The Silver Eye (Das Silber Auge)

Levels by Mikel ($Sim$) (March, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] This is another level that supplies a modified tomb4.exe file [if you care to use it]. You start with one small medipack, no large medipack, no binoculars and only 200 pistol ammo. It is also very dark. [End note]


You start in a room full of boxes. Push a button on the east wall and nothing really seemed to happen. Shoot the vase at the south wall for crossbow explosive ammo. When it is picked up, you hear a scraping noise. Shoot the vase at the north wall for crossbow normal ammo. Climb the boxes to where you can climb up a ladder to a tall column. Jump east to a balcony to push a button and hear music. Get back to the tall column and jump west to grab a rope. Swing west and release to land on a tall column. Jump south and east to another tall column. Jump to the pole in the south-east and climb up to back flip onto the high ceiling rafters. Jump to the west rafter to pick up the crossbow and crossbow normal ammo. Jump east and find crossbow normal ammo on the top of a box. Go to last east rafter for crossbow normal ammo. Go back to the pole and slide to the ground floor.

Go west and light a flare and enter a dark doorway. Hop down the boxes and go down into the dark cellar. Go to the south wall and push the button to turn on the lights. Pick up revolver ammo from the floor. Go to the south-east corner to pick up the laser sight. Climb the boxes in the north-west corner to find the revolver. Go to the target range door in the south wall. Select the revolver as a weapon and the target range door opens. Just shoot the targets for practice. There is no end level so just quit and start a new game with the first level.

Unterirdische Hallen

You slide down a slope into a room. Go north and pick up the Hand of Sirius (Die Hand des Feuers) from a pedestal. You get a flyby of where to go next. Watch out for the holes in the floor for later. Go to the east for flares and to the south-east corner for a large medipack. Go to the south-west corner for blue shotgun shells and west for the shotgun (Gewehr). Go to the north-west by a column and grab a crevice. Shimmy left and pull up into a crawl space. Follow the crawl space and at the end drop into a hole with a wall torch. Pull up on the other side and then drop onto a slope and drop onto a walkway. Go north and pick up the Hand of Orion (Dir Hand der Erde) and an earthquake happens. Stand on the north-east inside corner edge and face the pedestal. Hop back and use grab as you fall backwards. After a few tries and small adjustments, you should land in the pool of water at the bottom and actually survive. Go to the south-west corner and look for a hole in the south wall.

Go in and go south to climb a block. Turn and jump to higher tunnel to the north. Follow the tunnel and if it looks like a dead-end, look up in the opposite direction behind you. Follow the tunnel and pick up flares. When you get to a junction, go east as the west way seems to an exit from somewhere. At the end, you fall into the hole with the wall torch. Pull up to the south and follow the crawl space back to the starting room. Use the ladder to climb down into one of the holes in the floor. Climb down and another ladder and climb down into a chamber with a mummy. In the middle of the floor is a water hole so dive into the water.

Swim east and pull up near the south-east ledge in another room and pick up two flares. Go to the south-east and drop into a hole. Follow it into a room with many pedestals. Go to the end to pick up the Ba Cartouche (Tafel der Zuflucht) from a block. There is a small medipack in the water beside the block. Now a lot of fire traps start at the pedestals. Either slowly wait for them to stop or just run between the pedestals and the wall and you are behind the fires. Pull up into the tunnel and go back to the room as a gate closes behind you. Go to the north-east corner and drop into a hole and see a closed gate. This gate opens when you find the crowbar.

Go to the south wall and use the blocks to grab and pull up to a second-level ledges. Go north and enter a room where you see a fire. Climb the blocks there to pull up to a closed door.
Use the Hand of Sirius and the door opens. Enter the third-level ledges and go south to an open door and stop. Below is deadly water so jump the gap and grab a ledge on the other slide. The camera view changes to annoy you. Release, drop and grab a crevice. Shimmy to the right and pull up into a triangular crawl space. Follow the crawl space and then climb some blocks to reach a higher opening over the deadly pool. Jump to an east block and go into the corner to jump up and grab a crevice. Shimmy to the left and safely drop onto a ledge. Follow the fourth-level ledge and enter a room on the north side. Go north and use the Hand of Orion to open the door. Quickly jump back to avoid a falling spike ball.

Enter the room and get a flyby of the area. Pick up blue shotgun shells from the pool of water. Go to the north-west corner and climb the west wall. Climb up and back flip to a ledge with a vase. Shoot all the vases and the doors open in the room below. Also fires start on the pedestals. Climb down and if you catch fire, roll in the water pool. First go north into another room and see a door requiring two items. Climb the ladder on the pillar in front of the door and pull up to a room. Use the floor lever and a gate opens in the east wall. Go inside to hear the secret sound but no secret is registered. Enter the room and pick up blue shotgun shells, Uzi ammo, red shotgun shells, and Uzi's from the ledges. The other gate does not open so climb down. The east corridor goes to a dead end.

Go into the west corridor and go up some stairs as the camera view changes. Jump on the sandy mounds at the west end. You get a cut scene of a mummy walking and then laying dead on the floor. Continue to the north-west and get into a crawl space. Enter and get a cut scene of a crowbar under some water. Continue and drop into a tunnel. Pick up flares and enter another crawl space. At a junction, continue west. If you go south, you will get back to the first group of tunnels you were in before. Go west and turn south to drop into some water. Pick up a crowbar (Brechstange) and get a cut scene of the gate opening in the that roon corner tunnel. Continue south climbing blocks and pick up flares. Then safety drop down a steep hole. You are back in the first tunnels. Go east and fall into the hole with the wall torch. Go south and follow the tunnel back to the starting room. Go down the ladders again and back into the water hole. Pull up in the other room and go to the north-east.

Drop into the north-east hole and run to the ladder. The camera view changes so you look from above. Light a flare and start climbing. At the time it goes out, you can see where to shimmy to the right into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to pick up Uzi ammo. You are in an opening overlooking the multi-level ledges. Jump to the fourth-level ledges in front of you and go north. Enter the room with the fires and the open doors. Enter the east door and the level changes.

Sudliche Hallen

Start with a flyby of a trap door dropping in the ceiling in front of you. Go east and jump over the spike pit. Drop into the water hole and pick two revolver ammo from the first level. Swim down to the next level for the laser sight. Swim to the last level for the revolver. Swim back to the surface. Pull the two wall switches and the gate opens in the east wall. Enter and kill a ninja. Go up either steps and at the top pull up into a tunnel in the west wall. Jump a gap and run down the tunnel to get a flyby of the area showing ninjas and boxes. Jump the boxes in front of you for another flyby. Kill three ninjas and go to the south-west corner. Use the switch in the corner and hear a door open. Jump down and kill two ninjas. Climb some boxes to get into an opening in the west wall. Go to the end and pry a black beetle (Schwarzer Kafer) from the wall. As you exit you get a cut scene of a trap door dropping. If you walk around the room, three more short flybys of the room will appear, but they are not very important.

Go east and find the open trap door. Stand on the block on the west side of the hole. Climb down a ladder and release at the bottom to grab a crawl space. Pull up into the crawl space. This was actually a little difficult because Lara insists on getting into the climbing position. But eventually it works so follow the crawl space to the south. Stand up and face a tight rope walk. Walk across and pick up the Pharos Knot (Saule) and get a cut scene of the trap door closing.

Walk back again and get into the crawl space. Stand on the closed trap door and pull up to the room with the boxes. Go back to the room entrance and run off the edge to fall into the water. Pull up and go west. Jump over the spike pit and continue west and the first level loads.

Unterirdische Hallen

Go across the water and run into the west door and the level changes.

Nordliche Hallen

You start on a slope in front of a rope. The tunnel to the north is the exit back to the first level. Slide down the slope and kill four scorpions. Do not let them bite you, as they are poisonous. Get onto the south slope and jump west to grab a ledge. Pull up and use the floor lever. The gate on the ground floor opens. Enter and go west. Use the rope to get over the deadly lava. Enter an opening in the west wall and climb some blocks. You are on a slope facing a rope. Jump and grab the rope and swing north into another opening. Go east and pass an alcove to the south. Light a flare and notice the colour of the block. Go east and jump the gap and go south to face the lava again.

Jump to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to a south opening. Follow the ramp to kill two dogs. Use the floor level and then return to the lava room. Jump and grab the rope. You can swing to the west and the floor or swing north to grab the monkey swing and get back to the north opening. Either way you use, get back to the wall that you passed and notice that a block has dropped. Jump over a gap to pick up the Pharos Pillar (Knoten). Get down and use the rope to swing over the lava and back to the gate. Get back up to the ledge with the floor lever. Jump and grab the rope and swing north to the starting point. Run into the north tunnel and the first level loads.

Unterirdische Hallen

Go north and use the Pharos Knot and Pharos Pillar to open the door. Run to the end of the corridor and the gate opens. Enter and the gate closes. Pick up The Eye of Horus (Das Silber Auge) from the pedestal. Unseen spikes start to pop up and take your health. Go forward and a gate opens. Go inside and use the Ba Cartouche and hear the first gate open. Roll and run out back into the corridor. The door opens as you approach it. Exit the door and get a flyby of the room above. Climb the ladder back into the upper room. Run up the north tunnel and the level ends.