Level By Herp Raider

Walkthrough By Anya Marie McDonald

The level starts with Lara standing in a clearing in the desert. There are several scorpions and a ninja about, so either deal with them or avoid them. But no matter what, head slightly to your right and get the lasersight. Next head forward and slide down to the opening in the desert floor and fall into the water below. You are not out of the woods yet, because the water is teeming with crocs, so swim til you can surface and exit the water, all the while avoiding the crocs. When you are safely out of the water, take a look around this huge room. On the south wall is a door the requires the guardian key to open it, on the east wall is a door that requires the golden vraeus to open it, there is a door on the north wall that has a button next to it (that is where you head to first).

Run/jump/grab the rope, then swing over to the ledge the door is on, use the button to open it. Now go through the open door. In this room are two doors, one on the left and one on the right. Head through the one on the left and get the guardian key and leave here. Jump back into the water, swim back to the island and climb up to the right, then use the rope to swing over to the door you need to use the guardian key on.

Once you open the door with the guardian key, go through it and deal with the four ninjas. After they are history, head over to where the blades are swinging and get the golden vraeus while avoiding the poison darts. Now head back to the island and over to the door where the vraeus is needed to open it. Go through the open door and up the slightly sloping passage. At the end of the passage climb the blocks to the next area.

The next area is a huge cavern with a canal running through it. Now head to the right, til you come to a closed door with a button next to it. Press the button and go through the open door. In this next room are several blades hanging from the ceiling (it is safe to go through them; they won't activate) and an opening on the other side of the room. Head through the opening to the climbable wall and climb up. Then climb down the other side and follow the passage til you come to a big door that looks like one of the buttons you used to open some of the doors. Go through the buttonwall into the next room, pick up the canopic jar, press the button on the wall and head back to the room with the blades hanging from the ceiling.

When you get back to the blade room, the blades are active and a ninja comes to attack Lara, so deal with him then go through the blades, then the open door back into the cavern. When you are past all the blades and through the door, use the monkeyswing above you to cross the canal to the other side.

Once you are on the other side of the canal head through the open door at the end of the monkeyswing. You are in a room with a pedestal on a raised block with the vraeus sitting on it. An electrical charge is being emitted from around the pedestal and poison dart are shooting across the room. So, go get the vraeus and head back to the cavern, use the monkeyswing again to get back across the canal.

Once back across the canal head to your left til you come to a door where you can use the vraeus to open it. Go through the door, down the long passage to the next room, where some ninjas lay in wait to ambush Lara. After you have dealt with the ninjas go and use the monkeyswing futher in the room to get to a raised block and pick up the guardian key. Once the guardian key is in Lara's possession head over to the closed gate on the south wall and use it to open the gate. After you have opened the gate go in and get the second canopic jar, now head back to the raised block you got the guardian key from and use the monkeyswing to get back to the part of the room where you can get back to the cavern.

Once you are back in the cavern head to your right til you come to a spot where there are two funnels and a place to place one of the canopic jars, place it and then head across the canal across the bridge and use the other canopic jar. Now deal with the two crocs in the water, then dive in and open the underwater door on the east bank of the canal. Swim through the door and through the underwater passage til you can surface and exit the water. Now head down this passage til you come to a sloping floor. Slide down the slope to the next room. You are now in a dark cavern with a pool of water, jump in the water and swim to the other side. Now exit the water and head to the opening in the north wall. Once through the opening climb the blocks to the next room.

In this room is a pyramid with a statue sitting on top of it, there is an opening at the base. Go through the opening and into the crawlspace. When you are able to stand in the next room, take note of all the pillars in the room, now head to the southeast corner of the room and get the guardian key off the floor. But, watch out for the two scorpions and the ninja in this area. When you get the guardian key head over to the northwest corner and use the guardian key to open the gate there.

Go through the now open gate down the passage, til you come to a room with a grated bridge, an ankh on a pedestal and a closed gate. There are two ways to get to the ankh.

1) Walk across the bridge and fall down to the sloping passage, then once you reach the bottom head to the southwest corner of this area and through the opening there. As you pass through the opening you are in a dark passage, follow this passage to a very dark room and go across the bridge there. When you reach the other side of the room, head up the sloping passage to the next passage. Follow this passage til you come to a climbable wall, climb up into the room where the ankh is resting on the pedestal.

2) Back up a bit, then run/jump across the grated bridge to get the ankh off the pedestal.

Either way you choose, once you lift the ankh off the pedestal the gate will open, so go through the open gate, up the sloping passage to the outside. Once you are outside head south and the level will end.