The Dukes of Hazzard

Levels by Daniel Sherwood (June, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] The last level has no end trigger. [End note]

Level 1 - The Dukes of Hazzard

You d
rop onto some boxes and kill an attacking thug. Go to the south-east corner for a small medipack. Go north and pass a Golden Star on a box. Continue to the north wall and get into a crawl space. As you pull up into the next room, Lara looks up to a ladder on the west wall. Kill the thug and pick up Daisy's Keys from the dead body. Run up the slope to the ladder and kill a thug that comes from the north cave. If you look under the yellow grate you can see the crowbar in the water. Climb the ladder and go around the ledges for flares and the Hathor Effigy.


Enter the cave and see a rock and a column. Then look east to see a receptacle. Beside the water hole is an alcove with Uzi ammo. Dive into the water and follow the underwater tunnel to pull up into an open area with a large tree. You can climb the tree but you need an item first. Go to the north-east corner and get into a tunnel. In the next cave, there is a closed gate to the west. Go east and see a room with four breakable tiles. The west tile is a spike trap. The south tile is a lava pit. The east tile is a water hole. Swim down and underwater tunnel for secret #1, red shotgun shells and the revolver. The north tile reveals a crawl space. Use the ladders and pull up into the crawl space, as the floor tile is a fire trap.


Follow the crawl space and pull up into a room with boxes. In the north-east corner is the Ornate Handle guarded by spikes. You could get it with little health loss but get it later. Dive into the water for red shotgun shells and a large medipack. Go to the south-west and use Daisy's Keys in the gate lock to remove the spikes. Now go to the pedestal and pick up the Ornate Handle in safety. Go back though the crawl space and remember the fire tile. Return through the tunnel to the east side of the tree.


Climb the tree to the top and pick up flares. Go onto the south tree branch and make the Portal Guardian. Stand facing south at the back left side of the stand and it works. If you face the stand, it does not seem to work. You get a cut scene of the fire and the spikes removed on the west tree branch. Go there and pick up The Luke's Dimond. Climb down the tree and go back to the water hole. Swim back to the cave.


Go north and see a receptacle on a column. Use the Luke's Dimond and go south into the first room. The yellow grate is gone so dive into the water for the crowbar. Go to the south-east and into the crawl space to go back to the starting room. Pry the Star of Hazzard off the box and return to the cave with the receptacle. Use the Star of Hazzard and get a cut scene of the gate in the second cave. Swim back to the tree and enter the tunnel again. In the next cave, go west and use then use the crowbar to open the gate. Enter for secret#2, Uzi's and Uzi ammo. Return to the cave with the receptacle.


A trap door has also dropped by the north column. Climb the ladder and shimmy to the right into a tunnel. Go to the end and pull up to the west ledge. Follow the tunnel to an area with boxes and a fence. Kill the two thugs that approach from the north tunnel. To the west of the boxes are spikes popping. Go to the south-east corner and stand on a fancy tile. This stops the spikes for a few seconds. Go to the spikes, pick up a token, and jump away before the spikes start again.


Get on the quadbike and drive into the north tunnel. Be careful of the turns, as the quadbike does not seem top have a reverse. Follow to another room with boxes and run over a thug. Dismount the quadbike and enter the tunnel to the south. Run over another yellow grate. Follow the tunnel and jump into a water hole. Swim south and pull up into a room to kill two crocodiles. Use the crowbar to open the north gate. Run down the tunnel and enter the room for secret #3. Step on the corner tile to stop the spikes and then climb the ladder on the west wall. Get into the alcove and turn around. Jump to the ledge at the east wall. Go north for crossbow explosive ammo and the crossbow.


Return to the room with the water hole. Use the token in the post and spikes stop behind the west gate. Use the crowbar to open the west gate. Jump over the spike pit and steam trap. Stand in the doorway to kill two thugs and two crocodiles in the next room. Use the crowbar to open the gate at the west wall. Enter the tunnel and the level ends.


Level 2 - The Cave Part One


You drop into a tunnel and face a slope. Slide down and jump over the white tile. Then slide and when you land on a block, run forward before a spike ball crushes you. If you land on the breakable tile, get off quickly or you drop into a lava pit. Go to the north-east wall and pull the wall switch. The gate opens in the north-west corner. The block that the spike ball landed on also drops. Quickly run into the open gate before the timed gate closes. Go down the tunnel to face three tunnels. Two are blocked so enter the east tunnel.


As the tunnel turns to the north, you are attacked by a bat and two Yetis. After they are gone, continue following the tunnel and drop into a hole. Follow the tunnel and pick up a shotgun. The tunnel ends in front of a wall switch. Pull the wall switch and run back to the three tunnel area. The north tunnel is open so pull up and go into the left alcove. Press the pushbutton on the wall and go to the west tunnel that is now open. Go to the back and fall into a hole. Pick up the Guardian Key and return to the north tunnel. Step on the breakable tile and fall into another tunnel.


Kill a dog and continue down the tunnel in a room. Use the Guardian Key in the receptacle on the west all. Exit and see that the entrance tunnel is blocked, but a ladder has appeared in the west tunnel. Climb the ladder and pull up. Hop onto a south ledge for a large medipack. Drop into the water for Uzi's and pull up to the south ledge. Run down the south tunnel to face a lava pit and kill the two bats annoying you. Run over the breakable tiles to the far ledge.


Follow the ledge into a tunnel and kill two dogs. Then kill an attacking Yeti. Continue down the tunnel into a room and an earthquake happens. The tunnel behind you is blocked and a lava stream cuts the room in half. Go to the north-east corner and step on a tile to raise a block on the other side of the lava. You also get a cut scene of a gate opening. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the other side of the lava. Climb the block and see another closed gate in the west tunnel.


Turn around and pull up into an east crawl space. Follow to a room with a flooded floor. Use the floor lever and go back to the west tunnel. Run through the gate and the gate closes. It may have been timed. In the next room are a gate, a switch and a lava pool. Monkey swing to the south wall. Pull the wall switch and monkey swing back through the open gate. The next gate opens as you approach it. Go down the tunnel and the next gate opens. Three Yetis enter the tunnel and attack. They are hard to kill in tight tunnels.


Get into the next room and follow the tunnel in the west wall of the pit. Pull up to a large room with a deadly floor. Kill the dog at the west wall. Walk forward to where the floor tiles change. Look to the ceiling for good tiles. Stand jump to the west and then stand jump to the south. Go to the wall and west again into the hole. Go south and climb the wall ladder to the top. Pull up for secret #4. Kill two dogs and pick up revolver ammo, grenade gun, and a small medipack from the ledges. Climb back down the ladder.


Go into the west tunnel and kill a Yeti and a dog. Enter the room and most of the floor tiles are deadly. Look to the ceiling so see which tiles are safe. Start by doing a run and jump to the north and pull up into a tunnel. Run down a tunnel and kill a dog. Jump to the safe blocks in the lava to get to the east ledge. You get secret #5, grenade normal ammo, and Uzi ammo. Then use the safe blocks in the lava to get back to the west ledge. Go back to the room and jump the safe tiles to get to the tunnel in the south wall. Run down the tunnel and the level ends.


Level 3 - The Cave Part Two


You fall into a shaft and land in a pool of water. Pick up the Ba Cartouche from the water. Notice that the compass is missing. Climb the ladder beside you and get into an alcove. You get secret #6 and red shotgun shells. Get back down to the water and go up the stairs. Pull up into a room overlooking a lava lake. Jump to the safe column and then jump and grab the back wall. Climb down, release, and grab the edge to pull up into a tunnel. Run to the end for secret #7 and blue shotgun shells. Exit and climb the ladders to shimmy to the left where you can drop onto a safe ledge.


Follow the tunnel and pull to the right into a wide tunnel. Go to the end and back flip up the ramp. Then run forward and jump to the left to avoid the rolling spike ball. Go back to the top of the ramp. You see a block to the right side. Jump over that block and run around the ledge counter-clockwise. Jump over the two tiles that look like spike traps. When you return the block is down. Use the Ba Cartouche in the receptacle and hear a gate open in the pit below you.


Get into the pit but before you go into the open gate, look to the right side for a reach-in switch. Use the reach-in switch but I do not know what it did. Enter the open gate and the gate closes behind you. Follow the tunnel to a room and kill two raptors. If they bite you, they are poisonous. In one corner of the room is a burning pedestal. Pick up a Guardian Key from the floor and climb the ladder. Pull up to a wide tunnel. Follow the tunnel and run over a blue floor area. Turn and go back down the ladder to the room. The fire is off so pick up the large medipack. Climb back up the ladder and continue down the tunnel to another room with a lava pit.


Follow the ledge to the right and at the end, use the Guardian Key in the receptacle. You hear a gate open. Jump the columns and enter another room. Go through the open gate and it closes behind you. Step into the right alcove and the wall descends. Kill the bat and step on the last colorful tile and an earthquake happens. Go back to the first colorful tile and notice that you can now pull up into another tunnel.


Pull up to the left side of the fire. Run to the back wall and the fire will go out. Now follow the tunnel and you get a flyby around the tunnel. Jump the lava pits and use the floor lever. Reverse your tracks and see that a wall has descended to reveal another tunnel. At the end, you face a lava pit and spike balls are falling from the ceiling. Use the floating platform and a semi-invisible floating platform to get to the far ledge. Go to the left to kill two dogs and enter a room. Use the floor lever and return to the ledge. Kill another dog and go to the end to enter the open gate.


The pedestal near the window is empty. Go to the back and up the stairs. Pull up into a room and the block rises behind you to block any retreat. Kill the dog that attacks and watch out a lave pit in front of you. If you go into the corridor that the dog came from, you will find a crawl space and a gate. Go to the opposite corner and look to the upper right for a place to pull up to the second level. Follow the tunnel to kill three bats. As you enter above the room, you should see a tunnel to you right. Go to the end of that tunnel and you hear a gate open. Jump down and kill a dog. Go to the crawl space and get in. At the end, the gate opens for you.


Stand up and climb the ladder. Pull up into a cave and go forward around the columns. Kill a bat and enter another section to kill two dogs. Continue and enter an open gate and kill a dog as the gate closes behind you. Start down a tunnel and two raptors attack. I fired a few pistols shots and they disappeared into the tunnel walls. Go forward and the gate closes behind you. You enter a room where the raptors were located. Climb the ladder and pull up into a wide tunnel. Run down the tunnel and the level ends.


Level 4 - Bo and Luke Duke


You drop down to the floor with a closed gate behind you. Go forward and loop around to the right to press a big button on a wall. Go to the opposite corner of the cave. Pick up crossbow explosive ammo from a pedestal and get into the tunnel in the nearby wall. Go to the end and climb the brick wall. Pull up and do not back flip, as there are spikes behind you. Go to the corner and push a tower forward one tile. Go back by the entrance to jump into an opening to get to the other tunnel. Pull the tower back one tile. Back through the opening to the other side of the tower and push it forward onto two green tiles and into the corner. The spikes opposite the entrance are gone. Go there and pull the tower towards you one tile. Get behind the tower again and push it to lower more spikes. Then continue pushing the tower onto a final green tile in the corner.


Go up the ramp and pull up through the green leaves in the upper left corner. Drop down the other end of the tunnel. Kill three thugs and a skeleton. One of them drops red shotgun shells. Hop onto a corner block for crossbow explosive ammo. In other corner is a tunnel lined with small round columns. When you get to a skeleton on the ground, go left into a large room with a closed door and a pool in the corner. Look around for an opening with two towers in it. Pull the first tower out into the room. Move the second tower to the back wall and pick up a large medipack. Then dive into the pool and follow the underwater tunnel to pull up onto a ledge. Drop into the pit and get into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the end and press a big button. You get a cut scene of the door opening. Go back to that door and enter it.


The door closes behind you. Do not climb the rocks at the walls, as the rocks are fire traps. There are two closed doors and an opening. Enter the opening and hear an explosion. Go to the end and fall into water. Pull up to the nearly ledge and go down a tunnel to use a floor lever. You hear a door open. Exit and follow the ledge to the open door. Kill a thug and pick up a Horseman's Gem from a pedestal. Press the big button on the wall and exit back to the water. It is now dry so get into the pit. Use the floor lever in the far corner before you climb the wall back to the surface.


Kill two skeletons and enter the open door to the left. Jump over a pit and hear a door open. Follow the tunnel and collect three thugs to kill. As you turn a corner the camera view changes. Go forward and fall into a hole. Go to the end and pull up too the left side. Go forward and into a left opening for a small medipack. Continue and Lara looks up at a door. Pull up into a green area behind the open door. Run down the tunnel as the door closes. Pull up again to the left side. Run to the end and jump over a hole and pick up a large medipack.


Drop into the hole and follow to see a burning floor lever and some water. Dive into the water and surface into a tunnel. Go to the end for a Horseman's Gem and push the big button on the wall. Swim back and the fire is out. Use the floor lever and the door opens beside you. Exit and run back through the tunnels and jump the deep pit to get back to the outside area. Go left and use the two Horseman's Gems to open the door.


Enter the corridor and run to the end. You fall into a hole and drop into some water. Pull up onto the nearest ledge. Look to a wall by the water for a small depression. Stand in it and you are knee deep in leaves. Stand in the center and pick up the unseen Music Scroll. Go to the front of the temple and look to the right for a green wall. Climb the green wall and shimmy to the right and back flip onto the temple roof. Go to the back for secret #8, revolver, grenade flash ammo, and a large medipack. The statistics secret count went from 7 to 215 for some strange reason. As you run to the front of the roof and back again, the secret count changes each time.


As you face the back of the roof, safety drop to the ground on the left side. You should land beside the music scroll receptacle. Use the Music Scroll and the door opens at the back wall. Run into the tunnel and the door closes. Run to the closed doors ahead of you and the level ends.


Level 5 - Still to be found


You start in a very dark tunnel. The compass is back so go north and the door opens. You can see a closed gate and a high jump switch. Go into the dark east tunnel and pull down a jump switch near the end. Go back and a block has risen under the first jump switch. Go there and pull the jump switch down to open the gate. Enter the gate and kill two guards. Go north and pull back a dead guard. Kill the guard that appears and then enter the crawl space. Pick up a large medipack and exit. Go east and then north around the corner of the building.


Go north and see an east tunnel. Kill two guards that approach you from the tunnel. Pick up revolver ammo and a small medipack. Enter the open area and go around the wall to the south side to reach the opening in the east wall. If you run straight across the area, many sentry guns and guards shoot at you from the high walls. Enter the water and swim into the south-west corner. Pull up on the other side into a tunnel. Continue to dive into more water and swim north.


You pull up into an outside area with many trees. Go north through the trees and kill three guards. Pick up a small medipack and blue shotgun shells. Pull back the dead guard in the north-west corner for a large medipack. Go into the large opening to kill a bat and a guard. Drop into a corridor and go east. There is a tunnel in a north wall but it is a dead-end. Go up the ramp and the door opens for you. Enter the area and go south and look for a crawl space in the east wall. Follow it to a room with a pool and kill a bat.


Dive in and swim to the south-east corner and pull up to a ledge. You can climb the ladder to reach a dead-end room. Dive in and swim into a north tunnel. Swim north and up to pull up into an outside area. Kill two guards and enter the tunnel in the north-east corner. Slide down the slope and fall into a room of water. This is also a dead-end. I read the reviews at this point and it seems that this is the end and there is no actual end trigger. So I just quit the level.