Sophia's Base

Author: Bag

Walkthrough by OBig


Sophia relieves Lara of the Blue Stone of Life. Lara travels to London, then she takes the subway to retrieve the stone from a base where Sophia once worked. She is hoping to make it. Well, this is the adventure that is waiting for you.


This level is a great adventure. Sophia has once again stolen something precious, the Blue Stone of Life. We have to regain it. We are adventuring in a base, in London. We have to fight against gunmen, dogs, zombies that can be shoot down, robots, and (from a good idea) small submarines on our way. And at the end we have to dispatch her again. Kurtis is also there; he doesn't help much, but sometimes he's in the way. We have to collect 4 Stars, and the revolver-lasersight and the crowbar have also important roles. At some places we have to be careful where to shoot enemies, because if they drop the crowbar or the ignition key under a drink-automat or a jeep, you won't be able to pick them up. Of course it can be seen sometimes that this is the first level of the 12 years young author, but I also appreciate it, because he made a great adventure. There are no really hard parts on the level, it is an easy challenge. There are also sounds added. There's nothing extra with the textures, but they suit the environment. I liked the subway-part too. There are three secrets, where we can also pick up Breast Plates that have no use on the level. We can find lots of weapons, and medipacks either. I had to use one, because there are also inevitable injuries. I'm sure we will yet see great levels from the new author. Congratulations, Bag!


Don't hurt Kurtis, he's an ally. You can shoot him though, but he's bullet-proof. He's just a beholder on the level, and sometimes also an obstacle.

Shoot the crates, pick up some ammo and the Pistol. Also get some ammo from the Cola-automats, as well as the binoculars and the compass. In the small pool you can find the lasersight, and on the top of the subway-train there is the shotgun. Don't even leave the glass of drink behind - these are the small medipacks on this level.

At the end of the train, at the wall, you can find a padlock. You can shoot it while crouching, and so you won't have to come back here with the revolver. This opens the door of a secret. Jump over the rails to the left, shoot out the gratings, crawl through the crawlspace, and you can pick up ammo, a medipack, the UZI and a Breast Plate (that has no use) at the 1st secret.

Now you can go up from the platform through the door that was disrupted by the rolling rock. Go up the slope and climb the chain from where the rock was fallen down. At the top jump backward and you can pick up the Key. Climb down and follow your way; be careful at the fiery floor tiles. At the corner, from the top of the drink-automat get the Grenade Gun that is masked as a hand grenade. At the end of the passage open the door and enter the big hangar.

Here, until you don't hurt them, don't draw you weapons, the gunmen and dogs won't hurt you. But if you need ammo, shoot them down, because they have. You decide: peace or war.

Jump into the water at the pillar in front of you and find the revolver. Climb out of the water, you'll have to come back here later, when the door opens: it covers a secret. At the entrance, climb up onto the pillar. Turn right and perform a running jump to the next. Pick up the UZI. Jump to the next pillar where you can pick up ammo, then after turning to the left, runjump onto the lower one. Climb the other pillar and use the ladder to get to across to the next. Turn right and bring out your binoculars. Take a good look at the wall. You can see a switchbox with a red button. Combine the revolver and the lasersight and shoot it; this opens the door. Jump into the passage.

At the end of the corridor, light a flair and slide down the long slope. Jump at the end and grab the block in front of you. Climb up, because there is a mummy down, and the floor tiles are also burning. Climb the high ladder, go through the passage, crawl through the crawlspace, and after shooting out the grating, climb down into the passage of the base.

Kill the gunman, but carefully so he won't fall into the drink-automat, because you won't be able to pick up the crowbar. Follow the passage, and you can take a codecard from another gunman. You can also pick up the MP5 from the destroyed crate. Open the grating, then in the big pool shoot the small submarines so that they won't disturb you later. Go straight ahead, upstairs, shoot the gunmen, pick up the ammo. To the left, in the corner, there is a shelf. Pull it. Behind it, you can go through the wall and you can find ammo and medipack in the 2nd secret - and a Breast Plate. Two mummies are guarding the secret, but they can be shot down. Outside in the room, shoot the small monitor on the small cases, and you can also pry off the door of the toilet to find some supply. The shooting of the small monitor opens a door in the big pool, so go back there.

Shoot the two robots to the left on the shore, and the newly appeared submarines. Jump into the water, swim through the open door and all the way through the long passage. Climb out of the water on the other shore, shoot down the gunman, take his ammo, then shoot the crate on the other side too. This opens a door where after climbing down you got the crowbar. Go through the open door, shoot another small monitor, and pull the movable crate. There is a grating behind that you have to shoot out. Crawl through the crack and pry off the 1st Star of the wall. While going outside, you have to face another gunman. After killing him go back to the pool, and head to the right through the opened grating.

Kill the dog and go out to the other subway-platform. Shoot the robot, then the gunman, and pry off the 2nd Star and also pick up the ammo. Head to the right, to the rails. Be careful, after some steps hurry back until the train goes by. Now you can follow your way along the wall on the right side until noticing a crawlspace in the wall covered by a grating. Shoot it out and climb up.

Shoot the rats and climb the high ladder. Shoot out the grating there as well, the kill another rats and crawl through the small crack, but only to the propeller. When you reached it, jump, so that you'd lose less health. Shoot the small case on the other side, and another propeller will start whirling. This is easier, jump over it following a running jump and you will get injured only a little bit. Crawl into the air duct and follow to the other side in the dark, shoot the grating and you'll reach a garage. Here you have to be careful where to shoot the gunman, because he has the ignition key. If you shoot him when he's at a car, he may drop it under it and you won't be able to pick it up. Shoot the mummy too out of sheer habit, then also the lock on the wooden door. At the end of the passage fill your health-bar, because a high fall comes next, and also a gunman will shoot at you immediately. When you reach the ground, pick up the ammo and pry the 3rd Star off the wall.

Going to the left, you'll get back to the hangar. But unfortunately now you have to kill all gunmen and the dog if you haven't taken them out before. Head to the right and pry the 4th Star off the capsized jeep and also take the ammo from its top. Jump into the water, because the door finally opened there, and after swimming through you can pick up ammo, a medipack and a Breast Plate at the 3rd secret. The way back leads under a propeller. Look for the small car waiting for you in the hangar, and get in. Drive back between the two trucks, up the slope, then get out at the closed grating.

Put the 4 Stars into the receptacles in order to open the door. Get in the car and drive up the slope, and at the top and hit the gunman on the right. Follow to the left, all the way through the passage, and without stopping josh over the gap. Hit the gunman also on the other side and you can leave the car behind; you'll not need it anymore.

Slide down the slope, pick up the ammo on the left, and at the end of the passage climb the ladder. You get to the helicopter. Sophia is already waiting for you on the other side. Go and kill her, take her codecard and, of course, regain what she has stolen, the Blue Stone of Life. Pry the door on the right. Shoot another monitor and use the codecard at the wall. Climb the ladder and jump to the corner onto another pillar. Get across the room to the left, then jump and grab the chain. Slide down into the deep, into the elevator shaft. Shoot out the grating, crawl through the crack, through the passage, and you can finally crawl into the train that leaves with you. Open its door using the crowbar, and you can go out to the platform. Head to the door, and this great adventure ends. Lara can return home.


Translated by Lacek