Level by Artefactor

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Watch the opening title that has four skeletons either trying to chop down a tree or fight each other.

Slide down a hill and follow the path. Around a corner kill a snake. Go to the path's end and get a flyby of the area showing the castle front with stags walking pass it. Approach the water hole and kill a snake. If you dive into the water and follow the hole at the bottom, you will find two locked doors. Approach the door and kill a snake  and two vultures. There are three timed switches and be careful of the spiked floor in front of them. Pull the right one and run back to the water hole. Dive in, go right and right and follow the tunnel through and open gate. Turn back and try to lure the two snakes  back to the water hole so they can be killed. There are also flares  to find on the tunnel floor and swim forward around the corner to see a second gate. Go back to the switches and the box. Push the box to the north. Then pull the right switch and then pull the center switch. Roll and Jump over the spikes and run for the water. If you make both gates pull the underwater lever on the wall behind the second gate. You get a cut scene of the box and switches. Get back and go there. Pull the box back south one tile. This is a real tight run. If you get a cut scene of an underwater door opening, just wait until the switch resets and try again. Pull the switch, roll and jump with a right curve over the spikes. Sprint to the water and dive into the hole. Go left, right, left and right through the timed gate. Pull the underwater lever on the wall and get a cut scene of the box and switches. Go back there and see that a trap door has been opened in front of the box.

Get in and go through a crawl space to enter a room with a water hole and swinging chains. Pick up the shotgun  and the shotgun shells  from the floor near the water hole. Dive into the water and swim through a tunnel into a room. Swim north and pick up a Yellow Key. Exit the door to the west and swim back outside. Go back into the trap door and return to the room with the chains. A fire is guarding the key lock next to the door to the north. At the last chain, go east and pull up into a tunnel. Enter a room and kill three scorpions. Notice that some floor tiles have black dots on them to warn you of the spikes. Make you way to the door to the east and ignore the block ahead of you. Enter a corridor and go north. The block to the west cannot be moved and can be ignored anyway. Push the east box in until you can enter the room. Go to its side and pull it south and push it out of your way. Get behind the block into an alcove and press the button on the wall. Now go south and see a movable block in the south-west corner. Pull it out and get behind it. Enter the crawl space for secret #1 and a small medipack. Exit this room and climb the ladder on the north wall now that the door at the top is open. Go north into a crawl space for Uzi ammo. Go south and use the monkey swing to get to the ladder on the other side of the room. Climb down the ladder and enter the south tunnel.

Enter and climb the ladder on the east wall. Near the top back flip to a column with two burning pots. When you land the pots go out. Get down, run north into the tunnel and jump the spikes. Go west down the tunnel to the chain room and use the key to open the gate. Enter the tunnel and go to the right. You exit on a balcony at the top of a room.  Go to the right to shoot a vase for a large medipack. The other vase has nothing. Safety drop to the ground floor. Avoid the two mummies  and go to the alcoves on the north and south walls to press a button. Exit and go east to climb the stairs and pull up into a tunnel. There are four other alcoves in this room but they seem to contain only empty vases to shoot. Follow to another room and you can shoot some empty boxes. The way out is the hole in the south wall. But first go to the end in the north-east corner and pull up into a crawl space. Get secret #2 and Uzi ammo. Get down, avoid the three mummies  and drop into the hole in the south wall. Go east and climb some blocks. You enter a room with a tunnel ending with a closed gate and two tunnels protected by cigar cutter traps. Go north and get the crossbow. Go south and get two crossbow normal ammo  and a small medipack.

Go into the east tunnel and press the button. The gate opens and you get a flyby of the inside of the church. Go north and see a closed gate to the west of the steps. Go up the steps to the pulpit. There is a closed gate to the north-west, a hole to the north, and a tunnel to the east. Enter the east tunnel and then a crawl space. When you can stand up, pull up to a room and pick up the laser sight. Exit back to the pulpit and go to the back of the main church. Look north and shoot the four vases high on the north wall. The gate on the pulpit opens so enter it. Go up the ramp and climb a block to pick up a Key. Get back down and go to the gate at the south-east. As you approach the locked gate two scorpions  attack. Use the key and the gate opens. Enter and go east until a junction. Go north a little and a ball rolls down and drops in a pit in front of you. Jump the pit and go north. Turn around and run back as another ball falls towards you. That just gets some balls out of your way for later. Go back to the junction and go east. Go see a closed gate near a hole.

Drop in the hole and kill a snake. Go east to the large vase and kill two dogs. Notice a closed door to the north. Go back west and enter another north branch. Avoid the mummy and get into the crawl space. At the end pick up crossbow explosive ammo. Crawl out and get rid of a mummy. Exit and go to the south-east and kill a snake  in the water. In the next east section kill a mummy. Go west and see a closed gate to the north. Go south and shoot the two vases so you get around the spike traps. Enter the room and notice an opening above your head. First go straight to kill a mummy. Go straight and pick up shotgun shells. Return and go east down some stairs to shoot vases for flares. Return and go west to kill a snake. There is more to explore but first return to the section with the hole in the ceiling. Pull up and go north. Jump over the hole and go pass a ladder on the right. At a T-junction go right to pick up a shotgun. You are on the other side of the gate you saw. In the reverse direction is a drop into some water so go back to the ladder. Climb down and shoot the box. Shoot the large vase and pull the timed switch behind it. You get a cut scene of a gate opening at the end of some water. Climb the ladder and back flip to the tunnel. Go north and follow to the left to fall into some water. Swim west and run through the door. Be careful because if you fall into the pit in the middle a falling ball will crush you. Turn left and pick up shotgun shells  and crossbow explosive ammo.

Notice a gem receptacle on the right side. Ignore the skeleton and safety drop to the floor. Just go around the floor area and shoot three vases for two crossbow normal ammo  and flares. Find a block, hop onto it and press a button. Go out the exit to the south. Hop down into the pit to kill four scorpions  and pick up shotgun shells. Climb the ledge and go east up the stairs. Turn around and shoot a vase at the top of the column. Go east and kill a mummy. Go back to the hole in the ceiling and the ladder and the timed switch. Do the previous timed run again. This time shoot the skeleton  and jump to his column. Jump and grab a crevice on the south wall. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Stand jump and grab a column to the north. Back flip to a slope in the north-west. Slide and grab to pull up. Back flip, roll and grab a column to the west. Pull up and shoot the skeleton. Run and jump to a short column in the south-east. The taller column is deadly. Shoot the skeleton  off the column to the south-west and jump there. Jump into the hole in the west wall and follow it to a column. Climb the ladder on the north wall. Kill two dogs  and pick up a small medipack  and a pink gem. Get down and go east all the way and then south to a closed door.

Use the gem and the door opens. Go inside and pick up Uzi's  and go down the stairs. Go north to notice a fire on some stairs but also a gate to the upper left. Go south pass four locked gates. Enter an alcove on the right for flares. Enter the next opening and emerge into a room with a pool. Kill the three snakes  and dive into the pool. Pull the underwater lever and get a cut scene of the fire going out at the top of the stairs. Get out of the water and go there. As you go up the stairs, look north at the ceiling. You should see a large vase in an alcove near the ceiling. Shoot it and the door to the left opens. Get inside for secret #3. At the end shoot the vase for a large medipack. Get back down and move the blocks. Push in the left block two tiles. Get behind the right block and push it north two tiles. Pull back the left block two tiles. Side jump over the corner and push the left block back to the entrance. Keep moving back the right blocks until you get near the end. Push the left block north as far as possible. Pull back the last right block and go behind it for a button. Push the button and exit back to outside the blocks. You may have to put all the blocks back and also kill a snake.

All four gates are open. The north gate has a snake and an empty vase. The south gate has a vase and two Uzi clips. The middle two rooms have empty vases. Go back and up the stairs. A block has risen underneath a pole to the north. Climb the pools and back flip to a ledge. Climb down the ladder on the other side and look west. Go up the slopes carefully as rolling balls fall down. Go up the stairs and pick up the purple gem. Slowly walk south as another falling ball rolls in front of you. Jump down the slope and at the end jump over the pit as another ball rolls behind you. Go east again and into the pit. You remember where the timed door was at the bottom of the ladder, don't you. Well go there and use it. Get into the timed door and this time jump to the gem receptacle. Use the gem and get a cut scene of a door opening.  Jump and grab a crevice on the south wall. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Stand jump and grab a column to the north. Back flip to a slope in the north-west. Slide and grab to pull up. Back flip, roll and grab a column to the west. Pull up and jump to the open gate in the north-east.

Enter the doorway. Go forward and left into some water. Lure the three snakes  and then kill them. Then dive to the bottom to pull an underwater lever. You get a cut scene of a gate opening off the stairs. Get out of the water and climb the stairs until you find the gate to the west. Enter and shoot a vase to the left for shotgun shells. Go to the south-west corner. There is an opening in front of you and another in the water. If you go into the upper opening, you reach a closed gate in front of an open area. Go into the water tunnel and lure out two snakes  to kill. Hop to the south side of the central column and press a button and get a cut scene of a trap door opening. Swim into the underwater tunnel. Go down, right, follow the tunnel, down, right and up to a ceiling tunnel. Follow this tunnel and find the trap door. Pull up into an outdoor area and go south. Kill two vultures  and pick up a Key  and a small medipack  from an altar. You are on the other side of the gate you saw earlier. Every time I went towards the gate from this side, the game crashed to the desktop. Swim back to the area with the central column and go back to the stairs. Go up the stairs some more until you reach a door with a key lock.

Use the key to open the door and follow the tunnel to drop onto a ledge high above the church. There is a ledge to the east for later. Shoot the two skeletons  from the chandeliers. Jump the chandeliers to the other side. Enter the opening and push a button on the back wall. Exit back over the chandeliers and into the east tunnel. Pass the gate that you just opened. Climb down the ladder and near the bottom, back flip into a room. Use the switch and use the ladder to climb down and fall into a pool. Pull up and go west back into the church. Go to the open door in the north-west corner near the stairs. Pull the block to the obvious center of the floor. Exit and go up the stairs to the pulpit. Get into the hole at the north wall and the gate is open. Follow the tunnel north and get a flyby stating "THE END".