Indra Artefact (Demo)

Level by Alex Nierkein (Dark Death) (April, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Select the Laines residence as stated in the author's notes. There is no compass or guns but there are a few new moves to do. You start in front of a closed door. Go forward and to the left into a building. As you enter a sign appears giving you a hint as to what to do. This is good if you understand German. Unfortunately, I do not, so it was trial and error for me. Stand at the edge of the pit and face the opposite side. Hop back three times so that you are in the middle of the tile in front of the back wall. The three hops back are important. If you start with your back to the wall, you cannot make it. Now run and sprint towards the pit. At the edge, hit jump and you should do a long jump and land on the opposite ledge and bump into the wall. The camera view changes so run towards the camera.

When you pass a doorway, turn right and enter in the area with steps by the wall. Run forward and the view changes to show you a white door and another hint. Go to the door and pick up red shotgun shells. Hop back three times. Run and sprint towards the door. Near the door, hit crouch and you slide underneath the door. Hop onto the boxes at the back wall and get secret #1 and pick up a Stone Dragon. Use the run and slide move again to exit this area. Run up the right stairs and the camera shows you a view from above the bird. The left stairs are blocked with a closed door. At the top of the stairs, jump up and grab the wire. Shimmy to the right and drop down on the other ledge. The shimmy starts off rather slow, so have patience. As you land, the door opens behind you. Pick up Uzi ammo and grenade normal ammo. Go back to the entrance tunnel and go to the right.

You get another hint displayed along with a cut scene of a man sitting on a box. Continue and exit the tunnel in a small area. Stand in front of the ladder and just use action (CTRL) to climb the ladder. At about half way up the ladder, Lara stops. Hit the Up arrow and Lara continues to the top of the ladder. It took about four tries for this to work, as Lara would fall off back to the ground. Now use jump (ALT) and Lara jumps off the ladder to land of a ledge. Go to a corner to pick up a small medipack. Pick up a key from the floor in front of the man and get a cut scene of a silent conversation. Exit through the open doorway and follow the crawl space to the end. At the end hit the Up arrow key and Lara automatically rolls head first out of the crawl space. Climb back up the ladder and wait a while. The man will get off the box and appears to lick the window in front of him. I assume the speech that I did not hear explains what he is doing. Back though the crawl space to the ground again and exit this area. Drop into the pit and climb the ladder on the other side.

Exit the door and you are back in the street area. Turn left and run down the street to a house with trees in front. There is a signpost and a street map. The "X" marks where you are. You are on Zerbster Street. The other sign "Schlosshof" points to the house. On the other side of the house is a church but you do not have a key for the house yet.

Continue down the street and see a crawl space in a gray wall to the right side of the street. Crawl in and near the end, turn around to drop backwards and grab the edge. If you roll forward, you are dead.
Quickly shimmy to the left as the glass on the floor rapidly takes away your health. Turn and go up the mound at the back ball. Grab a crevice and shimmy to the left until you can pull up to a ledge. Follow the ledge around to the corner to pick up the key to the church. Get down to grab the crevice and shimmy over the glass again. Pull up and exit this area.

Go across the street and kick open the door to the right. Enter and get a cut scene of a figure in black peeking around the corner of Lilien Street. Continue into the next room and find a large medipack on the desk to your right. Continue out the back door and find red shotgun shells to the left of the door. There is a woman reading a book and watering the flowers. Exit the house and turn left onto Lilien Street. At the end, there is a locked door. You can do nothing here yet, so just return to the house with the street map.

Go to the door of the house and use the key to the church and the door opens. Go down the stairs and kick the door open. Enter the area and get a long flyby of the church. Go to the right and keep close to the walls and you should find a key lock. Use the key that you got from the man and the door opens. Go inside and pick up revolver ammo from a desk. Pull up onto the cabinet in the corner and get into a crawl space. On the other side, drop into a room. Jump onto a table with the flowers and pick up a card (or money). It may be difficult and crouching down helped in picking the item up. Get back into the crawl space and exit the building.

Go straight and around a small fence and you should find some steps leading up to an open door. Inside the doorway, go down the stairs into a storage room. Hop onto the box to the left side for a small medipack. Cross the room and pick up flares from the floor. Save the game because the next move can get you stuck. Turn to the right and look up at a crawl space. Grab the edge and shimmy to the right before you pull up. Pull up and get secret #2 and the Jade Dragon. Get down and go back to the entrance. Go up the stairs and see a woman with hers arms folded waiting at a closed door. Go back down the stairs and go straight across to kick open the door of the church.

Go inside and if you go to the right, you can see a woman at the desk behind a glass partition. Further to the right are some stairs that end in a closed door. Anyway, go straight to stand on a small side table. Jump up to grab a ledge and shimmy to the left to pull up onto a ledge with the stained glass window. Pick up a key from the floor. Turn and face the church. Do a long jump to the ledges in the right corner. Turn to the left and jump to grab a climbable wall on another ledge. Pull up to the ledge and go the left side. You get secret #3 and pick up a Gold Dragon. You can jump back to the other ledge to pick up red shotgun shells. Safety drop to the ground and exit the church.

Go back to Lilien Street and go to the end. Open the door of the gray building on the left side of the street. Inside are people talking and this place could be a ticket office. Enter the ticket office and go to the woman at the third window. Take one step back and use the card (or money). If you stand right at the window, it does not work. The woman does something and eventually produces a ticket for you. Pick up the ticket and exit. Go to the locked door at the end of Lilien Street. Use the key from the church ledge and the door opens. Enter and go up the stairs to enter a train station. The area to the right with a stopped train is safe to explore but I found nothing there. If you go to the left into the open area, trains arrive and you are killed. Cross the tracks and you see people waiting for a train. Go to a small black rectangle receptacle at the back wall and use the ticket. You get a cut scene of a picture stating "Laine's Wohnort" and showing the three secret dragons. Then the level ends.