The Great Wall

Level by Rezaffiro (March, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] Install the music and listen to it. It's good. [End note]

You start inside a building. Climb the wall to the south and notice a laser sight for later. Go east and then to a place with lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Go down the steps and kill a thug and pick up revolver ammo from the south-west corner. Return up the steps and look left at a large depression in the floor. Look to the upper west wall for a crawl space. Get into the depression and climb the wall and get into the crawl space. Drop down the other side and go the north-west corner and pull down a jump switch. Go east to climb a block and get into a crawl space for the laser sight. Drop on the other side and go west to the open door.

You enter the room with four colored tiles and four colored movable statues.  The statues do not match the tiles. Take the purple statue and move it onto the green tile. Then exit  this room and go east to the place with the lanterns. This time go north and down the steps and turn west into an open door.  Enter and face three blocks. Go behind the north block and pull a switch. A block rises on the middle bock. Climb and north block and jump to the new block to pull up into an attic area. Go to the north-west corner and pull the switch. Get down from the attic and exit the room. Look up to the high left wall for a target that you have to shoot. Go south and east and enter an area with some steps lined by large columns. Loop to the right and use a switch behind a column.  Then go up the steps and enter the open door at the top of the steps. Go to the south-east and into the open door. In the next room, open the door and kill a thug.  Go to the south-west corner of the room to pick up the revolver. Now exit and go back to the target.

Shoot the target and then go south to the lantern area. The door is open and a monkey wanders out into the room. Enter the tunnel and get through the two circular slicer traps. Then jump over two floor blade traps. You are in an outside area. Run south and off a cliff into water to get rid of two wraiths. Climb the ladder at the south wall. Go to the back of the cave and climb a block. Look west to a ledge. Run, jump and grab the ledge and pull up. Follow down the blocks on the other side for secret #1 and a large medipack. Climb back out and go north to the water's edge. Go east for a small medipack and you can jump north back to the north side but there is nothing to do there but shoot monkeys. There is a cave in the west wall that I could never reach. Jump to the water and swim east into a second water cave. Find a ladder on the north side and climb up.

At the top of the ladder, pull up to a forest area. Go north-west behind some trees to see a ladder. Climb the ladder to the top and through the leaves to emerge on top of the leaf canopy. In the far north-east you can see a floor lever. Follow the obvious safe pathway to the floor lever. Use it and get a flyby showing you an open door on the south side of the water. Get down to the ground level and go to the south-west to find an easy way across the water. In an alcove in that area you can pick up a small medipack and revolver ammo. Go generally south and uphill to a closed gate. Look east for some blocks you can climb. From the first block jump over the to a block in the north-west. Follow to the north-west around some rocks and then go east to find a switch in a rock. Pull it and a small earthquake occurs. Go back to the ground and the gate is open. Go inside and climb the east blocks to pick up the Eye of Horus from a pedestal.

Exit this area and climb the block outside the gate again. This time go east and then north to find the open door from the flyby. You enter a large outdoor area with many buildings. Go east and find a floor lever in a garden of blue flowers. Use the floor lever and go west back to the entrance. Look north for an open door in the first building. Enter and go east down a corridor. At the end go left to find a door. Open the door and go inside to pull a jump switch on the south wall. Exit the building and go east to see that a white block has risen by the wall. Use the blocks there to get to the building roofs. Go west and north and continue to the south-east to the roof of a red building. This is the roof with cage bars at the top. On the south side of this roof is a door. But go east and drop down to a ledge. Jump over the street to another ledge. Climb the ladder to the roof of this building. Go east and on this very tall build you may have to crawl to get over the rooftop. Then give yourself full health and jump down to another building roof to the east. On the other side of that roof, you face the east wall and you can see some ledges.

One of the ledges has a floor lever. Go north and jump to the roof of the north building. Go over the rooftop to a flat spot in the south-east corner. Turn around and kill a thug. Jump over the street to a ledge at the east wall. Jump north to another ledge with a switch. Grab the wall and shimmy left to the ledge with the floor lever. Use the floor lever and then shimmy back to the ledge with the switch, use the switch and a block rises on the first ledge. Go there and use the block to jump back to the flat spot on the west rood. Then go south to jump onto a lower roof with a depression in the middle. Had you been here before, you would have caught fire. Get into the depression and kill the thug. Drop into the hole in the south-east corner. Safety drop to the floor and use the floor lever. Climb the blocks at the west side and at the top, pull a jump switch. You get a flyby of the outside showing you an open doorway. Exit this building and go to the north-west to find the open door.

Enter and place the Eye of Horus in the stand. Exit this building and go west and then north around the red building to find the open door. Enter and at the back of the room, hop onto a block for the crowbar. Also pick up a small medipack and revolver ammo from the floor before you leave this building. Exit and go to the left and then east. You pass a bell in a square. Go to the red buildings in the north-east. Use the crowbar to open the door in the east building. Enter and go to the right to climb a block. Jump to the  block in the east and then pull a jump switch on the north wall. Get down and climb the ladder to pull up onto a roof.  Go west and over this roof. Find a ledge at the west side and use it to jump and grab another roof to the west. Go west to the rooftop and look north for a target in a crawl space.

Shoot the target and then use the ledge and the ladder to get to the ground again. I could not survive the drop. Exit and see an open door in the west building. Enter the open door and the level ends.