Hurry Up 2

Level by BaGi (Barbara Giesecke)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by standing in front of a stage in the middle of a football field. Turn around and go the north goal, climb onto it and pick up a tiny Fuse. Cross the field and climb the south goal. Face the south wall, jump forward, grab the jump switch and you get a screenshot of an opening gate. Follow down the stairs and at the hall shoot the tin and get the flares. Notice the grates from both sides you will open soon. Use the fuse to open the gate and follow the stairs into a pool. Jump into the water and swim into the west tunnel until you reach the exit hole. Climb into the generator room and shoot the north cobwebs. Climb the block for the Crowbar. Swim back to the pool and get out of the water.

Go south and follow into the showers. Go along the showers and pipe, at the west wall pull a jump switch. Back to the pool and enter the room you opened. Shoot the tin for a medipack, then turn around and kill a small spider. Ahead is a W.C. with eight toilet cells. Open each door at the left side and pick up revolver ammo from the third cell. Go the next cells and open the first door. In the cell you can see a high crawlspace. Pull inside and crawl forward. Use the crowbar and open the grate. Follow the passage and in the next room pull the box for the revolver. Keep going a little bit forward and shoot the tin for the lasersight.

Back to the pool and from there to the hall and use the crowbar to open the west grate. At the passage there is a locked gate and a little bit further a red key hole. Draw the pistols and simply shoot the lock, it should open the gate. Enter the billiards club and go the north couch, pick up the Office Key. Exit the club and use the key at the red key hole. Enter the office and go west, pull the cola. Pick up the Green Key. Head south, enter into the opening and follow the passage. In the room pull back two trash wagons and get from the alcove Part of the Trophy. Now make your way back to the hall.

Use the crowbar and open the east grate. At the passage use the green key to open the gate and enter the room. Crawl into a crawlspace and look for jump switch on the south wall. Pull it down to open another gate. Kill the small spider and crawl out, then back to the passage. A little bit further enter the dressing room. Shoot an empty tin if you want and head south. Pull back the trash wagon and pick up Part of the Trophy. Return to the football field and climb the stage. Combine the pieces and get the Trophy. As soon as you place it on the pedestal the level ends.