Level by Lukasz Croft (January, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] The author's note states that the level is for Windows XP only. However it did run my Win98 computer. Using the supplied tomb3.exe as recommended, there is no compass and no binoculars at the start and the pistol ammo is limited.  And in my computer, there was an occasional graphics problem with Lara's knees. [End note]

Search the cabinet behind you for Uzi ammo. Move forward a little and take shelter at a wall to the right of the sentry gun. Jump up shoot both barricades at the back wall. Go to the right and pull up into an opening. On the other side go under the pipe and drop on a tile to pick up the laser sight. Of course the sentry gun shoots you and you are attacked by flying insects. Quickly get back under the pipe and down to the starting point. If you did not shoot the barricades first, the tile with the laser sight would have been a firetrap. Run forward and use the floor lever. You take hits from the sentry gun but do not get too close or it shoots fire at you. Turn around and get into the open door in the back wall. Run to the back of the room and kill a big bug. Climb the hill at the back of the room. In a small depression at a top corner, you will find a revolver. Go back to the first room and climb back into the opening. Go under the pipe and stand up so the sentry gun shoots at you. Quickly get back under the pipe and down to the starting point. Get into the trench beside you and crawl to the other end of the room. Safely stand up behind a block and save. Combine revolver and laser sight and blow up the sentry gun that is pointed in the opposite direction. You can pull up on the block in front of you to do this or just sneak into the trench a little way. When done, pick up the revolver ammo and large medipack from the floor. There are pistols on the block. When you pick up a small medipack from the floor, you are attacked by flying insects.

Climb the block in the corner and go through the crawl space. On the other side, drop into some water and pull up to a ledge. Kill the guard and the crocodile in the water. Pick up a small medipack from the top of the blue box. Pick up Uzi ammo from the corner. Dive into the water and swim under the structure to find an underwater lever. Pull it and surface quickly to jump through the timed door in the room above. It is painfully difficult because a wall gets in the way so you cannot see when Lara has finished pulling the lever. I did not roll but turned and swam to the right. Pull up onto the platform and run/jump into the door. If you back peddle in the water or grab the door ledge, you have lost. Enter the room and go to the left to hop into a pit for the binoculars. You can see a closed gate in the corner. Climb up to the top barricades for pistol ammo. Drop down to the back floor to kill two guards. Pick up blue shotgun shells and a small medipack.

Go to the stairs in a corner and pick up Uzi ammo at the top. Jump into the dark pit and get secret #1.  Pick up flares and a small medipack. When you move the dead guard a bat will attack. Drop into the pit and the side and follow to the overlook a lava pool. Monkey swing over the lava to pick up grenade normal ammo. Kill another bat and follow the corridor in the corner. At the end pick up a crowbar and climb into a cave. Do not shoot your friend that is there. Pick up flares from a blue box. Jump the lava to kill a bat and two big bugs. Pick up grenade flash ammo, grenade super ammo and the grenade gun. Jump back over the lava and return to the tunnel. Monkey swing back and kill a bat. A gate is now open so enter and shoot the barricade. Go behind the pipe in the back of the room for blue shotgun shells, red shotgun shells and the Uzi's. Exit this room and climb a wall back to the other pit. Then go down the stairs back to the first room.

Look up to the ceiling and see a swinging blue ball. Shoot it and the large gate opens. Go inside and get a cut scene of the area. Enter and kill a demigod and pick up a Horseman’s Gem. There is a small medipack behind the door. Carefully go around the room and shoot the sentry guns high up on the top ledges. Then go around the ground floor for revolver ammo, blue shotgun ammo and another laser sight. More flying insects attack you. Pull the two metal cages by the wall onto the two obviously marked tiles in front of the fires. Two pillars are raised near the wall by the barricades. Shoot the barricades and pick up a shotgun. Use the pillars and climb up to a second level. Kill two guards and go to a corner to pick up red shotgun shells. Press a button on the wall and watch while a friend kills a guard for you. Go to the ledge where they fought and pick up Uzi ammo. Continue to the next ledge to get blue shotgun shells. Shoot the guard on the opposite ledge. Go to the opposite ledge where he was standing to get a large medipack and two small medipacks.

Go to the ledge where you started this section and pull the two jump switches on the ledge. Get back up and look in a corner for another raised bock. Climb the block and jump to grab another ledge. Pull up to the third floor and turn around to kill a demigod. Kill him and pick up another Horseman's Gem. Pick up the grenade flash ammo and then jump to the opposite ledge for revolver ammo. Turn around and kill the guard shooting at you from a higher ledge on the opposite side. Go back to the first side and hop onto a corner block with a Todd’s sign to pick up Uzi ammo. Go to the blue door on the same ledge. Kill a big bug and be careful not to aim at your friend on the other side. Use the crowbar to open the door. Enter the alcove and get secret #2 and pick up Uzi's. Exit and see your friend kill a demigod for you. Jump to that side and pull up into a tunnel in the wall at the end of a ledge.

Follow the ramp to the top. Shoot the sentry gun and jump to the middle platform. Turn and shoot a guard in the corner. Go there to pick up Uzi ammo. Back to the platform and jump to a ledge and go into an alcove for Uzi ammo. The other alcove contains a friend. Jump back to the platform and jump the gap to the door. Use the two Horseman's Gems and the door opens. Follow the tunnel to pick grenade super ammo. Go down the stairs and up the other side to kill two demigods. Pick up red shotgun shells and a large medipack. In the corners are two big scorpions and a friend. However, the scorpions do not seem to be animated. Go into the two side rooms. In one room kill a big bug and search the cabinet for broken glasses. In the other pick up grenade super ammo and search the cabinet for broken glasses. Exit and see that the two trap doors in the floor are open.

Enter either hole and kill a guard. Go down the stairs and turn left. At the end drop into a cave and watch out for falling rocks. Go left to find a place to climb the hill. At the top, grab the rope and swing into the opening in the far wall. Inside the room, kill two guards. Watch where they fall because one will drop the Gate Key. Pick up the revolver, grenade gun, shotgun and Uzi's from the middle of the room. Go down the stairs and open the gate. Enter and quickly exit to wait for your friend to kill the guard. Get onto the platform in the water and kill the crocodile. Dive into the water and follow the underwater current to a room with a large propeller. Pull the two underwater levers at the sides of the room and an underwater door opens in a corner. Get in and follow the tunnel to pull up in front of two demigods. Kill the two demigods and slide down the slope. Slide to either side to avoid the rolling rock that falls in the middle of the slope. When you reach the bottom tile, the level ends.