Highland Ruins

Level by Sven P. Fritsch (Mr. Tomb Raider) (July, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] Another level requiring the included modified tomb.exe file. [End note]

At the
start, you are standing beside a jeep. Kill the guard shooting at you from the south-west. Pick up the crowbar that seems to be floating in mid-air. It is difficult to pick up, so try standing in the middle and face north. Slide down the hill to the south and kill a guard. Go south to the bridge and you can kill a guard as he walks towards you. Do not dive into the water. There is nothing to find and there is no way back up. Continue south and turn to the west. Go to the end and enter the main hall of the building. Kill two guards and get the shotgun and red shotgun shells that they drop.


Go west and enter the corridor. At a T-junction, go to the north. Enter an open area with a pond. The pond has a closed underwater gate at the north wall. Go south-west onto a hill and push the big button on the south wall. This button raises a block over the spikes on the east wall. Pull up onto the south wall and go east. Hop on the block at the east wall and push the big button. You get a cut scene of a gate opening back in the main hall. Hop back to the ground and kill a guard. Exit and ignore the south entrance. If you go there you get two skeletons and nothing else.


Back in the main hall, enter the south doorway. Go to the south-east corner for two red shotgun shells. Two skeletons sneak up behind you. However, with this executable, the skeletons can be killed with a shotgun. Go north and look for a climbable wall above the entrance. Climb up and push the east statue onto the white tile. Pick up a Silver Key (Silbener Schlussel) from the floor at the statue's original position. A skeleton attacks so shoot it off the ledge. Safety drop to the ground and go north. Exit this room and cross the main hall to enter the north room.


Look to the right and use the Silver Key to open the gate in the east wall. Enter the gate and follow the stairs. Kill a guard and continue to the bottom of the stairs. Notice a discolored block in the north wall. Go down the west corridor and light a flare to find and pry a cross (Kruzifix) off the north wall. Exit up all the stairs and go back to the main hall. Go west and enter the corridor again. At a T-junction, go to the north. Enter the open area with a pond. The underwater gate in the pond is now open. Dive in and swim through the underwater tunnel. Pull up at the end and stand next to a hedge. Climb over the hedge and go south. On the hedge there is a strange object that is something that was not set correctly. Ignore it and go to the closed doors. Use the cross in the left receptacle and the doors open.


You enter a church. Go east to the altar. Go to the north wall and push in a movable block. Go to the west end of this new room and pick up a Gold Key (Goldener Schlussel) from the pedestal. Exit this room and notice an opening in the south wall where a block has descended. Jump through the opening into a familiar place. Run up the stairs back to the main hall. Go south and enter the south room. Go to the left of the door and use the Golden Key to open the door. Enter the door and go up the stairs. Turn to the east to kill a guard and face six floor blades. Jump over the blades at the tips. They go in an arc and there is a large safe zone at the tips. Turn south and run down the stairs. At the bottom run to the left to avoid two rolling balls. Go down more stairs and the camera view changes. Go north to a slope and see two balls roll down in front of you.


Slide down and jump to grab the rope. Swing over the spike pit onto the north ledge and release. The large doors open in front of you. Shoot a skeleton back into the spike pit. Face the east wall and turn slightly south to aim over the spike pit. Jump and grab the wall to discover that is climbable. Be careful of the spikes and climb down the wall. Shimmy to the left to get under the ledge. Release and drop to a safe area. Light a flare and go west. You get secret #1 and pick up three red shotgun shells, large medipack, and flares. Go east and climb the wall back to the ledge.


Go north and enter the room. You get a flyby of the red structure and two skeletons. Exit and shoot the two skeletons into the spike pit. Go back into the room and stand jump to grab a second floor ledge. Go to the north and enter the corridor. Go up the stairs to the end and enter a short tunnel to the east. The gate opens as you approach. Step out onto a platform and get a cut scene of a ball rolling down the walkway in front of you. The large medipack is a spike trap so forget it. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing over the walkway to the tunnel in the south-east corner.


Run down the tunnel and into a room where the camera view changes. Go to the large doors and shoot a skeleton. Pull down the jump switch on the south wall and the doors open. Enter the room and get a flyby of the area and a skeleton to shoot. Push the south-west and north-east big buttons to open the two gates in the upper south wall. The other two big buttons are spike traps. Enter the south-west gate and push a big button. Exit and enter the south-east gate to take a scroll (Schriftrolle) from the pedestal. The scroll states:


"Wahle deinen Weg mit Bedacht

nur so wirst du es erreichen


Nun denn. Folge dem Weg"


I cannot translate this. However, in the TRLE forum, someone gave a link to a picture by the author of the correct jumping positions. I do not know how to give the link in WordPad and the picture is not mine to display. I will try to describe the correct tiles by a coordinate system. Go to the south-east corner and face the closed door in the west. There is a dark tile in front of you. Call the dark tile as (1,1). The white tile to the west is (1,2). The last tile to the west is (1,8). The white tile to the north is (2,1). The last tile to the north is (8,1). Step on the dark tile at (1,1). Run and jump to the dark tile at (3,3). Stand jump to a dark tile at (3,5). Stand jump to a white tile at (5,6). Stand jump west to a white tile at (5,8). And the west door should open. Step on any other tile and the door stays closed.


Enter the open door and follow the tunnel to a room with a pedestal. You cannot see it but go to the pedestal and pick up a blue gem (Linke Beinpanzerrung). You get a cut scene of the tunnel ahead ending in an outside area with many guards. Go east and follow the tunnel. I killed three guards in the tunnel. I killed another guard at the tunnel exit. This guard dropped jeep keys on the ground. There are two guards on the high ledge to the south. There is a large medipack under a jeep. Move the jeep and pick up the large medipack. Get back into the jeep and drive east up the hill to end the level.