The Sand Temple

Level by Christoph Summerer (March, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start in a dark sandy area in front of some steps and a temple door. Go forward a little and kill two scorpions. Enter the tunnel in the north wall and kill a ninja. Continue into a room to pick up Cartouche Piece 2 from the floor in front of a closed gate. Pull the jump switch on the north wall and a fire starts on the ground behind you. Exit back to the start room. Pull the jump switch on the south-east column and get a cut scene of spikes retracting at a floor lever. Go west up the stairs to a platform. Go south-west into a tunnel and drop into a hole in front of teeth doors. Enter the room and pull a wall switch. You get a cut scene of a door rising in another room. Exit this room back to the platform. Go south into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel and kill a ninja. Enter the room and see the door you raised. Go west and pull a jump switch. Climb the block that it raised and jump up to the high west ledge. Go to the end and pick up another Cartouche Piece 2. Get down and enter the right open door in the south wall. Pick up Cartouche Piece 1 and exit.

Enter the left open door in the south wall. Go right at a junction and use the floor lever. Return and go straight at the junction. There are four floor levers to use. You hear gates open beside you so enter the gates. Pull the chain and get a cut scene of another door rising back in the room you left. Exit this area and enter the right open door in the north wall. You see the piece you need behind a wall. Slide down the pole and through the saw blade. At the bottom, avoid the mummy and go to the east side of the structure. Pull a wall switch and go to the front where a block has dropped. Enter the area and pull the chain to get a cut scene of the last door opening. Back onto the block and climb the pole. Exit this room and enter the left open door in the north. Pick up Cartouche Piece 1 and exit back to the starting room. Combine the Cartouche pieces to make two Ba Cartouches and use then to open the large doors. The Cartouche pieces seem to be selective with what piece they combine with. The same applies to the Cartouches and the receptacles.

Enter the door and go down a ramp into a corridor. Enter the open gate and kill a scorpion. Pick up flares and a small medipack from pedestals at the back of the room. Look above you in the middle of the room and see two ladders topped by blocks. Go back to the corridor and enter a wide north opening. Drop down into the trench and go north. Keep to the right side to avoid a falling spike ball. Pull up on the other side of the trench. Follow the corridor and pass a closed gate. You reach a pool and dive in and swim to the north-east corner. Follow the narrow crawl space at the bottom and enter another flooded room. Dive into the hole in the floor and follow the tunnel until you can pull up into a room. Go west and pull a wall switch. Swim back out into the first pool and see that blocks have risen from the pool floor. Use the blocks to reach the ledges with the statues in the east.

Look south and see some blocks. Move the statue to the obvious tile and look south again to see an opening. Go there and use the wall switch. You get a cut scene of the blocks dropping above the ladders that you saw earlier. Return there and be careful of the still rolling spike ball in the trench. Climb either ladder to the top. Pick up the Guardian Stone from the pedestal and get down to the ground floor. Go back to the starting room and enter the tunnel in the north-west corner. Use the Guardian Stone on the south wall and the door opens. Enter the tunnel and go right. Look into an alcove on the right side and see torches on the ground. Better pick one up and go light the torch in the fire you started in that room north of the starting room.

Return to where you got the torch and go north. Enter a tunnel on the west side and follow it to drop the torch onto a brown floor tile. Go back use a wall switch to raise the tile. Then go to the tunnel and north again to enter a room with a ladder and a trench.
Get into the trench and pull up at the end. Use the floor lever and an earthquake happens. Go back and climb the ladder. Go down the tunnel and drop down at the other end. Go south and west to retrieve the lit torch. This is the two-pillar room. Go west and see a closed door. Turn and enter the south tunnel. At a junction, the south branch ends in a closed door and a high ladder so remember this fact for later. Continue straight into a room with a pool. Go to the north-west and enter a tunnel. At the end, throw the torch into the room and climb down after it. A block rises so that you can exit again.

Find the torch and use the torch to light two braziers in the corners on both sides of the closed gates. Go down the north tunnel to pick up a large medipack and kill two ninjas in a large treasure room. Notice a jump switch in the north-east corner. I could not reach the jump switch from the block by the throne. I jumped from the lower platform east of that block and it worked fine. When the jump switch is pulled, you get a cut scene of a gate opening. Exit and as you run down the tunnel you see a spike ball rolling after you. Exit the room and go back pass the pool to the junction at the entrance. Go south and see a closed door. However, look north and see a ladder above your head. Climb up and follow the tunnel to a room. Go west to find the open gate and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of a block dropping near a dog statue.

Get down and go east to follow the tunnel back to the two-pillar room. The west door is now open. First enter the north tunnel and go back to get another torch. Use the wall switch again to put the torch back to the two-pillar room. Climb the ladder, retrieve the torch and enter the west room. This is the two-dog room. It is a little tricky, but jump to the south-west corner and light the brazier. A block rises in front of the door. Carefully jump back to the door with the torch. If you fall into the pit area, you cannot get back up with the torch. Drop the torch on the floor where you can find it again if needed. Use the block to jump and pull the jump switch on the west wall. Go north and pull up to a ledge to get out of the pit. You may notice the dropped block and tunnel to the north but you do not need to go there yet. Exit this room and go south through the pool room and drop back to the room with the two braziers.

Notice that the block to the west has dropped, so enter the south tunnel. Enter the room and run up the stairs. Pick up the Hand of Orion from the pedestal. Exit and go north back to the treasure room. The blocks have dropped on the right side of the throne. Enter the alcove and use the Hand of Orion. You get a cut scene of more blocks dropping. Exit and go back through the pool room, and return to the two-dog room. Now enter the north tunnel and pick up another Hand of Orion. Spikes pop up behind you. Exit and go south back to the pool room and continue back to the treasure room. The blocks have dropped on the left side of the throne. Use the Hand of Orion and the block has dropped in front of the throne. Pick up the Canopic Jar and get a cut scene of a door opening. Exit and go back through the pool room and turn south to find that open door. Go south up the steps towards the falling water and the level ends.