Expedition for the Amulet of Horus

Level by Lukasz Croft (December, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Start by sliding down a slope into a cave. There is no compass but go forward and drop into a hole. The camera view changes and you are in another cave. Run around until the camera view changes. Hop onto some rocks and go left to see a square on a wall. This is a reach-in switch. Reach in and turn around to climb a block. Pull up onto a grate into another cave. Watch out for beetles and go to the other end. Notice a floor lever mounted on the side of the cave wall. Weird decoration! Climb up into an opening to the right of the lever. Get into a crawl space and climb down the other side into a trench. Hop over a blade traps and enter a room at the end of the trench. Shoot the nearest vase for a torch and light it on the wall torch. Shoot the far vase for Uzi ammo. Enter the next room and walk on the two colorful tiles on the floor. The door opens up besides a statue and two dogs awake. Kill the two dogs and go into a corner for flares. Light a flare and go to the opposite corner for blue shotgun shells and pass a gate needing two items.

Take the lit torch and enter the open gate and slide down to the bottom. Go left and get a cut scene of the slope you just went down. Go left and pick up a Red Star and light the wall torch. Watch out for a spike trap below a crawl space. Go to the other end of the room and light a wall torch. Drop the torch there and go to the other end and hop onto a block that has risen. Grab the monkey swing and use it to get to the crawl space above the spike trap. Crawl to the end and get secret #1. Pick up revolver ammo from the pedestal and flares, Uzi ammo and a large medipack from the floor. Wait for bat to fly in from the crawl space and kill the bat. Go back down the crawl space and drop safely at the end because the spiked are gone. Kill a scorpion and go to the far end of the room to press a button. The door above the button will open. Get inside and kill a dog. Shoot the vases and pick up another Red Star. Exit and kill two dogs. Pick up the torch and bring it with you as you jump back up the stairs that have replaced the slide. If you only have half steps and half slide go into the corner beside the wall torch and risen block. The trigger for the second part of the steps seems to be in that area.

Use the two Red Stars and the gate opens. Kill the dog that charges at you. Enter the room, drop the torch and go the right. Climb into a room to kill a scorpion and pick up blue shotgun shells and the shotgun. Climb back up and go towards the lava. Hop down and follow the ledges on the left. On the other side go to the right and into a doorway. Pick up Uzi's from a pedestal.  Go forward but watch out for floor blades.  As you approach a ledge, kill a blue harpy that attacks. Go left and pull the two switches on the left wall. Drop into the pit and pick up red shotgun shells. Go to the end with two vases and shoot them. Pick up a small medipack and pull the switch. Go to the other end of the room. Pick up blue shotgun shells and pull the switch on the column. Go behind the column to pull a fifth switch. Use the ladder in the corner to climb back up. Go back around to the left and face to spikes. Stand jump to grab the spike ledge. Then shimmy to the right while losing health. Pull up and sprint through the open gate as more spikes pop up. On the other side, jump to the middle section to kill a ninja, Turn around and kill another blue harpy. Pick up the Ba Cartouche (winged item) from the pedestal and notice a door opening in the left wall (or right depending how you are facing the pedestal).

Jump into the hole and the music changes dramatically and you get a cut scene of the two bulls. Run to the block between them and use the Ba Cartouche. Back flip a few times to avoid the bulls. Turn and go to either risen block. Climb up to another column and jump to grab a rope. Swing about four or five times and jump into an opening in a wall. Be sure to have full health. I lost a lot of health and if you are below half-health, you will probably die. Go forward and crawl under a wall. You cannot get back through the hole. In the next room, go to the right for Uzi's, shoot two vases and pick up flares. Go forward and pick up red shotgun shells. Go around pass a ninja behind a gate. Shoot two vases and pick up a shotgun. Continue and pick up a small medipack. Now, back at the start, go to the right to pick the Amulet of Horus off a pedestal. The gate opens and also two mummies appear. Kill a ninja at the gate, a ninja near the room entrance, and a ninja at the back of the tunnel behind the gate. Avoid the mummies and enter the tunnel. Dive into the red water and swim. Avoid the crocodile and swim to the end of the tunnel as the level ends.

The author states that there are two secrets but I only found one of them.