over a closed trapdoor on your way. Don’t pick up the Yin Stone yet. Position Lara on either side of the pedestal before doing so then pick it up. Darts will start flying across the corridor and the nearby trapdoor will open. Staying on the side, run to the hole then crouch as a spiked ball will fall from the ceiling. Crawl under it then drop down in the hole, slide and turn around (N).

You’re not quite done yet. Run past the corner and stop: a new obstacle awaits you in the form of a crushing wall. Deal with it by staying on either side, close to the wall then running past the wall as it moves away. A floor trapdoor will open as you approach so drop down in the hole to find yourself back in the corridor giving onto the Temple Antechamber. Run R (N) and return there.

The Yang to the North

Cross the room to pass the N door. Ignore the passage to your L: it’s there just in case you’d accidentally fall in the nearby pool (see note below). Turn R (E): there’s a slope ahead and a high platform to your L. Walk to the edge, turn very slightly L to make sure you land facing the platform then do a SJ to the slope. Immediately jump while holding Action to grab the edge of the platform and pull up.

[Note: in case you miss and fall in the pool, swim ahead then L into the UW tunnel. Swim up at the end, pull up to exit the water and run along the stairway then the balcony to find yourself back at the entrance of the room.]

Turn L (W) and walk to the edge. You can see a passage to your R (SW), riddled with spikes, a switch to your L (NW) and a crack ahead leading from the latter to the former. Do a RJ+G to the crack and shimmy L to pull up in front of the switch. Flip it down (it’s mercifully not timed). The spikes retract. Hop back while holding Action to grab the edge then shimmy all the way to the R and around the corner to pull up in the now safe passage.

Go L and slide into a new room. You can already spot a burning fire on a block but don’t waste time gazing around: draw your weapon of choice and take down the cursed monk that was watching over the place (careful not to jump on the fire while fighting). Once peace is restored, take a look around.

You’re in a rather small albeit high-ceilinged room. There are two high balconies on each side (N/S), a closed door and the aforementioned fire. You have to reach the northern balcony, but first you need to extinguish that fire.

Run toward the S wall, where the closed door is, and position Lara two tiles L from said door, where the red wall turns brown. Turn to face the entrance (E), jump up, grab and pull on the southern balcony.

Turn L: there's a switch to your L and a cache ahead. Go search the latter first to retrieve the laser-sight then flip the switch to extinguish the fire below. Go drop down back into the room.

Climb on the now safe white block, facing the entrance (E), walk to the edge and pull on the northern balcony. Go R and search the cache there. You won't find anything in it, but the door will open. Return to the room below and run through the newly opened door.

Follow the short corridor which gives onto a longer one with an upward ramp to your R and a shatterable ball to your L, hanging above a spiked hole. Would you go up the R ramp, you'd soon find yourself crushed by a boulder with no escape possibility. What you need is release that boulder from a safer location. Turn L, stay where you are (i.e.: near the opening), combine your revolver with the laser-sight and use it to shoot the ball. The boulder will start to roll at you so quickly return into the nearby short corridor to dodge it.

You can now safely go up the ramp. Proceed: you'll find yourself at the entrance of an outdoor area after the corner, with high ledges, roofs, balconies and a very closed door beyond the fence. Run up the flight of stairs to your L (N) then pull up on the ledge to your R (E). Run ahead a bit then turn R (S) and shoot the shatterable ball hanging over the opposite ledge, which opens the door.

Don't go there yet. Turn L to face E again and run to the end of the short alley between two buildings to pick up some shotgun normal ammo and revolver ammo. Turn around, run to the edge and turn around again to drop down close to the newly open door.

Run along the corridor and down the ramp to reach another perpendicular short corridor. Pick up the Yang Stone on the pedestal to your R (W). A trapdoor opens at the other end of the short corridor as you do so. Drop down through it and go L (S) to find yourself back in the Antechamber.

You know what you have to do: combine the Yin and the Yang to create the Tai-Chi Stone and place it in the Tai-Chi Hole on the W wall, opening the nearby trapdoor.

-- Down by the River

Objective: Reach the Temple Gardens

[Note: Make sure you haven't missed anything in the First Temple, since you won't be able to get back.]

Drop down through the hole, slide down the slope and run a bit further. You're now in a rocky outdoor area, crossed by a river. Walk to the edge ahead (W) then SJ over the water to pick up some shotgun normal ammo.

Turn around and dive (you can also continue on dry land along the river for a while, jumping from bank to bank, but it's quicker and simpler that way – would you do so, you'd spot a couple of inaccessible openings and a closed door on your way). Keep swimming until you reach the wider end of the river and hurry to the far R corner (SW) once there: 2 snakes are swimming around and you need a dry spot to shoot them. Pull up on the low emerged ledge and shoot the snakes from this safe location (might require a bit of patience since they tend to stick to the bottom of the river, them elusive ophidians).

Once the waters are safe, dive and swim to the bottom to pick up some flares, shotgun normal ammo and a large medipack. Return on the ledge whence you dived.

Turn N to face the entrance of the area and do a RJ+G to the slightly higher platform ahead. Climb on the nearby block and go to the far R and highest corner to do a SJ to the high one ahead. Turn around (S) and first take a look to your L (E): there's a switch over there on a platform at the end of a crack. That's what you're aiming for. Go to the far R and highest corner, hop back and do a RJ+G to another high ledge.

Go to the flat part and turn L to face the crack. Do a RJ+G to it but don't shimmy to the switch platform yet. Shimmy R instead and around the corner and let go to land on a high emerged block where you'll find some revolver ammo. Dive (or to a RJ to the starting ledge) and return to the crack like you just did.

Shimmy L this time and pull up in front of the switch. Flip it down: this raises a block near a closed metallic door by the river. Dive.

Swim N. You should see the metallic door ledge on your R just after the corner. Don't pull up on it from the side in front of you, a tiny glitch will make you fall back into the water. Go around it instead and pull up from the S side (i.e. facing the door). Climb on the newly raised block and turn around.

Do a RJ to the ledge against the opposite wall then pull up on the platform to your L (E). Go to the far L corner and turn 45° L (NE) to face a short rocky "bridge", hop back and to a RJ to it. Turn 135° L (W). There's a wooden ledge extending from the wall ahead. Do a RJ+G to it and pull up. You can see a ladder ahead and a cache beyond it on your L (SW).

Do a RJ+G to the ladder, shimmy to the L and around the corner but don't go up yet to reach the wooden ledge where the cache is. A tiny detour for a secret first.

Climb down then shimmy L around the corner. Continue as far as you can until you reach a (very) dark opening. Let go, light a flare, and pick up Secret #1 (and only): a shotgun and a large medipack. Turn around, walk to the edge then side-step R. Turn L then slightly R to face the ladder and do a SJ+G to it. Shimmy L then up after the corner.

Continue up so you're above the wooden ledge then shimmy L around the ladder and let go. Search the cache, opening the metallic door and dive from the ledge you're on.

Return to the ledge by the door and run through the latter, stopping at the edge of the short passage beyond. You're back by the river, standing in one of the inaccessible openings mentioned above. There's another one ahead across the river: do a RJ+G to pull up in it. Run along the passage and around the corners until you reach a small pool of clear water in a luxuriant outdoor area: you've made it to the Temple Gardens.

-- The Gardens

Objective: Enter the Haunted Temple

The Quest for the Crowbar

First off, take a look around. Apart from the pool itself, there are a couple of noticeable things in the area: an opening in the R (E) wall, currently blocked by rocks, and the imposing figure of the Haunted Temple outlined against the sky in the distance.

Dive in the pool and swim ahead to the farthest R corner: pick up the revolver ammo there then immediately turn R, swim ahead a bit then R and pull out of the water without looking back: you've just attracted a snake that's now swimming around the pool. Turn around and kill it from your safe dry location.

When it has disappeared for good, turn around again and run through the rocky passage to reach the Tree Area with a tree ahead (hence the name) and one of the Second Temple building to the L. Ignore both for now and go R (E) to pass an opening in the wall. Run along the passage to the end and look up: there's a jump-switch waiting to be flipped up on the wall. Proceed and get a camera shot of the passage near the entrance now rock-free.

Return to the Tree Area and draw your weapons: a cursed monk attacks from behind the tree. Take him down quickly then go to the edge of the pool.

Do a diagonal L (SE) SJ over the corner to land on the E side of the pool then go R to find the previously-blocked-by-a-rock opening. Run down the passage until you reach a greenery-covered small cave and locate the low CS ahead and to the L (SE). Crawl to the end and pick up the crowbar. Return to the pool then the Tree Area.

The Dragon Star

Go to the tree then L (W) toward the building and R (N). Run through the small opening ahead to enter a small room with four Dragon Dice, each of a different color, on an uneven floor and a high CS in the R (E) wall. You now have a puzzle to solve, which solution you'll find in the Spoilers Section at the end of this walkthrough. Once you're done, a block rises in the center of the room.

Pull up on it, turn toward the high CS, walk to the edge and do a SJ+G. Slip into the CS and crawl a bit until you can stand up. Pull up in the room above. That star-shaped thing on the wall is the Dragon Star.

Go pry it off with your newly found crowbar and immediately side-jump to avoid being hit by the darts that are now flying at you. The opening trapdoor sound you've just heard also means a spiked ball is now hanging from the ceiling at the center of the room. So turn around and cautiously make your way back to the CS, avoiding both traps by staying close to the wall. Time to find the Temple entrance.

To the Haunted Temple

Return to the Pool and go near the entrance of the rocky passage where you found the crowbar (E side of the pool). Position Lara to the R of the reed-like plant, facing the pool (W) and the emerged rock in its center and do a RJ to the latter. Walk to the far L and highest corner, hop back and do a RJ+G to grab the edge of the opposite side of the pool. Pull up.

Run ahead toward the passage going R and draw you weapons: you're getting close to your goal and a cursed monk is there to try and stop you from reaching it. Put him out of his misery (he's cursed, after all).

[There is a place in the passage where you can jump up and pull up to reach the upper level of the garden. Nothing wrong doing so but be warned that you won't find anything of interest up there]

Run along the passage he came from to reach a small area. The entrance of the Temple is right in front of you. Go place the Dragon Star in the Dragon Star Hole to open the nearby door and pass through the doorway: you're now in the Haunted Temple.

-- The Haunted Temple

Objectives: Find and use The Gem of Zhenren then make your way out of the Temple Inner Sanctum.

A Dangerous Path to the Inner Sanctum

Run to the end of the short corridor to reach a passage with a downward ramp to your R (E) and an upward one to your L (W).

Go R and downward first and draw your weapon of choice as soon as you see the little room at the bottom of the ramp: a cursed monk is patiently waiting down there but his patience will vanish as soon as he spots you. Kill him quickly and enter the little room.

Look up and to the far L corner (NW): there's a ceiling trapdoor up there so go under it, jump up and grab to open it. Run ahead to the wall and pull up into the room above.

Turn around (S). There's a switch to your L but first go pick up the shotgun normal ammo lying on the floor in the far R corner (SW). Now go to the switch and flip it to open a white door located at the top of the passage. Drop down in the room below then go up the passage.

Stop after the second corner: there's a hole in front of you and it's very much spiked-trapped. You can also spot a nice stargate beyond. SJ over the hole and cautiously walk to the stargate, stopping two steps away from it.

[Note: Make sure you haven't missed anything on your way from the First Temple (River, Garden and Haunted Temple entrance) since the way back will soon be cut off.]

Position Lara in the middle of the tile and turn L to face the wall with the stargate on your R. Side-jump R through the trap, taking off at the very same moment when the blades close for the second time. You should get through without a scratch.

Now simply pass the newly opened door, which will close behind you and will remain so. You've reached the Temple Inner Sanctum.

A Race Against The Not-So-Recently Departed

Run R (E) along the wooden balcony then L (N) at the junction. You can see 2 levers on high ledges, one on each side and a closed metallic door ahead. Run a bit further. Lara will start to look intently at a pretty green light suspended in mid-air. Take heed: it's still and asleep for now, but won't remain so forever.

Run further until you reach openings in the fence on both sides. Go to the R one first (E) and do a RJ to the lever ledge. Push the lever: you'll get a camera shot of a shiny something lying on a pedestal behind raised spikes. Return to the middle balcony with a RJ then the W lever with another one. Save and push the second lever: you're about to understand the true meaning of the word "haunted".

As soon as you push the lever, the pretty green light in the other side of the room awakes, revealing its true nature. You've just met The Ghost, and it won't let you alone until it kills you or vanish in the water. Problem being: there's no water around that you know of, so you'll pretty much have to perform your upcoming tasks with the pest on your tail. Needless to say, be as quick as possible and treat the following as though it were a timed-sequence.

For now, quickly sidestep L once, roll to turn around and drop down from the ledge you're on, briefly grabbing the edge to immediately let go. You still have some seconds left before the Ghost gets to you so take the time to hop back, turn L to face the closest wall, step back to the edge and hop back again to safely land on a high block below.

The Ghost is here now, so time to speed up. Turn R and run off the block to slide a bit on the sandy slope then rush diagonally L (NE) toward the short stairway and the pedestal. Spikes will spring up from the floor as you approach. Jump over them to land at the pedestal and pick up the Gem of Zhenren. Which you now have to put where it belongs.

Quickly hop back once then back-flip over the spiked step with a roll in mid-air, run ahead then R on the sandy slopes after the red wall. SJ over the slope, go L to the block and pull up on it. Do a RJ+G to the next higher block ahead. Pull up, run with a L curve and do a RJ to the third block. Keep running and RJ to the bridge with a slight L mid-air curve hitting Action at the very last moment to grab the edge. Pull up.

Turn L and sprint to the Gem of Zhenren Receptacle. Put the gem on it. You'll get a fly-by showing you that a hole has opened in the floor and the sand has poured into it. You don't know it yet, but salvation is beyond this hole, so let's hurry to it.

Roll and sprint to the other end of the bridge. Stop there, turn R, walk to the edge and do a SJ to the block. Immediately run with a R curve and do a RJ to the second one. SJ to the third, roll and hop back to land on the fourth and lower one (hold Action when hopping back and immediately release it before actually grabbing the edge to avoid landing beyond the block and lose health).

Side-jump L, run ahead then around the hole until you reach the side of the second pillar, facing the hole with a 45° angle toward the wall, and run off. You'll safely land on the highest point of the large sandy slope below.

Run ahead, slide on the slope then resume running and dive into the water without the slightest hesitation. The Ghost – faithful to tradition – will soon dive in turn and put an end to its miserable existence (probably not that fun to haunt a temple with grumpy cursed monks for only company). The Race is over.

-- Leaving the Valley

Objective: Find the Qi Ornament and leave the Temple.

A Spiky Situation

First off, pick up the small medipack to your L in the corner then swim up to surface and pull out of the water. Go open the small brown door to the N, enter the room beyond and flip the switch in the far R corner, opening two doors in the nearby room.

Back-flip and draw your weapon to shoot down one more cursed monk who was alerted by your last action. When he's dead, enter the nearby room to the W then pass the L open door (S).

There's a closed door in the far R corner (SW) and a lever in an alcove on the opposite side of the room, but the way to it is currently blocked by a set of spikes. To get rid of them, you'll have to solve a little puzzle which solution you'll find in the Spoilers Section at the end of this walkthrough. Once it's solved, you'll have access to the lever.

Run to it and push it to open the nearby door. Go pass through the latter and pick up the Qi Ornament on the floor. Return to the Spikes Room and pass the door to your L (W). Go L (S) and put the Qi Ornament on the Qi Ornament Table. A fly-by shows you that the door at the end of the upper bridge in the Inner Sanctum is now open. You now have to find a way back to reach it.

The Way Out

Turn around and run to the other side of the room then past the opening to the R (E). One more cursed monk is there to block your way (they'll never learn, will they?) so dispatch him quickly then return to the sandy slopes near the water, crossing the two other rooms on your way.

A door is now open at the end of the passage up in the far R corner (SW). Reach it by climbing up the slopes and SJing over them when needed. Pass it to find a ladder directly to your R (W). Climb up to the top, pull up and go R in the passage to find another ladder at the end on your R (E). Climb again and pull up into the upper passage.

Go L this time and notice the transparent part of the wall. It's not only transparent but also very much intangible so run through it to find yourself on the top of the second pillar in the Inner Sanctum. Do a R diagonal RJ to the first one and another RJ to the lower bridge, hitting Action to grab the edge, and pull up.

Run ahead (E) up the stairway then climb on the block at the end. Turn around, step back to the edge and do a RJ+G to the upper balcony. You're almost there.

Run R (W) then R (N) at the junction and cross the upper bridge to eventually pass the open metallic door at the end. Run a bit further and slide down the slopes to leave this doomed place and end the level.

==== In this level, you should have found...
Enemies: Snakes, Cursed Monks, The Ghost
Items of note: Revolver, Yin Stone, Laser-Sight, Yang Stone (+ Yin Stone = Tai-Chi Stone), Crowbar, Dragon Star, Gem of Zhenren, Qi Ornament
1 Secret
some Traps - 1 timed-sequence

== Spoilers Section ==

Solution to the Movable Dice Puzzle

Quick hint:

Although there is no matching colored tile in the room, there is only one spot you can move each dice to.


Move each dice to the next tile, going clockwise.

(resume walkthrough)

Solution to the Spikes Puzzle

Quick solution:

Walk on the tiles one at a time as they become safe to eventually get rid of all the spikes.

Detailed Solution:
Screenshot of initial positions

- First go to the tile after the opening, then on tile B right to it: Spikes lower on tiles F & G
Screenshot of current positions

- Go to tile C (next to the R) to lower the spikes on tile D
Screenshot of current positions

- Go to tile E (center one) to lower the spikes on tile I, going over tile F on your way.
Screenshot of current positions

- Go to tile D then G to lower the spikes on tile H and give you access to the lever.
Screenshot of final positions

(resume walkthrough)