Catacomb Moments

Level by Christoph Summerer (August, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] Apparently there is an easy and hard version of this level. I think that this is a walkthrough for the easy version. [End note]

[Editorís note: the only difference of the versions are in a tougher timed run at the end and two additional enemies.]

down a hill and go south. The camera view changes and you see beetles dropping behind you. Enter a small room and go the south-east corner and drop into the hole. You drop into a flooded room with the beetles dropping into the water with you. Pull up to a block at the east wall. Climb to the next block and run and jump to the south-west and onto another block. Run and jump to the south-west to grab a crevice on the south wall. Shimmy around the wall to the right as far as possible and pull up onto a block. Run and jump west to another block. Run and jump to the north to grab a climbable wall. Climb up and shimmy to the right as far as possible. Pull up and back flip to a slope. Then jump forward to grab another climbable wall. Climb up into a tunnel.


Pull up to a slope and slide down. Jump over the fire trap and continue jumping. After the fifth fire trap you land on a safe area. There is a tunnel to the south and a room to the east. Go south and get a cut scene of a skeleton. Wait and notice the path how the skeleton gets to you. Now go back into the east room and jump over the pits to get to the east wall. Press the big button and get a cut scene of a door opening. By now the skeleton has reached you. Also a wraith starts to attack you. Jump back over the pits and go south. Go east and jump over the fire pit. Jump to the next ledge and go to the west end. Jump to a south column. Then run, jump, and grab the south ledge. Go east and look north to see a waterfalls. Safety drop into that room and run east into a room with a bird statue to get rid of the wraith.


Go west and use the floor lever and hear a door open. Hop onto the block near the floor lever. Climb the ladder on the west block with the waterfalls that are above you. Pull up to the next block. Look north and see an opening in the wall. Jump there and pick up a small medipack. You are above the room with the fire pits. Below you to the east is the open door. Jump down to that ledge. The skeleton was gone for me at this point. First go west and look down to the south. Jump down to the long lower ledge. Drop and grab the north edge. Shimmy to the left and pull up onto a block. Enter the east tunnel and get secret #1. Enter the room to pick up red shotgun shells, flares, and large medipack. Get back out and shimmy again to the long ledge. Jump south to a block and the jump into the opening in the west wall. Go to the end, turn around, and climb the ladder on the east wall. Run to the end and safety drop back to the block above the waterfalls.


Jump into the north wall opening again and jump down to the ledge. Go east and into the open door. Follow the tunnel down to a room with water and two tunnels and a closed door. Dive into the water and pick up the Winding Key from the south-east corner floor. It was very hard to see because the water was cloudy. I think that I had Volumetric FX turned on by mistake. Get out of the water and pull up into the room.


Go down the north stairs and safety drop into a room. Go north and pick up flares from a pedestal. Notice the Golden Star on the wall and the water behind the window. There is a medipack on the block by the east wall. Do not pick it up yet but wait for later. Go down the tunnel in the east wall. Pull up into a room. Sprint across the floor to the east wall as spike balls drop behind you. Pick up the crowbar from the pedestal and a skeleton rises out of the floor. Go back to the tunnel and return to the first room. Use the crowbar to pry the Golden Star off the wall. Go to the north-west corner and jump up to grab a crawl space, Shimmy left and then pull up into the opening. Jump down into the room on the other side and press the big button on the south wall. Get back to the first room and notice a pole at the south wall. Now hop onto the east block and pick up the small medipack. Beetles pour out of the floor and onto the block. Jump down and go south to use the pole to back flip into the tunnel. Run up the stairs and back to the small room.


Go up the south stairs to a room with a fire pit as a floor. Jump and grab the climbable wall in front of you. Shimmy to the right and drop onto a ledge. Go the south end and drop and grab the east edge. Shimmy to the left around the column to back flip onto a ledge. Use the crowbar to pry the Golden Star off the wall. Use the same jump, grab and shimmy procedure to get back to the north starting ledge. Walk down the steps slowly as there are spike traps popping up on some stairs. Use the two Golden Stars to open the door in the east wall.


Go east down the slope and around the column. Carefully jump past the two rolling spike balls. Notice an opening in the south that is too high to reach. Jump over the spike pit and follow the corridor. Go east and pass a branch tunnel. Continue east and a door opens for you. Go forward and drop onto a lower ledge. Turn around and press the big button on the west wall. You get a cut scene of a floor tile rising. Go west and the south into the branch tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the end and pull back a column onto the tile that was raised. Return back to the room with the big button. Jump over the water and continue east into a room. Pull back the tower one tile. Then push the tower to the west down the tunnel to the very end. You get a flyby back to the entrance tunnel showing you a block moving under the high south wall opening. Run back there and be careful of the spikes. Climb the block and hop into the south wall opening to pick up the Mechanical Scarab.


Get down and go west back through the rolling spike balls. Go up the west slope back into the small room. Follow the west tunnel back onto the ledge in the room with the fire pits. Go to the west end and Jump to the south onto a column and then south to a ledge. Go east and stand on a black circle in a tunnel in the south wall. Use the Mechanical Scarab and Winding Key to trigger the spikes in the tunnel. Go to the south end of the tunnel and pick up the Scarab just in case. Go south onto a block and drop into the water. Swim to the north-west corner and follow the underwater tunnel. Swim up a vertical shaft and pull up into a tunnel. Pick up a small medipack and go east to the starting point.


Drop into the water again and swim to the bottom at the south end for a small medipack. Swim east down a diamond shaped tunnel. As you follow the tunnel and go west, look in the south wall for a triangular opening. Swim there for secret #2 and the shotgun. Two wraiths start to follow you. Get out and swim west to get a flyby of the tunnel. Swim around the corner and loop to the left into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to surface for air. Pull up into a room and crouch beside the bird statue until the wraiths are gone.


Save the game in front of the timed wall switch. Pull the wall switch, roll, and go north down a tunnel. Jump west over the water and onto a ledge. Jump to the south-westonto another ledge. Run, jump and grab the next several ledge and go south. It helps if you jump at an angle on the south ledges. This gives you a chance to run and jump to a subsequent ledge without losing time to adjust your position. At the last ledge, run south and jump over the spike pit while the door closes behind you. Shoot the two skeletons into the spike pit. Slide down the pole into the room below. Evade the mummy and sprint down the east tunnel to avoid a rolling spike ball and steam vents. Jump over a pit and a wraith appears to annoy you again. Climb the north wall and follow the corridor. Go east and run down the east tunnel. You get a flyby of your route through the level as the level ends.