Doctor Who and the Abnormally Odd Apartment

Level by B. Howaito (June, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie



You start with a flyby round a toilet and listen to the famous Doctor Who theme music. When it stops, you are in a room with a closed gate and a closed door. Go to the door and use CTRL. The door opens but the animation is missing. Enter the corridor and get a flyby of the stairs to another door. Go up the stairs and open that door. Follow the corridor onto a ledge over a deep room. There is a door at the bottom but I never survived the fall. Run and jump for the open door below you on the north ledge. If you grab the top ledge, just release and grab again. Pull up and enter the doorway. You see some stairs and a lock beside a closed gate. Go to the south-east corner and pull up into a crawl space. Drop down the other side into a room. Pick up a red key from the floor. Exit up the stairs in the north-west corner. Press the pushbutton and the gate opens.


Go north and use the red key to open the gate. Enter and kill the woman in the south-east corner. There were no pistol sounds for some strange reason. Get into the hole at the west side and pull back the movable white block one tile. You hear the gate in the east wall open. Enter the gate and turn to the right. Follow the corridors and get a cut scene of a woman running towards you. When it stops, kill the woman, and enter a corridor with white grates in front of doorways. Go north to the only open doorway.


Open the door and enter the room. To the east are a key lock and a door. Open that door and you enter a small room with a skeleton on the floor. Exit and go to the north wall and shoot the two windows. Go down the corridor and down the stairs to a room with a hole in the floor. Climb down the ladder and follow the corridor to a simple maze. Pick up red shotgun shells in one side branch and enter the last room. Pick up the green key from the floor. Use the floor lever and the corridors flood with water. A block also covers the floor lever. Swim back down the corridors and pull up into the room. Go back up the stairs and return to the lock.


Use the green key and the grate opens. Go down the tunnel and be careful of the teeth door traps. Go forward and get a flyby of stairs and closed gates. Notice the locks in both east wall corners. Enter the north wall crawl space and get a small medipack. Exit and enter the south wall tunnel. Take the first left branch and follow the tunnel to a room with a colorful block. Push the block to the north wall under the window with the same design. Go to the south-west corner and enter the open grate. Pick up the red key from the end of the tunnel and exit to kill a woman. Return to the first tunnel and continue south.


At the tunnel end, drop into a hole and continue down another tunnel. In the last room, kill a woman, and enter the crawl space in the east wall. On the other side, drop into a trench and pick up the green key. Now go back to the room with the stairs. Use the two keys on the east wall on both sides of the stairs and the two gates open. Go up the stairs and follow the tunnel to an empty room. Go north and slide down a slope. Continue and slide down another slope into a room with a T-rex. Follow the arrows on the small poles and run to the right and climb some blocks to evade the T-rex. You may notice that the T-rex has strange eyes. Ignore the T-rex and enter the tunnel in the east wall. Run down the tunnel and go through five teeth door traps. As you approach the toilet, the level ends by crashing to the desktop.