The Lost Armor Of Horus Part I- The Wreck

Level made by Binibe


Walkthrough written by Selene


Pickups: Normal shotgun ammo, flares, small medipack, 4x Keys(Load) shotgun wideshot ammo, large medipack
2 Secrets (shotgun + shotgun normal and wideshot ammo, flares and a small medipack) 


Enemies: Sharks, rats 

The adventure begins with Lara sliding down into a sunken shipwreck and landing in a partially waterfilled hallway. Start by wading around the corner and pick up some normal shotgun ammo from the floor. Turn right (W) and locate the ladder on the wall, then climb up as far as Lara will go. Position her as far to the right as possible(to avoid giving both her and yourself a headache-sticking further to the left will cause her to bang her head in the overhang). Now backflip to land on the ledge behind, where you'll find a switch on the S wall. Pulling it you will hear a loud worries though, nothing worse happened than a trapdoor opening down below where you came from. Drop back down into the water and swim through the opening in the floor to the N/W.


Head N and at the end of the narrow hallway swim up through the opening above and turn left (W). From here swim forwards (W) past the slanted blocks and turn right (N). There are some pickups littered at the bottom, but don't worry about them for now....we will get them as soon as we've checked that the coast is clear and the water safe. Continue swimming ahead and you will see that this is not the now have a great white and very hungry shark on your tail. Swim ahead as fast as you can and up through the narrow opening ahead. Climb onto the submerged ledge, but do NOT stop until you've reached completely dry land either ahead or to the left this shark is a bit more earthbound than what is common and it will actually follow Lara up on the submerged ledge.  Shoot it from the safety of dry land and you can now swim back to get the stuff we left behind. Go back towards the swirling fan ahead(S). The current prevents you from reaching it, but turn left at the wall where you came out to begin with and between the wall(S) and the partially buried crate in the middle there is a box of flares on the sandy bottom(see this screenshot for exact location).


Turn around to face the opposite wall and swim down between the cluster of broken crates to find a small medipack. Pick it up and swim back to where you climbed out of the water in order to kill the shark from before.


Run over to the N wall between the wooden slopes and pick up some more flares there. Turn around 360 degrees and go back to the waterfront, then turn right and head over to the dry floor on the other side. Now turn your attention towards the pillar on the left side (opposite of the slope). Go around it to the left (so that she's standing facing E) and jump up to grab the low side of the pillar. Turn right and jump to grab the crevice. Shimmy right until she reaches the wider part of the crevice, where she can pull up. Go through the crawlspace ahead, picking up the normal shotgun ammo in the opening to the right as she goes along, until you reach a room with a burning floor, three sloped pillars, a door to the left of the ledge opposite and a jump switch on the right wall.


First of all we need to reach the jump switch in order to open the door. Stand on the leftmost side of the ledge (when facing the door) and do a standing jump to the first slanted pillar. Jump with a sharp right angle to land on the middle of the pillar to the right. Slide and jump at the end to grab the jump switch. Pulling it down not only opens the aforementioned door up on the ledge, it also shuts off the burners below the switch. Not all of them, mind you, and now you're going to have to make your way past the ones to the left (if you're still facing the switch) to reach the ladder beyond them. Stand as far back on the safe tile as you can without stepping onto the still burning tile behind Lara. Now turn her to face left and do an angled run ahead and right, then jump right before reaching the burner tile ahead and press Action in the last moment to grab the ladder. Climb up to the top and turn around, then do a running jump to the slanted block right and backflip onto the floor in front of the open door. Proceed ahead to the end of the hallway and you'll find yourself back up on a pillar overlooking the slope room. Drop back down to the ground. 


Behind the wooden slope in the N/W corner you will see a pillar covered in a black grating, this is a ladder. Position Lara about one hop and one step back from the bottom of the wooden slope facing the ladder and do a running jump while pressing Action to grab hold of it. Climb up to the top and around the corner to the right. From here climb down until Lara is about one climb above the slope below (her hands will be holding onto the metal "line" on the middle of the ladder), then backflip/roll in mid-air and press Action immediately to grab the crevice in the wall behind her. Shimmy around the first corner to the right and drop down onto the slope. You're now standing in a small passage with a partially flooded floor. Across from where you dropped down(N) there is a  switch so pull that to begin with to lower a chain in a room somewhere else in the area. Now turn to the immediate left and push the moveable block here as far as it goes (about three pushes should do) and you'll now find yourself in the room behind the slopes. The chain you just lowered is in the middle of the room and there is a waterfilled passage below it. Ignore the latter for now; we're getting back to that later.


For now climb the chain facing W until Lara is about halfway up and backflip to the rusty ledge behind her. Turn and do a standing jump from the edge to land on the next ledge. Turn to face the tall pillar in the N/W corner and do an angled running jump to it, where you can pick up some normal shotgun ammo.  A running jump will get you back to the ledge you came from and this time turn to face the pillar with the steam oozing out above it to the S/E. Wait until the steam stops seeping out and do a running jump to the pillar. You must now do an angled stand/jump to grab the crawlspace up to the right of the pillar.  Pull up and crawl through, then draw guns and shoot two rats that appear; one from behind and from beyond the pipe on the left side.  Jump over the left pipe and take a mental note of the two generators on each side. There are two keyholes there, which means we'll add two keys to our wishlist. There are also some doors in the room: a double set to the N and a single one to the S, neither of them are open and neither can be opened for the time being. Turn right and go down the hallway to the E. Behind the bars to the right you will spot a very tempting shotgun, but as of now there is no way of getting to it, so just remember its location for further reference. That leaves us with two options: down the stairs ahead or through the hallway left.  If you go down the stairs you will reach a closed trapdoor on the ground so left's head through the left hallway first.


You will reach a room which is separated on the middle by a fence. As for now that might seem a good thing as you will see a sturdy-looking guy rushing down from the right and into the open door in the N/E corner, which closes as soon as he goes through. Turn around to find a switch on the pillar to your right and pull it. This opens the trapdoor I mentioned at the bottom of the stairs so go back there. First of all though we're going for a tiny detour to get a secret. Notice that one of the steps leading down towards the now open trapdoor is slanted??? Stand on the highest part of this step and turn right to face the higher slope on the opposite wall. Do a standing jump towards it and press Action to grab the lower part of the slope. Shimmy left a bit and pull up, then backflip/roll and press Action to grab the edge of the opposite slope as you slide down. Continue shimmying right until you reach the block with the steam seeping out above it and go as far right as you can. As soon as the steam stops pull up, turn right instantly and jump over the slope. Voila: Lara is now standing on the other side of the bars you saw earlier and on the floor to her right you will find Secret 1: the shotgun in all its shiny glory. To get back down simply backflip over the slope, grab the edge and drop.


Go down to the bottom and drop through the aforementioned trapdoor. Continue along the passage, jumping over the slanted section and go on until you find Lara standing above a very non-inviting room with a burning floor below and a chain going down. First of all do a running jump to grab the block that the chain hangs from. It is very much climbable so climb around it (in either direction) and pull down the three jump switches on it (position Lara right above each one, drop and grab again). Pulling each switch will raise a cage below each of the ladders opposite of them. On each of the ladders there is a switch. Pulling all three opens the trapdoor at the bottom below where the chain is hanging. I'd advice you to save your game in front of the next part, as it can be a bit tricky until you've learnt where to go.


Swim down and follow the hallway until you reach an area with two sharks swimming around. Immediately locate the two wooden pillars at the bottom (near the anchor). There is an opening between the said pillars so swim down there. It's a bit difficult to see what to do here due to the camera view hopping about, but at the bottom there is a key and that's the one you need to reach. Pick up the Key (it's simply called Load in this level) and you'll see a door opening somewhere else. That's our next goal, but before going there turn to face W from the hole in the ceiling and swim around the corner and through the narrow crack and pick up some shotgun wideshot ammo (if you don't have enough air to do both you can get the key first, go out for air and then come back for the ammo afterwards). Now hurry out where you came from (back to the sharks) and swim towards the wall where you entered this area. You will see a black grated block ahead, behind it there's an opening at the bottom. Swim down there and follow the tunnel, past the door you just opened and to the right where you can both surface and climb out of the water.


Shoot a rat and pull the moveable block once to reveal some flares hidden under it for you to pick up. In the dark corner to the S/W there is a switch. Pull this to open a ceiling trapdoor in the same room. Now go over to the N/E corner and pull the switch here. Doing so lowers a chain below the trapdoor so that you can now easily climb up and backflip onto the floor above. Follow the hallway around until you reach a low crawlspace in the right wall. Crawl through almost to where Lara can stand and save your game. As soon as you crawl all the way through you will be met with a rumbling earthquake. Immediately run to the left, snatch the large medipack and dart back to the crawlspace, then crawl back outside and the earthquake will stop. If you don't do this on time the floor will light up and Lara will catch fire (however, if you re-enter once you've gotten the medipack there will be no earthquake and nothing will happen).


Go to the end of the hallway and pull the switch to open the door next to it. There is a hallway with burners on the left side and a switch beyond them, but there a key is required in the lock next to the first fire and it's not the one you have in your backpack so go through the opening N instead to enter the ballroom. Go over to the piano by the N wall and go behind it to pick up some normal shotgun ammo. There are also some flares in the dark corner to the S/W corner. Light a flare and go over to the opposite side of the room to the S/E corner where you'll find a crawlspace. Go through it and draw the pistols to dispose of another pesky rat. There are two metal blocks positioned in each their trench by the S wall and a closed door in the wall to the W. Notice that at the end of each trench, opposite of the blocks, there is a floor tile which looks slightly different than the rest. That is indeed a hint so go over to the block and pull/push it onto said floor tile. Repeat this with the other block as well and the door in the W wall opens. All you'll find behind that door though is a switch and pulling it lowers a chain out in the ballroom.


Go back there and locate the chain by the S wall, then climb it and backflip onto the balcony. As you do so you'll see another guy running across the balcony opposite and through another door at the end, which closes promptly as he passes through it. We have no ways of getting there yet so ignore that for now.  Instead head to the S end of the balcony you're on and when you reach the slope, turn so that Lara's back is up against it, backflip and jump forwards and then press Action to grab the ladder above. Climb up to the top and pick up the 2nd Key here (also named Load). There's nothing else to do so return back down to the balcony and drop down to the ground floor.


Leave the ballroom through the door where you first entered and use the key you just found in the lock back by the burning hallway. Doing so shuts off the burners so go past and pull the switch to open a door in a different area. Do not return to the ballroom, but instead continue around the right corner until you reach a waterfilled opening. Swim along it until Lara surfaces in the room with the chain where you were near the start of the level.


Climb the chain again and once more backflip to the rusty ledge. Retrace your steps back to the next ledge and past the pillar with the steam and through the crawlspace again. The door you opened earlier is the one to your right. Go through and drop into the water on the other side. The next area might seem very complex and maze-like, but it really isn't. You can either go straight ahead(W)-left around corner-straight ahead or straight-left at first corner-right around corner-left around corner and you will end up in the same area(although the first one is a lot more simplistic and will save you some air for what you need to do in the larger area).


First of all pick up the flares on the crate ahead. Turn to face the N/W corner and swim over to the crate there, behind it to the right there is a lever to pull. If you're fast it's possible to do it in one go, or you can take two turns (one for the flares, then back for air and finally back again for the lever or vice versa). Pulling the mentioned lever opens a trapdoor to the left of the S/W corner (across the room from where the lever was). Follow the tunnel ahead and climb out of the water, where there's a ladder leading up. Climb up and around the left corner into the opening.


Lara is now overlooking a room with sloped sides, a burning floor and a chain. The trick here is to use the slopes on the side to reach the chain. Turn facing the slope on the left and do a running jump over to it. Continue pressing Jump and the right arrow key to bounce across the slopes and when Lara is jumping towards the chain facing it press Action to grab onto it. Climb the chain up to the top and backflip onto a ledge with some rusty barrels and a closed door. Notice the two jump switches on each side of the chain. Stand on the edge facing either switch and do an angled jump while pressing Ctrl to grab it and pull it down. You will land on the slope down by the still burning floor so immediately backflip to the slope behind and jump forwards to grab the chain again. Climb up and backflip, then repeat the same process with the other switch. Pulling it down opens the door up on the ledge by the chain so make your way back up there.


Go through the newly opened door, but save your game before doing so as the next part can get a bit confusing. Go through the next open door and as you approach the closed one several things will happen at the same time. You will see a trapdoor and an underwater door open and at the same time Lara is dropped down into a pool. Swim straight forwards and into the alcove opposite where there is a lever to pull. Roll, swim back outside and up towards the ceiling where you'll see the trapdoor that opened before. Swim up and face N to find an underwater ramp leading out to the outside of the shipwreck. Continue swimming forwards and at the middle of the wreck you should find another opening. Dive down there and swim through the hallway and the door will close behind you. Straight ahead there is an air pocket where Lara can surface. She will swim past an opening on the right before reaching the air pocket though, but there is nothing down there for you yet.


Instead climb out of the water and ahead there is a hallway with two broken steam pipes. Time your run past them (shouldn't be too hard) and continue along the hallway until you reach a junction. We're first going for quite a detour to get a secret so go along the left side until you reach a room with a higher ledge going around it with three crates on top and one crate down on the floor. Climb the latter one and do a standing jump to grab the higher ledge. Go around to the left and pull out the crate in the N/E corner at least twice, then drop and hang from the edge and shimmy past the crate. Pull up and go to the next crate on the left and pull that one out once. Drop and shimmy past it and pull up to find a switch. Pulling this drains the hallway where you were earlier and that's exactly what's needed now so drop back down and retrace your steps back to the steam pipes. Make your way past the steam like before and drop into the now drained hallway.


Enter the hallway to the left (E) and follow it along, climbing down three ladders until you reach a gap with a crawlspace on the other side. Jump to grab the said crawlspace and pull up, then go along the hallway until you reach a switch and a closed door. The switch opens the door alright, but it only leads in to a crack too narrow for Lara to crawl through. So it looks like we have to go back for now. When you reach the crawlspace you have no possibility of getting across other than dropping down and as it's quite a high fall Lara will lose some health(not too much though). Climb the ladder opposite and continue all the way back up, ladders and all, until you get to where she can climb up by the steam pipes again. Once more make your way past them and go left again back to the room with the draining switch. Climb up onto the ledge again, shimmy past the crate and pull the switch to flood the hallway leading back to the secret again. I'm not going to explain where to go this time, as that should already be as a clear as ink on white paper.


When you reach the narrow crack behind the door you opened earlier squeeze through it and in the alcove to the immediate left you will find a lever. Pull it to open the door next to it and swim through to hear the ever lovely secret chime. Lara can also surface here so get some air and then scour the room for Secret 2: a small medipack and flares (on the ledges) + normal and wideshot shotgun ammo (the latter is found behind the door). Swim back up to the steam pipes, but remember this location as you will have to go back here once you've drained the room again.


Go past the steam pipes again and this time head right. At the end of the hallway you'll find Lara standing above a storage room and a fly-by will show you down into the pool below where there are two rotating fans and a key. Whatever you do, do NOT jump into the pool.....if you choose to give in to this temptation she will be reduced into shredded meat. We'll have to wait until we can figure out a way to turn the fans off. First of all look up to the right.  Apart from the flares on the ledge, if you look further up you will also see a dark ledge up in the corner with a switch(see this screenshot if you have problems locating it). As of now there's nothing interesting on the left (W) side of the pool so we'll start on the right.


Climb the stack of crates in the middle up to the ledge with the flares that you can now pick up. Now look N and down (from where you picked up the flares) to see a jump switch on the back of the stacked crates. Hop down on the crate, stand with Lara's back to the switch and hop backwards while pressing Action. She should then pull the switch down on her way and you should see a lowered chain over at the opposite side of the room.


Drop down onto the stack of crates on the opposite side of the jump switch and face S. You will see that there is a crevice right above Lara's head. Jump up and grab it, then shimmy right until you can pull up on the ledge with the chain you lowered before. Do not climb it yet though, but instead jump over to the next ledge and climb the crate to the right. Jump to grab the crevice on the right side and shimmy right past the generator, then pull up and do a diagonal running jump to the ledge on the left where you can pick up some normal shotgun ammo. Now retrace your steps back to the chain. Note that you can't shimmy back though as the crevice doesn't go all the way to the ledge. If you stand right next to the generator (as close as possible) you should be capable of doing a standing jump back onto the crate (this way Lara won't lose any health).


Climb the chain up to the top and take note of the two rats running around on the ledges up there. Backflip, draw guns and deal with them. Now we need to clear some way for the next challenge. The light metal block on the right is moveable so pull it out once, hop around it to the right and pull it back once, then hop back to the left and push it up against the sloped part. Now turn around and do a running jump back to the switch, then save your've got a timed run coming up. First of all let's see what we have to do. If you turn to face the S wall you will see a light coloured trapdoor up in the ceiling on the right side. That is what the timed switch opens. Right below it on the S wall there is a ladder and that's how to get up there. Now that we know that, let's get some timed business over and done with:
Pull the switch, press Look to get rid of the view of the trapdoor opening and turn slightly left. Run in a sharp left curve and jump at the end to land on the previous ledge (the ledge with the switch is too short to do a normal running jump so that's why the left curve). Turn sharp left and RUN to the end with a slight left curve, then jump straight past the wall and press Action in the VERY LAST MOMENT(if you press it too soon she'll miss the ledge) to grab the ledge below the trapdoor. Pull up and run forwards, then jump up and grab the wall and as soon as she puts her feet up backflip. Congratulations!!!!


Turn right and pull up onto the rafter below the arch, then drop down on the other side. To your left there is a generator and there is a switch on it for you to pull. Doing so releases a boulder from a trapdoor high up in the ceiling. The boulder drops down onto a slope in the pool and from there rolls down and crashes into the fans, causing them to malfunction. Climb the next rafter and from there you can drop straight down into the pool. Pick up the Key (Load) from the bottom, but take care not to swim too close to the fans, just because they're broken doesn't mean they're not still razor sharp. Climb out of the pool and leave this room the way you came in.


Run straight down the hallway, ignoring the left path with the steam and re-enter the room with the draining switch. Make your way up to it and pull it again to once more drain the halls below. Drop down and go on past the steam hallway and from there go all the way down until you reach the ladder opposite of the crawlspace. This time go down the ladder and follow the hallway until you reach a keyhole where you can use your newly acquired key to open the door next to it.


Go out through the door and onto the W balcony overlooking the ballroom (you were on the E balcony earlier). Turn left(S) and go up to the ramp there. Use the same procedure as on the other balcony (backflip onto slope-jump forwards to grab ladder and climb up) to get to the room above where you can pick up a 2nd Generator Key (Load). Drop back down and this time drop down into the ballroom. Leave through the S doorway and go to the immediate right past the hall with the extinct burners. Followed the waterfilled passage back to the starting room and climb the chain, then backflip to the rusty ledge like before. Now make your way across to the pillar with the steam and from there through the crawlspace and into the room with the two generators.


Now that you have two keys you can use them by the generators to unlock the double doors in the N wall. Go through there and pick up the Right Gauntlet in the middle of the room. Approach the triple set of doors in the N wall and they'll open automatically. Slide down the slope there and you will see a fly-by showing a tough-looking guy standing guard in one of the rooms below (and I who thought the guys running around in the wreck were only ghosts as we never got to fight them). You won't get to deal with this one either, as the level ends in a solid cliff hanger right there.