The entrance by Hartmut Volmer

How to install:
1. Make a safe copy of your original Catacomb.tom, script.dat and english.dat as these files will overwrite the originals when extracted.
2. Double click the entrance.exe found in this zip
3. Open your level converter and convert the Catacomb.TOM file into a playable level.
4. The new level can now be played under The Entrance

Walkthrough by eRIC

This level is quite subtle and it is easy to miss the crossbow , the explosive arrows , and important clues for some puzzles.


Crossbow and explosive arrows
After a long slide, Lara arrives in a small room.
To the right is a long hall, to the left a small room with a door that canít be open. Also 2 small doors are closed ,one needs a Pharos knot to open. It is maybe not wise to shoot the vase near the skeleton as that will awaken him. Shoot the other vase near by the spiked ball in the North-West corner to trigger it and get out of the way to not be crushed. Go on the block where the spike ball was and run/jump/grab the ledge above the entrance of the small room. Shoot another vase up there to collect the Pharos knot.
Before placing it into its receptacle, go to the long hall where you see two skeletons waiting for you. On the way you can see below the bridge the grenade gun in a toxic pool , itís unreachable. Warning : after the bridge , the different pattern tiles on the ground are fire burners. Go ahead and push the lever near by the skeletons , you will be hacked a bit but you will soon get your revenge if you wish. Return to the beginning avoiding the fire burners, the 2nd small door is opened , go down to collect the Pharos pillar. Now place the Pharos knot and enter. After a bit of crawling, slide and jump over a hole of water to collect the beloved crossbow. Dive in the hole, Lara is taken away by the current. After climbing a ladder and a bit of crawling, you arrive in a hall with a door on the right side that opens by stepping on the 3 different pattern tiles on the ground. Thatís the exit to return to the beginning, so first go to the end of the hall where you will see 3 doors and place the Pharos pillar. The left door opens , go stepping on the white tile to open the next door, endure the swarm of beetles , go out quickly as this 2nd door is timed. Push the lever there to open the 3rd door. Enter the 3rd door , slide and jump over the fire and pick up the explosives arrows. They are the only useful ammo you will get in this level. To come back, jump/grab the right wall (although they do not look climbable) and shift to the left in the alcove and to the exit.
Return to the door you opened by stepping on the 3 different tiles , slide to return to the beginning and then to the long hall. Now you can take your revenge on the couple of skeletons if you want. You see another skeleton on a hanging ledge above a deep pit, you can explode it if you want to make the jumps that follow more quietly (albeit it is more fun to make the 2 first jumps while avoiding the skeleton).

First gem : the four levers puzzle

Make 4 running jumps above the deep pit, (beware that the ledge with the different patterned tile is another fire trap ). Go down the ladder into the pit. You see 4 levers and beyond a toxic pool are various different patterned tiles which are all fire burners , and the blue gem on a pedestal.
From left to right :
The 1st and 3rd levers raise a block in the middle of the fire traps so that you can jump on it ,
and then have access to the blue gem.
The 2nd lever triggers dart emitters , see if you want to push this one.
The 4th opens the exit door above you.
After collecting your first gem , climb back the ladder and enter the exit door to a big room, the main area of this level. From this area you can branch on 3 other quests to collect one blue gem in each. You have the choice of the order. So the 3 different quests below can be played in a different order. You can notice a closed door East with 2 gems receptacles, a closed door South , 4 blocks with fire emitters in the corners, a central pool with a water labyrinth below , 2 pushable objects on the sides, and 4 different tiles in each corner. All 4 tiles look the same but only two of these tiles have smoke on them, that is the hint for the pushable objects puzzle.

Second gem : skeletons and safe tiles puzzle

So push and place the 2 objects in the North-East and South-East corners, that will open the door South. Behind it is a little alcove. There is a walkthrough wall ahead , shoot the vases that prevent you to go through the wall. Then go down into the catacombs. After the dart emitters, you can pick up shotgun ammo in front of a door (although there is no shotgun in this level). The door opens on approach. Run up the ramp , notice the spiked ball , and enter a crawlspace to pick up flares. Go out and run to escape the spiked ball. Go right , a door opens and blow out 2 skeletons that come out. Notice a closed door on the right side (itís a fake door , it canít be opened). Come out and continue your way. Blow out 2 other skeletons. On the right side is a closed door (also fake , it canít be opened) and shoot the vase for a small medipack. Enter the crawlspace ahead which is the entrance of a little maze. Firstly go ahead until the end, after some turns you will find a lever. Push it and return the way you came towards the entrance of the maze. Turn left then right to find a 2nd lever and blow out another skeleton. Actually pushing those two levers will give you hints for the puzzle to come (it would be quite possible to solve it without pushing the levers but only by trial and error then). Find the exit of the maze (North-East) and go down in a big room , on a bridge separating two pits with deadly floor. The ground in the lowest and central part of the room is of the fall-through kind , only 3 tiles are safe. Look at the other side of the room : 3 fire burners are lighted (by flipping the two levers in the little maze) they give a useful indication where to jump. Go to the edge of the fall-through floor just after the dart emitters and in front of the left burner and make a standing jump straight ahead. Then turn South-East and make a running jump you will land on the 2nd safe tile lined with the 2nd burner. Another running jump South-East to land on the last safe tile along the right wall and in front of the last burner. Then a last running jump to go to the end and to solid ground. Grab the blue gem. Make a diagonal running jump to grab the ladder. At the top, follow the straightforward way to return to the main big room (at one point on the right side, you will see a closed door that will open later in the following quest)

Third gem : a risky journey

Go to the North-West corner and jump to land on one corner of the block with the fire burner, or even better try to jump over one of its corner without landing on it : the fire turns off. Climb on the block and make a standing jump to grab the small opening in the wall. After a bit of crawling, grab the ceiling bars and monkeyswing over deadly black water. Around the corner you will see a mummy on a block , a bit farther a second mummy in an alcove on the right side and a climbable wall on the left side with also a third mummy on a block. Continue to monkey swing a bit farther and to the right you will see another alcove. Let drop and grab the block. Pick up a big medipack. From there, you can blow out the third mummy. Jump to the other side on a flat block. Turn and see another alcove behind you , jump here to collect a SECRET : a coin . Jump to return to the other side From there you can blow out the second mummy. Face North, drop to grab the edge of the block and shift left using the climbable wall. Make a jump backwards to land in the alcove where the 2nd mummy stood. Here you can grab again the bars of the ceiling and continue your journey monkey swinging towards smoke emitters. Near the end of ceiling bars, drop , slide and jump over the deadly water and land on flat blocks. Jump to the sloped block on the left side and jump again to return behind the pillar. Continue , jump over slopes , grab the crack ahead just after another smoke emitter and shimmy left. After that, the journey along the banks of the deadly black river comes to an end. So turn right and run up the corridor. Stop after the third different patterned tiles. Walk carefully backwards 2 tiles from the last different patterned tiles and save your game. Step backwards again one tile and run down the corridor as a spiked ball is triggered, jumping over 2 fire traps along the way and turn left to avoid the spiked ball. When the path is clear, run up again the corridor, jumping over the fires (a good method is to jump a bit in diagonal bumping slightly Laraís shoulder in one of the walls) At the top of the corridor is a long room with water below and ramps on the left side : many spiked balls will roll down from there. You can see shotgun ammo on a block below. Pay attention to the different symbol in the water : if you fall into water beyond this tile, you will be taken by the current and eventually die. Also remember this symbol as it is an important hint for later. Go to the first ledge. Walk forward a bit to trigger 2 spiked balls and step backwards quickly. When the path is clear, make one or two steps backwards from the edge of this first ledge and make a series of two running jumps and grab the third ledge (you can save your game here). Pull up and quickly make a running jump to the fourth ledge, run/jump over the fire burner and immediately a standing jump slightly in diagonal to the right to avoid the last spiked ball. In the next corridor, notice the closed door on the right, the door ahead opens on approach. You see 3 gems on pedestals : which one to pick up ?
If you remember the symbol in the water, you will avoid to be spiked or burned.
So take the blue gem on the right pedestal , exit the room and turn left by the opened door. You are now at the entrance of a maze with spikes pits. Firstly turn right and jump over a spikes pit to collect flares. An angry spirit shows its face. Make a roll and turn right. Turn right again , jump over another spikes pit and you will be in a long corridor where you will find on the right side an alcove with the little bird statue. Once the spirit has exploded , you can return to explore the little maze if you wish but there is nothing to find except more spike pits. So continue West in the long corridor and turn right after the door that opens on approach. Continue until youíre back at the main area (as you did before after collecting the second gem). Now itís time for a good swim.

Fourth gem : Water games

Dive into the big pool. The goal is to open the door located in the South wall in order to annihilate the current that prevents Lara to swim down to the hole at the bottom (thatís where the last gem is). Dive a bit deeper , 4 big openings lead to a labyrinth. Swim to the North opening and turn left. A bit farther there is a small opening on the right side. Pick up the Pharos knot.
Immediately after, swim left and up to a big room with holes in the ceiling. Take a breath of air in the second hole ahead and take note of the closed door. Now swim around the room clockwise and find the hole in the North-East corner. Pull the lever here. Return in the water and swim counter-clockwise to the previous hole with the door. Pull another lever that opens a door for later. Now swim again clockwise and find the hole in the South-East corner. Enter the crawlspace and endure a swarm of beetles. Fortunately, they disappear at the end of the crawling. Enter the next corridor at the end of which is a small medipack on a pedestal. The flares bug and the camera bug kick in so it is not easy to see what you do and what you will trigger. Climb the left ladder. Endure smoke emitters and place the Pharos knot. It opens a door in a corridor located above this one. Backtrack and jump ahead to the ladder. When you are approximately two blocks from the top, back flip in a corridor and push the lever. This lever opens the South door in the central pool. Go back to the ladder and return to the water room with holes , enduring another short swarm of beetles on the way. Exit the water room with holes by swimming down in the hole in the North-West corner. You will see a long UW corridor , it is quite possible to return to the big pool this way but it is a lot easier to return the same way you came here. So immediately after swimming down into the North-West hole , swim into the little opening on the right side at the very beginning of the long corridor. Then swim left (East) ignore the first opening on the right and take the second and bigger opening on the right : you are back into the central pool.
By the opened door of the South wall , go swim over the different patterned tile : that will annihilate the current in the water. Now you can swim down to the bottom of the pool and pick up the fourth blue gem.

Behind the doors : calling for a sequel
Go place two of the gems on their receptacles to open the big doors East and the two remaining gems to open the way in the following room. Jump over toxic water and blow out 4 skeletons if you still have arrows. Enter the next area to end the level.