Hunting on Enemy

Level by Lukasz Croft (January, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Start by sliding down a ramp. There is no compass. Go right and left then run down another ramp into a warehouse. Kill a dog and a guard that approach. Look left to a column with a jump switch. Climb the top box closest to it and jump and pull it. When you drop, roll and see a truck. The gate to the left of the truck has opened. Before you go there, climb back on the boxes and jump the brown boxes to the left of the jump switch. Pick up a crowbar from the top of the left box. Get down and kill a guard. Enter the open gate to kill a guard and pick up a Yellow Fuse and blue shotgun shells. As you exit shoot the fence and box in the right corner. Crawl up there for blue shotgun shells. There is a moving wall that pushes you back into the room but with a little timing you can jump pass it and back into the warehouse. As you exit the room you have to kill another guard and pick up the red shotgun shells that he drops. Go to the other side of the truck and climb the boxes at the wall to pick up the revolver. Face into the room and shoot a box on the red-lit structure in front of you. Jump to the structure and open the small chest on it for another Yellow Fuse. Get down and run around the structure to find a place for the two Yellow Fuses. Use them and a white gate opens behind you.  Go inside and at the back, kill a guard and pick up red shotgun shells. Dive into the water for the Uzi's and notice a closed gate.

Exit back into the warehouse and notice a place for a key to your left. Use a short box to climb onto the red boxes to the left. Shoot a box for a small medipack. Look over the second truck to a blue structure with the word Fuel on it. Go there and shoot the small boxes for a large medipack and the large box for Uzi ammo. Jump back to the brown boxes and the structure underneath the helicopter. When you are there save before you try to get the key. I got stuck in the slope and could not move. Pick up the key and get down. Shoot and guard and go to the back of the room to use the key. Go forward to the ramp where you entered the warehouse and go left to an open gate. You hear the secret sound and secret #1 is registered. Go right and pick up Uzi ammo behind a snow slope. Continue in the right direction and turn left at the wall. Shoot two guards high on a hill. Go to the right of them to kill a bat and pick up flares. As you leave some white insects take some health from you. Exit that area and go right to kill another bat and a guard at ground level. Continue until you find a pool of water. Pick up revolver ammo near the edge. From here you can climb the ledge and the two guards were on. Pick up blue shotgun shells but white beetles attack you. Jump down and exit this area and back to the warehouse.

Go back to the pool behind the white doors. You picked up Uzi's at one end of the pool. At the opposite end is an underwater lever. Pull it the gate opens. Swim inside and follow the tunnel to another underwater lever. Pull it and a trap door opens and you pull up into a slightly flooded room. Turn right and pick up a shotgun in front of the toilet. Go behind the large brown barrel (or machine) and use the crowbar on a floor switch. A gate opens in the wall to your right. The guard in orange to your left just ignores you. However he does follow you into the tunnel and tried to shoot the dogs but got stuck at a wall. Enter the room and go to the left around the snow mound and kill three dogs. Notice a closed black gate to your left. Go behind the brick structure to a water pool behind it. Kill the fish in the pool and dive in. In one corner you can pick up a key. Get out and go to the front of the brick structure. Kill two guards and use the key in the middle of the wall panels. Go back to the black gate that is now open. Climb down but there is nothing there so climb back up and go behind the brick structure. There is a ladder in the middle of it. Climb the ladder to the helicopter and the level ends

[Note] The author states that there are two secrets in the level but I only found one of them. [End note]