Level by Dennis16

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Bug alert: Don't try to reload from a previous save while actually in the game, or you'll crash to the desktop. The same thing happens if you die, so save periodically to protect your progress in the level.

Begin in an oft-seen setting surrounded by Egyptian peaks. Run out of the trench with pistols drawn and engage your first enemy, a ninja. Pick up the small medi-pack he drops, then continue south until a second ninja appears. Deal with him and locate the hole near the SE corner. Drop down and run up the ramp to the east. Vault up into the passage and turn left. Follow to the intersection and check both ends for some uzi ammo and a small medi-pack. Return to where you vaulted up and continue south to another intersection. Turn right and find more uzi ammo at the end, and shoot the scorpion that appears. Return once more to where you vaulted up and run all the way east. Turn right and throw the floor lever at the end. You hear what sounds like a gunshot. Reverse roll while drawing your pistols and shoot the scorpion that was creeping up on you from behind.

Leave this area, run back down the ramp and pull up onto the desert floor. Turn right and run north until you come across a new area that's been opened up to your right. Slide down and run into the covered area to attract two ninjas. Kill them and pick up the uzi ammo dropped by one of them. There's a closed door in the east wall, but before doing anything else explore the dark corner alcoves on either side for some flares and a small medi-pack. Climb up onto the south ledge and locate the ladder in the central support pillar. Climb up to the bridge and run over to the north side. Use the crawl space to access a passage leading to a floor lever. Throw it to open the door down below, then return to the bridge and shoot another ninja patrolling the bridge to your left. Climb back down the ladder and enter the east doorway.

Stand with your right shoulder against the wall and take a running jump with grab into the passage on the other side of the slope. Run forward into the next room for SECRET #1 and pick up the shotgun. Hop back immediately and kill the scorpion that materializes right behind you. Go back to the slope, allow Lara to slide down to the bottom and hop onto the block in the corner. Turn around and pull up into the higher passage. Lower Lara down the other side of the south crawl space and reverse roll. Follow the dark passage to the end, pull up to the left, run forward and pull up into a crawl space, and follow to the floor lever. Throw it to open the gate at the end of the east passage. Enter the next room and shoot the scorpion. There's a closed set of double doors in the north wall that requires a hand artifact, so jump into the water hole and swim down the shaft into the underwater passage.

Turn right at the intersection (there's a closed gate to the left) and swim up the companion shaft. Pull up into a passage with a low ceiling and follow it into an underground area. Shoot the scorpion and make a hairpin turn to your left. Pick up the large medi-pack in the alcove and reverse roll with pistols drawn to shoot a second scorpion right behind you. Continue south and drop down into the paved area at the other end. Throw the floor lever in the alcove. Although there's no cut scene, you have a pretty good idea what just happened, so go back to the water hole, jump in and swim north through the open gateway. Swim up the shaft at the end and pull out into a small room. Take the HAND OF SIRIUS from the pedestal in the far corner, then get back into the water, turn right at the intersection and pull up into the torch-lit room. Insert the Hand of Sirius in the receptacle next to the double doors to open them.

Go inside and run down another underground passage. Shoot the scorpion and turn left at the bend where a second scorpion attacks. Continue around to the left, and here the pathway splits. Go straight (south), slide down a short slope and pull up into the opening on your right for some shotgun ammo. Hop down and shoot the scorpion, then go back and take the other path to find some uzi ammo on a block and an opening leading to a passage down below that's too deep for you to pull back up. After dropping down into the passage, reverse roll and climb the steps into a room with a closed gate on your right, a closed door ahead that requires a cartouche, and a climbing pole in the middle of the room. Shoot the jars for some flares and a small medi-pack, then climb the pole through a fairly long shaft and back flip when you reach the top. Throw the floor lever in the south alcove and crouch quickly to avoid the activated darts, then crawl around the shaft and run down either the right or left side of the north passage. You'll drop down at the end into a pool of water. Note the closed underwater gate at the east end and pull out of the water.

Go down into the closed-off west tunnel and find two stashes of uzi ammo. Go back and vault up onto the south ledge and throw the floor lever in the alcove. This opens the underwater gate and also alerts a ninja on the other side of the ledge. After dispatching him, jump into the water and swim east through the open gateway into an underwater room. Pick up the uzi ammo and CARTOUCHE PIECE 1 at the other end, then return and pull out of the water once more. Run to the east side and trigger a spike ball at the top of the slope. It's easy to avoid, but be careful of two more ninjas in the area. Pick up the small medi-pack dropped by one of them, then run up the hill, vault up the steps and use the crawl space in the east wall. Follow around to your left until you can stand up, then jump up to grab the opening to your left. Pull up into the short passage and pick up the CARTOUCHE PIECE 2.

Go back the way you came, run down the hill and go to the north side of the pool. Face east and jump up to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy to your right, around the corner and pull up into the alcove at the other end. Turn around, jump up to grab the ceiling, and monkeyswing across the room. Drop down into the upper passage, turn left and run to the end of the passage to throw the floor lever. You hear the sound of a door opening, and a ninja materializes to do battle with you. Kill him and pick up the UZIS he drops, then drop down into the south opening where you just lifted the gate. Climb down into a room you visited previously. Go to the west wall, combine the two pieces to form the BA CARTOUCHE, and insert it in the receptacle to open the adjacent door.

Go up the stairs to trigger a brief flyby, then put those uzis to work as a ninja steps out of hiding inside. After you kill him and move forward into the room, a second ninja begins firing out of the dark NW corner. You're in a two-tiered room with a closed iris door in the west wall and a closed gate in the east wall. The opening in the north wall appears to be blocked, but you can run right through the design. Do so and run up the stairs into a room with a floor lever. Throw it, then continue down the west passage until you reach a flaming area where another flyby takes you on a dizzying tour of the area. Face NE and take a running jump over the flames to the east steps. Take the EYE PIECE from the pedestal and the nearby gate lifts. Go inside and follow the passage into an underground room which brings you to another passage and finally the second level of that two-tiered room. Go all the way around, following the ledge to the SE corner, and slide down the slope to a passage leading to a water hole.

Jump in and swim to a room where you can pull out and locate another floor lever. Throw it to lift a gate near the spot where you pulled out. Go through the opening and slide down another slope into an underground room with a closed gate on your right. Explore this area for four stashes of uzi ammo and a scorpion, then locate the ladder on the west wall near the NW corner and climb up into a room with the second EYE PIECE. Take it from the pedestal and a zombie magically appears. Run around it and climb back down the ladder where you'll meet two of its companions in the underground area below. Run to the opening in the NE corner and climb or jump the blocks until you reach the ladder. Climb up into the two-tiered room, run to the other end, combine the two Eye Pieces to form the EYE OF OSIRIS. Insert it in the receptacle to open the iris door. Step forward, slide down into another underground area and get ready to do battle with two ninjas.

Go pick up the large medi-pack dropped by the ninja who appeared to your left, then keep going around to your left to alert a third ninja. Kill him and then look for some shotgun ammo and another large medi-pack on the ledge to your left. Go back to the main room and find a place to pull up in the west wall. Do so and follow the passage into a room with a closed gate flanked by two statues. Locate the crawl space located high up in the west wall and use it to access SECRET #2. Pick up the shotgun ammo and the large and small medi-pack, then return to the previous room. Throw the floor lever near the SE corner to open the gate behind you, then go inside the dark room with jars in the four corner alcoves. Shoot them for two stashes of uzi ammo and a small medi-pack, then slide down the ramp in the south opening into a room with sputtering blue electricity at the far end.

There's a floor lever near the west wall, so throw it to release two demigods. Use the columns for cover as you dispose of them both. One of them drops the STAR OF ORION, so pick it up and insert it in the wolf's snout in the south wall. The door to your left opens, so enter the passage and run toward the room beyond. As you do so the level crashes to the desktop, signifying that you've reached the end of the line.