Clara's Home

Levels by Clara (July, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


[Note] You have to use the author's supplied tomb.exe file. There are two levels, one outside the house and one inside the house. You go between the levels many times. [Endnote]


You start with a long flyby around a house and end with Lara standing on a grate. If you go forward and open the door, the level changes as you enter the house. You are not ready to go there yet. Instead, go down the stairs and go left into the area under the grating. Go to the north-west and crawl into the corner for the green Garden Gate Key. Exit and go down the hill to the house. Go east and turn around to see an open window in the west wall of the house. Do not enter that window. If you do three bats attack and you have no ammo to shoot them. Go east and stand jump up the hill to the south-east where you see a blue plant on the ledge. Jump the small fence and look to the north wall between two trees. Use the green Garden Gate Key in the green lock. Go up the steps to your left and enter the open gate in the upper east wall. Go to the end and open the door to your left. Enter the room and pick up pistol ammo. There is not much ammo so try not to waste it by shooting everything you see.


Exit back to the steps. If you go north up the steps you reach a closed gate. You can side jump over this to get into the upper area. I found nothing there and the game crashed a lot so I assume that you should not be there. Instead go south to the blue plant. Follow the ledge to the south. Jump west onto the ledge of the building. Enter the patio to pick up the blue Neighbour's Cellar Key. Then jump back to the ledge and continue south to the end. Jump the small fence to the east and pick up yogurt (large medipack). Hop back over the small fence and jump down to the ground level. Go west and see a yellow/green lock on the wall of the house. Go west along the side of the house. At the end, turn to the right and see a red lock on the wall. Follow that path along the side of the house. Look east and you see a dark crosshatched structure on the side of the house. That structure is climbable. Climb up there and shoot the window. Enter the room and pick up the yellow Attic Key from a table in the north-west corner. Get back out and down to the ground again.


Go south and follow the path to notice a green plant in a trench for later. Continue under a green archway and down some stairs. You are in front of a large gray building. Go east to the black tile on the ground. Go to the east side of the tile and pull up the trap door. Swim into the large pipe. Swim north and then to the east. Notice the rats on the floor of the pipe. Ignore the side branch pipe for now and go east. Look up to the ceiling for a hole. Swim up the shaft and pull up into a room. The gray cat attacks you but do not shoot it. Press the pushbutton on the west wall and dive back into the water. Return and go into the side branch. Look to the upper left wall for an opening in the ceiling. Swim up there and pull up into a room. The grate was opened with the pushbutton. Go south and press the pushbutton on the east wall to open the gate. Turn and search the cabinet at the west wall for the orange Heating System Key. If you have trouble, take one step back from the cabinet and then use CTRL. Exit through the gate and go up the steps to the outside.


Go to the left and climb the hill back up to where you started the level. Just before you go up the steps towards the starting position, look south to the house and shoot the lower window. Run, jump and grab the window. Pull up and go into the house and enter a dining area. Go south into the kitchen doorway. Go west and shoot the lower white panel on the west wall. Crawl inside for secret #1 and Golden Coins. Get back out and go south into the kitchen and the level changes.


Hop onto the south-west corner table for yogurt. Then open the south-east door. Exit and hop up onto the north-east table for your Flatmate's Leaflets. It states, "Dig up fern at south slope! Too sunny! H" You may also notice a much friendlier black and white cat on the floor. It is very similar in color to my own cat. The cat may walk west to a closed door. Go south and open the door. Enter the room and pick up flares among the books. The flares look like a candle. Hop onto the bookcase at the east wall for more flares. Shoot the west window in the south wall. Go out the window onto the roof. Go west and pick up the white Flatmate's Room Key. Get back into the room and go east. Open the door and enter a study room. If you see the cat at the door, do not open the door. Go to the north-east corner and pull back the bookcase. Go behind it for secret #2 and Golden Coins. If you let the cat into the room, it stays in front of the bookcase and you cannot pull it back.


Shoot the window in the east wall. Go onto the balcony for an apple (small medipack). Return to the room and now open the north door and enter the next room. Climb the north-west cabinets and pick up the revolver in the far corner. Open the west door back into a corridor. Enter the north alcove and open the door. Enter the washroom and go east to search a cabinet for pistol ammo. Exit the washroom and go west to the end of the corridor. Use the Flatmate's Room Key on the white lock and enter the room. Pick up the laser sight off the white bench. Exit back to the corridor. Press the pushbutton on the wall and open the door for the cat.


Exit the corridor and you see some stairs. If you press the pushbutton on the wall, you hear a doorbell ring. Go up the stairs and you can open the door for the cat. If you exit the door, the level changes and you are back where you started the level. Instead go up the south stairs and use the Attic Key in the yellow lock to raise a block beside you. Hop onto the block and pull down the trap door. Pull up into the attic and go east. You pass two gates that you need a crowbar to open. If you shoot the trashcan, you have to kill a rat. Go east and see a white object in a crawl space. Do not enter there as it is a deadly fire. Go to the north wall and see two large boxes. If you push the left box, you have to kill a rat. Move the right box to the side. Climb the brown ledge that was behind the box. Look up to the south ceiling and see a small light brown box in the rafters. Shoot the box and a rope drops. You also have to kill three bats that appear. Use the rope to swing to the top south ledge. Go west and climb over a large box. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing over to the top north ledge. Drop onto the ledge and pick up a yellow fuse. Get down from the ledge and exit the attic. Go down the stairs to the bottom and find two doors.


Open the door in the north-east corner and go down the stairs to a basement filled with deadly electrified water. Notice the yellow fuse receptacle to the east. Return and open the west door. Go out the door and the level changes. Go north and around the corner of the house. Pull open the trap door on the floor. Drop in and follow the tunnel and the level changes. Follow the tunnel to the end and search the cabinet for revolver ammo. Shoot the panel cover on the north wall and pull down the wall switch. You need a crowbar to open the grate in the south wall. But you can look through it and see that the electrified water is now safe. Return back to the tunnel and the level changes. Go around the side of the house and kick open the door. The cat may or may not enter the door. Enter the door and the level changes.


Go back down the stairs to the basement. Enter the room to your right and pull back the washer and dryer from the wall. Notice that they are unplugged from the wall. Now go east and use the yellow fuse in the receptacle to open the gate beside you and turn on some emergency lighting. Enter the corridor and use the Heating System Key to open the first door. Shoot out the white panels to the west and you can see the fires. Shoot the panel cover in the north-west corner. Pull down the wall switch and the fires stop. Exit this room and go east. Use the Neighbour's Cellar Key to open the second door. Enter the room and pull back the large box at the east wall. Go behind the box and pick up the handle from the floor. Exit the room and go back to the stairs. Go up all the stairs and use the block to go through the trap door and back into the attic. Go east and now the crawl space is safe. Crawl in and pick up the shovel. Exit the attic and go back down the stairs. Go through the door to get outside and the level changes.


Whichever exit door you take, you have to go to the south side of the house. Follow the path towards the green archway. When the path changes from brown to gray. Look south into a trench and see a green plant. Combine the shovel and handle to make a spade. Use the spade on the west side of the plant and you get a cut scene. When finished, the plant is to one side and you can pick up the crowbar. You have to crouch down to pick it up. Return north and go back into the house. I went through the trap door and the level changes. Use the crowbar on the grate in the south wall to open the grate. You enter the basement so run up all the stairs and return to the attic. Use the crowbar to open the two grates in the south wall. Pick up the apple and Ms B's Spare Key. Return down the stairs and exit the house as the level changes.


Follow the path south and down the steps and you should arrive at the red lock. Use Ms B's Spare Key to open the door and enter the room. Do not shoot the cat but you can shoot the two dogs that attack you. Search the cabinet for the yellow/green Ms B's Cellar Key. There is an empty washroom through the north doorway. Exit the room and go back outside. Turn to the left and go south. Follow the side of the house and go pass the patio to find the yellow/green lock. Use Ms B' Cellar Key to open the gate. The gate opens and you get a cut scene of the house and the cat scratching at your leg as the level ends.