Level by Tombcool

Walkthrough by Yoav

Santa Monica

Start in an alley with a red Renault car. Go forward toward the main street and cross to other side, take a short looking in the fountain place, then turn right and see the trapdoor in the ground. At the moment you can leave it as you'll have to come back here later. Turn around and follow the street, cross the next street and climb up to the alley ahead for key hole and closed gate. Back down the street and turn left, go straight ahead where in the right side is a bus station and further in both alley sides a car parking. Keep toward the ramp and shortly you load the next level.

Kinky and Kuddly Club

Wow, what cool music! In the club see the breakable tile at the middle of the dancing square. Step onto it, then climb down into the boxes room. Open the door and pass to passage with a few doors from both sides. Open the first door from your left and enter the room with two big mammary posters!! Hmm, then kick in the blue wooden board and crawl into a secret place, get the medipack. Back down the passage and open the door in front of you, enter to empty urinal and so the next room with one toilet. Go and open the left door and enter an office just for looking at a pretty woman, then back down the passage. Open the last door and follow downstairs into a torture room. See in front of you there is a set of scales, notice that you need only 1 liter of water.

Back up to the club and head toward the wall with the ladder and climb up to the seating place around the club. Notice that you'll be able to jump onto the scaffolding and step safely above the dancing square. Look for the Small Waterskin in one of the four holes. Nothing else to do up here so back down to the dancing square.

At this point go toward the door to load again the Santa Monica level. Return back to pull up the trapdoor you left before. Drop into the hole to load the next level.


Open the door ahead and kill the big rat. Head left along the grate wall and open the next door. Enter the office and open the cupboard for the Large Waterskin. Keep to the next door and open it, see in front of you two shallow water pools, turn left and follow the flowing water that falls into the deadly pool. Look left for climbable wall, grab the edge of the ledge you are standing on and move to the right wall, then climb up into the crawlspace for secret place. Pick up flares and medipack, then back again to the ledge you came from. Proceed around the pools, notice for key hole and closed gate. Head toward the next door and turn left into a large passage with four doors.

Open the door from the left and enter a room with cupboard, take two medipacks and kill the big rat. Get outside and open the next door, enter into empty dining room. Proceed further and open the next door from the left and enter to big place with three waterfalls and three ropes above a deadly water pool.

Back to the passage and open the next door that has (!) tile above. Ahead is a deadly water pool with few breakable tiles and closed gate at the top of the block in the front wall. Look for jumpswitch in the right wall. Go over there and take standjump onto the breakable tile, turn face toward the jumpswitch, jump hang and pull it down. You drop onto a block below, turn around and jump forward onto the next tile and another jump onto the next one. Quickly jump forward, grab the climbable block and climb up onto it. Pick up the flares and then push the lever to create explosion to cause the water to pump into the drainage hole at the bottom. Climb down to the bottom and light flare, see the climbable part of the wall in front of you and climb up back the passage.

Enter again the room you've been to before, notice the same thing happening here, too. Use the three ropes to reach the faraway dried waterfall and climb down to the left side bottom for secret place, light a flare and see a hole in the ground, drop into it and get the flares. Climb up back to the top of the dried waterfall and use again the ropes back to the other side. From here drop and grab the edge, shimmy left or right, look for the ladder to climb down to the bottom. Go toward the opening between the grate walls and climb down toward the bottom below. When you reach the large opening, just drop down and grab the edge below and pull up inside. Go forward, crawl into the hole turn around and drop down. Crawl into the next opening and toward the faraway lighting turn around and drop into the slope below. Slide down along the slope, jump above the traps, head forward.

Save the game as it's not easy to pass the passage. At the right moment go through the killing trapdoor, run forward before the flame line on the floor ahead will turn on and pass the next killing trapdoor. Stand onto the closed grate, then look up and see the spiked ceiling along the passage ahead. Also notice for two electric boxes on the left wall. Simply head into the passage and when the spiked ceiling will move down turn around and go back to stand onto the closed grate. Wait until the ceiling will disappear and now you can easily go and shoot on the two electric boxes. Pull down the switches to open the grate, then head toward the end of the passage and pick up the Pipe Control Key. Jump into the hole you opened and take a swimming along the underwater passageway and back to the shallow water pools.

Now is the time to get the 1 liter of water you need for the scales. Fill the large waterskin (5 liters), combine with the small waterskin and empty it. You have now 2 liters in the large, combine again with the small and fill the large 5 liters. Combine the large with the small, you have now 4 liters in the large. Empty the small and then combine the large with the small again, you are left with 1 liter of water you needed. Notice as it's not the time to get back to the club and use the liter at the scales!!!

However, back to the key hole you saw earlier and use the Pipe Control Key to open the gate nearby. Open the next door and go stand in front of the opening ball. Press on the CTRL button on your keyboard. The ball will close on Lara and will start rolling down along the tunnel into a short passage. Indeed a cool effect that we've not seen yet in other levels. Anyway, pick up the Piece of Mosaic Painting, then a few steps forward and load the next level.

Santa Monica

You are back to the Santa Monica level. Go forward along the street back to the Kinky and Kuddly Club level. Back down the scales use the 1 liter and get the balance scales. Prepare yourself as two giants are attacking from the back. Killing them both is not easy, especially when they behave like Tarzan!! Well, you must finish with them as they will drop flares and most important the Chinese Theater Front Door Key. Make your way back to the Santa Monica level street, climb up into the alley with the key hole. Use there with the key to open the gate and go through it to load the next level.

Abandoned Chinese Theater

You are under attack by Lara's old enemy Sophia. Run forward between the stairs and take cover, then shoot on the crate for the rocket launcher, super explosive ammo and medipack. Your mission is to kill Sophia and it's not going to be easy. Load the rocket launcher with super explosive ammo, then climb up the stairs and start shooting on Sophia. Three or four super explosive ammo will be enough to send her to hell, then pick up the Piece of Mosaic Painting she will drop. Place the two Pieces at their receptacles to open the door at the middle. Drop outside onto a ledge and grab the glider (zip line), fly down and load the next level.

Urban Street Alley

Lara is standing on a ledge between two key holes and a brown door. Jump forward over the ledge ahead and open the door. Enter to a short passage with two bedrooms from both sides. Open the door from the left for medipack and then open the next door for HK47 ammo. Back to the ledge and take jump toward the next ledge below, turn around and jump toward the ledge with the dead corpse for another HK47 ammo. From here drop down to the alley and notice at the west side in the end there is movable block in the wall. Leave it a while and head east, see the hole in the ground.

Climb down to the passage below and go forward, pass on the first closed door, pick up the flares and HK47 ammo, then open the second door. Enter the room, something very bad happened here as there're four dead people. Go back to the first door, open it and enter to torture room. Climb into the opening and crawl forward, turn left and see the hole in the grate. Keep crawling a little forward and turn to the right, get the flares and more HK47 ammo from the dead corpse. Back to the hole in the grate and drop into another torture room. Don't push the lever yet!! First pull inside the room the hidden block in the wall, then push it to left side to expose new passage. Now push the lever and quickly jump back into the passage to avoid from the spiked wall. Follow the passage and soon you have to deal with an evil person dressed in black who has a hook hand. Kill him and take his Santa Monica Suite Key. Move to the end of the passage and climb up back to the room with the four dead people. From here back to the passage outside the room and climb up the alley above.

Now go west and pull out the block from the wall nearby the blue door. Enter the passage, pick up the flares and medipack on your way, then press on the button. Climb up to the third ledge and enter the room you opened, there're three statues. Pull/push each statue in each corner with the tiles when the face of the statues must turn toward room. Go to the first ledge under the ledge with the dead corpse. Enter the room you just opened and pick the second Santa Monica Suite Key from the pile of books on the floor. Pick up more HK47 ammo, then climb up to the beginning ledge. Use the both keys to open the brown door and follow to the end to load the next level.

Abandoned Apartment

You start the level on the roof. Go around the block and take the HK47 Gun with more ammo from the dead corpse left, then pull up the trapdoor and drop down into the first apartment. You are in a large bedroom with three closed doors. Open the door in front of you and enter the kitchen, nothing to do. Go right and open the next door, enter the bathroom for secret place. Light a flare and see the crawlspace, crawl inside and pick up the HK47 ammo. Go left and open the door, get out to a short passage, see the keyhole near the door. Now open the door and see there is a closed gate right behind it, you open this gate later when you find the key.

Open the next door and enter the next apartment. Take a short tour in the kitchen and in the dressing room, then get the flares near the piano. Open the last door and enter the bathroom and get the small medipack from the shower stall. Proceed a little forward toward the red symbol; there's a hidden crawlspace. Crawl into the dark and when you reach the end, turn and climb down into the dark maze.

Light a flare and follow me, take care from the smoke, otherwise you lose health. Go straight, turn right at the second turning, then left, turn right and later left, you come to a large space. Turn left and you see red lighting, proceed further and near the corpse you see the Occult Key. Before you'll be able to pick it up you have to deal with giant poisonous monster. Kill him, then get the key and make your way back to exit from the maze. Another giant will wait for you, kill him too and climb back to the apartment. Back along the passage and use the key to open the gate, slide down and load the last level.


Pick up the super explosive ammo right under your feet, then go through the opening and deal with the old fat ugly enemy of Lara. Use with all your weapons to shoot on him, it won't be easy to kill him but as soon as you stick the last bullet and he finally gets to his death you will also end these levels.