Jungle Escapade

Level by David Potts (Scion) (January, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] This level is small and simple but at the end, you have saved the lives of eight endangered tigers. Unless you are the type of person who kills everything. The purpose of this walkthrough is to basically add to the TRLE walkthrough count. [End note]

Slide down and approach the gate and it opens. Run down the tunnel and enter an area with a platform. Go east onto the platform and drop into a hole for the shotgun and grenade normal ammo. Go west down a tunnel and in the next area climb the blocks on the south side. At the top, jump to the pillar on the north side and the gate opens. There seems to be a pole nearby, but it is not a pole. Enter the west gate and stop at a ledge.  Use the rope to swing across the gap and the gate opens for you. Enter and go up the steps to the top. Slide down and at the bottom, jump to other ledge. Jump the second gap and get into the crawl space. As you stand up, two gates open and four tigers charge at you. Just run to the west pass the tigers and pull up onto a block out of their reach. Climb the platform and see four tigers in a pit. Again, ignore them and just go west and jump a gap. Climb down a block and jump into the hole in the south wall. Slide down and jump the pit. Climb the back ledges and go east through a trench. Go south to climb a ledge. Jump the gap north to another ledge. Then jump east to a single column. Jump east to a lower ledge and go north-east into the opening. Go south and mount the four-wheel bike from the north side. Drive through the valley and watch out for two jumps. At the end, drive into the temple and the level ends.