Level made by Agnes



Authorized walkthrough written by Selene



NOTE: You get to choose between two levels here: one is the regular version and the other part is a version suitable for children. The latter is the exact same level, but without the enemies and traps. Also some pickups have been left out (this goes for the shotgun and belonging ammo). Another thing to note is that in the Aquarius water maze there are quite a few openings in the ceiling where Lara can come up for air to make it easier, these air holes are not present in the regular version. Since everything else is the same I will NOT create a walkthrough for both levels. In order to play the children's level you can follow the same walkthrough, but leave out the enemies and traps plus the pickups mentioned above.

Pickups: Normal shotgun ammo, Garage Keys, flares, crowbar, Ladybug, 2x Keys, Portal Guardian + 5 Secrets (shotgun and laser sight + chocolate bar + revolver + chocolate bar + large medipack)

Enemies: Crocodiles, wild boars, red scorpions (Children's version: None)

As the level starts we find Lara standing in her lovely holiday home somewhere in a southern location. To the W you will find the entrance doors, currently closed, but before opening them and having a look around the garden we have some indoor business to take care of. Turn around to face the E wall and go up the stairs to the left. There is a moveable block right in front of you (in the E wall) so push it in as far as it goes. Seems your summer residence is heavily guarded, there is a laser trap in front of the doorway on the right. Time your run past it (I found it best to go as close as possible and then run as it disappears up into the doorframe) and enter the pool room.

The pool room- a secret and the quest for the lost keys:

First go behind the flower pot between the stairs leading down and pick up a box of normal shotgun ammo. Now I know that the crystal clear water in the pool looks very inviting on a warm summer day and we will go for a dive in a little bit, but first let's be patient and go secret hunting instead. Turn right to face the S wall and the painting on the wall flanked by two flower pots. Go behind the flower pot on the right and you will find that there is a moveable block there. Push it in as far as it goes (what would a house owned by Lara be without any hidden passages???) and on your left you will see an opening well guarded by another laser trap. The only difference is that this is slightly harder to get past, as it only goes from top to bottom (and not up through the doorframe like the first one did). To get past it unharmed stand as close to it as you can (and you CAN stand very close indeed) and when it moves up do a simple roll. Now that wasn't so hard was it???

And a lovely sight it is that greets us.....we're now in the backyard patio. Follow the cobblestone path around the house until you reach a tranquil spot with two benches and a small table. From there go over to the W wall and among the grass to the right of the palm tree you will find a pleasant surprise- Secret 1: the shotgun and laser sight. Apart from enjoying the sunshine there's nothing else to do here so make your way past the laser trap again and back into the pool room. Now we can finally go for a long-awaited dip in the pool. Ah, so THAT'S where we left the Garage the N/E corner of the pool. No wonder they've been missing for ages. Pick them up and climb out, then leave the pool room past the laser trap and go back to the main hall.

The garage and garden- all about bikes, secrets and hidden ramps:

Go towards the entrance doors and turn left, then make your way over to the window sills in the S/W corner. On the sill to the right you will find a hidden jump switch on the right wall behind the flower pot. Pull it down to open the entrance doors and make your way back to them. We're done with the house and will now continue exploring the garden and surrounding areas. First of all run around the entire house to the left until you see two benches with some flares for you to pick up under one of them. Return to the main entrance and continue straight ahead, passing the entrance on your right. There is a closed gate in the wall in front of you and we will have to find a way to open it so go on following the house around the perimeter and at the end you will find the garage with a very tempting motorbike waiting to be taken for a spin inside. It doesn't have to wait for long, because you already have the Garage Keys that fit in the green keyhole to the right of the door in your pocket. Use it to open the garage, but before getting on the bike notice the two ornate tiles on the floor in the N/W and S/E corner. Step on both of them and you will see the gate I mentioned earlier open. Now you can mount the bike (surprisingly enough the ignition keys seem to be in place already) and drive it out and over to the gate you opened.

Your ride is cut somewhat short though: as you drive through the gate and continue straight ahead you will see that the road ahead is blocked and you can't get any further (at least not by bike). However, you have to find a way to get the bike past it as there's a need for it later on. Let's go exploring the area shall we??? Go back towards the gate where you came through and turn into the passage left. There is only a closed door here, but the block behind the palm tree by the E wall is moveable so push it in twice and follow the passage around to the other side of the closed door, where you can pick up Secret 2: a chocolate bar (these count as small medipacks by the way. Return out the way you came and go back to the bike and the blocking ledge. Now we're going to find out how to get past it.

Turn right to face the E wall: behind the second palm tree (counting from the ledge blocking the road) there is a light green block which is also moveable. Push that in as much as four times and you'll find that there's nothing here to do apart from stepping onto the pressure pad (ornate tile) to the left. A fly-by shows you back out into the garden outside where you will find to your amazement that the ledge blocking the way has lowered as well as the fact that a ramp has risen up to the open door. How utterly convenient!!! At the top of the ramp there is a gap and a bridge beyond it. You need to give full speed up the entire ramp (with a good backing up too) and not pause for a second (if you do the bike will miss the bridge and drop into the pond below and Bob's your uncle). I found this a bit hard because she would constantly veer off the ramp on the sides, but try to stick to the middle of the ramp and you should be fine. The hard part is what occurs when you hit the bridge. Unfortunately these old wooden bridges don't come equipped with a concrete wall around them preventing you to drive off the bridge and into the pond below so THAT part you have to provide for yourself. Just do your very best to keep both wheels ON the bridge and drive to the end, where you can dismount the bike.

The pond n bridge garden- bugs, crowbars and keys:

Well, the real estate agency has better do some explaining, for example as to what exactly those two crocodiles are doing in the pond. Well, we've always known Lara likes to take things into her own hands (literally) and so draw your guns and dispose of the two lizards from the safety above. Now you can either dive into the pond (or if you like things the slow and cautious way climb down the ladder below the ramp you came up). Either ways swim under the waterfall W and pick up the crowbar to the left (near the S wall). Swim back out and climb out of the water, then make your way over to the opposite side and in the S/E corner you can pry the Ladybug off the wall using the crowbar you just found. Dive into the water again and swim under the bridge and to the right (N/W) where you can climb out. Behind the bright green plant and the foliage there is an alcove, so vault up there and place the Ladybug in the receptacle in the tree trunk here. You will see a shot of something lying on an ornate tile somewhere under water (presumably in the very same area you're in).

On the E side of the pillar holding the bridge up (the one closest to where you found the Ladybug) there is an underwater opening (see HERE if you're having trouble locating it). Swim down there and around the winding submerged room until you find an opening in the S/E corner covered in the aquatic version of foliage. Swim through it and along the winding passage, going a bit up and down to avoid hitting the wood jutting out along the bottom and ceiling. When you reach the next room go right and in the S/W corner you'll find the ornate tile you saw when placing the Ladybug in the tree trunk. Pick up the Key and quickly return to the pond where you can surface before Lara runs out of air. Also, as soon as you surface climb out of the water and make short process of the croc that has appeared out of no where. Now climb the ladder on the S wall (below the bike ramp) and jump back over to the bridge. Return to the bike, use the key in the lock at the end of the bridge to open access to the forest and now you can get on the bike and drive through the now open gate.

A Sunday stroll in the forest- the Portal Guardian and some secrets:

Drive into the forest and before doing anything else take your time to drive around and getting rid of any wild boars you might come across(I think there are five of them altogether). These will (almost literally) drop dead at the sight of your bike so stick to it and you're as safe as can be. Just be careful to not drive into the pools scattered about as the bike will explode and Lara with it. Once all the earth-bound enemies are out of the picture take the W route and park the bike in front of the closed gate (as you can see you will need an item to open it). Leave the bike behind and go out to explore the forest on foot. Go back to where you entered the forest and dispose of the crocodile in the pool to the E. There are also some flares for you to pick up on the block to the right. Now swim across the pool and turn left. On the right side of the tree trunk there is a narrow, underwater crack in the N wall. Squeeze through it and when the path splits go right, then straight ahead (N), ignoring the dead end to the right. At the end notice the boulder to your right and head down to the left, then into the alcove on the left side where you can pick up the Portal Guardian. Do NOT leave the alcove immediately though, but wait for the boulder to roll down the ramp (first time I've seen an underwater boulder ramp). Once it has passed swim back up where it came from and then head right and straight ahead. From here you can follow the passage back out into fresh air in the pool where you killed the croc. We now have the means to leave the forest, but first of all let's go secret hunting.

From the pool head S towards where you entered the forest. As you pass the patch where the sun rays come down through the leaves and the branch sticking out from the tree on the left, look for a crawlspace on the left side(see HERE if you can't find it). Crawl through and follow the passage to find Secret 3: the revolver. Once you leave the crawlspace go N back to the pool and turn left. As you reach the second tiny pool on the right, look up to the left to see a crack. Go around this pillar to the left (so Lara's facing E) and pull up on the far right side of the pillar (remember to press Duck so she won't slip back off). Continue crawling around until you can pick up Secret 4: a chocolate bar (hopefully they're fat free). For some reason I found that Lara couldn't get down the same way she came up so crawl through to the other side instead and drop down there. Make your way ahead and around to the left and now you can go back to the bike and use the Portal Guardian in the receptacle to open the gate. Get on the bike and drive through to the village.

The Village- the age of Aquarius:

Drive around the village left and right, taking care of the red scorpions that appear this way. Once they're gone drive left(S) and around to the small pool on the right. Go to the end and park the bike near the large gate to the right. It's evident that we need a key to open it and we don't have that yet so we need to do some exploration on foot. If there should be any red scorpions remaining use the pistols to deal with them. First go past the pool again and right, then left around the corner. Finally go right and back towards where you entered. If you look up and past the white-chalked house on your left you will spot a blue flower pot up on the ledge next to it. Combine the revolver and laser sight, aim for the pot and shoot it. You see a gate open somewhere else so turn around and go right and there it is. Follow the path around and eventually you will find in front of a closed gate the final Secret 5: a large medipack. Leave this room and go back out where you came from, then go S again and back to the pool.

In said pool there is a closed gate and in a little bit we'll find out why. Go over to the S wall where the bike is parked and turn left. As you run past the rose bush Lara will drop into an opening. Pick up the Aquarius Letter and as you do so a gate somewhere else opens. The letter reads "The Aquarius will show you the way". A cryptic message it seems, but you will soon get the idea. Now climb back out and go right (E). Opposite of the gate where the bike is you will see a palm tree in front of what appears to be a dead end. Not quite though....upon closer inspection it turns out that the wall behind the tree is in reality a climbable wall and that it leads to a crawlspace. Pull up here and now you'll see the opening beyond the previously closed gate (the one that opened when you picked up the letter).

As you drop down into the water you will begin to feel a rumbling and hear the not-quite-so-friendly sound of spikes popping out somewhere. I'd advice you to surface and save your game here, as you're in for quite a maze and an underwater one at that (not an easy one either). As you swim down notice the Aquarius tile at the bottom. Now you might see what the message on the letter meant: swim the way the Aquarius is pointing. Everywhere you encounter one of these pictures simply head in the direction it's pointing and this should lead you out of here. But first there are some pickups we need to find. Swim down and S (in other words: the way the Aquarius at the bottom is facing) and as you reach the corner you will see spikes popping up in front of you. Time your swim past them (shouldn't be too hard if you're accurate) and at the first junction turn left(S). Pick up the Key laying on the bottom ahead and turn around, this time swim ahead(N) past the Aquarius picture and make it a first left. Be careful with the spikes, but once you're past them just go on until you reach a door that opens automatically. Swim through and up and you'll now find yourself in the small village pool.

We now have the key to open the gate, but first we're going back down for a pickup we missed. The route to take is the following: down-straight(E)-right around the corner-straight(S)-left and past the spikes-right(S)-first junction left-follow the passage around and past the spikes and go up for air ahead. Now go down and N straight to the end of the passage-right around the corner-straight ahead (E)-left at the end-past the spikes-straight-left. Here you can pick up a large medipack. To get out go straight and follow the Aquarius around the next corner, then head past the spikes again and straight ahead past the next set. Continue to the end and go right to where you can go up for air before the last round. This should be simple enough: follow the Aquarius S, past the first set of spikes, then right at the junction. Take the immediate left, being careful with the spikes ahead and go around the right corner. From here it's just following the passage up and around past the door until you can surface in the pool again.

Final stop- sun, sand and a blue, blue ocean:

Now you can finally climb out and use the key in the keyhole to open the gate where your bike is. Before doing this though, make sure the bike isn't parked too close to the gate; otherwise you won't be able to mount it again as the gate opens. Go up the ramp to the top and run over the red scorpions that crawl in from both sides before dismounting the bike. Shoot away the flower pots on the ornate tiles on both sides and proceed to running over all of them. This done the gate down to the beach opens. Get on the bike again and drive down the stairs and around the corner. Continue driving the bike towards the water (yikes!!!) and the level ends here.