The Cave of Pandora/The Lost Camp
Level by Hokolo

Authorized walkthrough by Dutchy


On her long way back to civilization, Lara detects a huge but abandoned archaeological digging area. Something really horrible seems to happen to the men who open the CAVE OF PANDORA...

You travelled the hot desert and left the camel behind the sand dune; he couldnít climb anymore after the long trip. Go follow the railway track to the E and turn R at the Palm tree, shoot the Scorp hiding in the crawlspace and go through to reach a Dig site.

Level 1: the Cave of Pandora.

Dig site 1.

Turn L and standjmp to the flat part in front of the pillar there, climb up and over to the other side of it, now follow the stone ledge going S, runjmp to the ledge with the pillars on the S side of the pit and then to the wooden crate. From the black crate pull up to the ledge again and go to the corner, thereís a hole with a lever, pull it to open the door to the building in the Desert.

Make your way back, from the wooden crate you can runjmp to the flat sandy corner of the pit and climb back to the stone ledge, climb the pillar and shimmy around to drop back to the entrance, through the crawlspace and R, behind the Railway car is the open door to the Loading dock.

The Loading Dock.

Go to the far end of the dock and find some Ammo behind the locomotive, the Uzis on it and some Ammo for them behind it in the corner. 2 Ninjas are coming to stop you, take them out and go back to the steel grated room hanging over the dock, just past it on L dock, you can climb the crates and go along the grating to a hole behind them to get the Crowbar.

Back to the dock and R past the grated Control room and over the low crate there, to reach an opening between the crates. Go R and shoot a Scorp or 2 and follow to a pushcrate blocking the path. Push it all the way into a corner, turn around and push the crate on your R hand once to the low crate. Go around and push it into the corner. Now you can pull the last crate out, opposite to where you pulled the last one out, so you can get into the passage behind it.

The Control Room.

Follow to a corridor down and look R in the alcove for a jmpswitch, use it and return to the crates. There is an open gate in the grated room now, climb in and go to the end. After you took some Ammo on the floor, climb into the crawlspace in the far R corner and get the Ĺ MP on other side. Notice the Blue wooden door you can open with the Crowbar, get the Hand of Sirius inside and return to the passage of the jmpswitch. Go down all the way and use the Hand to open the door. In the outside area are doors to the L, kick in the first to get the Cartouche part 1. Go out and to the next door, kick it in and take the Shotgun and Ammo on the floor. Kill the Scorps and a Ninja, look for the place where you can climb to a higher passage in the NW corner.

Dig site 2.

Follow the passage to a Dig site, runjmp/grab the monkeyswing and go over to the structure. Drop in the hole and get the Ammo. Climb back up E and drop from that platform to the crates below NE, get some Ammo on E side of them and go S along the side of the pit. Here is a pushcrate, push it to the pit and get the Cartouche part 2 from under it. Go back to the crates and over them to a duct, leading into the pit. Hop backwards off and grab the edge when you slide, drop to the bottom of the pit.

Go explore W and E corners for goodies and return to the centre. Look for the jmpswitch at the gate and open the gate with it. A Mummy will come out. Lure it away a bit and run in, L and R on the duct in the end. Climb over the crate and get the MP, pull the jmpswitch in the back and get out, jmp L over the sloped crate and runjmp over the campfire. Turn L/L and into the passage, push the crate all the way in and go R, throw the lever in the Ctrl room and get into the crawlspace behind you.

Place the Cartouche R and turn around to climb up the passage. Follow it back to the Dig site, jmp/grab into the open passage of the structure and climb back to the monkeyswing.

Go back to the outside area, L and follow to the big open doors, go follow to a pit R.

Boulder pit.

Follow the R hand side of the pit, runjmp over the sloped part to the corner (a Ninja will shoot you in the back from here) and runjmp the following sloped part of the ledge to get the next Cartouche part 1. Drop into the pit, but be careful; the boulders will chase you down so be fast, go L, take some Flares and follow to the green passages. Go L and get the Ammo, turn back and up the stairs, L and down to the end. Get Secret # 1, the Cartouche part 2.

Climb the wall in front of you fast, because thereís a Mummy behind you. Go R/L and follow up all the way to the receptacle for the Cartouche, roll, run into the room, get the Crossbow fast and get out. (You can shoot the Mummies or run past them, itís up to you.)

Run down the stairs and L into the passage back to the Boulder pit. Past the Boulders, through the open gate and up the L crate, into the crawlspace and drop to the railway station. Runjmp/grab the other side over the electrified track and shimmy L to the end.

Pull up and jmp/grab the pipes on the ceiling, follow to the other side, runjmp over to the loading dock and climb behind the crates L. Push the crate to get the Hand of Sirius from under. Then look in the L corner at the 2nd stack of crates and find the ladder in the corner. Get behind the crates and from the lower one do a standjmp/grab, get up and pull the lever. Go down again and follow the dock to the bottom of Dig site 1.

Dig Site 1.

To the R is a crate you can pull aside to reveal an open gate. Go follow the passage up to pull the lever, go back to the pit. There are 2 more gates here, one L side of the pit you have opened just now and one on the opposite side, behind the Statue. Letís first get Secret # 2, some Ammo. Just in front of the crates L is a hole in the floor, thatís where the Secret is.

Now here we have to do a hard jmp, you have to runjmp around the crates to a triangular sandy ledge L. Spot it first so you know where to go. Stand with your back to the sloped wooden crate next to the gate you just came out of and on the side of the gate, turn R a bit so you face the corner of crate and pit, run there and in the last moment, jmp donít grab and do a L curve. After a few tries you will do this without a problem.

Go along the ledge to the open gate on the other side and into the open gate, look past the doors for the receptacle for the Hand and place it to open the doors.

Go in and up the stairs either side, jmp the pit and reach the pool room. Turn and shoot the Ninja, look for the Guard down in the room and shoot him from up here. Turn back and take the R hand stairs, stand at the edge of the Spike pit and look up, see the shaft. Standjmp/grab and climb up, follow to the room on the other side of the pit. Take the 1st Eyepiece and use the jmpswitch in NE corner to open the gate to the pit. Hop back off the edge and grab it, go L one square and backflip to the ledge at the statue.

Runjmp from the NE corner to the pipe ladder over the steamblower down in the pit. Youíll land on the ledge above the steamblower. Cimb the ladder and go R, drop to the sandy ledge and go get the MP. From this ledge do a runjmp to the statue and go over to the opposite NW corner. From here you can do a long runjmp to the flat triangular ledge under the gate you entered before. Now jmp up to the gate and head back to the pool room.

Go down (donít be scared, the Guns are inactive) to the row of statues in the far R corner near the Land Rover and pull the 2nd one out and aside to reveal a crawlspace. Go in and get the 2nd Eyepiece, combine the 2 parts and go to the Eye door in the W wall. Pull the dead guy aside by grabbing him by the hair and open the door with the Eye of Horus. Get ready to shoot the Demi God inside, shoot him while dodging his lightning bolts.

Now go to the pool, there is another Ĺ MP on the block near the pool. The steam wonít hurt you, dive into the pool and get the Ammo in the hole on top of the underwater rock. Climb out of the pool on the S side and climb the stairs. There is a block which has raised, so you can climb up into the alcove. Throw the lever inside and go back to the statues. A gate has opened in the NW, at the statues; go in and up the slope to reach The Lost Camp.

Level 2: The Lost Camp.

Go up the slope and kill the Ninja trying to stop you. See the dark blue crate straight in front of the slope and open it with the crowbar. Go in to get the MP and climb up to get Secret # 3, the Lasersight. Go out and L, follow the slope up to an outside area. Sprint to the crates R, so you stand behind them, a Sentry gun is guarding the area. Sprint to the L and go L in the end, see the jmpswitch on the wall near the Land Rover, use it fast and get the MP, head back to the crates on the other side of the tunnel you came out of. Thereís a Guard walking in a trench, look for him and take him out. Then sprint into the R hand door of the 2 opened in the W wall.

Follow up to a slope with a scorched floor and a Boulder overhead. Sprint down and R into the passage there (stand L side and face the R end of the slope), to reach and yard with lots of doors and a fenced off pile of crates.

Go to the S side of the yard and find an alley to some fake doors, just in front of them R is an alcove with a jmpswitch. Use that and head for the W side of the fenced crates, where a gate has opened. Go in and R around to a Vase. Shoot it and get the Ammo, pull the crate in front of you out once, then head back to the gate and shoot the vase there.

Get the Ammo and enter the alley between the crates. Push the one in front all the way in, use the revealed jmpswitch and go out to the SE corner of the yard. A door has opened with 3 levers inside the room. Pull 2 levers, #1 + 2 from the L and go out.

To the NW, thereís an open door in the W wall. Go in and turn around, shoot the Ninja and he will drop a Gem. Take it and go into the alley NW, into the open door and around the fire to the L corner. Turn to shoot another Ninja and then shoot the Vase to get the 2nd Gem.

Thatís all the Gems you need. (Thereís one more up on a roof, but you wonít need that.) Go climb the fenced off crates on the SW corner, turn S and runjmp over to grab the roofís edge and shimmy R to the end. Pull up and drop into the hole in the roof, walk down the wooden steps and stand on the R hand point, facing the R Gem receptacle. Hop back once and runjmp (donít grab) over the flames to the ledge. Use both Gems and go to the S side of the pit behind you. Stand in the centre of it, facing the door N wall. Hop back once and do a runjmp with a L curve to land back on the wooden steps. Go up to the roof and drop back into the alley. Go E and use the jmpswitch over the open exit door to open a gate where we go now.

In the Trenches.

Climb up and slide down the slope. Run for cover and duck, crawl L and stand up behind the sloped crate near the corner. Shoot the Scorp and look at the Sentry gun E. From where you stand, thereís a hole behind the crate, with the revolver in it. Do this quick and be sure to have full health: Get up the sandy edge and run for the hole, drop in and get Secret # 4, the Revolver. Get out on the W side of the hole and run for cover again, duck in the trench and go around the corner to the E. Get on your knees to shoot the Scorp and follow the trench to the E behind the cage. Stand to shoot the Scorp behind you and then have a look at the Sentry gun. If you didnít show yourself after the Revolver, it will face the other way and you can shoot it in the tank (using Revolver combined with Lasersight) to destroy it.

Go to the W side of the sandy area to get the Ammo and return to the cage. In front of it is a hole in the sand; drop in to go inside the cage, take the Ĺ MP on the way, get all goodies in the cage and return to the spot where you shot the gun. Climb down the hole there and follow to the other side. Climb the ladder on the W side of the shaft and backflip onto a sandy ledge.

The Station.

Climb the crates and get the Ĺ MP. Climb up the highest crate and runjmp to the roof of the Shack N. Get the Ĺ MP and runjmp to the next roof. Get the Ammo on it and drop down on N side. Go L and wait here till the Guard comes close and take him out, then follow the track to the statue in the S. Pull/push it to the other side of the door and look for the pushcrate which was behind it. Pull it out twice and enter. There are 2 jmpswitches inside; use both and get out, go to the shacks and get a Ĺ MP (shoot a Scorp) and the Hand of Sirius. Push the crate back (you may have to sidejmp between the crate and statue) to place the Hand at the door and go in. Slide down, take a Ĺ MP and get a cutscene of a Demi God creating havoc in the Camp, blood everywhere.

The Camp.

Take out the Crossbow and explosive arrows. Shoot the Demi God which comes from the R, then go N and around the corner to a pile of crates. Climb up and look over to see the 2 Sentry Guns. Shoot them from here and aim at the red mark on the tank. When they are destroyed, go down and to the Shack at the Land Rovers, climb the lower crate and jmp over to the other side. Go R and drop from the end, get the Ĺ MP and use the jmpswitch.

Go back over the pile of crates in the direction of the Guns and get the MP on a lower crate. Go to the statue in the yard and climb the crate next to it, runjmp/grab the cage and go over to where you shot the Guns.

See the opening in the roof of the cage, drop in and go L. Climb the crate and look R, thereís a ladder down. Climb down and follow, turn to shoot the Ninja sneaking up from behind and reach the other cage with the Bike. Pick up the Ĺ MP and take the Bike down the ramp, step off in front of the gate and pull the pushcrate to the gate once (shoot 2 Scorps).

Use the jmpswitch behind it to open the gate and get on the Bike, drive it through the passages to a long ramp L. Go up full speed and jmp the pit, stop inside the next cave and walk to the end. Just before the drop off, a Boulder will come down the L side of the slope. Go back to the Bike and jmp over the L side of the pit, 2 Guns will start to shoot you in the butt. Nothing to be done about that, so keep on going L side till the centre Boulder goes by. Turn to the centre of the cave now before you jmp over the next pit onto a narrow ledge.

The Cave of Pandora.

Ride the side of the pit (steering R so youíll keep on the path) along the big Cave of Pandora, around L corner to a flat area and get off the Bike there. Climb the ledge in front and go L, slide down and turn R. Follow the passage to the Arrows and turn to go S, crawl the low part and watch out for the Demi God around R corner. Shoot him, you have new arrows. Go to the S side of the Cave and find the monkeyswing leading to the Statues in the centre (thereís another Crossbow at the end of this ledge, but you donít need it anymore), go over and get the Hand of Sirius on top of the statues. Go back and use it in the receptacle where the Demi God was.

The next passage is rather tricky to say the least. Slide down till the very last moment and jmp grab the wall in front in the last moment. Climb up and do the same, jmp far and grab in the last moment the Boulder will drop right behind you. Now one more and get into the passage, sprint to the end, and enjoy the Valley of Statues. Walk to the end and leave for the Mansion in London and a cup of hot Cocoa.

End of these fine levels.

**** I did it My Way****