The Holy Mission

Levels by Marcos Gustavo Mensa (March, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Part 1

You drop onto a breakable tile. Ignore the side passages that are spike traps. Roll, jump forward and slide back to grab an edge. Drop and jump forward to grab and pull down a jump switch. You fall screaming into a water pit. Light a flare and go south. Ignore the bats and whatever is in the water that is biting you. You see an opening to your right. Pull up into the tunnel and sprint to the west before the gate closes and kills you. Ignore the flares on the floor and continue into a dark room and another gate closes behind you. The two gates seem to be very tightly timed so if you stop to pick up the flares you are trapped between the doors. Go to the south-west corner and pick up flares. Then go to the north-east corner and jump up into a hole in the east wall. Follow the tunnel to the grid wall and turn around. Run back down the tunnel and jump to one side to avoid a falling spike ball. You hear a gate opening somewhere.

Go to the north-east corner and enter the dark tunnel in the north wall. Follow it to a room and see a rat disappearing into a wall. Go west and pull up into a crawl space. Go pass a caged room and a closed gate. Hop into an opening in the south wall and drop into a tunnel with a closed gate. Go east and climb the blocks and drop back into the tunnel. Go north-east back to the room that had the rat. You see a small man in white suit walk into the wall. I think he says "Hello, lady". Go back into the west crawl space. This time you get a cut scene of the man walking over a tile and into the wall. You hear a gate open. A rat follows the man and you hear a scream. I guess that the man didn't make it. Continue west and then north into the open gate. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a gate rolling up. Get into the opening in the east wall and drop into the room behind the cage. Go through the north doorway and go up the stairs. At the top, jump to a crawl space in the north wall. On the other side, you see many small men. Go east and use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a gate rolling up. Go back east and pull up into a different crawl space. Drop on the other side and go up the stairs. The gate opens as you approach. Follow the same route as before to get back to the entrance room and see the two open gates.

Jump and grab the open gate to monkey swing across the deadly water. Take the south tunnel and fall into a deep pit into some water. When you get control, walk to the north-east to pull up onto a ledge. Go into the east corridor. When the corridor splits into two directions, turn around and look up. You should see a ledge above you. Pull up to the ledge. If you go west you should see a tunnel and a ledge that leads to a bridge. If you cross that bridge you are stuck with a fire in front of a door. Instead, face east and you should see an opening in the upper east wall. Pull up into the opening and slide down a series of slopes. At the bottom there is a room with shallow water. Go to the west wall and pull down a jump switch. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Climb the ladder beside the switch and at second black tile in the east wall, back flip to a ledge. Enter the tunnel and use the floor lever. Continue up the ladder and through the door. You arrive back where you started. Pull up the west ledge again and go into the tunnel at the west wall.

Follow the tunnel to an open gate that closes behind you. To the right is a short tunnel loop with two closed gates. Go forward and when you see a skeleton, safety drop down onto that tile. This way, the wall blades miss you completely. Then pick up the flares and continue west up the stairs. You get a flyby of the area above you that ends showing a large inverted red cross. There seems to be another closed gate in the north-west corner. Go north and turn east into a dark corridor. You need a flare but at the end, turn and grab an edge over a deep room. Give yourself full health and drop. I think it helps if you use roll as you hit the floor. There is an empty tunnel in the north wall, a timed closed gate in the south wall and a fire that can ignite you if you get too close. Go west into another room and step into an alcove. You hear the timed gate opening. Jump and run to the east and then south into the timed gate. You will have to avoid an ahmet on the run to the gate. Once inside, the gate closes and you get a cut scene of a yeti coming from the empty tunnel. The yeti will kill the ahmet and if you are lucky you can watch the battle.

Run south up some stairs and step onto a floor that rises. Run east up some stairs and step onto another floor that rises. Go to the south-east corner and pull down a trap door. Pull up to the north and pick up flares from a skeleton. This is the red cross room. Go to the left around the column to pick up flares from a skeleton near the east door. The tiles without a skeleton are spike traps. Do not go out the door as there are spike traps. Use binoculars to examine the room. There is a central raised area behind ropes. On the south wall is a raised ledge with two closed doors. The red cross you saw in the flyby is at the west wall. On the north wall is a raised ledge with two closed doors.
Go the south wall ledge by the first door in the dark corner. Run to the west down the ledge and turn north and run on the small stairs in front of the cross. As you go up the stairs to the right of the cross, you should hear a door creaking. Go back to the dark south-east ledge and the door there is open. If you go directly to the stairs by the cross, it does not work. There must be another tile on the south ledge so that you have to run over both tiles. And, of course, neither tile is actually marked.

Enter the open door and drop into a room with dirty water. Go to the north-east corner and see a fence. Look to the north wall for a tunnel. Run to the back of the tunnel and exit to return to the north-east corner and the fence is gone. Enter the alcove to pull down a jump switch on the south wall. Exit this room completely and see that the north-west door has opened on the north ledge. Enter the room and some rats scatter. You get a flyby of the room above that shows a key. Pick up the small medipack in front of you and the large medipack to the north-east. Do not pick up the medipack in the north-west alcove. If you do pick it up, a skeleton comes out of the firewall and you have no weapons yet. Go to the north-east corner and pull down a jump switch.

Exit this room and go east to enter the next open door. Go to the end of the dark room and pull up into an opening in the west wall. Climb another opening in the north and look west to see a fence and a pit. Do not drop into the pit but run and jump over the fence. Run to the west and see two wraiths to the right over the fence. Go to where you see a moving flame on the floor. Pick up the flares and pull a jump switch on the east wall. Then go back east a little and get into a crawl space at the south wall. Somewhere in this crawl space, I saw a bright flash that I guess was the end of the wraiths. At the end, stand up and go east. You see an open trap door in the floor but do not go there yet. Step on the last east tile and get a cut scene of a trap door opening. Look up and enter the opening at the north wall. Drop down and go east and see a burning skeleton. Just step a little onto that tile and jump up to grab a crawl space. Drop on the other side and follow the tunnel to pick up Dominions Susej's key from a pedestal. Back to the crawl space and keep to the right as you drop. Side flip off the tile since standing on the tile will reduce your health. Back into the opening and get into the hole. Climb down the ladder into a room that you have been before. Do not pick up the medipack and exit the room back to the red cross room. Actually, you can pick up the small medipack now because the skeleton does not leave that room but you do. If a wraith is still following, you can try to get rid of it by rolling in the dirty water in the south-east room. Although, the wraiths did not follow me.

Go east and carefully climb a ladder that has a fire at the floor. I found the south ladder easier to use. On the top shimmy to either side of the ladder and release to drop onto a very high ledge. Go south and down the tunnel to see a spike trap. Be sure to go to the very end tile. Return and go north to down a tunnel to the end to see another spike trap. Return to the end of the south tunnel again. Yes, the spike trap is still there. Return to the end of the north tunnel again. As you get on the last tile, a cut scene starts. A rat runs across the spike traps and the spikes trigger. You also see a blue angel in the end room disappear. Now the spikes are gone, continue down the trench and into the room where the blue angel was located. Pick up a large medipack and two small medipacks from the floor. Hop into the west wall opening and Lara says "No problem".

Enter and the door closes behind you. Look at the tiles on the floor. The red tiles are deadly of course. To the right of the fire to the west, there is a tile with a water symbol on it. The other tiles are plain. Jump to that symbol tile and get a cut scene of the last door opening in the red cross room. Carefully go south to exit the room. Go through the small room and into another south opening. In this room all the tiles are safe. Go to the south-west corner and get a cut scene of a trap door opening into a foggy room. Now go north back to the room with the fire and red tiles. The gate closes behind you and there is an ahmet in the room. Jump to the tile at the east gate and the gate opens. Exit the room before the ahmet gets you. Go back through the spike trench and the tunnel. Carefully climb down the ladder and avoid the fire at the bottom. Go to the south-west corner and enter the last open door.

Enter the room and watch out for the deadly pit in the middle. The trap door is in the north-west corner. Safety drop into a room and go up the stairs at the north wall. Pull up into the area behind the red cross. Go to the north-west corner and look for a tile with the water symbol. All the other tiles are plain. You get a cut scene of a large gate opening. From there go south and pick up flares from a skeleton. Then go to the north-east corner and see a hole. Slide down and land in front of a deadly pool. If your health is low, use a medipack now. Jump and grab the ceiling. As you monkey swing across the water, a skeleton arises from the water and hacks at you. On the other side, run to the south-east corner and pull down a trap door. The handle of the trap door is to the north. Pull up to the south ledge and you are back in the red cross room.

Carefully climb the ladder with the fire again to the top ledge. Look west and you see breakable tiles and the gate that you opened. I started from the south side and not from the middle of the ledge. Run, jump and grab the first set of tiles. Pull up and run and jump at an angle to the second set of tiles. This puts you at the back end of a tile for a run, jump and grab to the open gate ledge. Light a flare and climb a ledge. On the other side you see a hole. Drop and hang by the edge and you get a flyby of the two holes below in the floor. Stand at the north side of the hole and face south and a little west. Run off the ledge and use grab and you should fall into the hole in the floor below. The view changes so that you are seen falling from above and into some water. If you smash into the ground, make a few adjustments in the start position. Swim and pull up into an opening at the west wall. Enter and use Dominions Susej's key to open the gate. As you enter, you should hear music. Enter the gate and see a hole in the north wall. Slide down the slope and the level ends.

Part 2

You land on a ledge in front of a statue. Safety drop to the floor below. There are nine pits, each surrounded by a low fence. Find the center pit and face south. Side jump into the hole and land on a platform with a large creature. The other pits will drop you to your death. Run south and jump off the platform to land in a lower doorway. It is possible to kill the creature but you take a lot of damage. Enter the doorway and get a flyby of another creature attacking and killing a lizard and a skeleton and then walking into a red doorway. The idea of enemies attacking each other is a nice change.

Continue into the doorway and go west towards a doorway in the west wall. Jump between the slopes with a curve to get over the deadly red floor. In the next room, run and jump over the skeleton to trigger the deadly blades. Then drop into the hole and get the crowbar from the skeleton. Go west through the doorway and enter a prison with cells. Look north to see a red-lit tunnel. Enter the tunnel and go forward up to a red wall on the right side. Turn around and pull up to a ledge. Turn around and jump up to another ledge. Go to the north wall and pull down a jump switch. Get down and continue down the tunnel as the door opens. Inside the room, the red grate on the floor is deadly. Jump over the grate and pick up flares. Continue to the back wall and pick up the red Palace's Gem. A creature appears behind you. The tunnel entrance door has closed behind you so jump into the pit to the east. It looks deadly but it is safe. Enter an alcove to use a floor lever. Climb back out and run down the tunnel to the open door. You can either kill or avoid the creature.

Go east and pass the area where you found the crowbar. Jump with curves over the fire tiles again and continue east. Look to the south wall for a door to open with the crowbar. Run down the corridor and there is a doorway in the left wall. It enters into an empty room so forget it. Continue until the camera changes and you see a receptacle. Use the Palace's Gem and the gates open. Go south and see a closed door and then go into the open gate. In the large room pick up two flares. The floor looks deadly but it is safe. Advance towards the throne and use the south floor lever to open the closed door that you saw by the gate. Use the north floor lever to open another door elsewhere. Enter the large north opening and follow the corridor to a red water pit. Jump up and pull up to a ledge.

Run west until you get to a T-junction. To the north is a corridor that ends in a spike trap. Ignore that dead end and go south down some stairs to a closed gate. You get a flyby of the area with a floating body. In the west branch is a receptacle needing an item that you do not have. Go to the east and follow to a room. You see two small fences. Hop over the left fence and pick up the Pupil's Gem. The right one is tricky because of the steam vent that takes your health. Give yourself full health and try to jump and land on the gem so there is very little maneuvering to get the gem. Hop over the right fence and pick up a second Pupil's Gem. As you exit the room, look to the left for an alcove. Pull a jump switch there and get a cut scene of a gate opening. Exit back to the throne room with the floor levers.

Go into the south opening and you can see a red water pit behind a grate. Follow the stairs down to a junction. The north stairs lead up to the corridor behind the throne. Go west and follow the south tunnel to a dead end and a trap door. This is for later. Return and go west, past a closed gate and follow the north tunnel. You should hear a creature and a dog. Save the game now just in case. Follow the tunnel and the camera view changes. Crawl under a gate onto a red tile. Lara changes into a dog and continues into a room. You have no control and a creature appears and crushes you. What an unusual way to die. Reload and go back through the throne room to the open gate and the open door.

Follow the corridor south and you see an open gate at the end. First enter the east tunnel and go to the south-east corner. Use binoculars and look through the gate. You see an animal that looks like Golem from the Lord of the Rings movies. If you go north, you can visit another empty room. Return to the corridor and enter that open gate. Go to the north-west and run onto the tiles in front of the red water pit to trigger the next event. Now return and run around the perimeter of the room. Stay near the walls and eventually a cut scene is triggered. A blue angle appears and tells Lara to get into the blue spiral to get protection from the red waters. Enter the spiral and Lara takes a deep breath. Exit and pick up three large medipacks and three small medipacks from the floor. Go back to the red water and run onto it. Pull back a skeleton and pick up the Secret Key. Go south-west and pull up to a ledge. Use the Secret Key and the gate opens. Enter the room and go into the north-east and north-west corners to pull two jump switches in the corner alcoves. After the second switch you should hear a trap door open.

Go south and walk onto the south floor depression to trigger the blades. There are two sets of blades. When both are down, roll and drop back and grab the ledge. Safety drop into a corridor. In the east tunnel is a closed door. Enter the west tunnel and you see a closed gate. Follow the south tunnel until the camera view changes. You see two items on the sidewalls. Stand with your face to the east wall near the middle of the tile. Side flip to the right and you and the items become invisible. However, the side flip puts you in front of an item. Use the crowbar to get it. Roll and run forward to the west wall. Use the crowbar again to get an item. Hop back and side flip to the right and you become visible again. You have just obtained two stones of infernal artefact.

Return to the closed gate area. If you want, go north to open a black door with a crowbar. Enter until the floor tiles change. Turn around and pull down a jump switch. If you continue north, a trap door opens in the floor and a floating skeleton appears to push you in. Exit this death trap and go west to the gate that you opened. You can go inside the dark room and see a red statue high on the wall. There is a hole in the floor. If you fall in and survive, an invisible enemy attacks you. Basically, the north route is a dead end.

Go to the front of the closed gate and look to the left for a steam vent. Use a Pupil's Gem and the gate opens. Enter and be careful of the deadly pool in the floor. You face a closed door so exit and go east. The door in the east tunnel is now open. Enter the room and go north. Cross the red water and use the stone of infernal artefact. You get a cut scene of a gate opening in the outer room and something happens in the ceiling. Exit and go south to use the second Pupil's Gem. You get a cut scene of the other door opening. Go there and cross the red water to use the second stone of infernal artefact. You get a cut scene of the outside room and you hear an earthquake and an explosion. And the cut scene shows red dots flying up the shaft in the previous room.

Notice that the door has closed behind you. Use the door entrance to jump to the south ledge. Pull down a jump switch in the south-east corner to open the west gate. Enter the west gate and carefully walk towards the floor lever. Some blades trigger but stay by the right wall and they should not harm you. Use the floor lever and get a flyby down a tunnel and hear a trap door opening. Walk back out but this time stay to the left wall. Slide back into the red water. Use the door entrance to jump to the north ledge. Pull down a jump switch in the north-east corner to open the west gate. Enter and slide down a slope. Follow the tunnel to the open trap door. Safety drop into the room below.

There are several large creatures roaming the area but they seem to ignore you. Go south and take the first corridor to the west. You should run over a trap door. Continue west and see a jump switch on the north wall. Continue west through a doorway and look south for a second trap door in an alcove. Go back and pull down the jump switch and both trap doors open. Now the creatures are angry. Go to the second trap door and drop in. Follow the tunnel to pick up the Guardian Amulet. Get back out and go to the first trap door. Drop into the tunnel where you have been before. Go down the tunnel and follow the stairs back to the throne room.

This time a metal giant is after you. Enter the north corridor and jump up to the ledge over the red water pit again. Something invisible killed me a lot here. If you save a lot and then reload, the time between the invisible killing resets and you can advance further. On the ledge, follow back to the closed gate at the bottom of the south stairs. Go to the right and place the Guardian Amulet to open the gate. Drop onto the floor and run around to the four corners to use four floor levers. You will need a flare to see the floor levers in the murky fog on the room floor. During this time, the metal giant is shooting blue-green fire at you. When all four levers are used, the gate at the west wall opens. Enter the gate and it closes behind you. Save now before you go any further. The floor is deadly so you have to jump over the floor and see a tunnel and stairs to the west.

Go up the stairs and get a flyby of a deep pit. Two skulls fly in to annoy you. Turn around and go back down the stairs. A voice will call "Lara" and the area is illuminated with a blue light. Go back up the stairs and see the blue angle and a doorway to the west. Run and jump into the doorway. You land in a blue-lit area in front of a fence. Follow the south corridor and then go west. You will see a white-lit doorway in the west wall. Run into the doorway and the level ends.

Part 3

You land in a red-lit room with a pit and a corridor to the west. Go west and jump into the first opening. At the back you can look through a fence into a large room with ledges. Jump back to the starting ledge and grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the west. As you pass the first opening, nothing happens. As you pass the second opening, a demigod fires at you. As you pass the third opening, a blue angle appears and a demigod drops dead. Release at the end of the monkey swing and drop onto a ledge. Jump to the third opening for a large medipack, small medipack, and two flares. Then jump back to the west ledge. Safety drop to the ground. I think a roll at the bottom helps save some health. The red part of the floor is deadly. Go west and climb the wall.

Pull up into an opening and there is a cave to the west. In a north alcove is a closed door. In the south-east is a closed ceiling trap door. In the south-west is a high crawl space. In the south is an open doorway. Go south and down the stairs. At the bottom go to the west into an opening up to the edge of a deep pit. At the bottom of the pit is a demigod that shoots at you. Shoot back and the demigod will move out of range. Turn and drop to grab the edge. Shimmy to the left and near the end, a blue angle appears to kill another demigod on a ledge. Pull up to the ledge and get a flyby of the area. You should kill the demigod in the pit before you start back. Stand in the middle of the ledge so that his fire hits the ledge and not you. Pull the chain and shimmy back to the opening. The door to the east is now open. The door at the top of the stairs is now closed. There is an extremely short timed tile in front of the east door that opens the door at the top of the stairs. I could never make the timed run and you probably do not need to do it.

Enter the east door and go north into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a crawl space. On the other side are a closed trap door and a tunnel. Follow the tunnel around to a room and see two burning statues and an open door. Do not shoot the south statue or you will catch fire. Do not shoot the east statue or the door will close. Enter the door to the east and there are two more statues. Shoot the north statue to open the trap door. Shoot the south statue for secret #1. Hop onto the block and pick up a scroll. The scroll states: "This is one of the three scrolls which reveal Susej's secrets and how to bring him back to Hell." Exit the room and go to the trap door. Climb down the ladder and safety drop to the floor. Go north to the first opening and jump across the deadly floor to the opposite opening. You should hear some music. Go left into an alcove and pull a chain. Exit and jump to the safe tiles again and climb the wall. At the top go north and enter an open door. Pull the chain and get a cut scene of a door opening. Two blade traps drop from the ceiling. Crawl under the first blade trap and side jump over the second blade trap.

Do not exit this room yet but enter the tunnel in the south-east corner. Go around a cage and enter another tunnel. Go east to see the large room you saw at the level start. Go to the edge and you hear a demigod firing somewhere. Return a little and enter a north tunnel. Follow to a room and to the door that you opened. Enter the door and it closes behind you. Jump to the second column and jump and pull up to a south alcove with a white jar. Shoot the jar and jump back to the column. Jump to the lower alcove in the north wall to shoot a white jar and jump back. From the third column, jump to the upper north alcove. Shoot the white jar and kill a demigod. Jump back to the column. Jump to the lower north-west alcove. Shoot the white jar and an earthquake happens. Go west and see a doorway into a room. Go to the end and see a statue in some lava. Exit the room and shoot the statue from outside the room. If you are inside the room, you catch fire when you shoot it. The closed door to the west opens. Follow the tunnel there and shoot a white jar. You get secret #2 and pick up a scroll. You actually have only one scroll in the inventory.

Exit and jump to the black platform in the lava. Shoot the white jar in the other alcove. Jump there and a blade trap drops from the ceiling. Ignore the chain for now and go to the end to a lava pit. Stand jump into the opening below you in the opposite wall. Enter and shoot a white jar. Exit and stand jump to grab the ledge and go back to the chain. Pull the chain and get a cut scene of the trap door opening. The blade trap is gone but drops again as you jump to the black platform. Jump to the back wall ledge and use the columns to get back to the entrance. The door is open so exit and go back around the cage. Go through the next room and see that the ceiling trap door is open. Climb the wall and get into a short tunnel. At the end jump and grab a crawl space. On the other side go down some stairs and see an open door.

Enter the door and emerge into a cave. The camera view changes so that you can see some bones and a chain. Stand in front of the bones and crouch up and down while shooting the bones. When they break you get secret #3 and a scroll. Pull the chain and you get a cut scene of the cage you saw earlier. You also hear something that sounds like a harpy. This is the Queen of the Ant-men that you have released. Exit back to the room with the cave to the west. The Queen of the Ant-men does not attack you but says "Thank you" as she flies around. If you go back towards the cage, the door closes in front of you.

Now you can finally go west into the cave. Go to the end and stop just before a pit of skeletons. Look north and see a panel in the cave wall. Jump up and shoot at the panel. After a while, something breaks and the panel opens. Try not to shoot the Queen of the Ant-men. Enter the tunnel and be careful of the fire grate on the floor. Go up the stairs and you pass a window where you see a goblin pacing near a treasure. Continue until the tunnel splits. Enter the south crawl space into a room. A gate is pushed open and a goblin walks out and into the opposite wall. You cannot follow him so exit the room. There is nothing in the tunnel from where the goblin emerged. Go west and jump to grab the wall Climb up and stop occasionally and look for a place to back flip into a tunnel. If you see the wall texture change, you have gone too high.

You see a wall torch in a room to the south. First go east and enter a room with many floating goblins. Hop onto a block in the north-west corner and pick up a torch. Go back to that south room and light the torch. I found nothing that needed the torch but you may have finished the flares by now and the light is needed. Exit and go past the goblin's room and north up some stairs. You should enter a room with an angry goblin and more treasure behind a fence. Enter the broken gate in the south wall and continue up the stairs. You pass a closed door in an alcove and eventually reach a place where the tunnel splits again. If you go west you come to a closed section of wall that looks very dark in the torch light. Go south and you can see a green section through a closed window. Continue south and to the left is a room with a red-lit door. Continue south and a goblin emerges from the ground and walks through the door at the far end of the tunnel.

Go to the end and go west into another tunnel. Follow this past an empty room and to a door that opens for you. Follow to a room with a hole in the floor and get a cut scene of the red door opening. If you drop into the hole, you fall into the pit with the skeletons. Go back to the red door and a flying goblin is there to annoy you. This must be the possessed goblin from the author's story. You can shoot at it and it stops flying and starts to walk. When it is flying, it keeps bumping into your head. The red door closes as you approach it. Exit and go to that closed dark section of wall in the west tunnel. You get a cut scene of a goblin near a panel. Approach the wall and the wall drops. You enter the green area. Go towards the opening in the west wall and the level ends.