The Secret Gate 1 - Desert Temple

Level by Luke (July, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a desert valley under the bright sun. Go south and notice a trap door behind a tree in the corner. Loop around to the left and then run north to more ruins with a trap door. Return south and enter a south-west area with a jeep. Kill the man and woman that are shooting at you. Go behind the jeep to pick up flares. Go south and use crouch to pick up a large medipack from the broken box next to the campfire. Go back north to the ruins now that there are no enemies to sneak up behind you. Go the middle of the ruins and pull out a block to the east. Go behind the block and find a wall button. Press the wall button and the trap door opens to your right. Climb down the ladder and the wall to enter the tomb. Go to the west wall for flares.


Go to the north wall and find a crawl space under the wall torch. Crawl north and take the first west branch to the end to find flares. Return and continue north. Take the second west branch to find secret#1 and Gold Bars. From there continue north and west to enter a large room with a walkway on fire. Turn around and kill the scorpion that was behind you. Run over the walkway and the flames go out before you. On the other side you see a closed gate to the west. Kill the two ahmets in that area. Shoot them in that area and do not go back onto the walkway. If you go back onto the walkway, the fires start again and will not go out. In the south-east is a closed gate. Go to the north-east corner to pull down a jump switch to open the west gate. Enter the gate and go north into a pool for a large medipack. Then go south to save in front of a timed wall switch. Pull the wall switch and side jump to the left. Stand jump forward three times and use the left curve on the last jump to get you out of the way of the floor blade. Pull up to the wall and you slide down a little. Jump to the block with the spiked bags. Run forward and off the edge and into the open gate.


Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a block rising near the entrance. Go north for small medipack and flares. Go south to step on a tile to open the closed gates. Exit the gates and pull down a jump switch on the south wall to raise a block on the other side of the spike bags. Go though the spike bags to the raised block. Run and jump into the opening. Aim to the left of center so that when you land on the other side, you are out of the way of a floor blade. Jump over the floor blades to get back to the walkway.Now sprint back to the entrance and the fires start again. Climb the raised block and pull up to an upper east ledge. Hop back as a spike ball rolls towards you. Climb again and run and jump to a north ledge. Pull down a jump switch on the west wall. This retracts the spikes on the first ledge. Go back there and pull down a jump switch located where the spikes. You get a cut scene showing a fire emitter stopping at a wall button.


Run and jump to the ledge in the north-west. Run and jump to grab the ledge in the south-west. Do not pull up but shimmy to the left and then pull up. Wall darts will start but they cause less damage than a spike ball on your head. Run and jump to grab the ledge to the north-west. Shimmy to the right and pull up out of the way of the spike bags. Run and jump to grab the north ledge. Shimmy to the right before you pull up. Go to the south-east to press a wall button. This stops a fire emitter at another wall button. Carefully jump back to the south ledge. Then jump to the far south ledge with a wall button. Press the wall button and the gate opens below you. Safety drop to the ground and enter the gate. Press the wall button on the west wall and a trap door opens. Drop into the tunnel and go south.


Push a movable block to the end. Enter the east tunnel and push a movable block once. Go to the side and push the block to the north to reveal another tunnel. Follow the tunnel to push a block north once. Then go to the side and go to a second movable block. Push that block to the east. Go back to the first block and push it to the north. There is a new tunnel in the east wall. Walk through the steaming water and enter another east tunnel. You have to pass four very fast moving door blades. At the end follow a crawl space to pick up a small medipack. Enter a south tunnel and start climbing the blocks. At the top kill two bats and look south over a spike pit. Run and grab the rope to swing over the spikes. Kill two bats and pick up the Desert Star 2 piece from the pedestal. Get into the south alcove and climb the east wall. Pull up into an underground chamber. Crawl to the south-east corner and pull the wall switch. A trap door opens behind you. Go there and pull up on the east side. Then back flip and jump back to the starting area.


Return back to the area with the jeep. Go through the south passage and get a flyby of the temple. Go south towards the temple and kill the two vultures that attack. There is a closed main gate to the south. In the south-west side of the temple is another closed gate. To the east is a water pool with a closed trap door. To the far east there is another closed gate. Go to the temple area and see two statutes of an ibis. Go to the east side of the east ibis and look up above it. You should see a jump switch. The wall to the right of the ibis is climbable. Climb up and pull down the jump switch. You get a cut scene of the trap door in the east water pool opening.


Go to the east pool and dive in. Go north and go pass a closed gate to the west. Enter the next opening to the west and follow the underwater tunnel. In a very long underwater tunnel there is a place to surface for air. Continue and you come to a T-junction with the closed gate to the east. Go to the west to pull an underwater lever to open the gate. Swim east and pick up the Desert Star 1 piece from the floor. Exit the gate and swim back south to surface in the ruins. Dive back into the water and swim north. Go pass the closed gate to the east and skip the next two openings. Enter the third opening and swim east. At a T-junction swim to the south. Follow the tunnel and you get secret#2 and a Golden Skull. Pull the underwater lever on the west wall to open the underwater gate. Swim out the open gate and go south to surface back at the ruins.


Go west to the temple doors. Make the Desert Star and use it in the receptacle to open the temple doors. Enter the temple and the doors close behind you. Go to an alcove in the west wall between two doorways. Watch out for spike traps on the floor. Pull down the jump switch on the north wall and hear a trap door open. You will also see two snakes slithering around the floor. Do not shoot them yet. Go south and find a water pool. Dive in and swim into the open trap door in the corner. Swim down a tunnel and avoid the water snake. Swim down another hole and swim near the bottom of the tunnel to avoid the scissors traps. Pull the underwater lever at the end and get a cut scene of a door opening. Swim back and surface in the pool. If the snake followed you, you can shoot it from the ledge. Go to the west wall for the open door. Enter and three ahmets run outside. The ahmets will attack and kill the snakes. Only when the snakes are gone, will the ahmets start to attack you.


Enter the room and go to the south-west corner. Follow the crawl space to a large room with sloped blocks in a deadly pool. Go to the south-west corner and find some stairs. Follow the stairs and kill an ahmet. Continue up the stairs to emerge onto a ledge above the pool. Go north and stand at the middle of the green plant. Face east, crouch and shoot. You will break a vase on the east ledge and the gate in the east side will open. You could use binoculars to see the vase before you shoot it in case you have trouble finding it. Get down to the ground floor. Stand jump to the east to grab the top of a sloped block. When the fire emitter starts to diminish, pull up, slide, jump with a left curve, slide, jump to the fire emitter that is temporarily off, slide, jump to the east, and a final jump to the east floor ledge.


Go east and enter the open gate and get a flyby of the area. Go to the center platform and kill an ahmet.Notice a trap door to the east side of the pillar. Shoot a brown vase in an east alcove for a small medipack. Go to the south-west corner and look to a south-west alcove with a green plant in it. Jump to the south ledge and then jump into that alcove. You get secret #3 and pick up Gold Coins. Go back to the entrance gate and look north. You should see a tile that has a lighter color than the other tiles. Move the large vase from outside the gate onto that tile. You hear the trap door drop. Go to the pillar and it is climbable. Climb the pillar and go through the trap door. Pull up to an upper platform and see a floor lever and many cages around the perimeter.


Use the floor lever and all the gates open on the side wall. Kill two vultures that fly in to attack you. Jump to a north-west cage for a large medipack. There are two cages with ahmets. Kill the two ahmets and jump into the two cages to press wall buttons. The two gates on the east ledge open. Jump to the east ledge and enter the tunnel. Enter a T-junction and hop back as a spike ball rolls in front of you. Then go north and jump the pit that the spike ball fell into. Go to the end and press the wall button on the west wall. You get a cut scene of the gate opening at the west wall. Go there and enter the open gate. Pick up the Delivery Stone from the pedestal.Get down the ladder and go to the north-east corner. Go through the tunnel to another room. Kill two ahmets and look near the south wall for a wall button. Press it and the west door opens. Exit and go the west side of the central structure. Use the Delivery Stone and the cage lifts. Pick up the Greek Scroll and read it.


"Once there was a gate near this temple,

A mysterious secret gate in the sands of the desert.

Only the priests of this temple knew about it,

but now that I had examined their writings,

I know why they kept their secret.

Donít try to find the gate.

the search will bring you nothing but death."


Pull the wall switch behind the pedestal and get a cut scene of the far east gate opening in the outside area. Move to the right and pull up to the top of the structure. Side jump to the breakable yellow tiles and run and jump to grab another breakable tile in the east. Shimmy to the left and pull up. Run and jump to a breakable tile in the north-west and then run onto the column. Pick up a large medipack. Jump down to the west to avoid the spikes. Go west and out the open door. Turn north and run back to the starting area outside of the temple. Go to the small island in the shallow water. It has an ibis statue next to a tree. The tree is a climbable pole. Climb the pole and back flip to the roof of the west structure. The roof is sloped so you have so adjust the angle to land on the flat corner area of the roof. Go to the west side of the structure. Stand jump and grab the column in the north next to a fat tree. Pull up to the top and pick up a torch in the leaves.


Drop to the ground and go north to the campfire. Light the torch and return to go east to the open gate. Light the wall torch and the next gate opens. The vase on the ground is empty. Go to the end of the valley and get onto the motorcycle. Drive back to the beginning of the level. You see a sign saying "Wadi Town 4 km". Drive north up the hill and down into a valley on the other side. Drive north down the valley and the level ends.