Doctor Who in the Venizian Venice

Level by B. Howaito (July, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start
with a flyby of the TARDIS and the Doctor Who theme music. When it is done, you start as a blonde Lara in a swimsuit standing in a room. Lara seems to be trying to run on ice as it looks like her feet keep slipping when she runs. Go up the west stairs onto a balcony. Go south and hop over the fence and pick up flares. Then go north and turn to the right. Pull the wall switch to open the door. Kill the lion that charges out of the room. Lara must be using silencers, as I had no pistol sound. Enter the room and go to the north wall to pick up a Gold Key from the bed. Exit the bedroom and go down the stairs. The south-west tunnel has a closed door. Enter the south-east tunnel and enter a room with boxes.


Hop over the boxes into the rest of the room. Ignore the dark south opening for now and go down the stairs in the south-west corner. Use the Gold Key in the lock and the door opens. Go down the stairs and look to the upper south wall for a crawl space. Drop into the room on the other side. Go to the south-west corner. You hear the Doctor Who theme music to indicate that you have found secret #1. Pick up the Uzi ammo from the floor and exit this room. Go north and enter a room with a pool of water. Go to the north-east and run up the stairs to the walkways. Go to the south wall and pull down the jump switch to drain the pool below. Go to the north-west corner and pick up flares. Go down the stairs and safety drop onto the pool. Pull out the block at the north wall. Go behind the block and enter a small room. Pick up the Silver Key in the corner and exit. Climb out of the pool and go back to the room with the boxes.


Enter the dark south opening and look to the left for a lock. Use the Silver Key and the door opens. Enter the doorway and loop around to the left to climb a ladder on the wall. At the top, pull the wall switch and climb down to the ground. Enter the open door in the west wall. Climb the boxes at the west wall and jump east to the arch over the door. Jump and grab a higher ledge to the west.  Go south and jump onto a lower box in the south-east. Jump and grab the west ledge again between the two boxes. Climb the north box, pull up and back flip to the south box. Go south to the corner and pull the wall switch. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Jump back to the east wall boxes and safety drop to the ground. Exit the room and go south.


Enter the open door and see water in a canal. There is nothing in the water so climb the south ladder to the upper walkways. There is a clock there that is stuck at noon (or midnight). Follow the walkways to the south. Stop in front of the stairs leading to a bridge and turn around. Pull up onto a ledge on the north wall. Look south and see something on a pillar in the south corner. A few easy jumps and you are there. More Doctor Who theme music and you get secret #2. Pick up the golden Desert Ranger. The south wall looks like a ladder but it cannot be climbed. This is too bad because secret #3 and a Desert Ranger are on top of the gray ledge.


You can jump into the water to get down with no damage. There is nothing to find in the water.  Just swim to the north to pull up. Cross the bridge and go south to kill a lion. Continue south as the camera view changes. Enter a tunnel and then enter an area with columns. Use pistols to kill a lion and a mummified Lara. You want to save the Desert Ranger ammo for later. Go east to enter a room. Climb the east blocks and turn around to grab and pull up onto a ledge. Turn again and jump to more blocks. Climb the north ladder to a ledge. Enter the room and pick up a Cross. Carefully climb down the blocks to the ground and exit the room. Go to the south-west and use the Cross in a receptacle on a column. If you look up to and at the south wall, you will see a gate open. Start at the short north-east block and jump the blocks to get up to the open gate.


Enter the open gate and you appear to be on the roof of a building. Slide down either side and safety drop to the ground. Go south to the front of the building. Use the wall switch to open the door of the building. The building contains a deep deadly pit so forget about it. Turn south and enter the doorway into the room with the blocks. A modified Seth will start attacking. It takes three or four Desert Ranger shots to kill him. Run to the end of the room and turn to the east. Run down the slopes to the end. As you approach the TARDIS, the level ends with a flyby and music.