Ice Hotel

Level by ImmortalC (January, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Go east towards the piano and kill a guard. Turn and go north and kill a guard. Go west and follow up the stairs to kill a guard. Continue to the top and loop around to the south. Jump to south column and climb the ladder to the top walkways. Go to the crossing and go east into a corridor. Follow the steps to the top and kill two dogs. Continue and at the top of the stairs, kill a dog and turn north. At the end of the corridor, turn west and go down stairs. At the bottom, kill two dogs and turn north. At the north end, take either doorway, as they both lead into the same dining room. There are two exits from the room. First go to the back and jump through the blue curtain. Kill a guard and go to the north-west corner for a small medipack. Go to the north-east corner behind the piano. You get secret #1 and crouch down to pick up a compass. Go east and enter a kitchen area, Pick up the shotgun and red shotgun shells from a table with a column at the north wall.

Exit the kitchen and go into the west corridor. At the large clock, turn north and go through the doorway. Go to the back dark area and pick up two flares from a bed. Go further north into another room and pick up a large medipack. Return back to the corridor and go west. Just pass the block there is a doorway to the left behind the closed curtain. You will return here later. Continue west into a doorway. Go north and climb blocks. At the top, jump east over the room and pull up into a corridor. Go east and if you go to the right of the pillar, you can notice a graphics problem with wall lights that appear and disappear. Near the end of the corridor, go south into a room. Go down the steps and kill a dog. Go south into another room. Go to the right where you see a red wall. Get secret #2, pick up a compass and kill a dog that sneaks up behind you. Exit the rooms and carefully go down the blocks to the earlier floor. Now carefully go through the curtain that you passed earlier.

Safety drop into the south-east hole. Go north and slide down into a room. Kill a dog but the two vases are empty. Climb the bookcases in the south-west and go west to enter a room with tall bookcases. Go south and dive into some water. Swim to the bottom for two Uzi ammo. Swim back up and go the north-west corner of the room. Face east and slide backwards into the pit. It is a very steep slide but at the end you can grab an edge and safety drop to an alcove. Jump to the tall bookcase, face east, and use the ladder to climb down to the floor. Go north and find Uzi ammo and then climb back up to the top of the bookcases. Go north and run to the far end into an open doorway. The camera view changes as you kill two guards. When the camera returns to normal. Look west for an open doorway into another corridor. On the left, there is a hole that leads to a room with a pool. But there is nothing there that I found.

Continue west and enter a room with some shallow water on the floor. There is a large doorway to the west and a small doorway to the south. Dive into the hole in the floor. Swim west and a tunnel and turn right at the end for a shotgun. Roll and swim south and at the end, turn to the left. Swim north to the end for red shotgun shells. Notice an opening in the east wall. Go back for air first and then return to swim into it. When you can pick up Uzi ammo from the floor, swim straight up a long shaft. Pull up into a room and go south for secret #3, a compass and the Uzi's. Get back into the water and swim back to the shallow water room. The room to the south contains nothing that I found. Go into the west doorway. Slide down west and stop at the bottom. Then slide south and stop on a level area. Slide south another time to reach a ledge. Go to the end and climb a block to the east. You face another corridor.

Enter and slide down. Turn south and slide down into a dining room. Kill four guards and a dog on the table. Go south and climb a ladder on the west wall. At the top, back flip to a second floor. Go south and up the stairs. At the end, you enter a section with a wooden floor. Go to the middle of the room and stand on a snow slope to the west to grab a climbable wall. Pull up to a walkway. To the north side is a deep pool of water. Go into the south tunnel and the camera view changes. Kill the four dogs that attack. Go up the south corridor and then climb a very long ladder on the east wall. Near the top, back flip, roll, and grab another short ladder. Pull up to a ledge. Jump onto a ledge to the north-west. Climb the ladder and about half way up, shimmy to the right and drop onto a ledge. Turn east and climb a block. Turn south and climb the blocks into a cave. You get a flyby of the building outside the cave and a surrounding town on the horizon. Run to the building at the cave exit and the level ends.