Levels by Jon A. (trplayer)

Walkthrough written by the builder and provided as a pdf file (which includes helpful illustrations) at his site. Access it by clicking
here. The textual portion of the walkthrough is reproduced here for the convenience of the player.

Builder's comments:

Complete guide and walkthrough. Learn about all the secrets and pick-ups from the builder himself!

Written by: Jon A. (trplayer)

Here continues Lara's quest for the fabled artifact of Ptolemy II. From the Catacombs from within which she has escaped, Lara takes the train to the legendary location of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The level begins with Lara on the train. As it approaches the gardens, Lara is awakened by her dream. She steps out of the cabin to see in front of her the entrance to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. What lies on the other side is anybody's guess.


You will begin on the slope, descending into the valley. Turn left 90 degrees and run straight to the corner of the valley. Here you will find a package of flares. Now, make your way to the stone entrance. You enter and slide down. It is completely black—you cannot see a thing—, though there is no reason to light a flare. Side jump to the left (south) until Lara hits a wall. Then, run straight forward. If you want, you may side jump right (north) into the light, but at the moment there is nothing you can do out here, so you must return to the left. Drop down the hole and continue through the passage to the cage puzzle.


Walk forward and two of the cages will lift. One is behind two other still down cages, and the other is right in front of you. Ignore it for now and head up the stairs to your right (west). Here you will find the switches to open the cages. This may seem simple at first, but it is not. Each switch switches the position of the cage to the left of it, and the cage to the right and the cage to the right of that. That is, each switch controls three cages; moving them into the opposite position of what they are before hitting the switch. Four of the switches are in the main area, the other one is tucked away in the wall. Consider the one in the wall switch number one and the next one switch number two, number three, et cetera. Hit the following switches: switch one, switch two, and switch five. The order does not matter, so long as you only hit those. Hitting other switches will not make the puzzle unsolvable, it will just complicate things. With all of the cages up, you can head into the next puzzle.


Once through the cages, you can enter the water puzzle. The water falls from drains in the ceiling and four switches lie waiting. These switches open a door in that lets you into the maze. Hit them all, and jump in the water. If you head the wrong way, no amount of air will save you. Follow the diagram on the next page to help guide you through. The green area leads to shotgun ammunition wide; follow the red × to grab them. Follow the red direction first, NOT the blue. If you follow the blue direction first, you will drown. You must first stop the waterfalls and let the area drain. Do this by following the red direction. You will come to a ledge at the yellow × to pull up on. Drop into the water and pull up onto the next ledge. Pull the switch and the waterfalls are stopped. Now you can drop back down, climb the wall and go back to the rest of the maze. You may explore other areas of the maze, but other than the shotgun shells, you will find nothing more. Follow the blue area around to the exit.


Slide down the slide and enter into the main section of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. There are three double-doors, and only one of them is open. The western most one will open as soon as you place the Ringed Sphere piece in the north wall. Go through the open one and up to the trapdoor. On the wall east of the trapdoor there is a switch—pull it. Go down the slide. Ever wondered what happened to the bodily wastes of the ancient Babylonians? Happy swimming!

Go through the hall and pull up onto the ledge. Hit the switch. This flyby shows you things from the perspective of a crocodile, and lights the torches on the wall. Send him to the bottom as soon as the flyby ends and make your way through the hall, keeping your guns drawn of course—note the bubbles of filth emerging from the drains. From the switch perform the following sequence of turns: Left, Right, Second Right, First Right. Take care of this crocodile and make your way down the passage from which he emerged. No worries, there are no more crocodiles down this passage. At the end is a ledge that you can pull up onto. Do this in the MIDDLE of the block, and tap forward. Hit Action and Lara will pick up the torch. Drop into the water and wade up to one of the torches on the wall to light the one in your hand. From the place where you picked up the torch perform the following sequence of turns: Right, Right, Right. You will come out of the water and into another grassy area. Throw your torch into the middle of the room and step back. The floor burns away and you can access the area below. Hit the switch and then climb the wall to the left of the switch—it will be on Lara's right after you turn around. You won't know what the switch did, unless you have been doing some exploration on your own—always STRONGLY recommended! Go back into the water and hang a right at the first torch.

There will be one more (the last, I promise) crocodile in the water. Kick him down and continue in the direction you were heading; NOT down the path from which the crocodile emerged. Pull up here and run to grab the Ringed Sphere. A door will be shown as opening; to get to it you must head down the path of the last crocodile.


At the way end of this passage is a ledge shrouded in darkness. You must jump up and grab on the east side of the wall in order to grab it. Pull up and make your way down the hall. Run straight forward until Lara stops, turn 90 degrees to the left (north) and run until Lara stops, turn 90 degrees right (east) and run until Lara stops, turn 90 degrees left (north) and run until Lara stops, run toward the light. Or—and this method I love—use a flare. Circle when you get to the end and jump up onto the climbing wall. Pull up and enter into another grassy area.

First Secret: Revolver, Revolver ammunition (3), 35% health loss

Upon entering this room, climb the ladder on the east side. Jump to the left upper platform and jump towards the square which is ALL green. Run forward to the rope and press and hold Action when you fall off the ledge. Slide down the rope and let go at the bottom. Pick up your prize and leave this area back to the grassy room above. Upon entering this room, climb the ladder on the east side. Make your way to the platform in front of you and pull the switch on the south pillar. The door behind you opens and you can go through it. Climb the wall and do a back flip at the top. Pull up to the crawl space and make your way back to the main garden area. Place the Ringed Sphere and the doors on the north side will open.


Go through the newly-opened set of doors and enter the small passage on the west. Climb the vine and back flip onto the ledge. You will see a pipe with water running through it, and some running out. This is for later. For now make your way down the hall covered by plants; at the end you will find a switch. This switch opens up the two unopened double doors. The crossbow ammunition is not even close to retrievable yet, so just set that in the back of your mind for now.


Your next task is to find the missing Glass Plate so that the water won't run out of the pipe any more. Go through the double doors. On the east side there is a passage that leads nowhere. There is a small medical bag as well, but you will be better off picking it up later when you need it... so that you don't risk using it when you don't. Instead, take the passage to the south and slide down the slide. At the bottom you face a little trap of sorts. On the other side of the "stream" is another ledge. At the bottom to the south is a package of flares and a grenade launcher with some grenade launcher ammunition. At the moment you cannot acquire any of this because the current pulls you under... but have fun trying if you would like. Go into the water and pull up where the current stops. Climb the ledge in front of you and as you are walking around the corner a cut scene is triggered. Luckily Lara never came face to face with her enemy in the catacombs. Unfortunately, she must do so here. They're moving in, and will stop at nothing to get the weapon of Ptolemy II before Lara. It is your job to take care of them in a clean way. The man here—like the rest you will meet—is not easy to kill, and he takes A LOT of health from dear Lara. If you walk up to the west side of the box he is standing in front of and shoot straight ahead, it is possible to gain his attention and elicit a climb-over-the-box response. This is a good opportunity to shoot at him, as he will be unable to do thesame to you. If this does not work, you will have to resort to the old fashioned way of jumping and flipping while firing away. Or.... bring out the revolver and smoke his ass! Either way you do it, when he falls, he drops revolver ammunition. Take it! Don't waste it! Pick up the Dynamite sticks and the Plan of Detonation. The Plan of Detonation will tell you where to place the Dynamite. Place it on the pillar closest to the place where you entered, on the side with the light.

Then head back to that switch that before you could not operate. Hit it and the corner of the cave will explode, revealing an opening for you to use. Enter the opening, being careful not to burn yourself on the fire. Don't worry about the blocks just yet; first take the north passage down to the broken tunnel. Enter carefully. When you are about half-way in, a guard will show himself. Take care of him and pick up the book Babylonian Numbers and read it. If you understand what the book says and realize what is going on here, then you better get to work; this puzzle takes a while. If you just don't get it, then look at the images below. They tell you where to pull each block. The real puzzle here, however, is adding up the numbers on the floor square and then moving the block with that total onto that square. Once all of the blocks have been pushed or pulled onto their respective square, the door at the east side of the hall will open and you can hit the switch. The switch opens the door on the south side of the hall, and you can go through it.

Follow the hall until you come to the flames. These flames never stop, so you will have to find another way around them. Don't go to the right; that is merely another trick like the one earlier. The moment you go for the medical pack, the ceiling will fall and poor little Lara will be pounded into the floor. Instead, lean Lara's back against the south wall and sidestep along the edge. Up ahead is another little puzzle—they're everywhere aren't they? Run down the hall with the large flame near it. In the middle you will find a switch. This opens the door in the other corridor. You can pick up the torch now, but you will not need it until later and you will have to pass by this place later anyway, so why not wait? Go through the door you just opened and look around. It's probably obvious what needs to be done here... maybe. Look at the ceiling. Lara can get a hold on that rough brick... just enough so she can swing across to the other side. Do this and when you land hit the switch in the northern crevice. This lifts a grating for Lara above the monkey swing. Actually, it only lifts part of it. You must jump forward grab to monkey across and hit the newly accessible switch. This switch opens the door at the end of the hall with the torch. Run and hit the switch there and on your return trip grab the torch. You see that the switch you just hit lifted the rest of the grates. Light the torch with one of the various available flames and run across the grating. Use the torch to light the red lamp and another door will open. Go through here and use the torch again to light another lamp. This opens the grating leading to the Glass Plate. Drop the torch somewhere safe and go to retrieve the missing plate.


You now have the glass plate. Go through the open door and work your way to the pool. Climb out at the other end.

Second Secret: Flares (2), Shotgun ammunition normal, Small medical pack, Crossbow ammunition normal, Crossbow ammunition poisonous, Large medical pack, UZI ammunition (3), Grenade gun, Grenade gun ammunition normal, Grenade gun ammunition flash, 5% health loss

Pull out of the water and walk forward to the edge of the pit. A camera angle shows you the switch you are going for. To get there turn and face south, with just a minor turn to the east. Make sure your back is as far against the north pillar as possible. Use the binoculars to look up at the wall to the east of the southern pillar. Press Action to provide light and zoom in on the way top of the wall. In what is probably difficult to read
lettering you will be able to read the words "climb me." That's a hint. Jump forward at an angle to grab the wall. Climb up, you will know how far, and do a back jump onto the ledge with the switch. Pull the switch and the door near the water opens. Stand on the west end of the L-shaped ledge and run straight off of it while holding down Action.

Lara will slide down the wall and into the opening on the other side. Turn around and head back to the open door. Grab your torch and bring it onto the newly accessible ledge. Light the two lamps to shut off the current. Grab the goods on the ledge and those in the water. Climb out and go back to the other end of the little pool.

Pull out of the water and walk forward to the edge of the pit. Jump-forward-grab to make Lara land on the other side. Angle yourself so that you can begin swimming forward as soon as you hit the water. Hop into the water and swim up the tunnel. Go straight at the top, then take a left (west) and swim through the door. Swim straight through it and pull the switch. Press Roll to turn around and swim to the right (south). Pull this switch and press Roll. Swim left (west), then right (north), and then left (south). Pull this switch and press Roll. Swim right (east) and then right (south) again. Pull this switch and press Roll. Swim left (west) and swim forward up to the grating in the roof. This drops when you approach it and you can surface for air. If you couldn't do that without taking damage, then there is a perfectly good medical pack sitting in this hall—so long as you did not already pick it up and then waste it. As you move through the double doors they close behind you. Climb up that vine again and back flip onto the ledge. Place the Glass Plate into the pipe and the lower room will fill with water.


Drop back into the hole with the climbable vine and swim out into the main area. Pull out of the pool so that you can take care of the crocodile, and then enter the water again. On the north side of the north-east block, where the water was earlier pouring out, there is a switch. Pull it and then pull up onto the northern edge of the pool area. There is a door open to your right.


The Upper Balcony Key is not needed for finishing the level. If you do pick it up, however, you will be able to access the third secret from the first level of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (the crossbow ammunition that is on top of the higher ledge; what you see in the second flyby). Here's how to retrieve it. Crawl through the opening revealed by the door. Once inside you may stand up. Look to the right (east). You notice that there are two large shafts running straight up and down. The second one (the one farthest down), on the right (east) half is climbable. Jump forward to the right. As Lara is sliding toward the second one, jump and press and hold Action. Lara will grab the wall. Climb to the top and back-jump onto the ledge and pick up the Upper Balcony Key. Make your way back down the climbing-wall and slide down forward. Wait for the next part of the level to load.



This part of the level pack is so much its own level, that I feel it necessary to give it an introduction separate from the one given at the beginning of the adventure. Upon sliding down, you will see a short cut scene showing you the main section of the level. You cannot get to the bottom yet, nor can you get across to the other side. There are four layers that need to be sequentially filled with water before you can leave the area. The first layer needs to be filled before you can get to the bottom. So, time to get started.


The first order of business here is filling layer one. Look to the eastern-most wall of the pit. There is a small opening located just below the balcony upon which your feet have been so unwillingly planted. The easiest way to enter is to stand at the edge facing the opening and jump forward and grab. Pull the switch here. Turn back toward the balcony. Where the supports for the balcony meet the southern wall, there is a ledge. Make a running jump for this ledge. Dispose of the occasional bat and turn north. Grab onto this end of the pillar and climb around to the west side and then to the north side. Pull up onto the balcony. Enter the newly-opened door and grab the Flood Key Layer 1.


Use the Flood Key Layer 1 and the lowest layer of the pit will be filled with water. Jump down into the water—make sure you don't land on anything dry... Lara will appreciate your care. After landing in the water, turn west and swim through the small opening with the blue bricks. Pull up here and crawl through the opening and out onto the ledge. Run jump and grab to the closest ledge. Run jump to the next ledge, ignoring the tightrope for now. Jump forward and grab from this ledge to get a hold on the switch. This opens the door in the eastern wall. Lara will land in the water and you will have to make your way back to the ledge with the tightrope. Do this the same way you did it the first time. To mount the tightrope, stand directly in front of it and press and hold Action. Use forward to advance your position on the rope and left/right to adjust for balance. Once on the other side you can release Action and pick up the Flood Key Layer 2.


From the recess where you grabbed the Flood Key Layer 2, jump to the nearest pillar. From there, you can run-jump-forward-grab to the next nearest opening. Pull the switch and drop back into the water. Swim through the small opening and make your way back to the ledge with the tightrope on it. Run-jump-forward-grab to the newly opened doorway. Climb the wall and use the Flood Key Layer 2. The second layer of the pit will be flooded with water. Swim to where the tightrope is and find the switch to open the door in the first layer. Swim through and pull up into the dry air. Behind the door is a shotgun—that is for later. At the moment you should concern yourself with the hall on the eastern side of the room. Run through here and climb to the highest point in the room at the end of the hall. Don't drop into the pit; you won't be able to climb out, and even if you could, you wouldn't last long from the spikes. Instead, jump and grab the ceiling and monkey swing your way across. Run down the steps and land on the grey platform at the bottom. The door will open, and you and the torch can go through. Stepping on the next grey platform opens the door in front of you and presents you with a puzzle. I am sure you could hear them long ago... dreading your encounter. Well, here they are: wondrous wheels of death. Carry the torch through, carefully avoiding each rolling blade until you reach the stand of fire at the end. Light the torch here and run back through the rolling blades. Light the pedestal here and the door on the other side of the rolling blades will open. Now you can run through this side. Enter the room at the other end with your torch in hand. Drop it for a second so that you can drop the lion and grab from the pedestal the Flood Key Layer 3.


The door on the north side of the room opens after grabbing the Flood Key Layer 3, and a lion comes to make Lara's acquaintance. Finish him off and grab the torch. Light the torches on the wall to open the door on the south side of the room. Turn toward the columns in the middle of the room and jump-up-grab the ledge to grab the shotgun ammunition wide.

Third Secret: Shotgun, 0% health loss

After picking up the shotgun shells, head to the other end of the ledge and turn west. You can see the opening shrouded by the plants.
Run-jump-forward-grab the ledge and pull up into a crawl position. Crawl until you can stand and move over to the wall with the cross-shaped hole. Press Action and Lara will move her hand through the hole. You will see the steel gratings move out over the pit so long forgotten. Grab the torch and, dodging the rolling blades, make your way back over the pit and to the area with the door keeping Lara from her shotgun. Light each of the pedestals here and this door will open. Dispose of the torch (you won't need it again) and grab the prize. Make your way back to the area with the first lion.

Go through the room that was blocked by the metal grate. Grab the large medical pack and pull the switch. It turns off the fire in the room with the second lion. Head there and step onto the grey platform to raise another door. Next to the grey pad is a pick-up of UZI ammunition. Go through the open door and run over the room with the rolling blades and into the room with the water. Drop into the water and under the ledge on the north side is a pull down switch. Pull it and a trapdoor opens into the water, revealing a second trapdoor. Pull out of the water and run to the southeast corner of the room. Jump up to grab the crack and shimmy all the way around to the switch on the northern wall. This switch will open the second trapdoor, but it's timed. Pull the switch and back jump circle. Be holding the Jump and forward buttons so Lara can begin swimming the moment she hits the water. Begin swimming and turning toward the switch.

Once through the trapdoor, pull the switch and continue farther into the tunnel. Pull each of these three switches, which once all pulled, will open another door. Swim through here and pull yet another switch. Pull up onto the dry land and walk to the hole in the wall. Press Action and Lara will move her hand through the hole. Another trapdoor opens and you can drop into the water to continue on your way. Pull out at the top and make your way out to the balcony. On the west side is a small medical pack. Go into the other passage and jump up to grab the western-most ledge. From here you can jump to the other side and pull up on the next ledge. You can dodge the flames by hugging the corner as you run by—walking will not work; Lara needs to be able to slightly lean into the wall. Pull up on the ledge and run around the corner. You might need to light a flare to see, or you might not; either way, there is a switch on the east wall at the back of the dark hall. This switch opens the door leading out into the main area and also strikes up a little fire. To pass the fire, crouch down and crawl under it. Jump across the opening (like you did near the beginning of the level) to land on the ledge with the climbable wall.

There are two ways to continue from here. The first way is the quickest, but requires more precision. The second way takes a while, yet can be done with very little skill. For the first method, line Lara up so that she is facing the other flat part of the support-arm reaching to the wall of the main pit. Side step to the highest level and as far back as you possibly can. Turn Lara so that she is facing the lowest end of the other ledge—this takes some work, so don't give up after the first try. Once you make it here, simply run-jump-forward-grab to land inside the area covered with grass. The second way is to get to the top of the balcony above you. This is accomplished the same way as at the beginning of the level. Grab the support arm and climb around. Once at the top you can make your way to the west wall and from here you can, standing in the square next to the south wall, jump-forward-grab to land inside the area covered with grass. Once inside, run forward and climb into the mirror room—what a simple name. In the real room there is sand, yet in the reflection there is gold…hmmm. Look in the mirror on the west wall toward the back. In the mirror you can see that there is another one of those grey pads, but in the real room it does not exist. Run to the corresponding place in the real room and the door will open. Walk through the door and into the hall. Go around the corner and up the stairs. To the north there is a long hall
which leads back to the main area. If you go here first, you will be crushed by the boulder. Instead, you must go to the east in order to place the Flood Key Layer 3.

Placing the key releases the boulder so that Lara can pass through the passage. Drop from the passage into the water below, watch out for dry spots on which Lara could go SPLAT! You will notice a newly accessible area through which you may now swim. Do so, and pull up once inside the little area.

Jump back, hit the switch, and go through the hole revealed by the trapdoor. Drop down, and turn north-east. There is a passage all broken up and falling apart. You must properly jump the blockage to get to the other side. Once there, you will see a square opening in the wall with three red numbers surrounding it. Pay attention to the numbers and their placement because they tell you in which order to hit some switches that you will see shortly. Hit the switch by the flowing sand and leave this little area and head down the hall. Drop into the bottom room and look around for a minute or two. You will notice that there are a number of switches everywhere, and have probably figured out that they must be hit in a certain order. This is where that handy little code comes into use. Hitting the switches in the order shown earlier will open the door with the red square on it. Hitting them in any other order simply resets the puzzle. If you didn't understand the code, here is the order for hitting the switches: east, south, north. You will see a hall in front of you, and a passage above to the right. Along with these, you will see a floating platform next to the above passage.

For now, run through the hall and around the corner to the end. Here you will see one of those grey pressure pads… only this time, it is on the wall. This one works like all of the rest: apply pressure to the pad and something happens. So, walk up to the pad and press Action. Lara will lean against the pressure pad to make it push in. The ground will shake and the room will quake. Return to the other room and notice that a pillar has just protruded out of the floor which leads to the floating platform. Climb the south side of the pillar to the top of the once-floating platform. Jump into the upper passage. Look down to the other side. You will see a green liquid that looks something like water; well, it isn't water, it's acid. If you drop into it, poor Lara will be no more. You must run-jump-grab to the rope, and then swing and grab to each additional rope until you reach the last rope, from which you will swing and land on the solid stone ledge. Run around through this passage. This next part can seems a little tricky, so pay close attention to everything around you. As you near the acid it magically turns to water and the wall to your left disappears to reveal a large medical pack. When you turn back around to grab the medical pack, the water turns back to acid and the wall reappears to make the pack once again inaccessible. This takes something of a trick to get it right, because the pack can be gotten. Be careful though, because if you land in the wall, Lara will start on fire. The way I have found that works best is to run and jump at an angle into the opening with the pack and then pick up the large medical pack. When you run back toward the acid, it will turn to water again, and Lara can enter.

Before you get started with the next puzzle, I should best tell you what it is all about. There are four passages leading from the water. One passage leads to a slope and you can't get out there. Another passage leads to a set of double doors. The other two passages lead to two separate pickup items. These are the two passages you must enter first. You can do them in any order, but I recommend starting with the north-easterly one. Swim to this passage and pull up. There is a long hall on your right and a small pit on the left. Drop into the small pit and pick up the UZI ammunition now, because you won't be able to do so shortly. Look up the ramp. You see that the grey squares have set an impassable zone and you can't jump it. Passing through here sends a rock hurtling at Lara, but it's the only way to continue. So, back up onto the square and when you hear the ball start to roll, sprint forward and to the left into the opening leading to the water. The ball should roll by quite harmlessly. Now make your way up the ramp and around the corner. Jump the opening and work backwards up the slope. You can see there is another zone here. When this ball starts to roll, run down the ramp and keep yourself close to the corner.

If done right, you should be able to run right over the opening and onto the other side. You won't be able to jump it for some reason. Now make your way up the ramp and there it is... another rolling ball. Jump the gap, and hop back zone of pads. When the ball starts coming, run and jump the gap and then run to the left right away. The ball will bounce against the wall and then drop back into the pit. Run up the ramp and at the top you will find a Horn of Gugalana. Now make your way back down the series of ramps and into the water. Swim to the other end and pull up on the east side. Again, this is a little trippy. Run left (north) and turn the corner. You will run into a gate. If you turn around to go back, there is a gate behind you now. This is okay. What you must do is jump up and grab the opening above you. Run through here and grab the other Horn of Gugalana. This will open the gate you ran into before and you can go through here and back into the room with the switches. When you approach the last closed door, it will open for you and you can return to the area with the water. But that's not where you want to be heading just yet. Turn back around and climb the wall to get out of the area with the switches and back to the area with the sand draining out of the upper part of the wall. Head back over to that broken area where it showed you the order for hitting the switches.

Once there, combine the two horns to make the Horns of Gugalana and place them in the square hole in the middle of the switch puzzle solution. One of those double doors will open in the pool area when you do. Go back there and pull up and in through the double doors. Beneath you can hear Gugalana, the bull. He can't hurt you if you stay up here, but unfortunately from up here you cannot complete the level. However, you should have a heads-up as to what your tasks will be before heading down there. First, there are two safe zones on both of the legs of the statue in the room. Second, you must hit all three switches in order to open the door between the statue's legs. Third, once inside the statue's legs, you must lure the bull to jump onto four special floor pads that are sunken into the floor in order to open a trapdoor on the ceiling and escape. Once through this trapdoor, you will be safe from the bull. There is not much more to say about this one. Just do your best and try to avoid getting rammed. It takes about two to three hits from the bull to drain a full health bar and kill Lara, so be careful. You'll know when you have successfully gotten the bull onto each floor pad when the ball drops from the ceiling. Once up and through the trapdoor you can relax, but not for too long 'cause we've got a level to finish. Which reminds me, I should probably get back to building that.

Anyway, there should be a hole in the roof. Jump up and grab the south end and climb to the top. Then back flip and rotate in mid air while holding Up and Jump. Lara should land in the block and jump back up. Press Action to grab this wall and climb to the top. Get off on the right side and walk to the edge of the statue's horns. Be careful with this next jump, because if you overshoot it, you will have to run around past the bull again. Jump from about one step away from the edge and in the middle at about a 30° - 40° angle. Hold Action as you jump and you should land on the bull's eyes. Look to the left (north) and you will see an opening. A simple run-jump should get you in, but I would hold Action to make sure Lara doesn't bump the wall and fall. Once in, you can see the Flood Key Layer 4 on the hump in the middle of the room. Go ahead, try to take it, but I'm warning you it won't be gotten. The key you see here is just a decoy. The real key is through the north gate. Open this by shooting the ball hanging from the ceiling. You can do this with regular pistol ammunition as long as you back up a little and jump while shooting. Once the door is open you can run to grab the Flood Key Layer 4.


Grabbing the key will open the other door and you can make your way back to the area with the water. Swim back to the area with the three switches that you had to hit in order. The key hole should be in this room. You will notice that it is positioned right above a trapdoor. Guess what happens when you insert the key. When the trapdoor drops, you will be in the water. Grab the flares on the floor and then swim up to the ceiling. There will be a pull down switch to the corner of where you dropped in. Pull the switch and swim out into the main area. When you swim to the top, you should notice that the next layer has been flooded. Climb out on the north-west end with the switch in the wall. This opens the steel grate on the east side. Jump back into the water and swim to the opening on the east side and jump to the support arms. Climb around them like you did before and go into the open grate. Pull the switch to drop the rope in the middle of the main room. Jump back to the main platform and run-jump-grab to the rope. From the rope, jump to the other side of the pit—the area that you've been working toward has been in sight since the very beginning.

Fourth Secret: Crossbow ammunition explosive, Small medical pack, Shotgun ammunition normal, 0% health loss

This is it, the biggest secret of the game. If you didn't pick up the Upper Balcony Key earlier, then don't even bother trying, because you cannot go on. Turn to the east and jump to the platform on the wall. Use the Upper Balcony Key in the key hole and the grate on the south side will open. Use the rope to make your way back to the main platform and jump through the open grate. Climb the wall and go forward until the next
level loads. Don't bother with the gold room on the west, it's just for show. When the level loads, crawl through the space on the left and drop into the pillared room. On the east side of the north-east pillar is a switch. Pull it and the room you're in will fill with water. Swim around the pillars to pick up a small medical pack and some shotgun ammunition normal.

Swim to the top and pull out on the side opposite of that where you
dropped in. Walk around the corner and take care of the crocodile. Pull up through the opening and run to the end of the hall. Now, if this next part isn't in the top ten most difficult timed puzzles you've ever done, then I'm ready to throw in the towel on level editing. Run into the opening on the east side and pull the switch there. Run through to the south and the door with open. Turn east and then south. Pull the chain and turn around. Run east and turn left. Pull this chain and turn around. Run west and turn left to
pull the last chain. Now turn and make a sprint to the end. If done quickly enough, you will exit onto the upper balcony and hear the secret sound as you do. If you are too late, too bad; just try again. You have exactly 33 seconds to complete the chain pulling from the time you pull the switch. Once on the balcony, run around and pick up the crossbow ammunition explosive. Drop back into the water and pull up onto the lower balcony and run through the opening and slide down to load up the other level. From the main platform, jump to the rope and then jump to the other platform.

Pull the switch on the wall and enter the cavern that is half under water. Run to the top of the building to step on the pad and open the door under water. Swim down there and pick up the second piece of Ptolemy's Weapon: East-west. The grate opens when you do, and you can swim through and wait for the next level to load. Pull out of the water and climb up to the switch. Pull it to open the door and leave the area, remembering to grab the flares before you go. Go through the open door and turn around to the other opening. Climb up here and jump to the small ledge hanging from the pillar. The next part is difficult, but can be done. You must run-jump-grab the other ledge. To do this, line Lara up just a little away from the north end of the ledge and all the way to the back of the east end. Turn her just slightly to the right so that she is facing the northwest end of the ledge. Now run-jump-grab forward and turn in mid-air to grab the other ledge.

This might take a lot of tries, but it's the only way to get to the other end. Once there, jump to the other platform and pull the switch. This opens the door at the other end of the pillared hall. Drop down and run to the opening with the ladder. Climb up and jump onto the ledge. Jump into the new opening and walk around the wall and crawl out. A guard will come to attack you. Take care of him and grab the Jeep Keys. Get in the jeep and drive toward the set of double doors. They will open as you approach them and the level will end.

The End