Exotic Adventure in Ghana

Level by Zolee

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start with Lara standing somewhere in the Exotic Ghana. Follow the path until you come to the edge of a cliff above a lake. Simply jump into the water and swim east to climb out of the lake. Climb up onto the south block to the top for a large medipack, then jump back to the ground and follow the tunnel. Shortly you arrive at a pool. Take a simple jump to the ledge, then run and jump forward to grab the rope. Swing forward, grab the next rope to land beyond the pool. Keep into the passage with the moving blade and at the next tunnel deal with the first adventurer. Pick up his clips and a little bit further get the shotgun. Pass the next two moving blade passages and the grate opens for you.

You are in a big place with a few boxes around. There are two adventurers at the east side, crossing the rusty bridge over to you. Kill them both and if you want to, shoot the boxes too. Cross the rusty bridge and pick up the shotgun ammo. Some adventurer is shooting on you from the high ledge and another adventurer from the north side. Get rid of them and head east for a secret, shoot the boxes for a large medipack. Now go south, climb the block and from there jump onto the ledge. Pick up some shotgun ammo, then move to the west corner and look for the ropes. Run and jump to grab the first rope, then swing forward and grab the second one, swing forward and land onto the ledge.

Face north and look for pole jutting out of the wall. Time to be acrobatic! Run and jump, grab the pole, roll up and jump forward to the next ledge. Run and jump to the next ledge and look for a closed grate. Stand facing east and once again look for a pole, run jump to grab it, roll up and jump forward, grab the climbable wall and climb up into a room above. Pick up the uzis with clips and get a flyby of the opening grate. Now climb the north climbable wall, move west and pull into a room for a secret, pick up the flares and a large medipack.

Make your way to the opening grate. Follow the tunnel by passing the moving blades, then drop into the gap for shotgun ammo. Kill an adventurer on your way and further along jump above the spike trap gaps. Follow outside onto a first floor ledge with broken pillar. Go behind the west pillar and climb the wall down for a secret, pick up the medipack and climb back. Time to be acrobatic again. Stand facing north, then run jump, grab the pole and jump forward to the next ledge. Notice, you are now above the beginning lake. Pass to the next ledge and climb up the wall onto the second floor ledges. Keep in acrobatic mode and pass the next two ledges. Climb up the wall onto the third floor ledges, pass them one by one and follow into the tunnel. Kill the adventurer and keep following the tunnel. Ahead are two spike gap traps to cross by running and jumping above them. Then shortly you arrive at a bridge, kill the adventurer and cross the bridge. Further in the tunnel you can see the faraway projector, but before you reach it the level will get to the end.