Alone in the Dark

Level by Miro

Walkthrough by Yoav

This is a mansion level and you start the level in the attic. Go toward the table and take the pistol ammo (notice that the unlimited pistol ammo function is not working). Turn around and go toward the treasure chest near the piano, open it for the shotgun and then kill two dogs. Go forward and shoot on the boxes, pick up more pistol ammo, then head west and open the next two treasure chests. The left one is empty, but the right one will give you the Carpet. Kill the mummy and go to the north doorway, follow down the stairs to the first floor.

See the right door but keep a little bit further and open the treasure chest for flares. Then shoot on the piece of furniture and get the crossbow. Turn back to the door and open it. In the hallway watch the breakable floor ahead. Open the left room, see a keyhole in the left side, then get pistol ammo next to the desk. Kill the mummy and get out, open the right door. Enter a room and follow to the next bedroom, see another keyhole. Shoot on a vase left of the bed and get the Key 2. Use it in the keyhole to lower a door and kill the dog that attacks, step into the alcove and then pick up pistol ammo and the Mirror. Open the door and go back to the hallway. Enter the bathroom, open the right treasure chest for medipacks and get the Key 1 from the basin. Back to the first room to use the key and lower the door, get from the alcove Sword 1 and then kill the mummy. Head south to open the door and pass to the next hallway. Both sides of the stairs blocked by a painting stand and burning floor. Put the mirror on a makeup table, turn around and follow down the stairs to a second floor.

Ahead is a passage crossing your way when in front of you are the closed doors of the library you reach later. Head west to end of the passage, the right opening leads you down to the third floor but this is for later. Kick in a door and enter into a room with some foreigner in the middle. Climb the both side alcoves of the fireplace for pistol ammo and flares. At a desk get the Gramophone and from the treasure chest shotgun ammo. Back to the passage and go to the other side, see another opening leads you to the third floor. Open a door and enter to a bedroom, get pistol ammo in the north-west corner. Go and stand in front of the small cupboard, pick up a Notepad, then kill the mummy that attacks. Back along the passage and open the next bathroom, take cover behind the column as a head is shooting on you. Get from the treasure chest medipacks, then quickly pick up the Jug while you are under a shooting attack and back to the passage.

Follow the narrow passage south to reach the next door and enter a very dark bedroom. Light a flare, then head toward the desk, pick up the Book. Back to the passage and keep following the narrow passage until you come to a large passage. At the east wall two hanging skeletons have electric flow. Head west and watch your steps as part of the floor is burning and your way is blocked by a black wall. Turn around and back to the skeletons wall, stand onto the left tile and use the carpet. Step back and two blocks rise up to cover the skeletons. Follow into a next narrow passage, but you cannot reach the end as another part of the floor ahead is burning, too. However in a front wall there is another hanging skeleton with some target above. Right now there's nothing you can do, so leave this passage and come back here later when you have the lasersight.

Go through the opening you saw before and follow down to the third floor. Ahead is a hall, shoot on both side vases if you want, then look west for a keyhole and a closed door. Go east to open the door and enter the kitchen. Climb onto the cupboard for medipacks, then go toward the windows. Get from the treasure chest Key 5 and kill the mummy. Open a door at the north wall and pass to the next room, see the fireplace then kill three mummies and get out from the next doorway. Head to the keyhole and use key 5 to open the door. Enter a place with a statue horse, kill a small spider and pick up pistol ammo. Go north-west for the Lasersight, then open the west door and get down stairs to a basement. Kill more spiders and shoot on the boxes, pick up the pistol ammo. Notice the barrel tied by a rope, then head toward the small pool and fill the Jug with 5 liters of water.

Back to the hall and go north toward the column with the four trees and open the east door. Enter a room, see a fire in a front of the closed door and some keyhole. Go and stand close to the funnel and use the Jug to spill the water to turn off the fire. Pick up the Torch and go back to the hall. Go back to the earlier room to light the torch at the fireplace. Back to the hall and cross it west, go through the doorway, pass the room with the glass wall. Open the next door to enter a room with few couples waiting for the music. The small record library is for later. Light the fireplace if you want, then make your way back to the basement. Light the rope to release the barrel, the wooden board you see is for later.

Now is the time to get back to the earlier passage you left at the second floor. Combine the crossbow with the lasersight and shoot on the target above the hanging skeletons. At the end of the passage there are two doors. Behind the first door you can hear a scary growl of the monster at the dark library. Open the second door and enter the room, head to north-wast corner for Sword 2. Then go toward the movable statue and pull it back, get the LP. Back to the passage to open the first door and enter the dark library. Kill the monster, then light a flare, but even with the flare it's hard to see. Anyway, go east toward the bookcase to bring the book. Turn around and pick up the Bible, it also opens a door at the north-west corner. Go over there to enter a room and get the Talisman. Back to the library and follow out through the front doors, then back to the third floor.

Return to the earlier room with the couples.
Combine the gramophone with the LP and put it on a small record library. While the couples are dancing the waltz, go to the fireplace and pick up the Key 3. Back to the hall and cross it forward, enter an earlier room for using the key to open the door. Enter into the next room and head to the east wall, place the swords at their receptacles, then get a screenie of an opening trapdoor at this room. Turn around and go toward the hole, drop into a passage.

Run forward then turn to the right, follow down the sloped floor to reach the next passage. Run fast over the breakable floor ahaed, reach the opening and drop down onto a ledge beside the deadly waters pool. By angled camera run forward to cross the small breakable tile and reach the south wall. Press the switch, then climb into the left opening and you are back in the basement. Of course it's a wrong way and you will use it later, so back to the deadly waters pool. Head toward the west large opening. Run/jump toward the left pillar and kill the harpy. Then take a simple jump forward, grab the sloped pillar, pull up, slide and jump forward to grab the crack in the front wall. Shimmy right until you can stand up, turn around and jump onto the sloped pillar. Run/jump the next pillar and reach the north opening.

Follow the passage until you come to a square. Go to the west alcove and climb the wall for a secret place. Pick up flares, then climb the next alcove for pistol ammo. Drop back to square and kill the mummy, then go over a deadly waters pool. Simply run/jump forward to land onto a stairs block in the center of the pool. Then take one more run/jump toward the ledge at the north wall. A Simple jump forward, grab the wall and climb up into the place above and kill the harpy. Go to the east for closed door but this is for later, so turn around and pull back a block in the north wall to expose an opening.

Enter a maze. Go east, then south and kill the mummy that attacks from the back, then climb up the block. Keep climbing forward to drop into a hole for a secret place. Pick up pistol ammo, medipacks and shotgun ammo. Back to the beginning, head forward (north) and reach the north wall, turn left and follow the passage to the end. Climb up the block, face east, then jump/grab the opening above and pull up to a next level maze. Run forward down, turn right and left, keep forward, turn right and forward, reach the opening in the floor. Drop into a hole onto a block, face to west and drop down. Go forward and turn right, then left, and the front door will open for you. Notice the closed door to your right as it's your way out the maze later. Kill the giant alien and get into his room. Ahead is a white pedestal in front of some kind of big tree. Place the Talisman on the pedestal and hear a hard scream. While a screenie showing you doors opening at the hall in a third floor, the big tree starts to burn.

Go through the shortcuts and you are out of the maze. Go over the deadly waters pool and take run/jump back to the stairs block in the center of the pool. Run/jump the west ledge, then the south ledge. Climb up the next ledges and you are back to the square. Follow the passage to return back to the place with pillars. Jump/grab the ceiling and monkeyswing toward the front pillar, drop onto it. Run/jump toward the large opening and you're back to the first pool. Climb the left opening of the switch you already pressed to follow back to the basement. From here back to the hall and go north past the doors you opened and finish this level.